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Zach McNees
Background information
Born USA
Occupation Music engineer, producer, musician
Years active 2000s-present
Associated acts Duran Duran
Paul Simon
Michael Brunnock
Record Producer

Zach McNees is an American music engineer, producer and musician, whose work has included credits on Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre album.


After leaving the Massachusetts based New England Institute of Art in 2003, Zach began his career working with top musical acts at the Hit Factory recording studios in New York.

As a freelancer he has also been a part of major labels, independent records and live recordings as either a producer, engineer or assistant engineer as well as chief engineer in charge of recording and mixing live concerts for sale directly after the performance for Disclive, Abbey Road Live and Music Networx.

Zach is also a musician, performing guitar, bass, drums, piano, and trumpet on various records.

A selection of credits[]

  • Story Time - Zach Williams
  • The Color Red - Andrew Rose Gregory
  • Meet The Gregory Brothers - The Gregory Brothers
  • Never Be - Kelley McRae
  • Forthcoming - Susan Enan
  • Red Carpet Massacre - Duran Duran
  • So I Do - Michael Brunnock
  • Curled Up Toes In Red Mary Janes - Jenna Nicholls
  • Surprise - Paul Simon
  • Something To Be - Rob Thomas
  • Volta - Björk
  • Alpacas Orgling - L.E.O.