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ZIP FM 6th Anniversary
ZIP-FM 6th Anniversary duran duran
compilation album by various artists
Released 29 September 1999
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 21 tracks
Label Cutting Edge-AVEX
Producer various
reverse cover
Zip fm 6th anniversary duran duran
featuring John Taylor

ZIP FM 6th Anniversary: Run Together is a compilation album featuring John Taylor, released by Cutting Edge-AVEX on 29 September 1999.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of songs by various artists, released to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the first broadcast by the Japanese radio station ZIP FM.

The compilation includes "Run Together" by John Taylor. After signing a record deal with the Japanese label AVEX in 1999, Taylor was asked in August of that year to write a song for this album and recorded "Run Together".

Track listing[]


  1. "Oh My Darling" - Bobby Summer
  2. "We Like To Party!" - Vengaboys
  3. "5, 6, 7, 8" - Steps
  4. "Everybody" (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys
  5. "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" - Elisha La'Verne
  6. "Make It On My Own" - Mylin
  7. "Free" (Full Intention Vocal Mix) - Ultra Naté
  8. "Shine In My Life" (Radio Edit) - GTS feat. Melodie Sexton & M-Flo
  9. "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" - Jon Otis
  10. "Crazy 4 Love" (DJ Cerla Radio Activy Mix) - Dr. DJ Cerla vs. Jo Smith
  11. "Santa Maria" (Y & Co. Latin Taste) - Tatjana
  12. "Night of Fire" - Niko
  13. "Tangerine Dream" - Do As Infinity
  14. "Been So Long" - M-Flo
  15. "Departures" (Fallen Angel Remix) - Globe
  16. "Sexy" (Club Mix) - Hitomi
  17. "Ez Do Dance" - TRF
  18. "Change By Me" (Change By D.M.X Remix) - Favorite Blue
  19. "Depend On You" (Dub's Electro Remix) - Hamasaki Ayumi
  20. "Time Goes By" (Bad Attitude Mix) - Every Little Thing
  21. "Run Together" - John Taylor"