Zweizeta z simon le bon edited
album by Zwei
Released 21 December 2005
Recorded 2004-05
Genre Pop
Length 11 tracks
Label Universal Music Japan
Producer Nick Wood
featuring lyrics by Simon Le Bon

Z (Zeta) is the second album by the Japanese band Zwei, co-written by Simon Le Bon and released by Universal Music Japan on 21 December 2005.

About the albumEdit

The album is by the Japanese female duo called Zwei (a German word meaning two), who formed in 2003 comprising Ayumi on vocals and model Megumi Ueno on bass.

All the songs were produced by Nick Wood and includes "Hikari", the first single released from the album on 23 March 2005. Two other singles followed during 2005, which were "Dragon" and "Fake Face".

Simon Le Bon contributed to the album by co-writing the fifth track "Ice Breaker", with Miwa Sasaki and Nick Wood.

Track listingEdit

VPCC 81532Edit

  1. "Fake Face"
  2. "Dragon"
  3. "Bubblegum Dream"
  4. "Denny"
  5. "Ice Breaker"
  6. "Taiyou ga Miteru Basho"
  7. "Hikari"
  8. "Trick Kids"
  9. "Tsumi to Batsu"
  10. "Shiroi Machi
  11. "Infinity"


Zwei are:

  • Ayumu - Vocals
  • Megumi Ueno - Bass