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With Honors
With honorsz
movie poster
Directed by Alek Keshishian
Produced by Peter Guber
Jon Peters
Amy Robinson
Paula Weinstein
Written by William Mastrosimone
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release 29 April 1994
Running Time 103 minutes
soundtrack featuring Duran Duran

With Honors is a 1994 comedy drama film directed Alek Kershishian, which stars Joe Pesci and Brenan Fraser.

The soundtrack features Duran Duran.

About the film[]

Monty is a student, and when his computer crashes, he's left with only a single paper copy of his thesis. Frightened of losing it, he immediately rushes out to photocopy it, only to stumble and drop it down a grate. Searching the basement of the building, he discovers that it has been found by Simon, a squatter. Simon makes a deal with Monty: for every day's accomodation and food that Monty gives him, he will give a page of the thesis in return.

The film touches on comedy, drama and politics. Although released in 1994, many of the political jokes and quotes in the film were directed towards Ronald Reagan and his presidency between the years of 1981 and 1989 along with some jokes about former Vice President Dan Quayle.

The film was shot at various locations in Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota, including the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The exterior of Winthrop House appears, but the interiors pictured are not that of actual Harvard house, and the last scene of the movie was shot at the University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign. The buildings and surroundings were dressed up to look as if it were Harvard and many of the people in the final scene are Illinois students.


  • Joe Pesci - Simon Wilder
  • Brendan Fraser - Montgomery 'Monty' Kessler
  • Moira Kelly - Courtney Blumenthal
  • Patrick Dempsey - Everett Calloway
  • Josh Hamilton - Jeffrey Hawks
  • Gore Vidal - Prof. Pitkannan
  • Deborah Lake Fortson - Homeless Woman
  • Marshall Hambro - Chuck, Security Guard
  • Melinda Chilton - Helga
  • Harve Kolzow - Harvard Cop
  • James Deuter - Judge
  • Caroline Gibson - Donation Student
  • M. Lynda Robinson - Newspaper Purchaser #1
  • Richard Auguste - Newspaper Purchaser #2
  • Patricia B. Butcher - Librarian


  1. "Thank You" - Duran Duran
  2. "I'll Remember" - Madonna
  3. "She Sells Sanctuary" - The Cult
  4. "It's Not Unusual" - Belly
  5. "Cover Me" - Candlebox
  6. "Your Ghost" - Kristin Hersh / Michael Stipe
  7. "Forever Young" - The Pretenders
  8. "Fuzzy" - Grant Lee Buffalo
  9. "Run Shithead Run" - Mudhoney
  10. "Tribe" - Babble
  11. "Blue Skies" - Lyle Lovett
  12. "On The Wrong Side" - Lindsey Buckingham