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Please follow this Tutorial Guide if you want to help update this wiki.

Please see Step 10 about using Copy and Paste with these pages!

Step 1 - The Source Editor

The first thing to be aware of is the normal editor ('Edit') is useless. Please dont use it.

If you want to edit a page on this wiki, hover your pointer over the small Down Arrow NEXT to where it says 'Edit' at the top right of this page. Here you will see an option to Edit Source.

Go ahead, click the down arrow! Click Edit Source.

You can read the rest of this text in the Source Editor...

(Note: You can switch between the Visual editor and the Source Editor at the top of any edit window, dont use the Visual Editor.)

Step 2 - Open a New Tab

Please open a second tab on your browser now. :)

Load up the DD wiki again on that tab, and load THIS page again. Now you can read the code in a tab, and see the result in the other tab.

Switching tabs when inserting data comes in handy, for: searches, youtube, articles, images, and especially for searching the DD wiki.

Step 2B - Template

If there is a popup box containg the template button, click on it for an example.

Otherwise, this template can be found here:


Step 3 - Linking

Assuming you are now reading this in the Source Editor tab, we have a number of options. Lets look at basic linking.

If the page you want to link to is internal (part of the DD fandom wiki site) then you must put Double Square Brackets before and after the link.


e.g: If I wanted to link to the Rio Album, I might do this:


or if its the song Rio, we might do this:


Notice the Song Rio has an underscore between the name and the (song). We will get to the column separators in the moment.

The system can auto fill for you - which is a big time saver!

Please Use the blank space below to play with this feature.

Type two 'left' square brackets next to each other like this:


Now start typing in a name (of album or song, person etc) after the square brackets. The editor will auto suggest some names after you have entered at least 4 letters, and then stop typing to wait for a response.

For example, type 'Girls' (after the square brackets), and then WAIT.

Now click on the suggested title you want, and the editor will auto complete your link for you.

-- Play area


If you want to change what the link text says, you must put in a column line separator after the link, followed by what you wish the link to say:

For example, below is a link, and to the right is what the link says when seen by the public:

TC - UK: No cat. #, promo

If you want to link to an External web source, like a web page, you must preface your link with a Single Bracket

Like this:

Duranasty News

Notice in the example above, there is NO separator needed for external links. The text in black is what the viewer will see in the document.

Step 4 - Quote Marks

Single quotes are for normal use of single quotes, 'apparently'.

Double quotes are used for Italic.

Three quotes are used for Bold

'Four, you take a guess?'

"Speech marks are unaffected".

""As are double speech marks"".

Step 5 - Titles

One Equals symbol does nothing, =zero=

Two Equals means its a big Title. Use this for Headings.

About the song[]

Three Equals means its a Sub Title, used for 'sub headings:

First recording session, Sept 1982[]

Four Equals means a small title. Use this for small sub headings:

Small Sub heading[]


Stars are used to give something a bullet point:

A hash will make a numbered order appear:

  1. "Rio" - 4:40
  2. "The Chauffeur" (Blue Silver) - 3:48


Carriage Returns can be forced with a BR in angular brackets.

You can even use
in the middle of something, to force it to go to the next line.

There is also a double carriage return, activated by typing:

'Pre' is used to add an unformatted section, for use when adding lyrics, or any text which must be formatted exactly.

Do-do-do A da-da-da - oops wrong band!

Basic Code can be entered like this:

111£ + 2222$ + 3333% =  !"£$%^

This is very small text, not used much inside the main text

Hopefully that covers the basics. Now you can add links and new sections to the pages.

Step 7 - Info Boxes and DD Timeline - ADVANCED

The info boxes are a different, they use Curly Brackets { }. One on its own does {nothing}. }.

Two brackets starts some kind of background code. This is context dependant on the Template you want to use.


If I wanted to use Template:Wikipedia, I might use:

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).

For quotes I might use:

The lyrics have a playful, romantic feel.

With the DD Timeline, you have to open the Timeline Template first.

Then two sets of Curly Brackets to open and close the box which surrounds our information:

Date Event
Jan Some Event
Feb Some Event
Mar Some Event
[[Timeline:{{{1}}}|<< {{{1}}}]] {{{2}}} [[Timeline:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}} >>]]

Notice the year footer is broken if you dont first open the { {Timeline Page Header}}.

Step 8 - Info Boxes - EXPERT

Single curly brackets can be used to make an Info Box if you add a Column '|' symbol after it.


For example, if I wanted to add an info box for a song, I would put the artist (Duran Duran) at the top, then the name of the release (Rio)

Adding a Column Symbol followed by a Dash, mean we can split the boxes up. Then a '!' sign at the start of a new line:

B-side "The Chauffeur" (Sing Blue Silver)
"Hold Back the Rain"
"Rio" (Part 1)
"My Own Way"
Genre Pop
Duran Duran

Step 9 - Inserting Images

In the info box example above, we can also add cover art to the info box, by linking to it from the Uploaded Section.

Put 'Two Square Brackets' at the start of your line, to say you are Linking to something.

Then 'Image:' to say you want to link to the Image section (rather than Template: etc)

The important thing is to copy and paste the file name used in the upload section. Sometimes the file names are complicated.

The last IMPORTANT thing is to give the image a size, in pixels, at the end of your link. In this example it is 200 Pixels.

Any text you enter around the image will be very loosely justified around it, using one line in the middle. Images always seem to be justified on the left unless you say otherwise in your own code. 16 rio uk EMI 5346 duran duran discogs on twitter discography duran duran music.com song

But any text you enter below the link will be on its own underneath.

The classic cover 16 rio uk EMI 5346 duran duran discogs on twitter discography duran duran music.com song Her name is Rio

However, if you want to have text FULLY justified around your image, then the best way that I can recommend is to put it inside an info box.

In this way the text should wrap around the image,

And without having....

....One line in the middle.

You can even add some text around or under your image inside the box.


You may have noticed that the cut and paste option in the Source Editor CAN SERIOUSLY MESS UP YOUR WORK! AND THE PAGES!

If you notice the cut and paste option has ruined a page, please CANCEL the edit and discard the changes.

It's best to PASTE ONLY ONE LINE AT A TIME into the editor, preferably from a 'Plain Text Document source.

For example, if I open a blank .TXT document on my desktop, (not MS Word or .DOC, I mean a raw ASCII TXT document) then I can copy lines of web addresses, and huge chunks of code, onto the TXT file first. Then copy and paste those lines from the blank .TXT document into the source editor.

THE SOURCE EDITOR DOES NOT LIKE CARRIAGE RETURNS - and will go crazy if you try to insert carriage returns into system. Even if you paste several lines of code in from a blank .TXT file, the editor will still see each line as needing a carriage return.

The only thing you can do to fix this is to press Enter at the points where a real carriage return should be, starting from the top line, and working down your code. Eventually the red error lines should disappear, as you go down the code adding returns.

To see if your copy/paste is broken, try to highlight all of the text by dragging the copy shader down through the text. If there are gaps where the copy shader is not able to pick up your text, then the function is broken. You can Cancel if there is a problem is very small, or Save if all of the text on the page is there, except the copy and paste is broken - as saving can fix the copy/paste issue. If your cursor is relocated to a different line, or anywhere within the file at random, or disappears, then the file is broken, and you will be removing and inserting text into random places. Dont risk it, if in doubt, Cancel.

The best way is to copy and paste short single lines only, line by line, putting in your own carriage returns after each line.

If you have a long line to copy, the editor may force some carriage returns. You MUST fix these bugs first, by going to where those (hidden) carriage return are, and pressing Backward Delete to remove them - one by one, from the top, BEFORE you move on. This will join up your long line again, and it means the editor will not break.

Step 11 - Other things

  • When editing the timeline, each event must be a separate entry, even if two events occur on the same date.
  • Always remember to click 'off' the 'Watch This Page' option before you save.
  • Always write a note in the Change Log bar (the space below the editor window and above the save bar), before you save, to tell everyone what you changed. This line is blank until you type.
  • That is unless you just changed a small thing, the spelling, or changed a comma into a full stop, etc -then click 'This is a minor change'. You dont have to leave a comment for a minor change.

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