White Feathers
Kajagoogoo White Feathers
album by Kajagoogoo
Released August 1983
Recorded 1982-83
Genre New Wave, Synthpop
Length 34:53 (original 1983 release)
73:12 (2004 CD reissue)
Label EMI
Producer(s) Nick Rhodes
Colin Thurston
Tim Palmer
Nick Rhodes related

White Feathers is the debut album by British new wave band Kajagoogoo, released in 1983 and co-produced by Nick Rhodes.

About the albumEdit

The album was also co-produced by Colin Thurston, who was Duran Duran's producer at the time, except the self-titled instrumental "Kajagoogoo" (with some lyrics sung only in live performances) which was produced by Tim Palmer and the band. This self titled song featured in the John Hughes movie Sixteen Candles as the film's opening title song in 1984.

Mostly composed by bass player / background vocalist Nick Beggs and lead singer Limahl, the group's debut long playing work contains the band's most successful single "Too Shy", a UK Number One hit in January 1983, as well as two other UK Top Twenty hits ("Ooh to Be Ah" and "Hang on Now").

White Feathers was reissued in the US on CD by One Way Records in 1993 (S21-17608) with a slightly different track order. After the band was featured on the VH-1 program Bands Reunited in 2003, renewed interest in Kajagoogoo prompted original music label EMI to re-issue their original debut album in 2004. Originally containing ten tracks, the 2004 UK CD version of the album was completely remastered and contained eight bonus tracks, including four B-sides then previously unreleased and not included on the album, plus four remixes, two of which are of "Too Shy" (both an extended and the instrumental versions).

Track listingEdit

Music by Kajagoogoo. Lyrics credited below.

Side 1Edit

  1. "White Feathers" (Nick Beggs) – 3:27
  2. "Too Shy" (Beggs, Limahl) – 3:44
  3. "Lies and Promises" (Beggs, Limahl) – 2:50
  4. "Magician Man" (Limahl) – 3:41
  5. "Kajagoogoo" (Instrumental) – 3:11

Side 2Edit

  1. "Ooh to Be Ah" (Limahl) – 3:12
  2. "Ergonomics" (Beggs, Limahl) – 3:10
  3. "Hang on Now" (Beggs, Limahl) – 3:23
  4. "This Car Is Fast" (Limahl) – 3:32
  5. "Frayo" (Limahl) – 4:15

CD Bonus Tracks (reissue)Edit

  1. "Too Shy" (Instrumental Mix) (Beggs, Limahl) – 4:01
  2. "Take Another View" (Kajagoogoo) – 4:33
  3. "Interview Rooms" (Beggs) – 3:24
  4. "Animal Instincts" (Beggs) – 2:39
  5. "Introduction" (Beggs, Limahl) – 5:09
  6. "Too Shy" (Midnight Mix) (Beggs, Limahl) – 5:27
  7. "Ooh to Be Ah" (The Construction Mix) (Limahl) – 6:37
  8. "Hang on Now" (Extended Version) (Beggs, Limahl) – 6:19


Kajagoogoo are:

  • Limahl - Vocals
  • Steve Askew - Guitar
  • Stuart Croxford Neale - Synthesizer, vocals
  • Nick Beggs - Bass, vocals
  • Jez Strode - Drums
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