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Wendy and Nick RCM 2008

Wendy and Nick backstage during the Red Carpet Massacre Tour in 2008

Wendy W. Laister was born in England in January 1959. She is the daughter of EMI chairman Peter Laister, is the founder of Magus Entertainment, which has served as the management team for Duran Duran since 2001.

Magus Entertainment[]

Magus Entertainment is a New-York-based management company, representing both artists and mixers and producers. Magus Entertainment is part of the Hospitality industry, and located in New York, United States. Wendy works as a producer for DD's live shows and videos. Some of Wendy Laister’s colleagues are Raewyn Luxton, Leonie Kruizenga, Peter Wetherell, Jonathan DeAndrea.

Before Magus[]

Prior to establishing Magus Entertainment, Wendy held positions at KCA Community, Prickly Pear Restaurant. Wendy was manager of corporate press and public relations for Richard Branson's Virgin Group, and then founded and ran the European PR firm Laister Dickson, which served The Rolling Stones, Guns ‘N Roses, Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith, Greenpeace, INXS and Tina Turner, among many others. She began serving as worldwide manager for Aerosmith from the early 1990s, then founded Magus, which now represents Duran Duran, Daniel Bedingfield, Fischerspooner, DJ Ferry Corsten, Carina Round, Trustfall, and producer/mixers Jimmy Douglass, Ben Allen, Ed Raso, John Fryer, and Michael Patterson.

The Road to Magus[]

After announcing on his website that he was leaving Duran in 2001 to reignite his own band Missing Persons, Cuccurullo decided to launch a sex toy based on his own, erm, member – but that’s not for here – and played his final shows with the band in Japan that June. The five began the process by renting a house near San Tropez, shipping their gear and an engineer over, financing the sessions themselves and working together determinedly each day until midnight. There was still, however, unfinished business in the air. Nick was angry with John for leaving the last time, and all of them had to work to get to know each other again, along with their accompanying strengths, weaknesses and mood swings – and there were new battles of sobriety and anxiety over their families to add to the mix. Three songs from this initial 12-day reunion would eventually make it onto their comeback album. Over the next year the band would carry on recording in Barnes, London, and also in Connecticut with Nile Rodgers; a longtime friend of Duran, Nile had been their first choice of producer, having worked with the original five. They also looked into reuniting with their original management Paul and Michael Berrow, but while matters looked promising at first, none of them could agree on anything. They eventually went with Wendy Laister and Magus Entertainment. Keeping busy with side project The Devils with Stephen Duffy, Nick also did a spot of production for The Dandy Warhols’ next album Welcome To The Monkey House. [1]

Nick's Cousin?[]

There was a fan rumour that Wendy is Nick's cousin. Or Nile's Cousin. This has never been confirmed. When asked in 2023 for Music Week Magazine if Wendy was an original DD fan she said:

"Not really [laughs]. I wasn't Not a fan, but I had never bought a [DD] record. I just knew them, and we had a lot of mutual friends. I literally knew them from the very beginning; and at the time my dad [Peter Laister] was the chairman of Thorn EMI. I knew Nick well [through mutual friends] and I knew Simon. They were signed to EMI, so I just knew a lot of the people at EMI. Before I went to work for Richard [Branson], I had actually applied for a job there [at EMI].[2]


Wendy Laister will receive the Artist & Management Partnership gong at the Artist & Manager Awards in London in November 2023. [3]

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