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Wedding of One
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live DVD
Venue Live Music Hall, Cologne,
Germany German-flag
Recorded 16 June 1993
Released Unknown
Label JNJ Studios
Catalogue no. None
Format DVD
Length 14 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
Live Music Hall germany wikipedia duran duran
Live Music Hall Cologne wikipedia duran duran germany

Wedding of One is an unofficial Duran Duran live DVD, recorded during An Acoustic Evening Tour at the Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany on 16 June 1993.

About the DVD[]

The DVD is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the Live Music Hall, a 1,800 capacity venue located at Lichtstraße 30 50825 in Cologne. The show was the last of three dates performed in Germany on the tour.

This was a rainy day in Germany, with Simon, Nick and John travelling back from Paris where they watched a concert by The Velvet Underground the previous night.

Recorded for the German TV show Rocklife, the evening began with English alternative rock band Blur. Led by vocalist Damon Albarn, the band played a set featuring tracks from their latest Modern Life is Rubbish.

After playing twenty dates in twelve countries, the tour returned to Germany for the final show. Backed by a string section, Duran Duran kicked off with their debut single "Planet Earth".

More acoustic renditions followed, included two performances of "Ordinary World". Simon Le Bon said the band were unhappy with the first. The second was played instead of "Success", a song which Duran Duran had performed on other acoustic shows.

During the evening the show was halted, when batteries in portable TV cameras were changed. Whilst this work was carried out, members of Duran Duran spoke to the audience. John Taylor said "Simon, why don't you tell them what happened to us at the hotel this afternoon." Le Bon then described a funny incident which included 'chickens' standing outside their hotel rooms.

Duran Duran ended the show with a rousing version of "Rio", which had audience members yelling for more.

Track listing[]

  1. "Planet Earth"
  2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  3. "Ordinary World"
  4. "Come Undone"
  5. "The Chauffeur"
  6. "Crystal Ship"
  7. "Girls on Film"
  8. "UMF"
  9. "Notorious"
  10. "Too Much Information"
  11. "Save A Prayer"
  12. "Ordinary World"
  13. "The Wild Boys"
  14. "Rio"


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