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cover song by Andy Taylor
Released August 1990
Recorded Summer 1990
Genre Rock
Length 4:23 minutes
Label A&M Records
Writer(s) Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor

"Violence" is a cover song by Andy Taylor, released on the album Dangerous by A&M Records in August 1990.

About the song[]

Written by Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs of the British rock band Mott the Hoople, the song was originally released on the group's Mott album in 1973.

Andy Taylor's version was recorded at the Trident II Studios in London, during the summer of 1990 for his second solo studio album Dangerous.


I'm a missing link, poolroom stink, I can't talk
(Well that's too bad)
What's going on, something's wrong, I can't work
Can't go to school, the teacher's a fool, the preacher's a jerk
(Well that's such a drag)
Got nothing to do, street-corner blues, and nowhere to walk

Violence, violence
It's the only thing that'll make you see sense

Gotta fight, nothing's right, livin' nowhere
(That's so sad)
Watch out for the gun, snake on the run, hide in my hair
You keep your mouth shut, or you'll get cut. Haha - I like to scare
(Bet you're so mad)
I'm a battery louse, a superstar mouse, I don't care

Get off my back or I'll attack, 'n I don't owe you nothin' (OK)
Head for your hole, you're sick and you're old
'N I'm here to tell you something

Violence, violence
It's the only thing that'll make you see sense
(Repeat several times )

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