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Sad news[]

Hi, Dan. I’ve got sad news for you unfortunately. You know Simon, he died last year. Sorry I didn’t tell you, I didn’t want to upset you. ThePoliceman2024 (talk) 07:55, 28 January 2021 (UTC)

-- Hi

I saw you added the Deceased tag to SLB last year, but couldnt find any evidence of it in the papers. I need to see proof so I can post a clipping or image source to prove it as a known fact.

Simons Twitter account is still posting as him, as is Whooosh Radio etc

There has been no official announcement from Katy Krassner, but I can ask her if I need to. But this sounds like one of those stories you read in The National Enquirer.

I wont undo your changes just yet, but if this is a fact then I must be 100% sure, otherwise a few million fans are going to be upset. It may be fun and games for you, but some people depend on this life support.

-- Ok I've been in touch with Katy. She edited your post, and now you are arguing with her about Simon. Your article was not about this SLB. Simon performed at the David Bowie show recently. Please undo your changes before DD take the whole page down. They are not bluffing.

the title picture[]

Hello, the main page should be edited to add the main picture of the fandom. Unfortunately, I've got no rights to do that.Брюэль (talk) 09:18, 19 July 2021 (UTC)Брюэль


Hello Bruel, thanks for helping me with the timeline. :)

Unfortunately I dont have access to the admin section either, as I'm just a fan like you. I dropped a note on the 2022 timeline on the 13th July explaining this change. If you go to the top of the 2022 page, there is a petition to help me get admin rights. I need at least 5 signatures and that would be a big help if you can sign it for me, so that I can move forward with my (second) application to take over the wiki.

Also on the 2022 timeline page is a link to a help guide on how to update the timeline. I guess I should also add: Please remember to use the description box under the source editor window to tell me what you changed. This is very helpful, and means I dont have to check your changes. At the top of every page, there is a 'heart beat' symbol, where you can find a list of all recent changes.

Also, each entry must be separately ordered on the timeline. For example, if the band did an interview before a show, then this gets its own entry, and the red label to show it is an interview. This means nothing gets buried by being embedded under the wrong colour. It also means we can move the date of this event up and down if we got the dates wrong.

I made your entry for the Kulture Shock Paula Yates interview in 1984 into it's own event, and added some more links for that. The 1981 Swedish GOF link was also copied to that event. Thanks.

Admin rights[]

Hi Dan,

I'm Kirsty and I have admin rights though I never used them much ;-) Wombat0121 who did the main work here for many years gave them to me to support him with his work. I have to admit I didn't do much here over the past few years but it's great to see the Wiki filled with new life and updates again. If you need admin rights please let me know. I will check how I can give them to you.

Thanks Kirsty

John Taylor on Pop Quiz[]

Hello. If you see the timeline of 1983 and 1984 - there are dublicates of JT on Pop Quiz. According to Jeyem, the show you recovered, had been in 1983. And there is no evidence DD were with Spandau twice on that show. Maybe, you can prove that I'm not right. That's why I deleted the second one. Брюэль (talk) 11:25, 31 July 2021 (UTC)Брюэль

-- Ah right, I'll look into it. From Simons hair I'd say the Spandau performance was 1984, the JT ones were 1983. I see where I went wrong now, and I'll fix them up. :)

-- One more thing. I guess, there are some dublicates of Nick's interviews with Paula. Please, check them, because I'm a bit confused)Брюэль (talk) 18:38, 31 July 2021 (UTC)

-- I added some sources for the Pop Quiz dates, so they are all now correct.

Paula interviewed the band so many times, it is difficult to say where they go. If the event comes with a video link, sometimes its possible to guess the dates by the hair styles of the band. Sometimes if one of the band mentions they have just come back from a tour, or done something, which can help to guess the date of the clip. Most of the duplicates are because a video clip was mislabelled. If you find any duplicates just write a note here and I'll check them out. It is difficult to find dates without a TV guide, as there is very little info on IMDB.

I wouldnt worry too much about this, there are millions of clips out there waiting to go on the timeline, photos, magazine covers, events.

-- I was able to find the issue (Nick's interviews). Look at Mar, 29, 1984 - this is identical to the interviews of Kulture Shock in 1984.Брюэль (talk) 19:39, 1 August 2021 (UTC)

-- Ah right. Yes it can get confusing because sometimes they record interviews months ahead of when they were aired/viewed on TV. Paula mentions its the last show in the series, so that means it was aired 29th March 1985 (according to IMDB - which I cant link). Its possible that the November recording date is wrong, but looking at Nicks hair, it was already different in 1985, so this means it was recorded before the air date.

At one point, I was going to make an image gallery of the bands hair through the years, to help with this kind of thing, but it would take too long to put the images together month by month.

Skin fixes[]

Hey there, I added a couple of fixes, just so it was a little easier to read. I changed some of the text on infoboxes to black and I also changed the header's color. All this has been done only for the dark theme. You might also want to consider changing to portable infoboxes, which would be much better in the long run.

As for you wanting to be an admin, I added my support to your list. I think you're more than ready to request wiki adoption.

Good luck! Tono555 32?cb=20120615171040 18:31, 27 August 2021 (UTC)


Hey, thanks a lot Tono. I only use the light theme so I hadnt noticed any issues with the dark theme. Thank you also for signing my petition, I think they said they wanted 5 signatures, so still 3 to go. Can't wait to fix the site!

The Tube (Paula Yates' Interview)[]

It needs researching. This very interview in 1982 Timeline, (YouTube). The date of this show. Roger said they had been touring since Feb', but no one tour began in Feb', only April or November; later he mentioned Glasgow, Manchester - it is 1982, but the interview with Pete Burns, they talked about the video (I'd Do Anything) that couldn't be in 1982, the single and, moreover, the video was released in late 1983-1984. Is it some compilation or what?

-- Hi, I check over your report in the link in 1982, and it seems to check out. The American (Blondie) tour, they mention, also Glasgow; which they only played in 1981 and also 1982. The Night Boat video is premiered on the show, and this was filmed in the summer. So its can be safe to assume Roger got the dates wrong about then the tour started. Simon also has the 1982 haircut.

wiki's background[]

hi! please, update the background photo of the wiki. Брюэль (talk) 12:54, 22 January 2022 (UTC)Брюэль

-- I looked in to this today, but couldn't find a great image to replace the background. I made an attempt to update the image last year, with a bright stage one, but I was never happy with it as the band were too far back, and I wanted the band to be up front and close to the screen. I also dont want to use an old photo, as it makes them look like a retro band. I dont want to use a current photo with them looking often quite aged, or with Simon looking fat. It's difficult to find a stage view where the band are all in the same periscope width frame needed for the background. Don't worry, I won't forget to keep an eye out for something better, but at least the current image is lively, bright, and contains four of the band, with Simon's beard being hidden, and Dom and John facing each other on guitar.

  • As I see, you've broadened the wiki's resolution, am I right? Брюэль (talk) 1:58, 23 January 2022

No, the way the image is scaled on the screen changed last year with an update from Fandom Wiki. I think the image is supposed to look full size at 4K? On my 2K screen the background is rather cut down. If you click on the Image Upload section and scroll down, you should find the template for the background. If you can somehow find good images for the side bars, you can send me a PM on the Proboards message board with the links to your backgrounds and I'll take a look.

Countdown 1990[]

hello there! "Duran is the headlining act of the 5th Annual Veronica Music Day on the Countdown program, broadcast live on Dutch television station." Is that this show in your opinion? (YouTube) --Брюэль (talk) 04:32, 31 January 2022 (UTC)Брюэль

- Hi. There are two different Countdown shows. The most famous one is Countdown Australia, often hosted by Molly Meldrum. If you type Duran Countdown into youtube, these will come up. The Dutch show Countdown was something else. The clip you found was from the Australian show. The Dutch Countdown has a 'CountDown' sign in the background, like this show from 1988, where you can see the sign behind John at 2:46: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMehKthsQ3Q


Hi Dan!

I'm a huge fan of DD and I was wondering if you were looking for any admins at all. If you require a little more editing and content on my part, that's understood. I also currently admin another Wiki, and would love to contribute to this one.


- Hi there. Most of the pages are available to edit by anyone - so no special admin rights are needed. Only the main title page and the navigation bar are locked, plus a few others. To become an admin on Fandom wiki, you must have posted each day for several months, and have gained respect from several leading members enough to be granted those rights. I had to jump through those hoops, and it's fair because the site has been attacked by several trolls in the past. Updating the site is a long process, and I check to make sure every edit is fair and authentic, from everyone, to ensure the info is correct. It's not a role to be taken lightly.

Who is the guy playing the guitar in "Save a Prayer"??[]

Hi, sorry to bother you. I need some help :) Do you know if the guy playing the guitar in "Save a Prayer" is John? Because the guitarrist in Duran Duran (in 1982) was Andy, but in the video the guy looks like John...

Thank you!

- Andy plays the guitar in the studio recording, as he came up with the chords in the first place, along with Nick and his synth harmony. Both Andy and John are seem miming playing a guitar in the video. All the videos were mimed except for parts of The Reflex, where some things were filmed at Oakland Arena and also in the UK. I'll update the SAP page with the Wikipedia info if that helps.

Quick reply.[]

Hi Dan - i'm not sure if this is the correct way to reply to messages - but, whilst i can't recall why i clicked on the "Duran Duran Wiki:About" page yesterday, only found out that my status had been altered then when looking at the history... Hence not having said or done anything previously.

Otherwise, there was no complaint intended about anything - simply that it seemed that it might be worthwhile in some way mentioning something about my interests within collecting for those who didn't know me, & one way was to look at where i thought i could (hopefully) add to what's here.

That said, whilst i've added stuff for years (mostly without being logged in - particularly going back with the timeline), tbh i still feel a bit of a noob at the finer points of it all - where i can usually get things sorted but it takes a bit of a fight & a hundred tabs open to try to see how things are done... ...particularly the odd time i've added new pages where & adjusting the linking & stuff on all of the pages around.

Anyway, far too many words, so that'll probably do - but many thanks for the vote of confidence. :)