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Tuya (roll credits)
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song by Warren Cuccurullo
Released 8 December 2015
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 1 track
Label Download
Writer(s) Warren Cuccurullo
Producer(s) DoUBLEyOuSEe
Warren Cuccurullo

"Tuya (roll credits)" is a song by Warren Cuccurullo, released on the album N'Liten Up on 8 December 2015.

About the song[]

The song was written by Warren Cuccurullo, who also produced the track under the name of DoUBLEyOuSEe with American musician/producer Simone Sello.

This is the final track on the concept album N'Liten Up, which is more of a show that tells a story with different characters. Tuya is a character from the story and is the child of "Big Stress", featured earlier on the album.

The song includes Duran Duran's Latest and Greatest Tour drummer Joe Travers, Cuccurullo performing bass guitar and Farcast (Tamaki) credited for rap.




(sugar & doubleyousee say:)
we'll let the music do it tuya (4x)
(donna counts in vietnamese:) mot (one) hai (two) ba (three)
(farcast with a report from the streets) (brooke sings along)
hype crime is that all you see sight blind
it's magical passing through generation lifeline
is it magic catch me if you can
hand me down slogans to better the next man
everyday static farcast here to let you have it
the streets are magic one day you're here the next you can disappear
mot hai ba bon (1, 2 , 3, 4,)
(sugar says) whats the music doin tuya?
humanity they extinct waking up everyday
with tears in every blink the streets stink
hold your nose as you walk your block
and keep close look out for the loose dog's po po's
and other cops that sudden pop
you too could be the next one one one one one one one one one one one one (farcast has been shot twice & knows his god
unconditionally & he will do all he can to change his world)
(sugar says) i'm looking up into the sky
i'm looking up into the sky
(doubleyousee says)
oh, it's such a beautiful world
mot hai ba bon....
we'll let the music do it tuya
it'll be the music doin it tuya (coz we know that music can heal the world)
mot hai ba bon
(brooke says) energy (thats all there is everybody)
let the music do it tuya
we'll let the music do it tuya
(donna says) hai. ngan. le. nam. (2005)
(while he plays his guitar,doubleyousee says) edit edit.. cut cut.. edit edit..cut cut
i'm editing, i'm editing
oh it's such a beautiful world...
i'm looking up into the sky (thats what sugar does)
i'm looking up into the sky, i'm looking up into the sky
we'll let the music do it tuya we'll let the music do it tuya (&on&on)
(doubleyousee is editing again)
hai. ngan. le. nam. (2005)
(doubleyousee is playing his guitar like mad & donna closes the show)
mot hai ba bon (1,2,3,4.........)(bright white light)