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Trident II Studios
Background information
Located London, UK
Type Recording studio
Year opened 1986
Associated acts Andy Taylor
The Almighty
Skin n' Bones
Iron Maiden
Recording Studio

Trident II Studios is a recording facility located in London, UK, once owned by Andy Taylor.

About the studio[]

Originally called Trident Studios and constructed in 1967 by brothers Barry and Norman Sheffield. The first major hit recorded at Trident was "My Name's Jack" by Manfred Mann in March 1968, which launched its reputation. One of the many famous albums recorded at Trident was Lou Reed's Transformer, produced by David Bowie, who in turn recorded many albums there. Located in Strutton Ground, Victoria, London, it was also the home of early Queen and Genesis recordings amongst others. Trident Studios was sold in December 1981 and bought by its senior engineer Stephen Short, along with three other investors. In 1986, Short bought out the other investors and opened Trident II.

In 1988 Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden recorded his solo album A.S.A.P with Zak Starkey on drums. Andy Taylor bought the studio in 1989 after some building alterations, and recorded his second solo album Dangerous there. Sanctuary Music managers of Iron Maiden took it over in the early 1990s.

The current residing business, Trident Sound Studios, was named in recognition of the original Trident Studios. Trident Studios originally occupied the whole five floors of the building, but today's studio comprises only the ground floor and basement.

A selection of Trident II credits[]