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song by Andy Taylor
Released 1987
Recorded 1986-1987
Genre Rock
Length 4:30 minutes
Label MCA Records
Writer(s) Andy Taylor, Steve Jones
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Steve Jones
Andy Taylor

"Tremblin'" is a song by Andy Taylor, released on his debut studio album Thunder by MCA Records in 1987.

About the song[]

Written and produced by Sex Pistol's guitarist Steve Jones and Andy Taylor, the song was recorded at The Plant in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

This is an up-tempo rock song, which features strong guitar chords and clear vocals performed by Andy Taylor.

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You're the one
The only one
And I try not to break you

You're the one
The only one
And I just can't seem to shake you

Why do I feel bad
Why do I feel sad
What I'm trying to say
I'm tremblin'
Though I can't explain
That I'm goin' insane
I need you so
I'm tremblin'

This time
This is the last time
I just can't live on without you
How long
Tell me how long
'Cause I always think about you

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