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Duran duran european tour 1987 scandinavia
information pack
Countries Denmark Denmark flag
Norway Norway flag
Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg
Released 1987
Genre Tour dates, cities, information
Size A4 (215 x 295mm)
Length 25 pages
Duran Duran

Tour & Concert Documentation: Scandinavia is a Duran Duran tour item, produced in 1987.

About the item[]

The book was produced for the Scandinavian leg of The Strange Behaviour Tour, performed in April 1987.

This is an A4 sized spiral-bound laminated covered 25 page itinerary, with all text printed in English. Included is information about the tour venues, maps, crew and position list, record company contacts, hotel information and concert dates. The book was only issued to the band & tour crew.

List of pages[]

  • Itinerary for Scandinavia (3 pages)
    Information on tour dates, hotel arrangements, flight arrival and departure, load in time, doors opening time and on stage.
  • Agreement (contract) (4 pages)
    Contract for all venues in Scandinavia.
  • European Rider to agreement (15 pages)
    A RIDER is the part where the artist(s) lay out the requirements (demands) for their visit to different venues. This is sent to the promoter well in advance of the tour and will have to be agreed upon by both parties before a contract is signed and a concert is booked. The Rider will list what the artist(s) want and need to be able to do a good performance. The payment, dressing rooms, security, travel and parking, stage requirements, power, rigging, etc. A RIDER will also often list what the artist(s) would like to have to drink and eat in their dressing rooms or backstage after the show.
  • Work permit for the band and crew (3 pages)
    With the band members names on.
    Before some of the countries in Scandinavia joined the EU most artists needed a work permit to be able to perform there. This is still the case today for artists from outside the EU.


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