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Too Much Information
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Background information
Founded 1990
Founder Lori Majewski
Editor Lori Majewski
Genre Interviews, information, photos
Issued Quarterly
Origin USA

Too Much Information: The Definitive Duranzine was an American Duran Duran quarterly fanzine, founded in New Jersey by Lori Majewski during 1990.

About the fanzine[]

The fanzine was founded by American Lori Majewski, a 14 year old Duran Duran fan in 1985. She camped out for two nights to ensure prime seats at the band's 1987 Beacon Theatre show in New York. Three years later, when Duran Duran's official Fan Club closed in 1990, she began Too Much Information: The Definitive Duranzine. Majewski started by collecting names of Duran Duran fans from around the world and formed a mailing list. Ultimately more than 500 fans subscribed to the quarterly fanzine.

Interviews with band members were a remarkable insight. In 1996, John Taylor indicated to her that he was about to split with Duran Duran. Sadly in January 1997 he did.

Majewski continued editing the fanzine after college, experience that landed her a job at the teen magazine YM. This lead to Majewski's current position as Entertainment Director of Teen People, based in New York.

A selection of issues[]