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Tom Brown's Schooldays
Tom brown's school days simon le bon edited edited
soundtrack album
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. SKL 5137
Label Decca
Format 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 18 tracks
Released 1972
Genre Theatre production
Music by Chris Andrews
Lyrics by Jack Maitland
Joan Maitland
theatre programme
Cambridge theatre tom brown's schooldays simon le bon duran duran 1972
featuring Simon Le Bon

Tom Brown's Schooldays is a 12" vinyl soundtrack album featuring Simon Le Bon, released in the UK by Decca during 1972.

About the album[]

The album features songs from a West End stage production of Tom Brown's Schooldays, performed at London's Cambridge Theatre in 1972.

The actual album was recorded on one day by the entire cast towards the end of the stage productions run. This was done at the Decca Recording Studio, near Charlton Athletic football ground (The Valley) in London.

Based on a book by Thomas Hughes first published in 1857, the production premiered on 9 May 1972. The story was set at Rugby School in England, a public school for boys in the 1830s. The cast of the show featured Roy Dotrice and Judith Bruce. There was also Simon Le Bon who was making his West End stage debut at the age of 13.

Simon Le Bon is credited in the cast under 'Other Boys of Rugby'. He performed at London's Cambridge Theatre for 60 days, which was the limit for a child aged 13 years old. Le Bon sings a solo line of the song "In The Swim", which is "swing the right kind of bat".

Other young performers included future astrologer and British TV personality Russell Grant, plus future TV presenter Keith Chegwin who Duran Duran would perform on his music show Cheggers Plays Pop in the early 1980s.

Track listing[]

SKL 5137[]

  1. "Petticoat Government"
  2. "I Like My Children Around"
  3. "Head Up"
  4. "In The Swim"
  5. "My Way"
  6. "Three Acres And A Cow"
  7. "Where Is He"
  8. "What Is A Man?"
  9. "Young Tom"
  10. "Have A Try"
  11. "Six of The Best"
  12. "If I Had A Son"
  13. "A Boys Point of View"
  14. "Vision of Youth"
  15. "Warwickshire Home"
  16. "One For Your Nose"
  17. "Hold Me"
  18. "The Ballad of The Great White Horse"


  • Roy Dotrice
  • Judith Bruce
  • Michael Darbyshire
  • Ray C. Davis
  • Trudi Van Doorn
  • Leon Greene
  • Christopher Guard
  • David Gwillim
  • Jill Martin
  • Tony Sympson
  • Adam Walton
  • Richard Willis


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