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To The Shore
unofficial compilation album
Country Unknown Question-mark duran duran wikipedia logo discogs collection
Released 1990
Recorded 1980s
Label Unknown Label
Genre Pop
Length 18 tracks
Format CD
Producer Various
Duran Duran

To The Shore is an unofficial Duran Duran and band related compilation album, featuring a collection of mixes recorded in the 1980s.

About the album[]

The mixes featured on the album were originally released on 7" and 12" vinyl singles.

The compilation includes the James Bond orchestral instrumental "A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)". This track was conducted by John Barry, and released as the B-side to "A View to a Kill" in 1985.

The live version of "Notorious" was recorded at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 7 May 1987, during The Strange Behaviour Tour. The recording was officially released on Duran Goes Dutch.

The side projects include Andy Taylor's single "Don't Let Me Die Young", plus John Taylor's "I Do What I Do" which features in the film 9½ Weeks.

Track listing[]

  1. "To The Shore"
  2. "Girls on Film" (Instrumental)
  3. "My Own Way" (Single Version)
  4. "Rio" (Night Version)
  5. "Cracks in the Pavement" (1984 Version)
  6. "Save A Prayer" (Special Edited Version)
  7. "A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss)"
  8. "The Flame" (Remix) - Arcadia
  9. "Flame Game" (Yo Homeboy Mix) - Arcadia
  10. "Notorious" (Extended Version)
  11. "I Do What I Do" (7" Version) - John Taylor
  12. "Meet El Presidente" (7" Version)
  13. "The LSD Edit" - The Krush Brothers
  14. "Notorious" (Live in Rotterdam 1987)
  15. "Drug" (Original Version)
  16. "Violence of Summer" (7" Mix)
  17. "Violence of Summer" (The Story Mix)
  18. "Don't Let Me Die Young" (Single Version) - Andy Taylor