Timeslip tv duran duran
Background information
Directed by Willi Patterson
Starring John Taylor
Jeff Harding
Virginia Hey
Genre science-fiction
Length 26:40 minutes
First broadcast 28 December 1985
Channel ITV Network (UK)
Written by Jim Hawkins
Story by Robert Holmes
Producer Colin Callander
featuring John Taylor

Timeslip was a proposed science-fiction anthology programme made in 1985 by Yorkshire Television for HBO UK. A pilot was filmed and broadcast on 28 December 1985, but the show was not further developed.

John Taylor made his first film appearance outside of Duran Duran as "The Hacker" in the pilot episode, alongside then-girlfriend Virginia Hey (later to appear as the blue-skinned priestess on the science fiction show Farscape). The plot involved a sinister computer locking a couple inside an office block and then tries to kill them.

While John did appear in the show, another actor's voice was dubbed over his for the final cut.

There was an unrelated show called Timeslip, about time-travelling children, which was aired by ATV in the 1970s.


  • John Taylor - The Hacker
  • Jeff Harding - Greg
  • Virginia Hey - Jenny
  • Liza Ross - Candy
  • Manning Redwood - Lee
  • Blain Fairman - Billy

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