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The Duran Duran Timeline
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A small U.S and Euro tour includes songs from Danse Macabre. They release the Deluxe Edition. The 2022 Las Vegas Halloween show is released for Halloween.

Date Event
Jan 2 American Songwriter ranks DD#1, on a list of bands linked with Frank Zappa. (Read).
Jan 3 Nick chats to Italian Vanity Fair about using the perfume White Lady of Casamorati 1888, by Xerjoff, in the BM video. “Simon has a much sharper sense of smell than mine, literally smells a perfume and can identify everything it contains. He's a talent. I am more instinctive." “We [with Xerjoff] will still work together in the coming months to create the true scent that captures the essence of Duran Duran." (News.IT).
Jan 5 Rockferry Poland ranks DM #10 best song of 2023, behind Lana and J.Cale. (Read.PL).
Jan 5 Andy interview in Classic Rock magazine. "“Yes, an ex-security guy thought he’d make himself a few grand. That day I got the eight-thirty a.m. knock: Ugh. What now? ‘They said you better look at this, boss’ – ‘Cocaine crazy Duran Duran’. Okay, well I already knew that! And actually, to be fair, it wasn’t all the band. Nick [Rhodes] didn’t really, and Roger [Taylor]. Not so much Simon [Le Bon]. So that just gets down to me and John. I had to phone my dad, him being a Sun [newspaper] reader. [But he said] ‘Do you think I’m stupid? I remember finding the hash in your pocket when you were fourteen!’” (News), (Article).
Jan 6? In Retropop’s January 2024 issue, Wet Wet Wet bassist Graeme Clark says: “I look at Duran Duran and I respect them because they’ve continually made new music over the last [44] years and it’s a testament to where they sit now. They’re [always] out [touring], they’re back on the road and playing arenas all over the world, and I think it’s because they’ve remained current”. (Read).
Jan 8 Wendy Laister talks about her life in management and PR to MusicBizWorld. "With Duran, you’ve got four people who are really very different to one another, as much as they get along. Nick doesn’t drive, while Simon wants to do every dangerous sport on the planet. But the thing I’ve learned is, when things are right, everybody agrees very quickly. It’s truly a democracy, everybody has to agree on pretty much everything in order to move forward." (Read).
Jan10? 40 Anniversary of New Moon on Monday single in US; charted Jan 14th 1984
Jan 10 American Songwriter breaks down Ordinary World. (Read).
Jan 12 DD to headline Athens Festival: Plateia Nerou, Kallithéa, Greece. July 18th. (DD.News).
Jan 13 JT rocks out to The Eagles, at Kia Forum, Inglewood, CA. (News).
Jan 19 Limited Charity show at Guild Theatre Menlo Park, CA, Feb 6. (News), (News).
Jan 19 Simon builds a 50ft swimming pool. Neighbours complain to the council. (News).
Jan 20 BBC2 airs highlights of 'Duran Duran: Radio 2 in Concert' show from Dec 2021. (News).
Jan 21 The band features on the front cover of The Entertainer magazine. (FB).
Jan 23 Invisible used for edits of MGS Solid Snake in Fortnite on TikTok. (TT).
Jan 24 DD on a list of top musical acts from the '80s who are still playing today. (Read).
Jan 26 John gets ready to rock with his signature Dingwall Rio Basses. (Photo).
Jan 27 Latitude Festival lineup announced. DD to headline the whole festival.
Jan 28 Two new dates announced, July 21 and 30.
Jan 28 Nick Egan talks about the Duran Duran videos he's worked on. (Read).
Jan 31 The band in LA rehearsing for the shows. (Instagram).
Jan 31 Patti Bell; fashion pioneer of Kahn & Bell, passes away. (BBC), (News).
Jan 31 American Songwriter gives some inciteful meanings behind Come Undone. (Read).
Feb 1 Last day of rehearsals in L.A (Instagram), (Instagram)
Feb 1 Credit company Capital One announces an RSVP concert tomorrow in Vegas. (News).
Feb 1 40th Anniversary of Arena is mentioned in Forbes. (Read).
Feb 1 Invisible is the 3rd most downloaded DD song on Spotify, see Jan 23. (News).
Feb 2 Duran Duran: Capital One Concert, BleauLive Theater, Las Vegas.
Doors 8:30. A private Car Dealers RSVP only warmup event. (Anna Cam).
Feb 3 Duran Duran: The Venue, Thunder Valley, Lincoln, n/Sacramento, CA.
(Anna Cam). (Concert), (VN/NB/WB), (WB), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (Not.), (BM), (BM.clip), (ITSISK), (SLB/OW), (OW), (OW), (CU), (DM), (PE/WL), (Ref.), (GOF/Psycho), (Psycho), (SLB/SAP), (SAP), (SAP), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
Feb 4 Nick and Alexandra attend the Mark Ronson, Gucci & W Magazine Grammy After-Party at Bar Marmont, LA. (News).
Feb 5 Nick writes about the passing of Patti Bell, on January 31st. (Read).
Feb 6 Duran Duran: The Guild Theatre in Menlo Park, CA.
Charity Event for 500 lucky fans. (Clip), (Ref.)
Feb 7 Magic Castle LA press conference 40 years ago today! Roger needs 2 hands for his.
Feb 7 Richard Blade posts about 1984: "Capitol was planning a worldwide press conference with DD on February 7th at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. The date was not an accident. It had been deliberately picked because it would be twenty years [ago] to the day, February 7th, 1964, that The Beatles had arrived in America, and now, exactly two decades later, the Fab Five! The [full 90 minutes] press conference was broadcast live on three continents, and elevated Duran Duran to a new level of stardom. When I hit the [Fabulous Forum] stage [that night] to bring on Duran Duran, the wall of sound that erupted from the sold-out audience was deafening. For the band it was ten times louder.(Read FB).
Feb 8 Mark Knopfler unites 54 rock legends, including Andy Taylor, for charity single. (Read).
Feb 9 Andy Taylor writes to The Independent about King Charles III's cancer disagnosis revealed on Feb 6th. "Unequivocally by making his diagnosis public, he will save thousands of lives, countless headaches and heartaches; by raising awareness he will give hope to so many who will be living with so much of their own anxiety. The most famous man in the world has made the most humbling of gestures in that – on the inside, we all bleed the same. One in two of us... That's 50 per cent of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes. With the odds stacked this high, for many it’s no longer a case of “if” but “when”." (Read), (Read).
Feb 9 Simon confirmed for 2024 Roundhouse Gala In London, Wednesday 20 March. (News).
Feb 9 Duran Duran: The Birds Nest, North Scottsdale, n/Phoenix, AZ.
(Tickets), (Photo).
Feb 10 Never seen before DD photos, mainly Live Aid, revealed on YouTube. (Watch).
Feb 11 New York Designer's “Arena” collection inspired by Nick Rhodes. (Read).
Feb 12 BBC Radio DJ Steve Wright passes, aged 69. Simon was on one of the last 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' shows shortly before the DJ announced his retirement. See June 30 2022. (News), (Nick's Post).
Feb 12 New show: May 19 WinStar Resort, World Way Dr., Thackerville, OK (News/Book)
Feb 14 HLTW hits #6 on a list of the top 25 most influential music videos. (Read).
Feb 14 Singers Room nominates 10 Best Duran Duran Songs of All Time. (Read).
Feb 15 New May 17th date: Steelhouse, Omaha, Nebraska. Back after 35 years. (News).
Feb 16 Andy Taylor is 63 years old today. (News).
Feb 17 Invisible now getting over 200,000 listens per day on Spotify.
Feb 17 J-Lo and Jimmy Fallon play 'Name That Song', one song is HLTW. (Watch).
Feb 19 FirstForWomen compares images & bios of band members, Then and Now. (Read).
Feb 20 Invisible is in at #1 on a new Spotify 'Legends Only' playlist. (Play).
Feb 22 30th Anniversary of Extraordinary World video collection.
Feb 22 John Zoom chats to Richmond VA students about 'sound and vision'. (News).
Feb 23 Nick and Roger critisize Birmingham UK's council plans to axe arts funding. (Read).
Feb 25 Invisible most played DD song, 230,000 plays per day on Spotify. (Source).
Feb 26 A radio station in Rio de Janeiro played Psycho Killer several times. (Post).
Feb 26 Having sold out their show at the Lucca Festival, DD added a 2nd date: July 23! (News).
Feb 28 Duran Duran satisfied there is now nothing they should know. (Read).
Mar 1 Hermès ad spotted in WISH mag, iconography inspired by Paper Gods cover? (News).
Mar 1 DD #8 on a list of 15 all-time best bands who played at University of Birmingham. (Read).
Mar 3 A mashup of Rio and Black Sabbath's Paranoid released on YouTube. (Watch).
Mar 5 40th Anniversary of Maple Leaf Gardens show in Toronto, Canada. The video for “The Reflex” was filmed during this show, and “Cracks in the Pavement” recorded at this show was used as the b-side to “The Wild Boys” single.
Mar 6 Nick & Katy’s 2024 Oscar Picks revealed on DD.com. (Read).
Mar 6 Eddie Martinez says he performed Addicted To Love solo, not Andy Taylor. (Read).
Mar 8 Residents' Star Stunted II "Mahogany Wood" 10" released w/Nick collab cover. (Buy).
Mar 8 American Songwriter: Night Boat "Spooky Meaning" before Thriller. (Read).
Mar 8 Forbes re-prints Nick and Katy's 2024 Oscar predictions from Mar 6th. (Read).
Mar 9 A moody Marcel Agterhuis Remix of You Kill Me With Silence released. (YT).
Mar 11 DD rank #6 in 'Most Influential Music Videos' list, below Queen and Bowie. (Read).
Mar 11 Satire channel sparks rumours of JT split. Seen alone wearing large sweater! (Read).
Mar 14 Sofi Tucker announced as a special guest for the Athens show. (News).
Mar 14 Rumour: DD working? on Reportage before the Summer tour, ready for mixing in June?
Mar 15 Mark Knopfler, Andy Taylor and host of stars release 'Going Home', See Feb 8.(Play).
Mar 17 Steve Harley passes away from Cancer. John posts: "Man, Cockney Rebel were awesome, first two albums perfection. Then the #1 pop song "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" took Harley to the mainstream. We were so lucky to have him guest with us on that song [on stage early 80s].. the moment Steve entered was truely chilling, and I still remeber it today. An amazing moment. Thanks Steve for the music and your good vibes. We shall miss you. - John Taylor, London". (Read).
Mar 17 John Taylor is confirmed 'working?' in London.
Mar 18 Warren posts a Vlog from LA. He spots the LA Midnight Ridazz. (FB).
Mar 20 Simon, Mel C and Shaznay performance at Roundhouse Theatre Gala, London. Simon and Gary Kemp sing, with Trevor Horn on bass and Lol Creme (10cc) on guitar, Spandau Ballet's “Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)”. (Photos), (Chant #1).
Mar 21 DD on Netflix, 21st April with 2018 Doco "There's Something You Should Know." (News).
Mar 22 Tech Ed talks about Andy Taylor's return to DD with Danse Macabre (song) (Read).
Mar 24 Variety lists DD as a top 10 pop music doco someone should make. Read).
Mar 24 Gela Nash gets a heli ride and Blonde E-type Jag for their 25th Anniversary. (FB).
Mar 25 Santa Barbara hypes DDs headliner event at The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, May 11. (Read).
Mar 28 JT puts together a playlist of 'Sounds of Cruel World', feat Blondie etc. (News).
Mar 28 Release Athens release a DD warmup video for their show in July. (Watch).
Mar 30 New Reboot of the movie Barbarella is in production. (News).
Apr 2 Ultimate Classic Rock tackles misunderstood lyrics in Big Thing (song). (Read).
Apr 2 Simon wins the battle to build a swimming pool and out-complex. See Jan 19. (Read).
Apr 2 New dates May 4&14, Sandia, 2nd Wynn due to high demand. (News), (News), (News)
Apr 4 An exclusive VIP Monaco Dinner-Date with Duran! announced for July 25. (News).
Apr 4 Guitar World reviews the Dingwall JT Signature Bass. They gave it 5 stars: "a Rupert Neve Design preamp to die for and a monster tonal range", "a bass that you’ll genuinely cherish for decades." (Read).
Apr 4 Dingwall streams a demonstration of the Signature Bass. (News), (Watch).
Apr 5 Sandia Casino Amphitheater, Albuquerque, NM reports to be Sold Out. (News).
Apr 5 Solar Eclipse playlists for Apr 8 include New Moon on Monday. (1), (2), (3).
Apr 8 JT launches new clothing designs, produced with Punk Masters. (News), (Pre-order).
Apr 8 Eclipse day. DDHQ share clip; Today Show, NMOM & Susanna Guthrie. (Watch).
Apr 8 Contestants on UK show 'Pointless' answer winning question about DD. (Watch).
Apr 9 40 years ago: Russell Mulcahy shows “Reflex” video in Oklahoma City hotel. (News).
Apr 11 Bass Guitar Mag reviews the JT Bass. "It all started when I was in Toronto about six years ago," says Taylor. Dingwall is based in Saskatoon, Canada. (Read).
Apr 12 40th Anniversary of the Oakland Arena CA performance, recorded as As The Lights Go Down (album), and Arena (An Absurd Notion).
Apr 12 Speculated date for finishing the recording work on Reportage, 4 weeks.
Apr 16 40th Anniversary of The Reflex single in the UK, 16.4.1984. (DD.com), (News).
Apr 18 DD to play Montreux Jazz Festival on Lake Geneva. (DD News), (News), (News).
Apr 19 John and Gela share photos from Venice, Italy. (Photos).
Apr 20 Record Store Day 2024.
Apr 21 It's Roger's birthday month and he joins us in the Kafe to take YOUR questions. (Hear).
Apr 23 An interview with Simon appears in Vogue. He mentions Croatia. (read).
Apr 24 300 musicians, including Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers, lobby U.S Congress for ticket price reform, after AI bots create ticket price war. (Read).
Apr 24 Ordinary World used to advertise Renault Scenic E-Tech in France. (YouTube).
Apr 26 Roger Taylor is 64 years old today. (DD FB), (Roger).
Apr 28 Cherry Lipstick Magazine issues 1993-2001 now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. (PDFs).
Apr 30 Nick is interviewed in Vogue Greece edition, May 2024 issue. (DD FB).
May 1 Author Robinne Lee says: "My obsession was Duran Duran. They were not a boy band, per se, but they were five cute boys from England. And [in my] book, well, [the band] August Moon are five really good-looking guys from England. I was 13, and there was nothing more incredible to me than them." (Read).
May 2 JT interview; Is AVTAK the best Bond theme? JT: "I like the Billie one". (Read).
May 3 Pasadina Magazine; Sound of the Future, Post-punk style of DD lives on. (Read).
May 3 Duran Duran: Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, NV.
(Chauffeur), (HLTW), (BM), (LIYN/SFreak), (CM.clip), (NMOM), (WL), (GOF/Psycho), (SLB/SAP).
May 4 BBC Radio 2 plays DD Hammersmith Odeon show from November 1981 @ 5am. (Listen).
May 4 Duran Duran: Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, NV.
(Chauffeur), (BM), (OW), (CU), (NMOM clip), (MNOM), (NMOM), (PE clip).
May 6 Pasadena Star: "JT says band’s Cruel World festival show ‘very sexy’." (Read).
May 7 No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont names Andy Taylor as an influence. (Read).
May 7 Duran Duran: Private show Nitecap Bar, San Francisco, CA.
A shorter set. Simon sang Rio's chorus with a fan.
May 8 John advertises his L.A mansion and estate for nearly $13 Million. (News).
May 9 Pasadena Weekly: JT:"[I] wonder whether anybody has the attention span to give 16 new songs a listen? After the CD came along, every album was a double album." (Read).
May 9 Duran Duran announce the landmark reissue of the first five studio albums; on LP & CD: DURAN DURAN, RIO, SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER, NOTORIOUS AND BIG THING. (DD.com), (News).
May 11 JT on 1st Wave with Lori Majewski, 9 am Eastern Time. (Read).
May 11 DD receive a Creator Award for reaching 1 Million subs on YouTube. Representatives from YouTube gave it to the band backstage at Cruel World Fest before their set. (YT.News/Photo). They also pay trubute to Salvador Dali's 120th Birthday. (News).
May 11 Cruel World Festival: Brookside at The Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA.
Headlining on the main stage 9.40PM to 11.00PM.
May 12 Daily Breeze reviews Cruel World show. SLB: “The last month we’ve just been thinking (about Cruel World) and how we’re going to make it the best thing possible,. And now we’re here and it’s happening!” (Read).
May 13 Variety reviews Cruel World "Simon threw himself passionately into the set". (Read).
May 13 Villa striker Jhon Duran scores x2 against Liverpool. BBC Sport "Duran was hungry like the wolf for Villa last night. Why was he only a substitute, is there something I should know?" (Villa IG), (Roger Post), (News), (News).
May 14 Duran Duran: Sandia Casino Amphitheater, Albuquerque, NM.
May 15 Simon on The Singers Talk podcast, recorded Oct 2023. He hated piano lessons, but moved to the choir because he got paid a shilling. John Gielgud says it's not fear, it's adrenalin. Losing his voice in 2011 during the 'Whoh-oh' of All You Need Is Now (song), now he does vocal exercises; Bbrrahh! Gene Simmons tongue out tip. Nnnya! He has a cup to spit into on stage. Water, Alcohol dries you out. Fresh ginger tea made him allergic to ginger. Mucinex®D. Rigidity without tension. WB was written in E, but now performed in D. OW is hard to sing. Point Of No Return was sung one line, or word, at a time. Autotune is fake. The audience is there to hear the songs. Danceophobia could have been a single. Patty Smith duet idea. He watches and loves Robert Plant. (Home), (Hear).
May 15 Grimy Goods reviews Cruel World "The greatest part of Duran Duran’s performance wasn’t just the phenomenal vocals, stunning lights, or hit-for-hit setlist but the palpable joy and excitement each member exuded. They elevated their performance to an extraordinary level of emotional connection and shared experience. Tears were seen amongst fans. (Read).
May 17 Duran Duran: Steelhouse, Omaha, Nebraska. 3000 standing room only.
May 18 The band visit Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas. (News).
May 19 John and Simon check out a Tesla Cyber Truck. (News).
May 19 Duran Duran: Lucas Live, WinStar, World Way Dr., Thackerville, OK.
(see 2011)
May 20 The post with the boys and the Cyber Truck is taken down after uproar. (News), (NME).
May 21 Ordinary World broke Dave Grohl's heart, and now he can't bare to listen. (Read).
May 21 Red Sox swinger does it again. Produces a Big Thing with a mammoth Dong. (Read).
May 22 Duran Duran, Nile, and a host of stars sign petition to save Iranian rapper. (News).
May 23 Shed Seven perform a cover of Planet Earth for BBC Radio 2's Piano Room. (YouTube).
May 24 Belfast: 'Eighties fashion is a bit like the Troubles. We don’t want it back.' (Stub).
May 26 Yasmin makes the cover of The Sunday Express, shares wellness secrets. (News).
May 27 UCR - 25 Scorching Rock Hits from 1984, features The Reflex at #2. (Read).
May 28 The 7" Girls on Film Video gets upgraded footage on YouTube. (News).
May 29 Katy's Kafe with Nick; He loved the Cruel World festival. No plans to visit Australia or release TWA on vinyl. "Satan in Black" was an unreleased track from TWA. Katy hates Cats, Nick likes Cats. A costumed Halloween show in New York might be announced soon. Deluxe Edition of Danse Macabre is being worked on, x3 songs; one new, one old and one cover; the deadline is end of June. No thoughts about his Birthday. (Hear).
May30 Smooth Radio tries to rank Duran Duran's 10 greatest songs ever. (Read).
Jun 3 Bass Magazine revs up JT's performance at the Cruel World Festival finale. (Read).
Jun 3 Hungry Like the Wolf video gets a slight upgrade in visual quality on Youtube. (Watch).
Jun 3 -14? In the studio working on extra tracks for DM. Already done by JT's Kafe, on 19th.
Jun 4 Richard Blade on KCAL 9 gets Hollywood Walk of Fame Star (News) and rapture from DD. (YouTube).
Jun 6 Richard Blade receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame @11am on Vine Street.
Jun 6 American Songwriter: 8 Deep Cuts by Duran Duran Worth (Re)discovering. (Read).
Jun 7 Spectrum News: Behind the Scenes of Duran DurAntony & Cleopatra show. (Read).
Jun 7 - 16 Duran DurAntony & Cleopatra: Colony Theatre, 555 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA. One of Shakespeare’s most NOTORIOUS tragedies, combined with the music of 80’s WILD BOYS, Duran Duran! (News), (Home/Tickets).
Jun 7 First Album Singles Packages arrive on streaming platforms. (News), (Hear).
Jun 8 Nick Rhodes is 62 years old today. He posts an astrological message. (Hear).
Jun 10 Patrick Nagel's Original 'Rio' Girl, the Mona Lisa of the New Wave Age, Finally Found After 42 Years! Marcie Hunt commented she had no idea, is very happy, and even "played Duran at her wedding." (News), (News), (DD.News), (Marcie Hunt).
Jun 11 40th anniversary of Yasmin & Simon's blind date first meeting at the premiere of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. (News).
Jun 11 DD FB posts a rare photo of Roger and his punk band, The Scent Organs. (DD.FB).
Jun 13 A 3 volume set of 180-200 of Paul Edmond's photos of Duran & 'the Birmingham scene', currated by his sisters, "DURAN DURAN EN SCÈNE" ("Careless Memories" "Only After Dark" & "The Morning After") - is published by APS Books; with intros from Boy George, Mulligan and Maggie De Monde plus an overview of Paul’s work from Nick Rhodes. (Order link.) Pre-orders were received from the 1st of June.
Jun 14 Dominic Brown is 52 years old today; he posted gratitude on DD.com. (Read).
Jun 14 Simon Le Bon is "beyond thrilled and surprised" to be appointed an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) "For services to music and charities" in the King's birthday honours list (listed as Simon John Charles LE BON).
Jun 15 The band make a short promotion for their Croasian amphitheatre show. (Watch).
Jun 16 Yasmin Le Bon gives an in-depth interview for The Sunday Telegraph. (Read).
Jun16? Classic Pop magazine reviews the First x5 Albums reissues. (Image).
Jun 16 Andy Taylor, (Image), Nick and Tatjana (Image), enjoy Fathers Day.
Jun 16 Simon thanks all of the fans for making his career and MBE possible. (Image).
Jun19? Simon becomes a grandpa for the 3rd time. Saffron had a boy. 9lb 2 oz. (News).
Jun 19 John on Kary's Kafe. Cruel World was special. There will be handful of east coast dates coming in October - just waiting to announce them. Moving home to UK has been very busy, he will miss the hot weather in LA. 'Spent a minute in the studio' working on the bonus tracks for DM reissue. Punkmasters huge orders, hand printed, she works out of her home. Sorry the Dingwalls were delayed shipping. (Hear).
Jun19? Nick spotted at the launch night of Naomi Campbell show at V&A in London.(News).
Jun 19 Simon attends the 70th anniversary of West Lodge Primary School. Despite constant selfies, he wasn't part of the celebrations, and they sang 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. (News).
Jun 20 John Taylor is 64 years old today. He posts an audio message to fans. (Hear).
Jun 21 Artists who snub Glasto: Duran Duran are Invisible on the Glastonbury lineup. (Read).
Jun 21 Manila Standard: Celebrating Simon Le Bon’s musical journey. "[Attending] a [1989] press conference before a concert in Manila. I asked their take on [what the Spandau Ballet] rivalry was. Le Bon said in jest, “We won the race!” That’s gold and true.". (Read).
Jun 23 BBC News reviews Rare and Unseen Paul Edmond photo books, rel June 13. (Read).
Jun 25 The next batch of singles are on streaming - My Own Way, HLTW, Rio and SAP. (Listen).
Jun 25 Nick and Alexandra return to Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, London, UK. (Image).
Jun 28 More singles on streaning; Union of the Snake, Reflex, NMOM, and Wild Boys! (Listen).
Jun 28 BBC 6 o'clock news (fake), DD rumoured to be on Dua Lipa Glasto stage as guests??
Jun 30 Andy Taylor items, such as his unused guitar from RRHOF, to buy online. (Buy).
Jul 2 Simon and Tallulah in the Royal Box for day 2 of Wimbledon 2024. (News), (News).
Jul 2 Nick goes to see artist Penny Slinger at the opening of her exhibition “Exorcism: Inside Out,” at Richard Saltoun Gallery London. (News), (Info).
Jul 3 7 U.S East coast dates announced for Oct?/Nov? Inc: NYC, NJ, CT, MD & NH.(News).
Jul 3 Simon presents award@National Film Awards UK, Porchester Hall, London(News), (Full)
Jul 4 Notorious, Skin Trade, and Meet El Presidente singles released online. (Listen).
Jul 4 Rachael O'Connor's new single, "Tell Her" is out today. (Spotify).
Jul 6 Tony Hadley reveals: "If Simon Le Bon wants a bit of a holiday, I’m a big fan and my wife is as well. I would like to front Duran Duran." (Read).
Jul 7 John talks about the Dua Lipa Glastonbury rumours (Jun 28) to Virgin Radio. (Read).
Jul 8 American Songwriter: Remember When Electric Barbarella Video Got Banned. (Read).
Jul 8 East Coast U.S.A dates confirmed on Consequence.net. (Read).
Jul 9 Dominic Brown celebrates 18 years with the band! Since 2006.
Jul 10 VIP Pre-sale tickets on sale for NY MSG Halloween themed event on Oct 31. (News).
Jul 10 Small peek behind-the-scenes at today’s rehearsals for upcoming Euro run. (DD.FB).
Jul 11 Roger handsomely poses for a photo in the rehearsal studio. (View).
Jul 12 Auckland’s SPQR restaurant in liquidation, remembers Jagger and DD 2003. (Read).
Jul 12 Simon Katy's Kafe. Athens is a hot seaside town, 40 degrees. MBE is Mega Better Everyday. He and Yasmin are still in a flat with builders in the house. Yas and Tallulah on tour. New songs at MSG. Reading Ruth Rendell, watching Tokyo Vice (Hear).
Jul 13 39th Anniversary of the Live Aid concert. 13th July 1985.
Jul 16 The band fly to Athens, Greece, ahead on their concert on Thursday. (Source).
Jul 17 Classic Pop looks back at the first 5 albums ahead of re-release July 19. (Read).
Jul 18 Rolling Stone: 100 Best Album Covers of All Time. DD comes in at #40. (Read).
Jul 18 Nick investigates the Acropolis in Athens (News), Roger enjoys quiet time. (News).
Jul 18 Release Athens Festival: Plateia Nerou, Kallithéa, Greece. DD to headline the festival. (Info).
Jul 19 Re-issue of the 2010 Remastered first 5 studio albums, on X1 CD and X1 LP. (Buy).
Jul 19 Dig: Notorious: The Story Behind DD's Classic Funk-Fuelled Album. (Read).
Jul 19 Italian Press hype the Athens show: "Everyone's mood on stage was soaring, and the setlist was exactly what it had to be. The entire band's communication with the audience was excellent from the first second." (1.GR), (2.GR), (3.GR), (4.GR).
Jul 19 Big Thing and Decade: Greatest Hits singles and mixes released online. (Spotify).
Jul 20 Montreux Jazz Festival Lake Geneva Stage, Montreux, Switzerland. Headlining final day.
Jul 21 Lucca Festval: Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy.
Jul 22 Showgirl Louise Dearman releases a cover of Ordinary World. “It feels so familiar, yet new and fresh at the same time. I love the classic ‘Duran Duran’ original and I wanted to bring something different, whilst respecting the legacy.” (News).
Jul 23 Duran Duran: Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy.
Jul 25 Duran Duran: Salle des Étoiles, Monaco. Limited Dinner and VIP DD show. (Reserve).
Jul 28 Latitude Festival: Suffolk, England. DD headliners on Sunday, with Chic as the warmup. (News).
Jul 30 Duran Duran: Pula Arena, Zagreb, Croatia, HRV.
(News). In a two-thousand-year-old amphitheater.
Sep 19 Nile Rodgers is 71 years of age today.
Oct 21 Duran Duran: Allentown, PA at PPL Center
Oct 23 Duran Duran: Verona, NY at The Event Center at Turning Stone
Oct 25 Duran Duran: Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun Arena
Oct 26 40th Anniversary of The Wild Boys UK single.
Oct 26 Duran Duran: Atlantic City, NJ at Borgata Event Center
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 66 years old today.
Oct 28 Duran Duran: Baltimore, MD at CFG Bank Arena
Oct ? Concert footage from the 2022 Wynn Theatre Las Vegas Halloween Show to be released. (Source).
Oct ? Deluxe Edition of Danse Macabre to be released, which includes 16 tracks.
Oct 31 Duran Duran: Halloween Themed Party at Madison Square Garden, NY, NY.
Nov 2 Duran Duran: Manchester, NH @ SNHU Arena
Nov 25 40th Anniversary of the recording of Do They Know It's Christmas?
Dec 8 Warren Cuccurullo is 68 years old today.
? Duran Duran (1993 album), a.k.a The Wedding Album re-released on vinyl by Super Deluxe Edition.
? [Rumour] Medazzaland Special Edition speculated by Nick (see Oct 29 2022). With lots of rough songs and demos.
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