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The Duran Duran Timeline
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The second year of touring Future Past. The band, along with Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo also rework some 2022 Las Vegas Halloween songs into their 16th studio album, Danse Macabre.

Date Event
Jan 5 A trailer for 3D experience Duran Duran Reality Reimagined is posted on social media. (Twitter).
Jan 5 Australian journalist Megan Lehmann recounts talking to JT during the filming of Sugar Town. (News), (Read).
Jan 6 American singer Kelly Clarkson opened the Friday episode of her talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show with a cover of Ordinary World. (News), (News), (YouTube).
Jan 7 Article about the New Years Eve show in NYC by Radio Monte Carlo. (Read).
Jan 8 A mention in an article about the Dragonara being the 'worst rated hotel' in Edinburgh Scotland, where DD once stayed. (Read).
Jan 9 DD announce headlining the BobbleRock Festival, Napa, CA. (News), (News), (Article).
Jan 10 Save A Prayer gets an upbeat remix by Alon Cohan, synced to footage of the BBC In Concert show. (YouTube).
Jan 11 Former DD Model Tatjana Patitz passes away. “Such terribly sad news about Tatjana Patitz, she was undoubtedly one of the greatest models of her time and a truly lovely person. We chose her to feature in our video for the song “Skin Trade” in 1987 because of her extraordinary face, grace, personality and humour. She effortlessly delivered all of that and much more. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.” - Nick, London, January 11, 2023. (FaceBook).
Jan 11 Gym equipment maker Peloton release a 30min workout based on Duran music, for Bike and Bike+. (News), (Instagram).
Jan 12 Jeff Beck passes away. Dom posted "I am shocked and stunned to hear that the awe inspiring trail blazer Jeff Beck has died. He is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and a true innovator who fused rock, blues, funk and jazz. An absolute legend!" (Full DD.com).
Jan 12 Andy Taylor talks to UKs Channel 5 News at 5pm about his cancer diagnosis, the RRHOF show, and general state of mind. His father passed away of the same condition in March 2005. (YouTube).
Jan 14 Andy's Channel 5 News video is shared in the media. (Independent), (Guardian), (NME), (Billboard).
Jan 16 Colombian soccer striker Jhon Duran signs for Aston Villa; John and Roger's favourite team. (News).
Jan 18 Dom is interviewed for SWLondoner. He remembers the first gig in home town of Twickenham. (Read).
Jan 19 Classic Pop mag breaks down the Medazzaland album. (Read).
Jan 19 David T. Farr of the Sturgis Journal selects Duran as a top highlight of 2022. (Read).
Jan 20 Uncovered perform at The Exchange Theatre for St. Mary's University, Twickenham @ 8pm. (Info/Tickets).
Jan 22 The UK Daily Mail features Amber Le Bon in a list of nepotistic babies. The term nepo babies was coined online and is used to describe celebrity offspring who enter the world of showbiz, cushioned by their parents' famous names. (Read).
Jan 23 John shreds some grooves with a young fan, his step grandson. (FaceBook).
Jan 24 Birmingham World UK runs a piece about the Le Bon daughters and grandchildren. (Read).
Jan 25 Simon confirmed on Dolly Parton's new rock album Rock Star, due fall 2023. (Read).
Jan 26 John is interviewed in The Yorkshire Post talking about touring, Andy's letter, the blue plaque and playing festivals. “We achieved a lot in a very short time, and I think you always have that imposter syndrome thinking ‘we don’t deserve this, it’s going to get taken away’. This year has been really satisfying for us. It’s taken a lot of tenacity and passion to claw ourselves back into the game, and it’s been great.” Next album will begin with the collabs, “We’ve had a couple of conversations,” he adds. (Read).
Jan 27 Roger and son Julian wear Aston Villa striker Jhon Duran's team shirts. (Twitter).
Jan 27 John interviewed on Galway Bay radio, Nightfly show with Donal Mahon. He says Nick likes to play the new songs. The rock dinosaurs kept going. "Foxy Lady" book influenced the Rio video. Buying music was a process, but now people have instant accessibility. He hates marketing algorithm recommendations "I say F*ck You!". (Listen).
Jan 28 Harrow Live article on Simon – From North Harrow to global superstar. (Read).
Jan 28 Dolly Parton interviewed by USA Today. "Simon is singing a song I wrote, “My Blue Tears.” It’s a love song about when a fella goes off to war and leaves his sweetheart behind and she cries her lonely blue tears, and he’s on the other side crying his lonely blue tears. It’s a big range that Simon will be great at."(Read).
Jan 30 The rumoured Glasgow date is made official. (DD Twitter), (News), (News).
Feb 2 Simon appears on UK BBC The One show @7:45pm, wearing a south American style jacket. Promotion of A Hollywood High (1), Dolly Parton (2), Touring and Audiences (3), and latest Aston Villa star Jhon Duran. He and Yasmin are big fans of Rosie Jones; who talks about ableism and bullying. (Photo), (Photo), (Full).
Feb 3 UK gutter press goes bananas after the Jhon Duran question on The One show goes flat with fans; calling it Car Crash TV. (Star), (Express), (BM.Live), (M.E.N), (MyLondon).
Feb 8 DD HQ announce a long list of dates for the summer, with NYC and LA still to confirm. Simon: “It’s remarkable to me that as a band, we are still hitting new milestones, and introducing the sound of DD to new generations of music lovers. We are truly grateful that we get to do what we do on a daily basis, and that we still love our job as much as we did when we started out some four decades ago." (DD.com).
Feb 8 A promo video for the FLA Live event is released. (FaceBook).
Feb 8 Magazines confirm Nile Rogers and Chic, and Bastille will join the band this summer. (RS), (Variety), (NY.P), (Detroit).
Feb 11 The 30th Anniversary of Duran Duran (1993 album)
Feb 11 Forbes looks back on the 30th Anniversary of The Wedding Album. (Read).
Feb 14 RockandRollGlobe looks back on Duran Duran (1993 album) a.k.a The Wedding Album. (Read).
Feb 14 Jake Shears (from The Scissor Sisters) and Lia Wang will join the band in 2023. (News), (Tour).
Feb 15 Andy thanks his wife of 40,000 years, Tracey, for her tolerance, in The People. (Read).
Feb 15 John talks to Trey Morgan on BIG 98.1 from his home in LA. Thought on RRHOF. You've got to stick it out. Music is crucial to society; every affiliation stands together. A.I. Nick is an expressive thinker. One foot in the past, and present keeps the music current. Not resting on recent Laurels. Andy and John were organising the music for RRHOF, before the letter. (YouTube).
Feb 16 Andy Taylor is 62 years old today. Photos of Simon handing Andy his lifetime achievement award are posted online. (Facebook).
Feb 16 Simon attends Dame Vivienne Westwood's memorial service at Southwark Cathedral, London, with a host of stars. (Guardian), (Photo), (Photo).
Feb 16 The Carnival EP announced for Record Store Day, along with Bored with Prozac and The Internet?. Both will be released on vinyl 22 April. (News), (News).
Feb 16 John talks to radio BIG 98.1 in Philadelphia. Covid was a struggle. With sports and music, every affiliation can stand together. (FaceBook).
Feb 17 Simon interviewed by Metro, talking about the New Years Eve show, and hoping for Glastonbury offer. (Read).
Feb 17 Simon chooses a 1994 playlist for Radio Ulster on The Vinny Hurrell Show. He was supposed to be on the show, but was late on the bus from Derry. (Listen).
Feb 17 John interviewed on Sacramento 92.5 The Breeze show, with Chris Davis. He says DD are a good-time band, and have a great time, which brings people together. DD are magpies, who take new sounds to stay fresh. His Vow to music became stronger during lockdown. (News), (YouTube).
Feb 17 John chats to Todd Nuke'em on radio X96, Salt Lake City. He says "You become ambassadors for an entire epoch", referring to the 1980s. Chat about The Wedding Album. Nile Rodgers is a family and such inspiration. A setlist is a retrospective journey, we're here to entertain. Some of his fav funk albums. (News), (YouTube).
Feb 18 Nick attends the second day of London Fashion week, seen sitting next to Jeffrey Bryant, DD wardrobe designer. (Photo).
Feb 20 Andy Taylor on the Volume channel of the SiriusXM app @ 1pm EST. Andy discusses his decision not to attend the Rock Hall induction, his new solo album, new medical treatments, and how music has helped him during his cancer diagnosis. Simon and Yasmin both delivered his Rock Hall award to him personally in Ibiza. (Clip).
Feb 20 Nick talks to Tortoise about collabs. He likes The Weekend, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat. (Youtube).
Feb 21 Roger reports in from a Skiing holiday. (Photo).
Feb 21 Singersroom presents a list of 14 of the Best Songs About Monday. New Moon on Monday makes it to #6!. (Read).
Feb 22 A message is posted on DD social media. "What does JT have cooking with Dingwall Guitars? Watch this space!!". A clip of Gela and JT, with the new Dingwall "Rio" red guitar, was also uploaded. (News), (FaceBook).
Feb 23 A piece about the band in American Songwriter. (Read).
Feb 23 Uncovered play at The Bedford pub in Balham, London @ 8pm.
Feb 24 Roger chats on Ireland AM TV, about 9am local time. Mention of his 1950s heroes. The band was serious. MTV and GOF video being banned was a great help. 80's hair not coming back. Spandau competition was fun. You have to be old to get into the RRHOF. (News), (YouTube).
Feb 24 Adam Lambert releases the album High Drama, which contains a cover of Ordinary World.
Feb 25 A promo video for the 2023 North American Arena Tour is released. (YouTube).
Feb 28 Morrissey quote from 1984 printed in Culture Fix "‘What Difference Does It Make’ is musically interesting but lyrically it is very… Simon Le Bon" (Read).
Mar 1 John is interviewed for The Times. Diary of a Rock’n’Roll Star by Ian Hunter changed his life at 13. Recently read Mick Herron’s Slow Horses series of books. He wishes he had written Lolita. Movies: To Leslie and Empire of Light made him cry. Painting: he likes Matisse’s Bathers by a River. He is a 'culture vulture'. "I’m looking forward to seeing Generation Sex, the hybrid punk outfit that features Steve Jones and Billy Idol, playing Crystal Palace in July with Iggy Pop headlining." (Read).
Mar 1 John talks to 99X Atlanta. He said fame came quickly. The Who sang "Hope I die before I get old". The challenge of a big stage is to work harder to fill it, staying close. He OK'd the huge firework display at the Commonwealth Games show. Atlanta was named after a character in Stingray (1964) TV show. "There’s a project that we have in the works that’s going to be coming out towards the end of the year. It's mostly covers, actually; that’s part of a whole conceptual project we’re working on. … We are going back into the studio together in a month or so, just to see what we can cook up.” (YouTube).
Mar 2 Mojo Music & Media acquires the rights to Warren Cuccurullo's songs in Missing Persons and Duran Duran. This includes his complete songwriter and publishing rights, along with artist royalties and neighboring rights, in exchange for publicity. Warren said "I thought I’d be hooking up with a company like MOJO shortly after my departure from DURAN DURAN in the early 2000’s. Eleven solo albums and 22 years later, it’s now a reality. My life’s work is in their hands and I could not be more excited about the future. " (AllAccess.com).
Mar 3 Simon talks for 30mins to Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel 4 News. Questions about Diana, Fame, and Home Life. 'The System' of record companies makes bands a success. The biggest reason they stay together is everything is split 4 ways, a true democracy. He was religious in his teens, but is now open minded, and not an atheist. If he was God, he said "I'd have humanity be less competitive, and have us be more evolved; we need to evolve out of atavistic (primitive) instincts; of fear, competition, jealousy, and aggression." (YouTube).
Mar 4 Roger becomes a Grandfather, when his daughter Ellea gives birth to a daughter Ariá Raine Miller. (News).
Mar 4 RockCelebrities notes Simons comments about Lady Diana Spencer in the Channel 4 News interview. (Read).
Mar 4 Uncovered play at The Exchange, Twickenham, Middlesex @ 8pm.
Mar 6 Nick talks about his collaboration with filmmaker Naeem Mahmood on the soundtrack for In2ruders (2018). (YouTube).
Mar 7 Article about Clive Griffiths Italian book Videomusic: Our 80's, about the Italian version of MTV. "And videos shot by Duran Duran in Sri Lanka. Including that Save A Prayer, of which Clive and his partner Rick knew the text by heart. But not for spending so much time on the video. Because about thirty girls had sung it all night behind the Grand Hotel Royal in Sanremo 87, under the window of Simon Le Bon's room. Rick and Clive were in the next room…" (Read-IT), (Book).
Mar 7 DD Argentina warns of a scammer on instagram, posting under the name Simon Le Bon, asking for money to get close to DD during a tour there in April. (Read).
Mar 8 Nick and Katy share their Oscar predictions. Top picks are: All Quiet on the Western Front, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Tár and The Banshees of Inisherin. (Read).
Mar 8 DD are announced to appear at the Bourbon and Beyond Festival in Kentucky, Friday Sept 15th. (DD.news), (Home), (News).
Mar 8 Simon interviewed for Basic! podcast, with Doug Herzog and Jen Chaney. The first music video memory is of white horses running along a beach in a 1969 Barry Ryan video 'Eloise'. His stage training really helped. Meeting Russell Mulcahy. GOF video. Rockamerica, Ed Steinburg. Roger and elephants humping. Julian Temple. Simon wearing dresses. Band aid Bono impression. Bum note during Live Aid. Rock appeal to young girls was overlooked, it was very guy orientated. New shows; expect to take your knickers off, and throw them in the air! (Stitcher).
Mar 8 Roger gets to know his new grandchild, Aria. (Photo).
Mar 9 Forbes reprints Nick and Katys Oscar numonations. (Read).
Mar 9 John talks with Carla Rea and Mike O'Brian on KKLZ Las Vegas. Feeling lost after playing Madison. Discounted by the press. Good looking guys was a quality problem. OW and CU were game changers, thanks to Warren. "Half the time we don't know what we're doing". HLTW lyrics; Simons influences were Jim Morrison and Patty Smith; free associative poetry. Video for SAP changed their versatility. New tour: "It's our job to bring joy to the building." (YouTube).
Mar 9 Jason Smith of SingersRoom ranks Rio as the 4th Greatest Album of 1982, behind M.Jackson, Prince and Maiden. (Read).
Mar 9 John and Gela seen at the Green Carpet Awards in LA. (Photo).
Mar 10 Anna Ross chats to Darin Franck, a digital photoshop artist and photographer (YouTube).
Mar 11 UK Top of the Pops and Holiday presenter Jayne Middlemiss answers questions about the band on BBC Mastermind. (Interview).
Mar 12 Albumism reveals the results of a Duran Duran albums ranked readers poll. (Read).
Mar 14 40th Anniversary of the hit single Is There Something I Should Know?, March 14 1983.
Mar 14 UltimateClassicRock article about ITSISK, titled: 40 Years Ago: A Stand-Alone Single Finally Sends Duran Duran to the Top. (Read).
Mar 15 On this day, Sunday 15 march 1981, from the BBC Radio 1 charts, the infamous mispronounciation of Daren Daren by Tony Blackburn. (YouTube).
Mar 15 Rachael O'Connor chats with John Kearns. She talks about touring. She is a real panicer, and gets stage fright. John goes through his favourite tracks from each DD album, Rachael hasn't heard half of them yet. (YouTube).
Mar 16 John and Gela attend the Women's Cancer Research Fund Gala in Beverly Hills. (Photo).
Mar 18 DD are set to reunite with Andy Taylor to make a new covers album. The idea was mentioned in 2022, after the success of the Halloween show, and the band hopes to record it in LA and London. John said: “LeBon is flying to Ibiza to work with Andy. I kind of wish I was there. I think it’ll be great." (Mirror), (ChronicleLive).
Mar 19 Media headlines about the covers album project with Andy. UCR refers to the 99x Atlanta interview from March 1st. (UCR), (Mail), (Dig), (BL) .
Mar 20 DDHQ confirm the new album is set for release later this year by BMG. It will feature extended family and friends, old and new, including Andy Taylor. (Facebook), (Twitter).
Mar 21 UltimateClassicRock notes John's Mar 1 comments on the Neurotic Outsiders. (Read).
Mar 21 Josh Blair flies to Ibiza for a recording session, perhaps with Andy? (News).
Mar 21 John and co-founder Gela attend the Fashion Trust US Awards. (News), (1), (2), (3).
Mar 22 Josh Blair full day recording with Andy Taylor. (Laptop Image).
Mar 23 A Duran Duran Record Collector Special is announced for April 20th (News).
Mar 23 Josh Blair sends an InstaGram from Ibiza: "Working with an absolute guitar legend this week. The one and only #andytaylorofficial ." (Read).
Mar 23 Roger talks to Huston's Sunny 99.1 Rick Lovett, from London. Growing up with pots and pans, sex pistols and clash, older brother was into Motown. 80's had a big drum sound, gated reverb. He likes AVTAK. Charlie Watts was a special drummer, U2 need to bring back Larry Mullen. Nile is a great element to the shows. (News), (Listen).
Mar 24 Josh Blair flies back from Ibiza around 5pm. (Source).
Mar 25 A duet album composed by Pascal Obispo for Isabelle Adjani, feat. SLB, is to be released on Warner/Parlophone in November, 17 years after its conception. Simon said in 2010: "We spent a full day in the studio capturing the vocal for the song “C’est Lui (It’s Him).” All of the guest vocals are angels inside the head of the protagonist (Isabelle), who speak to her though out different situations. It’s a very clever idea." (Duranasty).
Mar 26 ITSISK debuted at #1, 26 March 1983; one of the very few since Elvis Presley and The Beatles. John writes: [It] was most definitely conceived as a hit song. The hits previously had almost been accidents. "An art-club band", with arena aspirations. They were responding to parallels by the press to ’The Second British Invasion‘ and to the Beatles. Roxy's "Avalon" was an inspiration. Charting at No 1 was historic. Maybe it's time to bring it back to the stage? (DD.com).
Mar 26 Whooosh! Simon is doing WHOOOSH! from Ibiza - recording guitars w/ Andy Taylor this week for an upcoming DD 'project'. Working on from between one and ten songs. It was supposed to be a secret, but JT let the cat out of the bag. (on Mar 1). (Source).
Mar 29 30 Anniversary of the release of Come Undone. March 29th 1993.
Mar 29 Dig writes an article about Come Undone (Read).
Mar 30 Funko Pop announces new Wild Boys Duran figures, due Nov 29th. (DD.com), (News).
Mar 30 Roger is seen drumming in a studio in London. (Photo).
Mar 31 Singersroom tries to rank the Top 10 Best DD Songs of All Time. (Read).
Apr 1 Rachael posted a photo on her Instagram page, about her and Anna working in the studio with Joshua Blair in London today.
Apr 2 Simon talks to RTE Radio 1 in Ireland. 1 Million people in Times Square was amazing. Concerts are ephemeral events. Denis O'Reagan said it was Beatle Mania. Fans throwing themselves on Limos. Shrugs off the Fab Five tag. Dolly said "Alright Simon?". (Listen).
Apr 3 Nick attends the opening night of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol collection “Basquiat × Warhol. Painting four hands” at The Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Also present is journalist Guillaume Durand. (Read.FR), (1), (2), (3).
Apr 4 BottleRock Napa Valley announces their lineup. Sat @ 8.20pm after Tove Lo. (Read).
Apr 4 Denis O'Regan confirms he is writing his memoirs, although it's a bit of a blur. (Read).
Apr 4 Nick poses with Can-can dancers at Le Moulin Rouge, in Paris. (1), (2).
Apr 7 2 U.S dates added. San Diego, (Link), and Forrest Hills, New York, (Link).
Apr 8 Susanna Hoffs recalls a Sanremo 87 story. "We met backstage [after the show] and John and Simon said, ‘Let’s go have dinner together.’ They were swarmed, it was like Beatlemania, it was exactly like what you see in ‘Hard Day’s Night.’ They were such huge stars, and we were just coming up. It was very ‘La Dolce Vita.’" (Read).
Apr 10? Speculated date for the start of 2 weeks rehearsals before the tours.
Apr 10 Pre-sale tickets for the NYC concert with Grace Jones goes out to fanclub members.
Apr 10 Question for Ask Katy about an “Ashley’s Roachclip” sample, not used in Come Undone. (Read).
Apr 11 A short tour promo video is released online. (Link).
Apr 11 Forest Hills New York Unveils it's 100th Anniversary lineup, DD headlining. (Read).
Apr 11 DD hits #1 again, on a list of 25 great songs about wolves. (Read).
Apr 12 CBS News runs a competition for front row Pittsburgh tickets. (Link).
Apr 13 Dingwall release a new Rio themed bass guitar. (News).
Apr 13 Simon and Yasmin attend a Manchester United Vs Sevilla soccer game. He said the team have been fighting to come back after Alex Ferguson. The band are in rehearsals this week ahead of their tours, with the first date being Manchester. (Watch).
Apr 14 Another tour promo clip is released online. (YouTube).
Apr 15 John talks to Buzz Magazine ahead of their show in Ireland. There was not a bad note on Rio. The band are their own self critics. "we're each other's biggest fans, but we also fucking push each other and nag each other and irritate the fuck out of each other, you know?". Andy's letter said there was no "bad blood" between him and the other members, "just pure love and respect for everything". (Read).
Apr 16 John's second article in Buzz. Chat about Dublin shows. He is good friends with Adam Clayton from U2. (Read).
Apr 16 Dig article about The Reflex. Nile Rodgers said "[I found] his obvious little hook thing – ‘tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la’. I went, ‘Wow, that’s the record, I could make a loop out of that.’ And then I came up with the ‘Fle-fle-fle’. I still remember the sorrow in Nick Rhodes’ voice, [He said] ‘Nile, we’ve submitted it to the record company, and they hate it – they say you’ve made us sound too Black.’ (Read).
Apr 17 Simon on Smartless podcast. They played the Belasco theatre in LA. Growing up. Sings Feelin' Groovy. Ear monitors wore from 93. Durand is (5th) most common surname in France. Barbarella didn't influence PE. Sings PE night version ending. HLTW laugh was Sheryl, Simons girlfriend who became Nicks. Roger didn't have a nervous breakdown, he was overwhelmed. SLB nerve trick. Vince is the set designer. DTKIC. Simon didn't wear underwear from 1983-2003. Trousers rip during HLTW (1990s?). (Play).
Apr 17 Roger talks to TheDailyRecord. Sensational Alex Harvey Band was a mash-up of styles and was certainly an influence on Duran. Andy's letter. “But the silver lining is he’s back playing with us. He’s playing on this new record we are doing which we are already working on. We are doing more work on it next week.”. James Bond themes. Sad to hear about Larry Mullen Jr, get well soon. (Read).
Apr 17 DD Record Store day EP is top 10 of releases you need to buy, according to Dig. (Read).
Apr 18 Mr Hudson posts an image on Instagram of a mixing desk and a DD guitar pick. (News).
Apr 19 John talks to Good Morning Britain on UK ITV. He talks about Andy, the RRHOF and the new project. "It's a different kind of project. There's a lot of cover songs, and then there are some old Duran songs that have been rebooted." (News/Clips), (News).
Apr 19 BirminghamWorld posts about John's cleaned up love life. "I’m starting to see the joys and the effects of that honesty, and what can be gained from it. It is of infinite depth." (Read).
Apr 20 Record Collector features a huge Duran Duran Special! (Cover), (Selected Pages)
Apr 20 Roger talks to UnderTheRadar. They haven't played with Andy for 17 years. He loves Invisible. The old songs come alive on stage, and people are still bonded to those early records. Not resting on recent laurels. 80,000 in a hot Hyde Park. Rio is the hardest drum pattern, and was "written like we were on Speed". Reportage is "finished", they just need to check the mixes before release (2024?). (Read).
Apr 20 Dan7609 releases his third movie, Duran Duran: Only Five To Blame, a 3hr chronological timeline of the bands history.
Apr 21 Nile Rodgers is onboard the upcoming project. Josh posted on Insta "Hit maker in the studio. All hail the chief!!" with the pic of the legendary Hit maker guitar. (Pic). JT also plays his new Red Rio Bass guitar. (Studio).
Apr 22 Carnival is re-released as a pink & blue swirl vinyl LP for Record Store Day. 10,000 copies. Also re-released is TV Mania's Bored with Prozac and The Internet?.
Apr 22 John and Simon interview for NME. Simon: Bathing in cold water tightens him up, his Mum used to do it <Mum noises>. The whole day/year is a pre-show ritual, ready for 9pm. Incredible rush of connection with people gets you through; its hard to let go. Lytham felt like everyone was at the Rum Runner from the beginning. Setlists are like arranging a man-cave. Wet leg was no surprise. Havent heard new OW cover. Kellis was the first Collab, Mark Ronson made the call. Graham Coxon <Nick Impression>. Halloween album; covers, old songs reworked, 1 or 2 new ones. Simon and Josh worked with Andy on a lot of them. Glasto?. (Watch/Read).
Apr 22 Dom Brown Facebook: "Playing my beautiful new custom made guitar from the wonderful chaps at manson guitar works at Duran rehearsals today." (Post).
Apr 25 Baseball ace Jarren Duran delivers a strong start for the Red Sox. (Read).
Apr 26 Roger Taylor is 63 years old today. (Birthday Message), (Beatles Song).
Apr 26 ManchesterWorld introduces the AO Arena show, and even predicts the setlist! (Read).
Apr 26 BirminghamWorld lists Drew Barrymore and 10 other famous fans of DD. (Read).
Apr 26 Roger and Simon interviewed on UK BB1 News. (News).
Apr 28 The Sun newspaper heralds the new tour. “And when you’re passionate, you make good music because you get the emotional thrill from it, then maybe somebody else will". SnapChat real-time AR crowd interaction during the tour (using iphone app). Nick will have a tarantula crawling across his face. Last week they worked with Ben Hudson and Nile (for two days) and wrote three new songs during the week. Dark Gothic themes. Andy is such a lovely guy. Any past band disputes were quickly forgotten. "The job never kills anybody, it’s the f***ing stuff you do in between." (Read).
Apr 28 Yasmin interview with Amanda Wakeley about style and clothing. Her Wedding story. (YouTube).
Future Past UK and Ireland Arena Tour
Apr 29 Duran Duran: AO Arena, Manchester, England (w/ Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Tickets), (Anna.cam), (Lia clip), (Jake clip), (VN/Nightboat), (VN/NB), (NB), (WB), (HLTW.clip), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not.), (FOM), (FOM), (CM), (Simon/OW), (OW), (PE), (PE.clip), (PE.clip), (WL), (Ref.), (CU), (CU), (CU), (Simon/SAP), (SAP), (Rio).
Apr 29 Baseball star Jarren Duran looks Hungry Like The Wolf (Read).
Apr 30 Roger talks to the Dublin Gazette. “It’s a bit like going on a very long boat journey, you have to change your psyche somehow”. "You have to honour your previous level of performance. You don’t want to be known for a performance that you did ten years ago, to even six months ago. It’s all about the show tonight, and you have to honour those best performances.” (Read).
Apr 30 The Daily Telegraph reviews AO Arena, notes SLB forgetting the words to Anniversary. He wants an autocue. "Few in the 21,000-strong crowd cared as they filled the gaps anyway, singing along as passionately to this as to the stone-cold classics." (Read).
May 1 Duran Duran: O2 Arena, London, England (w/ Jake Shears, Lia Wang)

(Home/Tickets), (Tickets), (Anna Cam), (SLB Speech/GIAU).

May 2 The Times reviews O2, calls DD 'Pop Royalty', but questions SLB dancing. (Link), (Read). "A fierce, timeless affair from new wave icons" (WhyNow). (Clash), (SDE).
May 2 Traumatised family leave DD AO Arena gig as grandad brawls for a better view. (Read).
May 2 Simon on Gordon Lightfoots passing May 1. "I've mentioned several times that the chorus for SAP was inspired by 'If You Could Read My Mind' by Gordon Lightfoot. Thank You For the music" - Simon
May 2 Duran Duran: O2 Arena, London, England @ 6.30pm. (with Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Home/Tickets). (Anna Cam), (WB), (SLB/HLTW), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (LIYN/Super), (LIYN/Super), (ITSISK), (ITSISK), (FOM-take 1), (FOM-take1),(FOM-take1/2), (CM), (CM), (PE), (Ref), (GOF.clip), (CU), (SAP), (SAP.clip), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
May 4 The Independent in Ireland plugs the 3 Arena show, and predicts the setlist. (Read).
May 4 According to DD.com, tickets for Leeds and Birmingham have Sold out.
May 4 Duran Duran: First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. (with Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Tickets). (Anna Cam).
May 5 The press call the 13.7K Leeds show a spectacular return. (BM), (YorkshirePost), (LeedsLive), (YorkPress).
May 5 SiriusXM Duran Duran Radio app is released ahead of the launch on May 18th.
May 5 DD support Streets of London's ComeOnHome, with a prize draw for Vegas tickets. (Read).
May 5 The band receive The Lord Major's Award for exceptional service to Birmingham and its people through inspirational and dedicated work. The Lord Mayor unveiled the blue plaque commemorating the site of the Rum Runner last December. (News), (News).
May 5 Duran Duran: NEC Utilita Arena, Birmingham, England 7pm. (Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Tickets), (Tickets), (Anna Cam).
May 6 The Press reviews Birmingham. “You remind me of a great big ice cream!” (B.Mail), (B.World).
May 6 DD fan flocks to UK Kings Coronation, talks to Leopard newsreader. (Facebook).
May 7 Duran Duran: 3 Arena, Dublin, Ireland. (with Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Anna Cam), (Highlights-9mins), (VN/NB), (NB), (WB), (HLTW), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not.), (LCOTS), (LCOTS), (Lonely/SuperFreak), (ITSISK), (ITSISK), (FOM.clip), (OW), (OW), (OW), (OW), (Anni), (PE), (PE), (Ref.), (GOF/Accept), (CU), (CU), (SAP crowd), (SAP/Rio), (Rio crowd), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
May 8 Andrea Hayes article in Evoke magazine about the Dublin show, with pics. (Read).
May 9 45min Doco The Road to Medazzaland Part 1 is released @ 8am. (Watch).
May 9 Duran Duran: OVO Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland. (with Jake Shears, Lia Wang)
(Anna Cam), (Full), (VN/NB), (WB), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not.), (ITSISK.clip), (FOM), (CM), (CM), (OW), (OW), (OW), (PE), (PE/WL), (Ref.), (Ref.), (GOF/Accept), (CU), (SAP), (SAP crowd), (Rio/Finale), (Finale).
May 9 The Glasgow Press are impressed with DD's Calvin Harris cover. (G.Times), (G.World).
May 9 Rebecca Ferguson sings Ordinary World at the Eurovision semi-finals. (News), (News).
May 10 Roger meets a local Braveheart on the streets of Glasgow. (Photo).
May 10 John and Gela visit a Whiskey Bar in Scotland. (Photo).
May 11 Nile Rodgers interviewed for Riff Magazine. Two new songs with DD. He wouldn’t play on it unless Andy Taylor was also able to play. “He’s having a very tough go of it,” Rodgers says. “I called him up, and I said, ‘Hey, man, here’s the part. This is what it is. I know you can knock this out.’ … It’s that relationship where you believe in one another. As soon as I called Andy, he got it right away. He was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna do it.’” (Read).
May 12 John takes a dip into a freezing cold Scottish loch. A new tatoo says Starman. (Photo).
May 14 Dublin Gazette: "Duran Duran punch in glorious neon with manic revival show." (Read).
May 16 Mancunion: "Duran Duran return to Manchester’s AO Arena" + JT artwork. (Read).
May 17 Tracy Edwards in Whitbread Race aboard Maiden; restore co-funded by SLB. (Read).
May 18 Duran Duran Future Past Radio launches on SiriusXM's 105 channel.
May 20 Baltimore Gaylife prints 80's "soulless" quote, calls singer Simon LePone. (Read).
May 21 John talks to 105.7 WROR Boston radio ahead of their show in September. The band are on a roll at the moment. Chic opened for DD five years ago, and are irreplaceable - "You're not gonna see a band like that again, Ever!". Cubby Broccoli story. John sniffs "It was the 80s!, I was tipsy for 10 years!". AVTAK was No.1, Live and Let Die was #2. "I hope [Paul] looses sleep over it." Mick Jagger's energy inspires him. (Link).
May 22 Rough Trade Records announce 500 Blue vinyl copies of Erol Alkan GIAU 12"; reportedly sold out within hours. (News), (Buy).
May 22 JT chats on Zoom to San Jose Mercury News. They had to face the challenge of festivals. "Bastille — I don’t know so much about. But I know that they’ve got probably more Spotify followers then Chic and Duran put together. They are a different generation and I like the fact that they are bringing that energy to the show too." "It’s like what’s life without a challenge? You have to develop character. You just can’t dial it in." "With us, we kind of had it taken away a couple of times and we’ve had to really come back and work hard at it. And it’s made us what we are." (Read).
May 24 Tina Turner passes away. Gela posts a photo on instagram. (Link). Anna also. (Link).
May 25 The band fly from London to San Francisco. (source).
May 25 V Magazine online publishes a glowing article, Heroes: Duran Duran. Simon: "Music really gets to what it means to be human in the 21st century." (Read).
May 26 UCR interviews John. Last Chance on the Stairway was Nicks idea, for the "die-hards". "It’s so awful when you get so impressed by something that you did when you were young. But I was so impressed by the song and what we were all playing. We brought it up in rehearsals, and Roger [Taylor] and I started playing it with Dom [Brown], our guitar player, and it was like, “Wow, this is frickin’ amazing!”. He met Chris Squire of Yes twice. He wants to maintain the substantial fan base. (Read).
Future Past North American Arena Tour
May 27 John and Roger make a salad with Andrew Zimmern (News), x3 Videos (FB). Roger drumming on pots and pans again. (Image).
May 27 Duran Duran: BottleRock Festival, Napa Valley, CA, USA.
(Website). The band headline Saturday @ 8.20pm after Tove Lo. Tove sings GIAU. (Anna Cam).
May 28 Reviews of the BottleRock show: (UCR), (SF.Chronicle), (Riff).
May 28 Duran Duran: SAP Center, San Jose, CA (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
May 30 New York City Library honours DD. Mulberry Street Library, NYC. 5:30 - 7 PM. (Link).
May 31 40min Doco The Road to Medazzaland Part 2 is released. See May 9th. (Watch).
May 31 Tove Lo talks to NME. BottleRock: "I was like, ‘Holy fucking shit! Oh yeah that’s his voice! That’s Simon Le Bon!’. When I walked out [on stage the next day], I had this moment of like, I almost forgot what I was doing there as it was so surreal." (Read).
May 31 Duran Duran: Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 1 Seattle Review: "A Love Letter to Duran Duran, from a longtime Seattle fan". (Read).
Jun 1 Duran Duran: Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, OR. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 2 Loudhailer releases a photo album from the BottleRock Festival - Day 2. (See).
Jun 2 Portland review: "A near capacity crowd got the wild boys at their finest". (Dew's).
Jun 3 Duran Duran: Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, UT. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam)
Jun 6 Roger and John take a swim in Barton Springs Pool, Austin, TX. (Image).
Jun 6 John and Roger take a bike ride near Austin Texas. (Clip).
Jun 6 Duran Duran: Moody Center ATX, Austin, TX. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam), (SLB Speech/Anni).
Jun 7 Texas show reviews "This Weeks Best Concerts". (Houston Press).
Jun 7 JT talks to Scoot before the New Orleans show. MTV took the band by surprise. Two years up to 84, DD were holding on for dear life. Fan hysteria. DD were shy kids. "We spend as much on physio therapy now as we used to spend on drugs." He is surprised all the band members survived. He doesn't regret those days. He loves the food in New Orleans, the Goth, Voodoo - the shadow side. Nick is the Voodoo king of the band. Kurt Cobain was a sad loss. DD are proud of their legacy. (Scoot.FM).
Jun 7 Duran Duran: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 8 Nick Rhodes is 61 years old today. He posts a Birthday message online, some of it written by A.I. (YouTube).
Jun 9 Nick talks to 'Are We On The Air' hosted by DJ Zehra from Mykonos. Cocteau quote "First they ban you, then they put you in a museum". Kinky Galinki. Area club. Andy Warhol was way ahead, looking at life with amazement. Bowie and Starman 1972. Bowie was sharp and intelligent, sang with Simon once. Trans-Europe Express. He saw Kate bush twice, once age 16, and recently at Hammersmith. Chic and other songs. 'Groove Is In The Heart' was played during GOF. Live Aid was terrifying, breaking up was chaotic. Erol Alkan was the king of dance music. Sly Stone. Talking Heads. (Read), (YouTube).
Jun 9 Duran Duran Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, TX (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam) (Full show), (VN/NB), (WB), (WB), (Not.), (Anni, FOM), (CU), (Lonely/Super/ITSISK), (Ref./PE), (SAP), (Rio),
Jun 10 Duran Duran: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 11 Anna Ross films some day off footage in Dallas. (Anna Cam).
Jun 12 Dallas: "A nostalgia trip, one that brought me back to my pre-teen bedroom". (Read).
Jun 12 Roger talks to Catalyst: "Well, the audiences are far louder here, and far more appreciative. My wife came to see us play in Madison Square Garden, and then the next one she came to was in the O2 [a 20,000-seat arena in London] which was an amazing audience, but the decibel level was like half of how it was in New York." (Read).
Jun 12 John talks to Nashville Scene in The Cream interview. "The first time I picked up a bass, we'd just met Roger and we'd started playing with him. He was the first real musician, I would say, that I'd ever really gotten to play with. There was a bass on the bed and I just picked it up, and it was like a “ta-da” moment. I thought: “Oh, man, I love this. I love making this connection.” The idea was just to meet on every beat. "(Read).
Jun 13 Steve Ferrone talks to Studio Secrets A-Z about his tap-dancing start age 12 as Max Bygraves' shadow in Brighton, and his long career in drumming with Tom Petty. (Play).
Jun 13 A short video with JT. The band on the road and arriving at Nashville. (Watch).
Jun 13 Duran Duran: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 14 Dominic Brown turns 51 today. He posts a message from Nashville. (News), (Read).
Jun 15 Duran Duran: State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Photos), (Anna Cam).
Jun 15 Two new dates: Montreal Canada, and Ocean Casino in Sept. (News), (Ocean).
Jun 15 John talks to Billboard ahead of streaming of A Hollywood High. "I think we have a very particular inner dynamic. We fire off each other in a way that drives our engine. It’s not a love fest when we’re on stage, but it’s a dynamic where we push against each other all the time and are very competitive with each other. That is what drives the engine which moves the machine". (Read).
Jun 16 Nick confirms to Katy's Cafe the new album is due in October. The tracks are currently being mixed, and may be completed by this weekend. (Link).
Jun 17 Flagpole Atlanta review and photos. (Read).
Jun 17 Doco The Road to Medazzaland Part 3 is released, describing Thank You. (YouTube).
Jun 17 Duran Duran: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Anna Cam).
Jun 18 Reviews: Duran Duran delights Tampa fans. (T.Bay), (Creative Loafing).
Jun 18 Graham Bonnet reveals how DD used to use backing tracks live. (Read).
Jun 18 Duran Duran: FLA Live Arena, Sunrise, Miami, FL. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Promo), (Anna Cam), (Highlights,26mins), (VN/NB), (WB), (AVTAK), (ITSISK), (GIAU), (OW/CU), (PE), (CM), (Ref.), (GOF/Accept), (Group Gathering), (SAP), (Rio), (Rio/Finale), (SAP/Rio/Finale).
Jun 19 Q105 looks at the two cover songs in the Tampa setlist. (Read).
Jun 19 A BBC documentary: "Pollen: How a £630m UK festival firm went bust" is shown on BBC3. The company; which hosted DDs Ibiza "Touch The Sunrise" event in April/May 2022; went bust in August 2022, owing 78m in debt. (BBC), (News).
Jun 20 John Taylor is 63 years old today.
Jun 20 The Suncoast Post reviews the sold out Tampa show. (Read).
Jun 21 A Hollywood High premieres on Paramount+. To Coincide with this, MTV Unplugged and several other DD specials are shown on MTV in the UK. DD posted the news and a schedule on their Facebook.
Jun 21 Andy Taylor spotted in London. Perhaps for the premier of Wham! movie? (FaceBook).
Jun 22 Montreal and Atlantic City shows almost sold out, 3 months in advance. (News).
Jun 25 A review of the FLA show by Boca Raton Tribune. (Read).
Jun 26 Bergenline Band: Medazzaland (1997-2017 Tribute Album) released, with instrumental reimagined performances; including unreleased tracks Plastic Girl, Magic Pill and Tabula Rasa. (YouTube).
Jun 26 Halloween album news starts to spread. (Retro.P), (RadioRock-ESP), (WMMR).
Jun 27 Nick chaperones Alexandra Stama to The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, before moving to The Chiltern Firehouse in Mayfair, London. (Photo), (Photo).
Jun 28 The Daily Mail newspaper falsely claims that Nick is dating Nefer Suvio. (Read).
Jun 29 Classic Pop July/August 2023 issue #82 features 10 pages about DD. (Classic Pop).
Jul 3 UCR: DD got Sir Elton John Drunk during 1983 ISS pop video shoot. (Read).
Jul 3 A new date: Yaamava' Resort & Casino, Highland, LA, CA, on August 20. (News).
Jul 3 Roger attends the Global Premiere of the digitally restored Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture at Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London. Roger said he was shy to meet David at Dinner, but later got on very well. (News).
Jul 4 Duran to perform on America's 247th anniversary of Independence Day on CNN. (News), (News). Clips of GIAU and others from the BottleRock festival are shown.
Jul 5 Article on why Blondie split up after Duran's 1982 U.S tour. (Read).
Jul 6 Roger credits David Bowie with helping Duran's success: 'He was the master.' (Read).
Jul 7 Simon and Amber enjoy Wimbledon's Royal Box, 'He's barely aged a day'. (Read), (Pic).
Jul 7 John chats on The Allison Hagendorf Show. Being an outsider. RRHOF, Gela loves Judas Priest. 20 min walks off the bus from band rehearsals formed the band. 1980s: 4 or 5 photo sessions per day. Practising every day, being ready for touring. "Running on empty is horrible." Bond songs, cool, sexy. Dingwall Rio Dream Bass. He felt like a fraud as actor. Wendy and Tour technicians have equal say in the band. His Dad was anti-authoritarian. John loved painting during Covid, he didn't have to ask permission to use a colour. He and Nick are Culture Vultures, Nick is an archivist, but he has lost everything he ever owned. (YouTube).
Jul 9 The Reflex played during the Formula One grid walk of the British GP, @ 2:40pm.
Jul 10 News of a recent Live Aid poster valuation by the BBC, worth 8k-12k. (News).
Jul 10 John and Gela spend some time enjoying Wimbledon. (FaceBook).
Jul 13 Cancer Awareness Show, Guild Theatre, Menlo Park, CA, Aug 19th.(RS), (News), (BB).
Jul 14 Simon promotes a VIP competition for Prostate Cancer show. (FaceBook), (Home).
Jul 15 John is interviewed for Scott's Bass Lines. He says people today want ever greater simplicity and ecconomy in the music. (Clip), (Clip 2).
Jul 16 Ian Emes, director of The Chauffeur video, passes away. The news was reported by Pink Floyd's official Twitter account on 22 July 2023. Nick: "We had given Ian a very tight brief about what we wanted visually, but what he delivered way surpassed all of our expectations. It was a truly inspired and spellbinding film that added an entirely new dimension to the music. I loved that Ian’s enthusiasm for our project remained undiminished. Ian was a unique and skilful artist, I will forever be grateful for his thrilling creative contribution to Duran Duran." (Read Full).
Jul 16 Forbes lists artists who profited from the New-Wave Second British Invasion. (Read).
Jul 17 Tracklist of the 'Halloween Album' circulates. New songs: Black Moonlight (co w/Nile), Confession In The Afterlife (co w/Mr Hudson), Danse Macabre (co w/Mr. Hudson). Rumours of Oct 27th release?
Jul 19 Andy Taylor announces his new album release September 8th. (Dig), (Pre-order).
Jul 19 Simon interviewed on 94.5 Pittsburgh. He drinks Corona beer outside of work, good for belching. (Play)- U.S. Only.
Jul 19 Simon gives a quck interview with Joe Rosati on Sunny 98.1. He is taking it easy until the show. DD loves San Diego. He loves to hear DD songs on the radio, collective consciousness of everyone hearing a DD song at the same time. His top 4 DD songs are: Ordinary World, Falling, Secret October, HLTW. OW bigger Rio? Rio the Queen of all DD songs? Or is it A View to a Kill? Simon would love to see everyone come see them on the FP tour. (Audacity)- U.S Only.
Jul 20 Andy Taylor announced be on Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt’s Rockonteurs podcast on Sunday 23/7/23.
Jul 21 Dom Brown DJ set announced for August 26th, at BrewDog Las Vegas. (Tickets).
Jul 22 Retro Pop Magazine article about Andy's new album. "I know America very well. And when you watch the breakdown, and the extremes of it, how quickly people became vicious enemies. Well, ‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’ is about how man is his own worst enemy and will behave like a pack of wolves towards his other human enemy. What we saw bubbling when I started writing, it was all about getting even – why do you get so mad trying to get even? Why do people get angry? Why don’t they just do better themselves?" (Read).
Jul 23 Andy Taylor on Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt’s Rockonteurs podcast. Experimental new treatment zaps the cancer cells directly, chemo would destroy his fingers. Simon and Josh visited him for the Haloween Album, "I wacked out about 9 songs in a couple of days", then went out for sausage, egg and chips. It's nice being a part-time member. Memories of Robert Palmer. John used to 'live' at The Notting Hill Embarry club during Rio. Robert was on acid at Steve Strange's house, laughing his head off. Andy's guitar teacher Mr Black went on to play with Spiders From Mars. Nick was a great DJ at the Rum Runner; "one of the original founders of the band was a DJ who had a sense of making a party happen." 1980 Pete Townsend in Andy's kitchen story. The Rum Runner was over an old smugglers canal, hence the name. Andy's ancestors were all sea-men. His first album was not planned, it was offered. Rod Steward asked Andy to work on "Out of Order". "Putting the band first" was not possible the second time around, he never liked Timbaland music. Go To Zero story. (Clip), (Listen).
Jul 24 Music Radar article about JTs interview for Scot's Bass Lines. (15th July) (Read).
Jul 25 Pop Trash scheduled for x2 LP release 29th Sept 2023. Taking pre-orders. (News-DE).
Jul 26 Simon on Katy's Kafe: Does a Scottish accept. Elon Musk renaming Twitter to X. He says he is happy with a new Nile Rodgers/Andy Taylor track. Would love to be a jellyfish, but not with a stinger. Barbie-heimer. Mint-julip or Corona. (Listen).
Jul 26 Simon talks to Toronto Lite 92, Wake Up with John and Lisa show. (Part 1), (Part 2).
Jul 31 Far Out: Robert Smith of The Cure hated DD's 1982-83 slick image. (Read).
Jul 31 Wendy Laister to be awarded Arts and Management gong in London in Nov. (source).
Aug 1 Rachael O'Connor sings Billie Eilish 'What was I made for', from Barbie movie. (FB).
Aug 3 Birmingham World lists 8 famous female Duran Duran fans. (Read).
Aug 3 John and Nick Egan visit the Keith Haring exhibition, Broad Museum, LA. (FaceBook).
Aug 3 A Hollywood High gets a free screening at Outernet, Denmark St, Charing Cross Rd, London @6pm. Roger to perform a DJ set at the event from 8pm BST. (Info), (Walk In), (RT DJ clip).
Aug 4 Release of the docu-concert A Hollywood High on blu ray and DVD worldwide.
Aug 4 Martin Fry from ABC says they tried to be as glam as DD with their videos. (Read).
Aug 5 Graham Clark from The Yorkshire Post reviews A Hollywood High. (Read).
Aug 5 Nick attends a wedding at Gretna Green, giving away friend Wendy. (FaceBook).
Aug 6 Vertigo release some A Hollywood High avatar images. (Link).
Aug 6 Simon begins his Wedding singer career in Byblos, Lebanon, for friend Pia. (Rio).
Aug 7 TV Eye release their complete collection on 12" and CD. (News), (News).
Aug 7 Audacity competition for Las Vegas tickets, airfare and hotel!, 26.8.2023. (Link-U.S)
Aug 9 Louisville Public Media ear X-tacy today is Save A Prayer. (Link).
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day 20th anniversary (2003-2023) (Fox News). Roger asks people to join DD SMS (Post). John writes a note for the website, and Last Chance on the Stairway Dublin 2023 show is released. (JT DD.com), (News), (LCOTS).
Aug 11 Andy Taylor chats in London to BBC Breakfast. He talks about how nobody knew he was will, and the miracle of finding the PS NA treatment thanks to missing the RRHOF; which he thinks has given him 5 more years. (Watch), (BBC), (Watch), (NME), (E.S).
Aug 11 Andy interviewed by UK ITV. He is emotional when talking about his latest album, and confirms the second PS NA treatment will be on the same date as DDs cancer benefit show. (Watch).
Aug 11 SuperDeluxeEdition promotes 1,500 Pop Trash double picture-disc vinyl. 29/9.(News).
Aug 11 Roger's son James marrys Chloe Little; bandmates in Wings of Desire. Roger, Simon and Andy attend. Simon sings OW at the reception with Roger on drums. (1), (2), (3), (PD), (CU).
Aug 18 Palo Alto news: Menlo Park event, charity Dinner and After Party, with guests. (News).
Aug 18 Andy goes in for his second PS NA anti-cancer treatment in St. John's Wood, London. (Source), (News). He posts an image on Instagram. (Image).
Aug 19 Andy posts a mesage on FaceBook and Instagram ahead of the charity show. "To everyone who’s made the journey & to all who’s sacrifice - has given me new purpose, new meaning & new life. Music found us long ago & bound us beyond time, 43 years to be precise, who knew how high we’d fly." (Read Full).
Aug 19 Duran Duran: Guild Theatre, Menlo Park, SF, CA, @2-4pm.
With Shamarr Allen and The Sticklerphonics. 500 tickets. For the benefit of UK Cancer Awareness Fund. (Tickets/Info), (Image)
Aug 19 Bistro Vida in downtown Menlo Park will host a $100 three-course charity dinner from 5 to 10 p.m, while DJ Quam spins Duran Duran songs and other '80s favorites. (Info). At 10:30 p.m., the fun shifts to outdoors, where an free after party features more music, food and dancing.
Aug 20 Positive reviews of the Guild Theatre show. (Mercury), (East Bay).
Aug 20 Duran Duran: Yaamava' Resort & Casino, Highland, CA.
Aug 21 Danse Macabre teaser posted. (See). Tracklist leaked but taken down. New song soon.
Aug 21 Sir Lucian Grainge claims AI will do to music what the Fairlight did to Duran Duran; ignoring the fact that AI can invent new songs by any living or dead artists. (News).
Aug 22 Duran Duran: North Island Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA. (with Chic, Bastille)
Aug 23 Grammy Awards interviews Roger and John. Roger says it is hard to find a balance between feeling organic, and programmed. His new drum kit has sample triggers; so the audience hear live drums, and digital samples together. John talks about the three lead guitar players. The Promise is one of Rogers favourite songs. Night Boat is dark and spooky. It took a few years for people to appreciate the dark side of Duran. John loves the early 80's lyrics but "I was tired of people saying, "What are those lyrics about anyway?" So Simon started experimenting a little bit with feelings, lyrics responding to emotional circumstances" leading to OW and CU. Reportage; Nick and Simon got into an argument about the lyrics to one song about the UK Labour Government, as it was too honest. (Read).
Aug 23 A new single, Danse Macabre, will be released August 30th. (DD News), (News).
Aug 23 John talks to Spin magazine about his favourite; music, art, and books. (Read).
Aug 24 Duran Duran: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA. (with Chic, Bastille)
Aug 24 Andy Taylor's single Getting It Home released. Interviews: Times, (2) and Independent.
Aug 24 New single Danse Macabre is leaked for download on Juno.
Aug 26 Duran Duran: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV. (with Chic)
Bastille dont attend due to illness. DD get a standing ovation.
Aug 26 Dominic Brown aftershow DJ party @ 10pm, BrewDog Las Vegas. (Tickets).
Aug 27 San Diago "Durans' timeless charm thrills a sea of dedicated fans" (US Rocker).
Aug 27 Andy's Classic Pop interview; leaving DD was not personal. (NME), (M.News).
Aug 28 Danse Macabre first bass cover appeares on YouTube (Link).
Aug 28 Duran Duran Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO. (with Chic, Bastille)
Roger walks off stage during White Lines due to technical issues. (Photos), (VN), (Walk in/Nick Solo), (Walk in/NB 2023), (NB), (WB), (WB), (WB --> CM (Stage)), (Anni), (FOM), (CU), (Roger Walk Off), (WL Take2), (SAP), (SAP), (SAP.Crowd), (Rio.Crowd), (Rio/Finale)
Aug 29 Actress Kate Beckinsale spotted at the Las Vegas show. (News).
Aug 29 Nick and Simon share a few words about the new album to The Mirror. (News).
Aug 29 Duran Duran: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO. (with Chic, Bastille)
Simon has a wardrobe misfunction with his socks. (Highlights 1hr), (Wardrobe), (Wardrobe), (VN/NB), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (Anni), (FOM), (CM), (OW), (PE), (WL), (Ref.), (GOF/Accept), (SAP), (SAP), (Rio/Finale).
Aug 30 Danse Macabre (single) released on social media and online. (Play/Download).
Aug 30 Press coverage of Danse Macabre (BB), (Spin), (R.S), (A.Song).
Aug 30 Andy speaks to Rolling Stone: "I learned that from Hendrix since he’d put three guitars together to make it sound like one. On songs like “Planet Earth,” there’s funky guitar in the chorus, and heavy guitar mixed together." (Read).
Aug 31 Andy in London for the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2. (RTE).
Aug 31 Roger talks to The Boston Globe. "My dad was [a] musician. He played the guitar, he played the harmonica, he played the accordion, and I thought, “I want to be like my dad in some way, but he plays everything else, so I’m gonna play the drums because he doesn’t play drums.”" (Read).
Aug 31 Duran Duran: The Grandstand, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 1 Danse Macabre (song) enters the UK Downloads chart at #45. (Source).
Sep 1 Review: "DD serves up terrific night of ’80s nostalgia at the Grandstand" (Read).
Sep 1 Mr Hudson talks about the style of Danse Macabre in a small clip. (FB).
Sep 1 Duran Duran: Huntington Bank Pavilion @ Northerly Island, Chicago, IL. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 2 Andy talks to The UK Express. “Playing guitar to my dad’s Glen Campbell albums was the best decision I ever made in my life.” “We’d always maintained a gentlemanly approach to each other after I left. Verbally, we used to kill each other. The Gallaghers had nothing on us, but we all respected the boundaries." Recently: “Simon called me up one day and said, ‘I want to help you with this. You’ve been off the scene for quite a few years. Let us help." (Read).
Sep 3 Duran Duran CMAC, Canandaigua, NY. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 5 "The Singers Talk" book by Jason Thomas Gordon released, featuring SLB and 70 singers talking about singing; including Ozzy, Rod and Springsteen. (News), Home.
Sep 5 "Hold Back the Rain" book by Michelle Vignault. Life stories with a touch of DD. (Buy).
Sep 6 Duran Duran: TD Garden, Boston, MA. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Full show).
Sep 7 Duran Duran are the theme of the Thursday Quiz in The Gardian. (Read).
Sep 7 Duran Duran: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA. (with Chic, Bastille)
(Full show).
Sep 8 Andy Taylor's Man's A Wolf To Man album released.
Sep 8 Andy talks with Kyle Meredith. He was approached in 2016 by Hartwig Masuch, CEO of BMG music to make a new album. He got a cold reply from management when he asked for JT to help him write the songs. Working solo is very difficult, he needs familiar people around him to give advice and to argue points. He wanted to present himself, but took major inflence from David Bowie. Reportage was shelved because record execs hated Criminals in the Capital; which aimed to tell the truth about politics. Boris Johnson; Influential Blondes is about the Aryan stereotype messing things up. The album is a statement as to how bad things have got. Man is Man’s Wolf book by Thomas Hobbes. "What idiots we are to let this go on.. Can't we just stop?". He has been blocked in Canada because of a new law. Race Vs Culturalism. PowerStation album was almost cancelled by Capitol Records due to racism. Living on Ibiza to avoid the Nukes from WW3. (Watch).
Sep 8 Oakland Press interview JT. Touring makes DD wild boys again. (Read).
Sep 8 'The Crystal Ship', South Aftrica 1993 bootleg, for re-release 8th Sept. (Buy), (Buy).
Sep 9 Duran Duran: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, PA. (with Bastille)
Nile was unable to attend (source), (VN/NB), (VN/NB), (WB), (HLTW), (HLTW), (HLTW), (AVTAK), (GIAU), (ITSISK), (ITSISK), (Anni.), (FOM), (OW), (CU), (CU), (PE), (WL), (Ref.), (Ref.), (GOF/Accept), (SAP), (Rio), (Rio/Finale).
Sep 10 The band kick off the Cleveland show day with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Musium tour. “It was great to finally see what all the fuss was about! It made us proud to see [our] plaque up there amongst so many great artists whom we love and respect.”(Video clip/Twitter), (Photo).
Sep 10 Duran Duran: Blosson Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 11 Andy Taylor talks to UK ITV morning show Lorraine. Brexit and political wolves lead to the song title. There are so many cancer treatments out there that nobody knows about, and doctors arn't telling. Joke about getting a pensioners Bus Pass and getting 30% off on the train. (YouTube), (LA.Times), (Mirror).
Sep 12 The band take a tour of The White House in Washington DC. (Twitter).
Sep 13 Andy Taylor talks to fellow Geordie Jayne Middlemiss on UK Virgin Radio, about his situation "But you don't really know because you don't get a letter saying.... it's just however things work out for you. For some people it's more aggressive. My body is still putting in a good fight for me." (News), (YouTube).
Sep 13 Duran Duran: Capital One Arena, Washington DC. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 14 Danse Macabre Video is released; a computer generated Halloween Party (YouTube).
Sep 14 Rolling Stone: ‘Danse Macabre’ Video Is a Graveyard Smash!" (Read).
Sep 14 USA Today: "DD debuts new song from 'Danse Macabre', the wild boys still shine." (Read).
Sep 15 Duran Duran: Bourbon and Beyond Festival, Highland Festival Grounds, Kentucky Expo Center, Louisville, KT (Home). The band will appear before The Killers.
Sep 16 Duran Duran: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 17 Rumours of Black Moonlight release Sept 21; confirmed on Sept 19 (source).
Sep 18 Glide Magazine reviews Detroit "DD shines Bright at Caesars Arena". (Read).
Sep 19 Duran Duran: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, ON, Canada. (with Chic, Bastille)
With Special Guest Kiesza, who sang Come Undone. (CU), (CU), (CU), (CU).
Sep 20 591 Magazine reviews the Detroit show. "Back To The Future Past". (Read).
Sep 20 Duran Duran: Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada. (with Chic, Bastille)
Sep 21 Black Moonlight single released on social media and online. (Play/Download).
Sep 21 Black Moonlight Reviews: "The funk is so thick, you could carve it." (BB), (RS), (SDE).
Sep 21 Gela interviews Yasmin on Fluffy Files, Gela mentions how she met JT. (YouTube).
Sep-21? Grace Jones pulls out of the Forest Hills show.
Sep 22 Duran Duran: Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NYC (with Chic, Bastille)
(SLB Speech)
Sep 23 Duran Duran: Ocean Casino Resort, Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, NJ.
Sep 25 Smooth Radio says Black Moonlight is an "electrifying collaboration". (Read).
Sep 27 OldTimeMusic tries to discect a meaning behind the song Out of My Mind. (Read).
Sep 28 MarkMeets offers A Hollywood High on DVD in an online competition. (Link).
Sep 28 TV Tonight: A Hollywood High will be shown on Australian TV, 30th Sept on SBS. (News).
Sep 29 Black Moonlight has been added to UK BBC Radio 2's 'A' playlist. (View).
Sep 29 Mr Hudson video clip. Simon wanting to add the hog horn to Danse Macabre (YouTube).
Sep 30 Salon reviews Man's A Wolf To Man. Andy's treatment is called Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy — a form of highly targeted nuclear medicine. He will have four to six cycles of the treatment. Dr. Evans said "'We're going to get you through this. You'll get to 70 — and then it's anyone's guess.'" (Read).
Sep 30 A Hollywood High premiers on Australian TV channal SBS.
Sep 30 Andy to hold gig for Nuclear meds, with Robert Plant and Andrew Ridgeley, Oct 21 (News), (News).
Oct 2 DD Halloween Advent calendars announced for North America phone text subscribers. Each morning, you will get a new text as part of the Advent calendar. Text DURAN to +1 (718) 355-9146 to sign up! (News).
Oct 4 DD Advent Calendar shares some lyrics from Confessions in the Afterlife. (link).
Oct 5 Michael Berrow is writing a film about DD, according to UK Daily Mail. (Source).
Oct 5 John gives a short interview for TG1 in Italy, with rare clips. (FB).
Oct 6 A Hollywood High trailers plug the movie's release on digital platforms 6th November (Source).
Oct 6 DD makes the cover of American Songwriter. (News).
Oct 8 Black Moonlight enters the UK Radio Airplay Chart at No.34 (Link).
Oct 8 DD Advent Calendar shares a clip of the new Nighboat 2023 (Link)
Oct 10 A hacker changes the Wikipedia page of Roger Taylor, saying he left the band. (Chat)
Oct 11 DD Advent Calendar shares a clip of Warren Cuccurullo. (YouTube).
Oct 12 The band launch a custon Lava Lamp with inventors Mathmos. (News FT), (Buy).
Oct 12 MixdownMag: Nick is one of Five Prophets of the Prophet-5 analogue synth. (Read).
Oct 13 Andy speaks to Yahoo. Not keen to finish Reportage unless the band are Fab 5. (News).
Oct 13 JT and Gela spotted on a flight from London to Milan. The flight was delayed due to bad weather, and as the cabin crew walked on, JT casually asked Where Had They Been. One said "The Futurepast". (News).
Oct 13 New track snippets leaked on Instagram. Copies storm the forums. (Read).
Oct 14 DD Calendar Day 14: A clip with Bob Clearmountain, mixer of Danse Macabre (YouTube).
Oct 15 Rumor: DD are negotiating to tour Asia in 2024? Perhaps Australia and maybe Europe and other places, not USA. (Read).
Oct 16 Classic Pop Magazine DD Special is incomming. Shared by Duranasty. (Pre-Order)
Oct 17 A Crowdfunder to win 2 tickets for the private Andy Taylor show raises £2,765. (News).
Oct 18 DD Calendar Day 18: Clip of AT in the Studio, JT on Black Moonlight. (YouTube).
Oct 18 Classic Pop has an alternative "Red Rocks" cover for Subscribers. (News).
Oct 18 A Hollywood High nominated for a Grammy Award, Best Music Film of 2023. (News).
Oct 19 Classic Pop issue 84 on sale, with a huge exclusive DD interview.
Oct 19 Rachael O'Connor premiers her new song 'Start of Something'. (News), (YouTube).
Oct 20 DD Calendar Day 20: Nile Rodgers talks about creating Black Moonlight. (YouTube).
Oct 20 Nick in The Daily Star newspaper. Talked to the Dead age 10, had Ouiji boards. (News).
Oct 20 The BBC share a montage of Sir David Attenborough 'singing' Planet Earth. (Link).
Oct 21 Andy Taylor, Robert Plant, Andrew Ridgeley For the benefit of The Cancer Awareness Trust. Sohohouse Farm, Chipping Norton, UK. (News), (News).
The event wasn't open to the public, but two VIP “meet, greet & mingle” tickets (with a night’s hotel stay, food etc), was awarded on the 17th. (Photo), (Stairway To Heaven)
Oct 21 Roger quote from Classic Pop, DD rejected the idea of a Christmas song. (Perth.N).
Oct 22 Mainstream media give DM album fair-to-middling reviews. (Riff), (Mojo), (Mail).
Oct 23 TheArtsDesk scathing DM review: "decent material to fill two sides of a 7”." (Read).
Oct 23 Psycho Killer digital single released online. (DD.com), (RS), (Kg), (Play/Download).
Oct 23 John in the Studio with Maneskin's Victoria DeAngelis talking Psycho Killer. (YouTube).
Oct 24 More DM media reviews: (Independent), (ABC), (UCR), (RetroPop), (R.Collector).
Oct 24 BBC trailer for Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night with Black Moonlight.
Oct 24 Simon chats to Morning Mix 101.9 The Mix Chicago. Nile strongly suggested they went with the first idea they found for BM, as sometimes the first ideas are the best. Divine Inspiration. Mentions Chauffeur. Lake Michigan 'The Play Pen' story. They asked The Stones for permission to cover Paint it Black. (Hear).
Oct 24 U.S. Advance listening parties for Danse Macabre (News).
Oct 24 A visualiser for Psycho Killer is released, using origami-like CGI. (YouTube).
Oct 25 Rolling Stone interview with Simon: “I’m not a fan of Halloween at all”, he jokes. "Nick fancies himself as a bit of a goth, and he loves Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday. If he could rebrand himself, it would be Nick “The Antichrist” Rhodes.” He wanted to cover The Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.” Love Voodoo and Night Boat are his favourites. Reportage: "I think it would only be right for us to do that next. There’s already a plan in place for us to see if we can bring that one back to life." (RS).
Oct 26 Interview in The Telegraph. Nick comments on recent BBC video featuring Sir David Attenborough “It’s cute. If only we’d known, we’d have invited Sir David into the studio and recorded something. He’s the ­definition of a national treasure.” (SUB), (Read).
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 65 years old today. Jonas Akerlund posts HBD on Instagram (Link).
Oct 27 Danse Macabre, DDs 16th studo album is released.
Oct 27 Birthday boy Simon on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, BBC Radio 2, 6:30-9:30am (BBC). DM Nicks baby. Filming for Graham Norton at BBC White City, home of the old Top of the Pops, brought back so many memories. Chat about his Red Rocks wardrobe malfunction. Ahoy in Rotterdam (1987?) two zips pants burts open during HLTW.
Oct 27 Interview in The Standard newspaper. Simon: "“I do think you've got to be sensible about it, and not make it too serious. That would just be risible, if you were really, seriously, trying to scare people. There’s a humorous side to Halloween… and it has to be included otherwise I’m not comfortable with it." (Read).
Oct 27 Nick interview in UnderTheRadar: It was not hard to get Roger into Makeup. (Read).
Oct 27 DD perform a slightly extended Black Moonlight with a backing track on Graham Norton Show, BBC1 @10:40pm. (News), (BM), (BM), (BM+Int.).
Oct 27 Simon on Today Show Australia. Host interviews him from McCartney concert. "We really ruled the TV screens for a little while [in the 80s]. We came along when you could really behave like 'a rock star'". (YouTube).
Oct 27 Simon on Oz show 'The Project'. Talks about going to the pub after the interview. HLTW joke. Everything on the album is either Scary -like Psycho Killer, or something on the dark side. Bury a Friend, King Gizzard story. No Monster Mash. (YouTube).
Oct 29 TheBigIssue: DD pick the scariest movies to watch at Halloween: Dracula, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Silence of the Lambs. (Read).
Oct 29 Roger talks to AV Club: Bowie “Scary Monsters” was on the original list. For whatever reason, it didn’t quite make the final cut. "I went to see Siouxsie and the Banshees when I was 17 in Birmingham, and I was in the front row. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, so it was great to play one of their songs. Oh, and I love Charlie Watts. I think he’s an incredible drummer and one of my heroes, but I wanted to play it how Roger Taylor would play, not how Charlie Watts played it." (Read).
Oct 29 John chats to Mark Goodier on Greatest Hits Radio. Ghost Town was a sacred cow, as Terry the singer passed away recently. He was INXS fan since 1982. Molly Meldrum played INXS singe produced by Nile Rodgers, so they booked Nile for The Reflex. Sampling. DM video based on Tate Britain exhibition "Procession" mannequins. He hates the video. (YouTube).
Oct 30 Simon and John on 'Lorraine'. They gathered the Vegas playlist one night about two weeks before the Halloween show, 7 songs. Mark Ronson 'Ken' on the Barbie soundtrack. Dolly album. Simon is a big fan of Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks. (YouTube).
Oct 30 A clip on Facebook about working with Josh Blair. CITA inst. (FB).
Oct 30 John talks Bury a Friend on 105.7 The Point: " “Her version is so lean,” Taylor says. “I wanted [our cover] to … have more of a sort of operatic sweep to it, just have more of a sort of an epic quality to it.” “Billie’s is like a little speedboat,” he adds. “We’re like a f****** ocean liner.” (Read).
Oct 30 The band and family go to see Bryan Eno at the Royal Festival Hall.
Oct 31 Simon and John on Absolute Radio @ 7pm with Sarah Champion. BM was written in 5 hours. Nick often considers holding an exhibtion of their costumes over the years. Simon still loves HLTW. (Clip).
Oct 31 American Songwriter: 9 dark Halloween songs from DDs archives. (Read).
Oct 31 John and Simon on BBC Radio 4 Front Row. Simon: BM name coined by Nile, the lyrics were shouted out by the band ad-lib, and Simon wrote them all down. He did the verses himself. John: 1979, We always thought we'd be a nichey underground band. There was a [modern] pop audience that came of age. The Thatcherist band - politics sucked. Survival is the best revenge. John: We are the [best] most serious versions of ourselves when playing. (Play).
Nov 1 John and Nick interview in Schon. Nick: "I’ve been talking about making films since I was about sixteen. The thing that I’ve been working on for the last five years, is a documentary on post-war Japanese photography. The video we’ve just made that will be coming out sometime over the next couple of weeks for a song on this new album, we made with Jonas Akerlund, who is again the grandmaster of videos." John: "I was [recently] introduced to the idea of Tai Chi, interestingly, Lou Reed has posthumously put out a book about his Tai Chi practice. I’m just open. I’m doing Pilates today." (Read).
Nov 1 John and Nick talk to TheBigIssie: “A few months before we did this, Terry [Hall, Specials singer] died,” says Taylor. “And I felt a tremendous kinship for him. I met him around the time of Fun Boy Three, and I just thought: he’s one of us. I mean, when you get right down to it, there’s really not that much difference. Just their inspirations were different. They took a different path, but they were a phenomenal band, and immensely impactful.” (Read).
Nov 3 Danse Macabre #2 UK Independent Albums, #4 UK Albums, #6 UK Albums Downloads (Charts). In the U.S, the album reached #41 on Hits Daily Double (sales+streaming). (HDD).
Nov 3 John and Simon chat on BBC Radio 5 with Nihal Arthanayaka. John once asked ChatGPT about writing a hit song. He said it's a miracle if bands have a hit. Simon: 68,000 music releases per week. RCM was an outcry from fans, because you need that fan base to get a foot-hold on the chart. Simon is insecure about writing lyrics, John says you have to have insecurities to keep you going. Over achievers often come from insecure families. John's step children were tricky. Music has always been his religion, a Super Power to use when needed. Simon wants Glasto headlining, and to play India. (YouTube).
Nov 5 Far Out article on William S. Burroughs and Duran's The Wild Boys. (Read).
Nov 5 Simon on Graham Norton Virgin Radio show. A few U.S. shows are booked for 2024, DD headlining Latitude Festival in July. (clip). (NME), (BBC), (ITV).
Nov 6 A Hollywood High is released for digital streaming worldwide.
Nov 7 Roger and JT in the studio with Dom today. (Instagram).
Nov 7 Nick and Alexandra Stama attend The Wolseley City Inaugural VIP Dinner, London. (News), (News), (Getty).
Nov 8 A clip is posted of fans from Argentina celebrating Danse Macabre. (FB).
Nov 8 Joshua Blair inspects a rack of Nicks synths, and showcases new Roland. (YouTube).
Nov 9 John talks to Rob Lowe, Literally! recorded in Sept. Amanda pulled him to LA, and he got locked in to the culture. He wanted to put the DM songs on Spotify, but Nick wanted an album. 5 Days before the 2023 UK tour started, they made 3 new songs. Never been a big bling guy. He recently lost his wedding ring down a plug hole at a show - and not for the first time. Duff McKagan spit story. "Pillars of the Earth" book. Cubby Brocolli meeting in Mayfair. Bowie kept moving forward. Chic are the tightest oldskool band, Nile plays incredible chords very quickly. (Listen).
Nov 10 Isabelle Adjani album Bande Originale released, w/ Simon on C'est Lui (Remix). (News).
Nov 11 BBC and NME share the BBC "Glasto" quote from 3rd Nov. (BBC),(NME).
Nov 12 KissFM in Spain reports on Simon's hopes for Glastonbury. (Read.ES).
Nov 13 New date: Thunder Valley Casino Resort , Saturday, February 3, 2024. (Event/Book).
Nov 14 GBN article on South Wraxall Manor, and nearby Westonbirt Arboretum. (Read).
Nov 15 An interview with Wendy Laister is published in Music Week Magazine. (Read).
Nov 15 FarOut: Def Leppard song "Love Bites" vocals were trying to immitate Simon. "the band would put little squeals at the end of every single syllable. We used to call them the ‘Simon Le Bon’ bits because he used to squeal every line he sang. It’s a good country trick, because it’s a way of bringing across emotion.” (Read).
Nov 16 Feb 9 date in Phoenix Arizona, part of the Open Golf tournament. (News), (Book).
Nov 16 Roger, Gisella and Stefano Cestra seeing 'Uncovered' this evening in London! (FB).
Nov 17 Dolly Parton's Rockstar released, Simon sings track #23, 'In Blue Tears'.
Nov 17 DD 2024 Calendar, with Red Rocks cover, in store from 24th November. (News).
Nov 19 Clarins Argentina interview with Roger is reported. (FB).
Nov 20 Mars Williams passes away. He played Saxophone on The Power Station (album). (News).
Nov 21 Seven and the Ragged Tiger 40th Anniversary: 21st Nov 1983. (DD.FB), (UCR), (WXHC).
Nov 21 Forbes article on SATRT 40th. Roger: “It was the first record where we kind of hit that point where you start to do a little bit of navel-gazing. We had just had two great albums that had been really accepted pretty well all around the world. Suddenly, there's expectation around you. It was that point of ‘What do we do now?’. This was the first one where we got kind of into self-analysis: 'Is this good enough?' Could we do it 'a little bit better?'.” (Forbes).
Nov 21 Nick asks some questions about the Seven and the Ragged Tiger lyrics. (FB).
Nov 22? Nick interviewed by Prime Time Argentina. He says the audiences in Argentina sing all of the instruments as well as the lyrics. (Clip).
Nov 23 Punktofunkheaven re-release "Do The Madison" bootleg as X2 clear vinyl LP. (Link)
Nov 23 Simon talks to Italian super fan Tiziana Coste on La Voce Della Tua Citta , Radio In 102. He wanted to involve Andy on DM as much as they could. Silly voice. Simon can't understand Italian. He feels young and fit, and is really happy. "Hi, my name is SLB, another Ass-h*le from the music industry, he thinks he is really important." Like a demi-God that will never be denied, except by his family. He is most proud of his family, his grandchildren. Early songs had enough guitars to appeal to American ears, classics that connected to people. 'Luxury' for him is the time to do nothing. The writing process is healing. Reportage is One of the things they are looking at right now. CITA could be an Arcadia song. They aspire to play Italy, but concert offers not good enough recently. They attempt an uncoordinated duet of The Chauffeur. (News), (Web).
Nov 23 Wendy Laister awarded at Artists Coalition and Music Managers Forum ceremony, Bloomsbury Big Top, London. Nick, Roger and Simon attended, and paid a warm and heartfelt tribute to Wendy’s “grace, intelligence, tenacity and loyalty”, with Nick describing her appointment in 2002 as “the best decision we’ve ever made". (News), (Story/Images).
Nov 24 A behind-the-scenes look at the Black Moonlight video released. (YouTube).
Nov 24 Roger chats on Is Breakfast Included? podcast. Learning drumming from a book, getting really good at drumming very quickly. Roger never eat's breakfast, and waits to get hungry for lunch. RRHOF "Oh, Thank you!" (YouTube).
Nov 25? John's back catalogue of albums released on Spotify, Amazon and streaming.
Nov 27 Nick teaser for Black Moonlight video. (YouTube).
Nov 27 Roger teaser for Black Moonlight video (YouTube).
Nov 28 RadioX remembers Now That's What I Call Music Vol 1; Nov 28, 1983. (Read).
Nov 28 DD.FB: Nick Q&A during a private "after party" live stream tomorrow.
Nov 28 John teaser for Black Moonlight video (YouTube).
Nov 28 Simon performs during The Fayre of St. James's in support of The Quintessentially Foundation & The Firefly Project at St James's Church, London. (Photos).
Nov 29 Simon teaser for Black Moonlight video (YouTube).
Nov 29 Black Moonlight video released directed by legendary Girl Panic! director Jonas Akerlund. (News), (Watch).
Nov 29 Rolling Stone interview with the band about Danse Macabre. (Read).
Nov 29 BM "After Party". Nick hosts an extended Q&A for DD patrons. Many people from South America posted questions. The band all sat down and played through Reportage recently; Nick plans to finish it in 2024.
Nov 29 Music News interviews the band about the Black Moonlight video . (Read).
Dec 1 Pop Trash re-released as x2 LP set, and double picture-disc.
Dec 2 Nick talks with La Vox. He bought his first WASP synth himself: "I worked and saved a couple hundred pounds. I saved all the money I could buy that synthesizer because I thought the future of music was there. I bought that and then a rhythm machine. And I was delighted when I found out how easy it could be. I thought I had no idea. (Read.ES).
Dec 4 DD and Blondie reunited headliners for Cruel World Festival, 5.11.24. (News), (News).
Dec 5 Raul 'Duran' colourised Black Moonlight DJ Dave-G Extended Mix video. (YouTube).
Dec 6? Nick interviewed on CNN in Chile.
Dec 8 Warren Cuccurullo is 67 years old today.
Dec 8 Smash Hits Australia remembers the DD cover 40 years ago. (Read).
Dec 9 Pop Trash is #1 in the UK Record Store Chart. (Chart), (News). #8 Official Independent Albums Chart (Chart) #14 UK Vinyl Albums Chart. (Chart).
Dec 11 M.E.N. interviews Denise Ohnona; Kate Moss lookalike. "I was in the Duran Duran 40th anniversary music video where I jumped out of a cake. It's very bizarre but it's very nerve wracking because it's massive shoes to fill. (Read).
Dec 12 DD are top of a list of rock bands named after movies. (Read).
Dec 13 Super Deluxe Edition pre-order 'Now 80s: 1982' 12", with DD's Rio (Part 2). (News).
Dec 14 The Making of Danse Macabre is released, containing exclusive footage. (YouTube).
Dec 17 Yasmin interview in the Sunday Telegraph: "I feel slightly sad that there is so much being demanded of models now. People were allowed to do their thing, be an expert – and there wasn’t a digital screen with a committee sitting around it giving opinions. You were trusted.” (Read).
Dec 18 Euro Weekly News claims Nile Rodgers has sold 500 million records. (Read).
Dec 18 Simon chats to Katy's Kafe. (Listen).
Dec 19 Dom Brown is on vaccation to Montego Bay, Jamaica (Post).
Dec 19 Andy Taylor tries out the Kauri Guitar. (YouTube).
Dec 19 Nick talks to Spanish media La Nacion. Reportage: "I don't know many other bands that can think of completing something they left half-done for so long, but [it] is probably Duran Duran's next album. [It] sounds quite different to what we do, and we don't want to change it dramatically. You never know what the band's direction is going to be, and that's what keeps us interested. If you lose curiosity as an artist, that's where you stagnate." (Read.ES).
Dec 20 Paolo Zannoni posts a fake AI generated DD X-Mas card. (FB).
Dec 21 John chats on Katy's Kafe. He liked May December movie. Faraway Downs TV series. Demon Copperhead. Seeing Bryan Eno Oct 30th was amazing. Paint the Town Red song. "We need to find a way to come together", as a common people, to save society. (Listen).
Dec 22 Seasonal Greetings and Wishes from all of the band, is posted online. (YouTube).
Dec 23 Far Out article: Did Simon Le Bon sabotage the final Wham! show?? (Read).
Dec 23 Nick chats on BBC Best of Today podcast, with Dr Nicola Fox, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate NASA. Nick saw the moon landing live on his colour TV, but it was black and white. He ran out into the garden. Anyone Out There could be about aliens. Planet Earth would be a good song for a voyager probe. (Clip), (BBC), (Apple).
Dec 24 'The Girls' Tour Pass 2023 with Rachael & Anna released by Dan. (YouTube).
Dec 25 A number of Bob Lamb 1980 demos and 1981 rarities leaked online. (Source).
Dec 26 Katy's End Of Year 2023 interviews are presented as an article on DD.com. (Read).
Dec 27 Simon and Yasmin's Wedding Anniversary, 27th Dec 1985. That's 38 years!
Dec 27 DD are #2 'Ranking the top 20 concerts of 2023 that weren’t Taylor Swift'. (Read).
Dec 28 Karen 'Duran' article - a fan retrospective and highlights of 2023. (Read).
Dec 30 Nick wishes everyone a Happy New Year, with rare tour photos and clips. (FB).
Dec 31 Simon and Family are in Scotland (perhaps Edinburgh?), to celebrate Hogmanay 2023.
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