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The Duran Duran Timeline
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The band tour their latest album Future Past.

Date Event
Jan 1 John posts his top nine images on instagram, wishing everyone Happy New Year (Instagram).
Jan 3 The Duran Duran unofficial Proboards social forum celebrates it's 15th Birthday. (News).
Jan 3 John and Erol interviewed for Marvin. John mentions the Marshall Jefferson remix of Drug. "I was obsessed with Marshall Jefferson so we actually got [him] over to England. We were on the road, and the only way that we could get together was to rent a studio in Nottingham for one night after the show. All I really wanted was The House Music Anthem, Part 2. But of course, he wanted to make a Led Zeppelin 7." (DD News), (Source).
Jan 4 ACL announce televised coverage of the DD Moody Theatre event will be aired Jan 22nd on PBS. (News).
Jan 6 John is interviewed for de Volkskrant magazine in The Netherlands. He said "Erol Alkan turned out to be Coxon's neighbor and he immediately reacted so enthusiastically when we mentioned his name that we invited him. Graham always gave us really good energy in the studio. His input was essential, especially in the early stages of all the songs.” (Dutch).
Jan 7 Simon Le Bon reflects on the 'Future Past' for World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN, interviewed by Stephen Kallao. He talks about the album and his 12 minute vocal warm-up. The host calls Anniversary 'a real banger'. Saffron Le Bon sings the chorus in Beautiful Lies. (Listen).
Jan 7 FP on the UK Albums Sales chart slips from 31 to 37. (Source).
Jan 7 A huge article is printed in Polish "Teraz Rock" magazine - on 16 pages! There is band history, an interview with Simon Le Bon, 3 musicians talk about how DD was an inspiration for them, and reviews of all albums. (Source), (Buy).
Jan 8 Simon and John perform Let's Dance at Mike Garson's 2nd annual A Bowie Celebration, 6pm PST. The event also featured Noel Gallagher, and Def Leppard's Joe Elliot. (News), ('Thank You' Poster), (Video).
Jan 9 A still from the Let's Dance video from last nights David Bowie concert is posted on twitter. (Twitter).
Jan 11 Nick and Wendy Bevan are interviewed for Flood Magazine about Astronomia. He said "Every single day when I go into the studio, I feel like I did when I was a little kid in the toy shop because there’s so many things to do in there. And I know by the end of the day something, somehow, will have happened." (Source).
Jan 12 Simon and Katy team up for the first Whooosh! radio show of 2022. Catch up on SiriusXM. (Twitter).
Jan 14 FP at #53 in the UK Albums Sales Chart, and has been on the sales chart for 12 consecutive weeks. (Source).
Jan 19 Attorney of law John A. Belcher of Pasadena California explains Duran Duran's song copyright issues, when the band tried to reclaim their copyrights several years ago. They would have been better suing in the U.S. (YouTube).
Jan 22 Duran Duran Austin City Limits-Live at the Moody Theatre. A 1 hour highlights show from ACL 2021 is broadcast on PBS, which was later made freely available online for one month. A very small interview follows, where they say they support each other and look more towards the future. (News), (Watch).
Jan 27 Design Week announce the results of their 2021 album cover competition, where Future Past came in second place behind a cover design of a swimming pool and a bear, and ahead of an image of the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley Lancashire, by Andy Taylor connected band Thunder. (Source).
Jan 27 Anthony J Resta talks about Medazzaland and unreleased mixes in The D Side radio podcast. (Listen).
Jan 30 Future Past celebrates its 14th week in the UK Albums Sales Charts, the chart run: 2, 11, 20, 38, 53, 53, 29, 36, 38, 31, 37, 53, 61, 77. (Source), (Source).
Feb 1 Duran Duran connects trees to 100 people who ordered the “INVISIBLE” NFT collection (Dec 16th 2021). They receive a new NFT with cover art designed by Huxley, a photo of their tree planted in New Zealand, and it's name - also selected by Huxley. This idea was created by native New Zealander Michael Sly, who hopes the 'Digital Native' project will develop globally. Nick said "Connecting physical trees to the blockchain is a brand new way to create awareness through art and at the same time involve local communities to plant more trees, to benefit the environment." An interview with Michael is released on YouTube, with an instrumental version of Laughing Boy. (DD News), (YouTube).
Feb 2 Duran Duran is nominated to receive their entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The institution began taking nominations in 1986, and famously snub both The Monkeys and Duran Duran as 'boy bands of pop music', rather than essentially rock groups. This year, a special "fans' ballot" will also be included in the results. (DD News), (RRHOF DD Page), (Billboard News).
Feb 2 Rolling Stone confirms that if the band are inducted into the RRHOF, then this includes guitarist Andy Taylor, along with “Ordinary World”-era guitarist Warren Cuccurullo. Simon said “Just to make it onto the nominations list is an honor that I never expected to experience. This distinction is due in large part to the fact that we have an army of fans around the world who have unwaveringly supported us for the past four decades.” (Rolling Stone).
Feb 2 The New York Post gives some encouragement to Duran Duran's RRHOF campaign, saying "they deserve it". They concede however that Eminem will inevitably win (even though the hip-hopster never played a rock chord in his life). (Source).
Feb 3 Day 2 of the fan voting nominations of the RRHOF sees Pat Benatar in the lead. Duran Duran fight it out for second place with Dolly Parton; who squeezes marginally ahead.
Feb 3 Simon interviewed about the RRHOF nomination on Feedback on Sirius this morning. He indicated he wants to share the stage with Andy and Warren again. He also said there's a band meeting planned for today. (Source).
Feb 4 Day 3 of the RRHOF fan voting. DD are still in 3rd with 59K votes, now behind Eminem with 62K votes, and Pat Benatar with 65K votes.
Feb 5 Andy Taylor updates his social media details with the URL of the RRHOF voting page.
Feb 6 Day 5 of the RRHOF fan vote sees DD in 3rd place with 91K votes, closely fighting with Pat Benatar who has 92k voters. Eminem leads with 115K votes.
Feb 6 Andy Taylor posts his thoughts about the RRHOF nomination on Facebook, thanking the band, the fans and supporters, and being generally gobsmacked. (FaceBook).
Feb 8 Laughing Boy is released as a single worldwide on iTunes after positive support from fans.
Feb 8 News of the new single hits the media. The Deluxe Edition tracks will be released Feb 11th. (Consequence), (Yahoo), (PlanetRadio).
Feb 8 Laughing Boy iTunes Chart: #46 UK, #52 Ireland, #69 Denmark, #69 Norway, #97 Spain. (Source).
Feb 9 Day 8 of the RRHOF fan vote. Duran are now in second place with 134K votes, Eminem has 154k, and Pat Benatar 124k.
Feb 10 Duran Duran Albums are subjectively ranked on Dead Good Music, Future Past isn't included. (Read).
Feb 11 Future Past Deluxe Edition becomes available online to digitally download. (DD News).
Feb 11 Nine Future Past songs are released in 360 Reality Audio, exclusively for Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.
Feb 13 Hungry Like the Wolf featured on Billions on TV broadcast by Showtime and Sky TV U.K. (YouTube).
Feb 14 Duran Duran surpass Eminem in the RRHOF fan vote to become Number 1; having amassed over two hundred and eighteen thousand votes each! (Source Ref.).
Feb 14 Amy Harber thanks Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, One Direction and BTS fans for helping to support Duran's bid for the RRHOF. (Tweet), (Reaction).
Feb 14 Karen Duran posts support for the DD RRHOF campaign on DuranAndBeyond, urging fans to keep up the pressure until April. (Source).
Feb 15 The band announce three consecutive nights at the Holywood Bowl, set amidst a huge firework display, scheduled for the evenings of 9-11th September 2022. (DD News), (News), (Tickets).
Feb 15 Yasmin is interviewed for MPowered Women, talking midlife, the importance of connection, and creating you own personal space. (Facebook).
Feb 16 Andy Taylor is 61 years old today. (Family Card), (Fan Card). He hosts a party that evening, with some photos taken by Giovanna Cantone, Roger's ex, who is good friends with Andy's wife. (Photos), (61 Candles Clip).
Feb 16 Roger Taylor is announced to take over Aston Villa FC Spotify this weekend (19-20th), and is interviewed about his favourite soccer team. He idolised the 1964-69 goal keeper Colin Withers, but was too short to enrol with the team, so became a drummer instead; - the safe pair of hands at the back of the band, in a similar role. (Read).
Feb 16 Duran Duran announced to headline El Festival Cruïlla 2022; which will take place at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona, Spain, July 6 to 9th. (DD News), (Read-Spanish).
Feb 16 Nick Rhodes and particle physicist Brian Cox (ex-keyboardist in the band D:Ream), talk existence, the scene of wonder, and time travel in Sing For Science Podcast. Nick describes tuning the sensitivity of pitch bends on the Jupiter-8 for SAP. Simon likes Chopin. Story about fans swarming around their limo seen in Sing Blue Silver, and being trapped for a long time. (Link), (Listen).
Feb 17 Simon is excited for the band's forthcoming gig at Caledonia Stadium in Inverness, Scotland, interviewed for the Sunday Mail's '7 Nights' magazine. (Read).
Feb 17 Simon and Yasmin attend Dame Joan Collins 88th Birthday party at London's Claridge's Hotel, joined by showbiz guests Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah Ferguson, and Stephanie Beacham. (Daily Mail).
Feb 18 duranasty.com enters its 20th year.
Feb 19 Ultimate Classic Rock article on why DD should be inducted into the RRHOF. (Read).
Feb 21 ThirstyForNews reports on the intense fight between Duran and Eminem on the RRHOF fan votes; the artists having switched first places constantly since 14th of Feb. (Read).
Feb 22 Andy Taylor talks about the new Reef album which he produced, due in April. (Read).
Feb 22 PS22 Chorus sing Come Undone. PS22 Chorus is the Webby Award-winning public school group from Staten Island, NY, comprised of 65 ordinary 5th graders achieving the extraordinary, in harmony. (YouTube).
Feb 23 Duran Duran announced to headline Friday August 26th at the Wonderbus Music and Arts Festival, Columbus OH. (News), (News), (Youtube), (Website/Booking).
Feb 23 Post Magazine writes about the day DD matured, Hong Kong, Jan 2 1989. (Read).
Feb 24 WCSX Classic Rock Radio in Detroit hypes up a supposed feud between Eminem and Duran fans, posting quotes from disappointed Eminem devotees; who claim it was the support of Britney/Taylor/BTS fans who unfairly affected the numbers. (Read).
Feb 25 Duran Duran announced as one of the artists to perform at the 7 day The First Summer festival in Italy, Thursday June 23rd. (Website), (Dates), (News.IT), (Streetview), (Tickets).
Feb 27 A video from Eminem fans claims Duranies must be using multiple emails to boost their RRHOF votes, and urges his fans to do the same. (Youtube).
Feb 28 DuranAndBeyond responds to claims by Eminem fans from the 27th. Some individual members of both of the fandoms freely admit to using multiple e-mails to boost their votes, but little evidence exists of a mass campaign, and it is generally frowned upon in the Duran forums. (Article), (DD RRHOF Thread).
Mar 1 The results of the RRHOF fan votes after the first month are: Duran Duran 496K votes, Eminem 473K, and Pat Benatar with 292K.
Mar 1 The band share a fan-made Anniversary music video; created using Funko Pop figures and childrens' toys; during lockdown in 2020 by Los Angeles director Alisa Daglino. She said: "[When] I discovered that John Taylor had COVID, I realized that this could potentially end my dream to one day direct a music video for Duran Duran, so I made the dream happen for myself, [And to thank] Duran Duran for inspiring my career." (YouTube), (Article).
Mar 2 Simon is interviewed on the red carpet of the BandLab NME Awards 2022 with Ivorian Doll. The host says DD were given a "Best Band in the UK Award" (when?). (DailyMotion). In another clip, he makes a joke about DD never having been given an NME award, and says the two Leicester O2 Academy shows are in "a tiny, tiny little venue." (YouTube).
Mar 3 News leaks of two warmup shows at the O2 Academy in Leicester will be in April. (Source).
Mar 3 The band announce a special one night show at The Aster Hotel, LA, Thursday 17th March. (Facebook).
Mar 4 The Red Hot Chili Peppers drop a line about Duran Duran and Joker on the Sand in their latest song Poster Child. It is their second reference to DD in a song, after "Nevermind". John Frusciante also worked with Duran on Paper Gods. (NME/Listen).
Mar 8 Digital Journal posts an article claiming DD have earned their RRHOF nomination for creating rock songs well into the 1990s, when Warren and then Andy played lead guitar. (Read).
Mar 9? The band fly to California for press interviews and to warm up before the LA rooftop show next week.
Mar 10 John gives us a tour of his Not Broken, Unfinished painted artwork exhibition at the One Hour Ahead gallery in Aspen, Colorado; which runs from March 11 - April 10th. (Video Tour).
Mar 10 Simon interviewed for Spin Magazine in LA for a forthcoming article/podcast. (Source).
Mar 10 Simon interviewed for KOST 103.5 and chats with long-time fan Avril Lavigne. (Photo).
Mar 11 Simon on iHeartRadio's KOST 103.5 on Ellen K's morning show, 7am (WCT), 10am (ET). (U.S Link), (Simon Burps on Perrier).
Mar 12 Simon apparently visits Malibu Cross Creek Mall with Nick Wood. (Photo).
Mar 13 Simon interviewed for Hollywood Access, co-hosted by Mario Lopez and wife Courtney. (Photos).
Mar 14 Simon and John seen on the set of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, chatting to this weeks guest Sandra Oh. (News).
Mar 14 Polly Parton sends a request to be pulled from the RRHOF, despite running in 4th in the top 5 fan votes list. The request was later denied by the Rock Hall, who said Country music was just another variant of Rhythm and Blues. (Dolly), (Response).
Mar 15 The band announce the summer dates for their American leg of the Future Past tour. (DD News).
Mar 15 Roger is a special guest on the Richard Blade show, on 1st Wave at 4pm & 7pm EST.
Mar 16 The band to appear on The Late Late Show with James Corden. James tells an SLB drug story. John mentions Dolly and the RRHOF saga. The band are very happy to be inducted. Nick tells the Molton Street story, Simon mentions his father not speaking to him until after TOTP. Simon sings Tonight United live over a backing track. (News), (James' SLB Drug Story) (Interview), (TU).
Mar 17 Simon interview on Access Hollywood airs. He says he gets a "frisson" of passion when he stands on the stage. Saffron and Tallulah are singers; Saffron has a degree in jazz singing, who is featured on the album in Beautiful Lies. He was 20 when he joined the band. (YouTube).
Mar 17 Duran Duran: Rooftop, The Aster Hotel, 1717 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA.
Thursday 17th, at 6pm. Filmed for a later TV production. (News), (Clip), (Full Instagram), (AVTAK.clip), (Not.clip), (CU.clip), (GIAU.clip), (PO), (OW), (OW.clip).
Mar 18 Simon is a special guest on ex-Take That' star Gary Barlow's podcast We Write The Songs. One of the first songs he wrote was age 17/18, the song Missing, based on a poem he read. His first band Bolleaux was named after a cake joke. "Dog Days" named after play by Webster called "The Duchess of Malfi". Simon can't bare to hear Ball of Confusion, and always skips that track on the album. (Listen).
Mar 19 Simon is the special guest on Rockonteurs, interviewed by Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt. Lots of stories from the past. Gary sleeping on Margaret's floor beside Nick. The band were inspired by Spandau Ballet. Paul Berrow was the Spielberg of early 80s pop videos. Simon mentions the RRHOF, and the possibility that both Warren and Andy will be on the stage. (News), (YouTube).
Mar 21 John interviewed by Zane Lowe for Apple Music. He says working with Graham, Erol and Giorgio was wonderful. They would love to have Graham back on stage with them at some point. (Facebook).
Mar 23 Roger gives an interview for Spin magazine. He said that producer Erol Alkan strove to create a live sound on the album, just like their early records. (Read).
Mar 23 Katy and Nick discuss their 2022 Oscar picks. They enjoyed The Power of the Dog and Drive My Car. (Read).
Mar 25 Simon makes a special news promo for the Dickies Arena show in Texas; he looks fantastic. (Facebook).
Mar 25 Simon calls in to The Mike & Carla Morning Show on KKLZ 96.3 in Las Vegas. He says working through the pandemic was good for the album, and made things easier by the end. He cant choose his favourite album. Never been to the Vegas venue before, looking forward to the Vagas shows in September. (Article/Video).
Mar 26 Nick tips Billie Eilish and several star actresses for Oscar winning success. (Read).
Mar 26 Foo Fighters 'Taylor' drummer Taylor Hawkins passes away of substance overdose. Tributes from many stars including Roger Taylor of Queen, and Roger Taylor of Duran. "He embodied the spirit of punk , coupled with amazing technique and ability. One of the last true ‘rock star’ drummers of our time ..I was truly honoured when I heard that [he was] in the audience at our last show in Vegas." (News), (Quote).
Mar28? The band return to England?
Mar 29 Roger is interviewed for Next Avenue. He said "you've got to kind of look like you don't really want to be there. You're not going to really look at the audience. You've just got to focus on playing the drums." (Read).
Mar 29 Fabiana Torras reports that DD are getting ready to release a new single, All Of You. (News-SP).
Mar 29 Loudwire runs an article about DD Vs Eminem in the RRHOF fan vote. (Read).
Mar 31 John talks about his love of painting, and the exhibition currently being displayed at One Hour Ahead studio in Aspen, CO. (Read).
Mar 31 Results for the RRHOF fan nominations at the end of the second month: Duran Duran 741k, Eminem 606.5K, Pat Benatar 473.6K votes.
Apr 1 Simon chats with South Korean Duran Duran fan Steve Hatherly for TBS 103FM radio. Simon and Roger had previously appeared on the show before. Simon says the 'screaming girls' demographic was good for the band, and goes through some Christmas questions. He likes how Yasmin cooks Brussels Sprouts. People are polarised in their opinions, but want to get back together as a culture. (YouTube).
Apr 1 Anthony J. Resta begins a technical breakdown series about the songs be worked on, beginning with Electric Barbarella. (Podcast).
Apr 4 Duran Duran win a Loudwire fan vote "Does it Rock Your Hall" about the RRHOF. (Read).
Apr 7 Ex-Smash Hits editor David Hepworth talks about the heyday of the magazine, and compares todays social media frenzy to the pin-up poster days of Duran Duran. (Read).
Apr 7 Ronnie Wood's eldest son Jesse of Reef talks about Andy Taylor. He said: “Andy is such a great guitarist and it was so good to have him on the album so we could weave; which is what my dad and Keith are very good at in the Stones." (Read).
Apr 8 Simon chats to John Bishop and Tony Pitts on his podcast Three Little Words. Writing is a need to get it out of yourself, to get back to a feeling of freedom. He wont watch videos of himself. He uses a Michael Hutchence inspired writing technique of writing freestyle, then refining those lines into the final lyrics. Thoughts about Compassion and Entertainment. The (latest?) setlists include one quarter rare album cuts and B-sides. Fear is adrenalin mantra. (Apple Music), (Setlists clip).
Apr 8 Simon talks to Matt Pinfield on South LA's 95.5 KLOS radio show. He says the bands first show at the Rum Runner was two months after he joined, surrounded by Mirrorplex and potted plants. In a chat about concert setlists, the host offers Last Chance on the Stairway as a fan favourite. Every step they took was in the moment; music keeps you in the moment. (YouTube).
Apr 11 Simons interview on SPIN Magazine's Lipps Service with Scott Lipps airs. He mentioned stories from his punk days in 1976/77. The Berrow's didn't like him at first, but the band voted to let him stay. The band often start with no preconceived ideas, and just a metronome to find the beat. (Listen), (Article/Listen)
Apr12? Simon records a show for BBC Radio 2, Sounds of the 80s, airs May 13th.
Apr 12 Polish rock band Chemia announce the release of a new album, produced by Andy Taylor. Due 29th April. (News).
Apr 15 Wet Leg - a group regularly plugged by Simon on Whooosh! - debut album reaches No.1 in the UK charts. (Article).
Apr 15 Ibiza Spotlight runs an article about the upcoming Ibiza show at Ushuaïa, calling for diehards to attend. (Read).
Apr 18 News of Nick and Roger's contribution to a new book from Roland/Bjooks, to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Due Summer. (News).
Apr 19 Announcement of the O2 Academy dates in Leicester; 21-22 May. (DD News), (Article).
Apr 20 Record Store Day is held, an event when all independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.
Apr 24 Duran Duran reach 900,000 votes in the RRHOF fan nominations. (Article).
Apr 24 Nick chats with Kim Gordon about New York's trendy fashion venue Danceteria. (Read).
Apr 24 Dan Parent releases a special Archie inspired rendition of the famous Nagel Rio album cover. (News).
Apr 24 Duran Duran Worldwide chats with producer Ian Little. (Interview).
Apr 26 Roger Taylor is 62 years old today. (Birthday Thanks).
Apr 26 A special promotion video for Hyde Park is released. (Facebook).
Apr27? The band fly to Ibiza
Apr 28 Nick announces a special art exhibition at Hangar in Ibiza, called Ghosts of Peonies. The exhibit runs from April 30th to May 1st during the 'Touch The Sunrise' event. The Peony photographs were taken over a period of three weeks during June 2021, in various states of decay. (DD.FB).
Apr 29 Reef album Shoot Me Your Ace, produced by Andy Taylor, is released. (News).
Apr 29 'Touch The Sunrise' weekend event in Ibiza. (News), (Tickets), (Brochure).
Apr 29 Duran Duran Ibiza Day 1: Come Undone.. Kick off your weekend at Destino with the welcome party with Erol Alkan (7pm-11:30pm)
Apr 29 JT and fans take snapshots of Ibiza's crystal waters, and sun-baked sands. (FaceBook).
Apr 29 The band interviewed by celeb DJ Pete Tong for IMS in Ibiza. (Walk In), (SLB/NR), (Intro), (Endurance Question), (Erol Question), (Stage Photos), (Article).
Apr 29 Erol Alkan hosts a DJ set at Destino, where a few DD songs are played. (All Of You), (SAP).
Apr 29 Voting closes on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan vote nominations. Duran win with 934,880 (17.22%) fan votes. Second is Eminem with 684,237 (12.6%), third is Pat Benatar with 631,299 (11.62%) (Source).
Apr 30 Duran Duran Ibiza Day 2: Taste the Summer.. as Duran Duran take over the legendary Ibiza institution, Pacha, for a Roger Taylor DJ Set (7pm-11pm)
Apr 30 Images from John Taylor's art exhibition Runaway. (JT/NR), (Art).
Apr 30 Roger Taylor DJ's a special Duran Duran themed megamix at Pacha! (Warmup), (HLTW/Roger/SAP), (SAP/House Set/IFL), (Sunrise/MOW), (Club Mix), (GOF/WB), (GOF/WB), (HLTW), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
May 1 Duran Duran: Ushuaïa, Ibiza
Ibiza Day 3: Finish your weekend under the stars at Ushuaïa for Duran Duran's headline performance. It’s the Last Night in the City! 7pm-11pm, with special guest Pete Tong. Simon has laringitus but still gives it 100% during AVTAK. (Weekend Tickets)(Warmup, Greetings), (Highlights-50mins), (Not.), (Reflex), (CU), (OW), (PE), (AVTAK), (GOF), (SAP)
May 2? The band fly to the South of France. (Source)
May 3 John interview with Sunday World is printed, from the week before. He says he is a 'morning person'. He never had a passport before the band got huge. He was lost in his 20's. Very happy that Dublin is going ahead. (Read).
May 3 Duran Duran: Private Show near Nice, France.
A private show, Simon's voice is still an issue. No further news. (CU), (Rio).
May 4 The band fly to Sicily.
May 4 Duran win an induction into the RRHOF. Simon said:"Here in the wild, beautiful world of Duran Duran, I think we’re all in a little bit of a daze about this. It’s one thing to be nominated – but a totally different thing altogether to be actually voted up for induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is to my mind the closest thing you’ll ever get to a rock & roll knighthood. We owe a great debt of gratitude to all our fans, and everybody else who kept us in the number one slot for almost the entire duration." (News), (Article), (Article), (Band Thanks!), (Band Thanks), (Roger Thanks).
May 6 Simon chats to Rolling Stone about being nominated. He confirms both Andy and Warren are happy to attend the ceremony in November. (Read).
May ? Duran Duran: Private Show somewhere in Sicily.
May 7 Andy Taylor tweets that he is looking forward to the RRHOF night. (Twitter).
May 10 Rio reaches the 40th Anniversary of its release. May 10th, 1981. (DD Article).
May 10 Nick and David Kershenbaum talk about Rio in three video clips, recorded recently in LA. (1), (2), (3).
May 11 Nick comments about the 40th anniversary of the Rio album. "Obviously with every new album we make, we always have to believe in it and feel we’ve gone in the right direction. But when we finished the Rio album, I looked around and I knew we’d done something special". (Tweet), (Article), (Article).
May 11 Roger interviewed by Renascença of Lisbon, Portugal, promoting the Rock in Rio event on June 25th. He says he almost changed his name to Roger Rogers. He was in the band for six months before they discovered the Taylor connection. The band had one week to write and record AVTAK. The Hysteria was intense. Time off turned into 15 years. (Facebook).
May 12 Neurotic Outsiders announce an expanded edition of their 1996 album, for release in June. (Article).
May 13 BBC Sounds of the 80's Rio 40 show with Gary Davis airs on BBC Radio 2, co-hosted by Simon. He said the RRHOF fan vote was really important, and kept the spotlight on the band. He was told DD would never be inducted in the HOF. John and Andy started rolling their jackets sleeves up; which lead to Miami Vice; and also started wearing the headbands. Huge knickers thrown on stage made the band laugh. Roger said My Own Way was inspired by Working Day and Night. Grace Jones went ballistic over a bill for champagne; threatening waiters at the point of a broken bottle. The band are hoping to get lots of bands on their summer tour. Simon has a life-size cut-out of Nick Rhodes in his library, which often looks out of the window as a security guard. (Listen).
May 16 John says ‘We thought we were the kings of the world when we made Rio’ in Yorkshire Post article. (DD.com), (Article).
May 16 Duran Duran Seated Q&A at PRYZM, Kingston-upon-Thames, London. Two events, @ 6pm and 8pm. Postponed twice, sold out. Gary Kemp helped the band get a Brit award. Nick talks SAP and Sri Lanka. Medazzaland, JT said he had given his whole life to the band, and was terrified he was being left behind. NFTs. Working with Andy and Warren for RRHOF show will be challenging. Reportage 'should come out' by needs polishing. Duranthology in the works, a whole album's worth of songs from Astronaut sessions. (News/Tickets), (Session 1 - 1hr).
May 18 DD confirmed to appear at The Queen's Platinum Jubilee concert, London. 4th June. (DD News), (News).
May 20 Author Travis Elborough claims 'Without the Sex Pistols there’d be no Duran Duran', in a letter to The Financial Times. (Source).
May 20 Roger talks to The Lancashire Post about the Lytham event. He says his first holiday was at Blackpool age 6. He is no longer bored with flying since the end of lockdown. “[During lockdown] I wanted a complete change, so I bought this farm which had this lovely big wine cellar and put my drums in there and played most days,” says Taylor. “It had the most amazing sound because of the ambience of the room. When we came back after lockdown, I could still play, which some people were surprised by!”. (Source).
Future Past Tour 2022
May 21 Duran Duran: The O2 Academy, Leicester UK.
Six albums cuts added to the set list. (News), (Tickets). (Newton/FTL), (AOY), (Reflex), (Tiger), (WHT), (OW clip), (PE), (PE), (HBTR), (GOF clip), (GOF), (Chauffeur), (Rio.clip), (Rio), (Chauffeur/SAP/Rio/Finale)
May 22 Duran Duran: The O2 Academy, Leicester UK.
Simon and John wear white jackets. (Newton/FTL), (AOT), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Union/CU), (OW), (PE), (PE), (HBTR), (HBTR.clip),(PE/GOF), (GOF), (Chauffeur clip), , (HLTW), (HLTW), (SAP).
May 23 John talks to Spin Magazine about the RRHOF, recorded from a zoom meet Fri 6th May. He never saw DD as a Rock and Roll band. There is a long list of songs they want to include on the tour: such as Faster Than Light, Beautiful Lies. He has one of the silk-screened photos left from his Ibiza event; featuring the cover of the band’s very first demo tape and meeting Princess Diana; the others having been signed away. (Read).
May 23 John and Nick interviewed in The Guardian. John says developing Rio took a long time. The song doesn't sound crowded even though everyone plays like "Me!, Me!, Me!". Nick says the video was meant to be aspirational, as there were too many "moaning" songs in the UK charts. (Read).
May 26 Duran Duran: Jelling Music Festival, Mølvangvej, Denmark.
(News-Danish), (News), (Tickets).
May 27 Erol Alkan released a special extended slower tempo remix of All Of You. (DD.News)
May27? Nick is interviewed on Swedish TV ahead of the show. He says seeing a David Bowie concert, age 10, made his mind up to be in a band. (source).
May 28 Duran Duran: Skansen, Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, Stockholm, Sweden
Saturday May 28th at 6pm. (News), (Tickets), (Event Trailer), (Full 1:30), (Full 1:25), (VN/WB), (WB), (Inv.), (AOY), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not.), (Union), (GIAU), (SLB Speech), (OW), (TU), (PE), (HBTR), (HLTW), (GOF/Accept.), (Chauffeur), (SAP), (Rio).
May 28 John says the RRHOF induction 'is a joke' because you cannot categorise a band like Duran. Several low-brow media venues report the misleading headline. (1), (2), (3).
May 29 Duran Duran: Sommerstemning Lillestrøm, Oslo Norway.
Sunday May 29 2022, at 6pm. (News), (Tickets), (Highlights 23mins), (VN/WB), (AVTAC)
Jun 2 Duran Duran In The Park Concert, Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki, Finland.
(News), (Event Home), (Full 1:42), (Highlights 6mins), (VN/WB), (VN/WB/GOF), (Not./PO), (GOF), (Chauffeur), (Rio).
Jun 4 The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace, London.
(Event), (News), (Full Show), (Not./GOF), (GOF).
Jun 5 Nick talks to The Independent Newspaper about the Jubilee Party: “We’ve all grown up with the Queen in our lives since we were born and so she seems like a character in Britain that we all know a little bit. And I do think it is the most extraordinary achievement. Her dedication to the nation has been like no other and for 70 years, it’s breathtaking. So to be a little part of that is very special.” (Source).
Jun 8 Nick Rhodes is 60 years old today. In a personal message to fans, be mentions not feeling his age, and not being able to work out why. (YouTube).
Jun 11 Roger talks to Bolton News ahead of the Lytham show in July: “The interest in the band does surprise me sometimes,” he said. “I always think that it’s going to come to an end at some point. It still shocks me when people are so interested. There have been some far better bands than us who have long gone by the wayside. We played our first date back last year and the reaction was incredible, it was like hysteria out there, I could not believe it. When Rio came out there was so much competition to get heard, there were some really great bands around and perhaps now finally people have given us a little bit of credit.”
Jun 12 Duran Duran: St. Anne's Park, Dublin. (Tickets)
(VN/WB, (VN/WB), (WB), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not.), (Union), (CU), (CU), (OW), (OW), (OW), (PE.Intros), (PE.clip), (HBTR), (GOF/80s), (Chauffeur), (HLTW), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
Jun 13 HotPress gives a good report on the Dublin show. (Link).
Jun 15 John talks to Scottish press ahead of their show in Inverness. “We just leapt at the chance to go to Inverness. Playing in Inverness is a very romantic idea and I hope we get the time to hang about there. My wife has never been to Scotland and is so excited. Inverness is going to be great as it is always a party when we play live. A party with feelings.” (Read).
Jun 15 Andy Taylor is featured in an article for Guitar Player, which also links to a 2021 film where he explains about his board and rig. (Source).
Jun 15 Duran Duran: Private performance in Berlin, Germany. Wednesday June 15 at the Malzfabrik. (source)
Jun 17 Duran Duran: Castle Howard Grounds, York, North Yorkshire, England.
Jun 18 Duran Duran come in at No.1 again! in a list printed by The Independent newspaper of The 15 Worst albums by classic bands. With Thank You. (Source).
Jun 19 Birmingham is named Best UK City For Music, beating Merseybeat and Madchester, for bands such as DD, UB40, and Black Sabbath. (Read).
Jun 19 John gives fans a glimpse of Bruges, Belgium, while exploring before the Zeebrugge show on the beach tonight. He thanks fans ahead of his birthday tomorrow. A big smile as a horse-drawn carriage arrives for him. (Instagram).
Jun 19 Duran Duran: Live Is Live, On the Beach, Zeebrugge, Belgium.

(News-dutch), (Info), (Tickets),

Jun 20 John Taylor is 62 years old today.
Jun 20 Photos from the Live Is Live event published in Front View Magazine. (Images).
Jun 23 Nick and John are interviewed by Vulture.com. They are very fond of the song Sound of Thunder. Nick never liked My Own Way. (Read).
Jun 23 Duran Duran: The First Summer, Parco Bussola Domani, Camaiore, Lucca, Italy. (Website), (Streetview), (Tickets). (VN), (VN/TWB), (Not. Speech), (OW Speech), (HBTR), (Chauffeur), (SAP),
Jun 25 Nick and John interviewed before their show in Portugal. Nick got a drawing of a Birmingham bus, and a bottle of wine of his birthday. "The Parallel Mothers" would be a good name for the band if they started today. John thinks "The Son of Bond" will be the next Bond movie title. (YouTube).
Jun 25 Duran Duran: Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal. The band headline the main stage on Saturday 25th June. (Website/Tickets), (Tickets), (Full 1:43), (Half 42mins), (VN/WB), (SAP).
Jun 26 Glam Magazine posts a short review and images of Duran's Rock In Rio event. "The band even had the opportunity to get out of line with a more classic, by recovering one of Nick Rhodes' favorite themes, “White Lines” or the timeless, but vibrant, and never-single, “Hold Back the Rain”. (Link).
Jun27? DD get a 12 page feature in men's fashion magazine The Rake International Edition 81. James Marsden on the cover. Most of the pics are of rare early vintage, and the article describes DDs enDURANce over the years. (Cover), (1), (2), (3).
Jun 30 Simon chats to Steve Wright on one of the final Steve Wright in the Afternoon shows on BBC Radio 2 around 3pm. He is excited about the Lytham show, as he has never been to Blackpool. The band once flew around Blackpool tower in a light aircraft, coming back from Scotland, which made Roger afraid. They plug Tonight United, the 4th single from Future Past. (Listen).
Jul 1 Duran Duran: Lytham Festival, Lancashire UK.
Headlining the main stage on Friday July 1st, at 5pm. Tickets on sale mid Sept 2021. (Tickets), (VN/WB), (AOY), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (Not. clip), (CU), (HLTW), (OW), (OW), (PE), (Reflex), (SAP), (SAP), (Rio), (Rio/Finale).
Jul 2 The Press give some positive feedback on the Lytham show (Blackpool Gazette), (Yahoo).
Jul 2 Duran Duran: The Caledonian Stadium, Inverness, Scotland. (News/Booking)
Jul 5 Duran Duran: The Piece Hall, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. 6-11pm (with EEVAH)
(News), (Event Home).
Jul 8 Duran Duran: Headline El Festival Cruïlla 2022; at the Parc del Fòrum, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona, Spain. Friday July 8th. (News), (Tickets).
Jul 10 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: BST Hyde Park, London.
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day.
Aug 19 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Treasure Island Amphitheater – Welch, MN
Aug 20 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: United Center – Chicago, IL
Aug 22 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Budweiser Stage – Toronto, ON
Aug 23 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Merriweather Post Pavilion – Washington, DC
Aug 25 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Aug 26 Duran Duran: Wonderbus Festival, The Lawn at CAS, Columbus Ohio. (Website/Tickets).
Aug 30 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Dickies Arena – Fort Worth, TX
Sep 1 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Wynn Encore Theatre – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 3 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Wynn Encore Theatre – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 4 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Chase Center – San Francisco, CA
Sep 7 Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Chic: Footprint Center – Phoenix, AZ
Sep 9 Duran Duran: The Hollywood Bowl, 8pm. (Tickets)
Sep 10 Duran Duran: The Hollywood Bowl, 8pm. (Tickets)
Sep 11 Duran Duran: The Hollywood Bowl, 7:30pm. (Tickets)
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 64 years old today.
Nov 5 Date for the RRHOF inductions ceremony, in LA, at the Microsoft Theatre. (Source).
Dec 8 Warren Cuccurullo is 66 years old today.
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