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The Duran Duran Timeline
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The band mix their 15th studio album, Future Past, and get ready for release in October. A small number of concerts are rearranged for 2022 due to a global pandemic.

Date Event
Jan ? The band get together again, 9 months after studios were closed due to a pandemic (according to Nick). They rehearse Bowie.
Jan 4 Synthesiser makers Roland presents an interview with Nick ahead of his Lifetime Achievement Award at the sixth annual event. Past recipients include: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Thomas Dolby, Jean-Michel Jarre, Omar Hakim, and Phuture's DJ Pierre & Spanky. The presentation is recorded in a 20min video. (Vimeo).
Jan 8 The band release a cover of David Bowie's song 'Five Years', a cover of the David Bowie song off of Ziggy Stardust. It is performed the following evening on “Celebrating Bowie: Just for One Day” Live Stream, which celebrated David’s birthday while raising monies for the Save the Children charity. (YouTube).
Jan 8 In advance of the Bowie celebration, JT picks some of his favourite Bowie tracks as well as a couple of DD Bowie covers for this extensive playlist. (Spotify).
Jan 9 Duran Duran appear among a star studded line-up during a virtual concert in celebration of David Bowie, Mike Garson's A David Bowie Tribute: Just For One Day. The concert included contributions from Duran Duran with Five Years, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Macy Gray, Charlie Sexton, Perry Ferrall, Peter Frampton, Dave Navarro, and Boy George, and many more (News). Pay-per-view virtual concert tickets also became available from Rolling Live Studios, so fans could re-watch the event. (Tickets).
Jan 10 Realising that Duran will outlive them all, a host of tired old music magazines do an about-face and give their support to Duran Duran for their cover song Five Years. “‘Five Years’ is…the opening track from Bowie’s classic 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, an LP that inspired all the young dudes from Duran Duran to take up instruments and chase the rock ‘n’ roll dream.” – Billboard “Duran Duran Deliver Blazing Cover of David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’.” – Rolling Stone “Duran Duran are back in Ziggy Stardust style.” – Entertainment Tonight Canada “They add in their own flair and pull it off well.” – Brooklyn Vegan “Stellar.” – Loudwire “Stirring Take.” – NME.
Jan 11 Duran Duran officially open an account on Giphy. A selection of animated Gif are uploaded in support of the 'Five Years' single, with transparent backgrounds, for embedding of mainly blogs, mailing lists and forums. (DD Gighy).
Jan 13 Rolling Stone magazine includes the band on their list of the '54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2021'. The has-been publication manages to rank Duran's forthcoming album in 50th place of 54 albums. (Link).
Jan 21 Roland and National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) formally presents Nick with his Lifetime Achievement, during a 1 hour NAMM awards event, broadcast for free to registered users on Believeinmusic.tv (DD.com news), (Facebook Event).
Jan 26 Sirius Radio announce two Duran-centric events: “Duran 40,” an exclusive playlist on Pandora, will feature the band’s biggest hits and fan favorites, along with commentary from the band and special guests. “Duran 40” will be hosted by the BBC’s Claudia Winkleman. Broadcast versions will air on SiriusXM’s Volume (channel 106) and First Wave (channel 33), starting January 28th. The show airs on the BBC Radio in May. (DD.com News), (News).
Jan 27 Simon Le Bon’s WHOOOSH! show moves to Sirius XM Volume for a 9pm weekly music show, with co-host Katy Krassner, on the Volume Channel. The show will re-air at the weekend. (News).
Jan 28 Duran Duran get ready to premiere their new video for “Five Years” exclusively on YouTube, with Nick doing an Instagram Live chat thirty minutes before the launch and John talking with fans on YouTube for the last ten minutes leading up to the debut.
Jan 28 "Five Years" video released on the official YouTube channel, with a mimed performance of the song, featuring Mike Garson on piano. John can clearly be seen corpsing at one point. The video is a first of its kind, with the virtual reality team painting ethereal imagery using Tiltbrush, and then, using the Unity game engine, put it all in a timeline for the crew to merge with the imagery of the band. This is the first time anyone has ever shot each member of a band separately and then hand-painted a world in virtual reality around them. (YouTube)
Jan 30 “The Sparks Brothers” film had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Nick said "I’m happy to see Edgar Wright’s glorious Sparks documentary is being released from the cutting room. It is a whirlwind journey through half a century of one of the most inventive and underrated bands out there. It’s a real thrill to see their resilience, fuelled by artistry and humour, continue to triumph. Watch it as soon as you can!"
Jan 30 Salon magazine celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single, “Planet Earth,” which was released on February 2, 1981. This terrific piece not only discusses the album, but the band returning to a space theme throughout their career. (Article).
Feb 2 40th anniversary of Duran Duran's first single, the UK release of Planet Earth.
Feb 2 ThisIsDig.com feature their Top 20 DD songs. (Link).
Feb 5 John Taylor becomes a proud step-grandfather, as Gela's son Travis and his wife Veronica Nash give birth to a Son. (Facebook and Photo).
Feb 12 Record sleeve designer Malcolm Garrett gives and interview for Louder Than War.com. He reveals some stories to go with the artwork. (Article).
Feb 13 The band talk to BBC's Claudia Winkleman for a BBC Radio 2 1hr special podcast show Duran Duran at 40, which airs May (Show), (Episodes).
Feb 14 The second 1hr episode of Duran Duran at 40 on BBC Radio 2, airs May. (Show).
Feb 15 Nick is a guest on the podcast “Last Party on Earth,” with host Tiga, speaking for almost 1:45mins. Nick's hard drive broke in 2020. He has worked with Wendy Bevan for months, making 4 albums worth of instrumentals. Simon yet to sing final vocals on a couple of Moroder tracks. He has sorted through 140,000 of his digital photos. Style matters. Loves magic, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. The early band played 'Risk'. Growing up stories. Living in fear of 'Prince' and 'The Police'. (Link/Listen).
Feb 16 Andy Taylor is 60 years old today.
Feb 18 duranasty.com enters its 19th year.
Feb 22 Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran (Second Edition) is released.

An updated edition of the 300-page art book, released in celebration of Duran Duran’s 40th anniversary. "Duran Duran’s 40th anniversary deserves a proper celebration, and there’s no one better equipped to do it than Durandy. Andrew Golub, the Duran Duran archivist, author, and activist known to fans worldwide as “Durandy,” is releasing his third book - an updated edition of Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran. With luxurious new packaging and expanded content. (News), (Buy on Amazon).

Feb 24 Bass Habits Episode 12-How to sound like John Taylor of Duran Duran, reveals some of John's quintessential bass secrets (YouTube).
Mar 1 Simon appears as a guest on the March 1 episode Blossoms Pubcast, “Instagram Thinks I am a Welder,”. He has finished final vocals on DD15. Whoosh! Sirius Radio show was inspired because his daughter said he never listed to new music anymore. His Top 5 songs from Manchester. (Link/Listen)
Mar 2 Hyde Park British Summertime Festival (With Headliners Duran Duran) still plan to go ahead in 2021. (News).
Mar 6 Bloomsbury Book Series 33 1/3 covers the Rio album. Written by journalist Annie Zalewski. Available as a virtual ebook and paperback. (Buy).
Mar 8 Lisbon and Rio festivals postponed until June 2022 and September 2022. (News).
Mar 12 On March 12, Rhino Records posts an opinion piece on their website saying the Duran Duran release, BIG THING, is an underrated gem. (Article).
Mar ? Formation of The Stand-Ins. Dominic Brown and Anna Ross team up with session musicians Jeremy Stacy (drums), John Hogg (bass), and Mike Bramwell (keys) to form The Stand-Ins. They rehearse covers of well known songs by the greatest bands of all time including: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, David Bowie, The Beatles and The Eagles among others.
Mar 19 Duran Duran Drop Five Classic Albums on Streaming Platforms. Medazzaland, Pop Trash, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, and All You Need Is Now are now available to stream from Digital Download Providers such as iTunes, Amazon Music, or streaming services (such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music.) Also available are TV Manias Bored with Prozac and The Internet?, and Jason Nevin's single remix of (Reach Up for The) Sunrise. (Twitter News), (News).
Mar 20 Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn released by Astronomia; a collaboration between Wendy Bevan and Nick Rhodes. This is the first of four planned releases by the group. "Each individual piece is a sonic painting, a tapestry of rich textures and haunting melodies forming soundscapes with an otherworldly atmosphere." The full album of 13 ambient tracks can be played for free from 11 different vendors, including Youtube. (Play Online), (DD.com News), (Track 1 YouTube Demo).
Mar 21 All You Need Is Now is 10 years old today. 9 tunes are released on i-tunes. A special retrospective of the album and the Girl Panic! video is released on the official website. (DD.com News)
Mar 26 Duran Duran's Lytham Festival show now rescheduled for Friday June 1st, 2022. (Local News).
Mar 26 Duran Duran’s show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre has now been rescheduled to Friday 17th September.
Mar 26 Isle of Wight Festival now rescheduled for Sunday 19th September 2021.
Mar 29 The UK Government tentatively relaxes restrictions enforced during the pandemic. Some businesses reopen. Travel restrictions lifted May 17th. All restrictions lifted in July. (Source)
Mar 30 BST Hyde Park event now rescheduled for 10th July 2022. (Re-schedule News), (Buy Tickets)
Late Spring The band finish recording DD15 at Assault and Battery Studio, London.
At last, mixing and remixing can begin while still in isolation, with a new single scheduled to be out in April 2021. (Source 2:22)
Apr 5? The Stand-Ins website goes live at thestand-ins.com. The site was founded/registered May 31st. Several free live YouTube shows are announced, April 22nd, May 6th, May 20th, and June 3rd 2021, Live from The Rockwood Studios. (Home/News).
Apr 5? Dominic Brown's album In My Bones is available for personally signed pre-orders. (Dom Brown Shop).
Apr 5 Dominic Brown posts two clips on The Stand-Ins YouTube channel, only to be taken down later. He riffs some Hendrix. (Channel).
Apr 9 UK Royal Prince Philip Winsor, Duke of Edinburgh, dies of old age at 99 years. The Prince was known for The Duke Of Edinburgh Outward Bound Awards courses for adolescents. Roger DJ'd at the annual award party event in October 2014. (Image).
Apr 9 BBC Radio 2 postpones Duran's DD40 show set to air April 10th. Replaced by a Tribute to Prince Philip.
Apr 9 Amid rumours of a new DD single, Katy Krassner Tweeted of a release possibility "sometime between Roger and John's Birthday." (Source)
Apr 12 Nick and Wendy from Astronomia release a video about their project. Nick says the album was very much inspired by the uncertain times of the global pandemic. (YouTube).
Apr 15 Dom Brown is interviewed by Dirac; specialists of Digital Room Correction. He talks about joining Duran Duran, his solo album, and how Dirac Live has enhanced his music. (YouTube)
Apr 19 The movie Me, You, Madness includes Hungry Like the Wolf in it's soundtrack. (IMDB), (Image).
Apr 20 Record Store Day is held, an event when all independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.
Apr 22 Nick and Katy discuss their Oscar Pick for 2021. (YouTube).
Apr 22 The Stand-Ins first live performance. Dominic Brown and Anna Ross join their compatriots to perform cover songs, at 8PM GMT. (Setlist), (Youtube-Private), (Channel), (Full YouTube).
Apr 26 Roger Taylor is 61 years old today. He posts a Birthday message online. (YouTube)
? Band manager Wendy Laister gets the idea to work with Nested Minds (when?); who studied under Neuroscientist Karl Friston, and created 'Huxley' - a creative AI that exists in the cloud. Providing with the lyrics, pictures, music and other information about the band, Huxley gets to work dreaming the video for Invisible; resonating smeared images with distorted footage, and band members singing the song - which they shot on an i-phone. The video was created entirely by Huxley and was "untouched by human hands". (Source).
May 2 Astronomia Videos released [updated weekly]. To accompany each track, ASTRONOMIA (Nick Rhodes & Wendy Bevan) will release a visually curated film melding their individual, art-driven aesthetics, commencing with the first single “The Great Attractor” and a new clip every week throughout the year. Visit the Astronomia Instagram page at @astronomiavolumes. (DD.com News/Videos).
May 6 The Stand-Ins second live show scheduled for this date on YouTube, at 8PM GMT. (Channel)
May 7 The band releases the result of a Spotify Social Media poll, which ranked Duran Duran videos. The winning video is “Save a Prayer.” (Link).
May 8 BBC Radio 2 airs the first part of 'Duran Duran at 40, at 9AM GMT. (News), (BBC Schedule), (Show)
May 9-10 Live (Mimed) performances of their new songs are filmed at London's Hammersmith Odeon. A huge red Duran Duran sign was on the side of the building. Filming took place Sunday 9th, and the band were all present (with Graham Coxon) on Monday 10th. Nick wore a snow leopard jacket. (Image), (Image).
May 11 The 41st Anniversary of Simon joining the band, May 11th 1980; wearing those pink (Simon claims more like maroon) leopard-skin pants.
May 12 Duran Duran announce they will perform their new single at the Billboard Awards show, May 23rd. (News).
May 15 The very lovely Amber Le Bon shares with the Be Well Collective the challenges that she has faces with her body image and self acceptance. She speaks about her anxiety attacks. (YouTube)
May 15 BBC Radio 2 airs the second part of 'Duran Duran at 40, at 9PM GMT. (Show)
May 17 Ordinary World Paul Oakenfold Mix features in the trailer for new Netflix show Sweet Tooth. Series airs June 4th. (YouTube)
May 19 BMG announces the signing of Duran Duran to their label, which also includes access to some of their back catalogue. (Article)
May 19 Pre-orders of Duran Duran's latest album Future Past went live at midnight. (Twitter News), (Pre-Order).
May 19 Invisible single goes on sale on streaming media platforms such as i-tunes, Apple Store, and Spotify.
May 19 Simon Le Bon is a special guest on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, 8:39 AM on BBC Radio 2. He says he heard the first single Planet Earth on BRMB Birmingham radio. The single is about a dysfunctional relationship, it's not a 'party tune', but the party banger is coming. The Assault and Battery Studio was old school. New album due October. (Source), (YouTube).
May 19 Invisible video is released on DD's official YouTube channel at 3PM UK time. It uses footage distorted by Huxley, an augmented reality artificial intelligence. (Invisible Video).
May 19 The official website compiles a list of press articles from this date, including: the Today Show, Rolling Stone, Musicweek, NBC and NME (DD.com Links).
May 20 The Stand-Ins third performance on YouTube, at 8PM GMT. (Channel)
May 20 The band interviewed by UK ITV News at 10, airs at 10PM. Clips from the interview are posted on the ITV website. They discuss how they made the Invisible video. (Article/Clips).
May 21 Two days after it's release, Invisible peaks on the official UK download chart at #44. (Chart link).
May 21 A news article about the band appears in The Guardian UK newspaper; featuring an interview conducted during their Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo date on May 10th. Roger reminisces about thousands of kids packing the Odeon. Simon was reluctant to make the album. Invisible is about someone who isnt listened to. Reportage may yet see the light of day. Nick says record labels becoming rich is like getting promoted for doing the worst possible job. DD six years ahead of i-tunes. (Article), (Full/Proboards).
May 21 John Taylor interviews Dominic Brown about his solo album In My Bones in Classic Pop Magazine. (News), (Link).
May 21 Simon talks with RTL in Italy, via Zoom. The news single contains a line about silent voices; which Simon says lines up with feelings towards current UK politics. The band like to explore and experiment with other great artists. Album title: "In the future, every moment in the present will be the past". (YouTube).
May 21 Simon interviewed on Italy's DeeJay Radio. They mention The Reflex was the first music video produced with CGI, a trend continued with Five Year and Invisible. The band will need a work permit to travel after the pandemic. (Source).
May 22 Nick, Simon and John interviewed for Canada's ET (Entertainment Tonight), ahead of their show at the Billboard awards. They talk about the Billboard show, and the video for Invisible. Clips of a recent photoshoot. (Source).
May 22 Duran (and Blur) ex-tour manager from the AYNIN tour, Craig Duffy, is killed in a road traffic accident. John and Nick pay tribute to him on Instagram. (News), (DD.com Tribute), (Instagram).
May 23 The band talk live online to E! ahead of their show at the Billboard Awards. (YouTube). Clip of the band talking about their first live shows, where Simon opened with "I Feel Love". (YouTube).
May 23 Duran Duran debut their latest single Invisible at The Billboard Music Awards, on Sunday May 23rd at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Pre-recorded live (perhaps from May 10th at Hammersmith Odeon London). Broadcast on NBC and later online. Graham Coxon was also on the set; consisting of Notorious, Invisible and HLTW. Nick wore a red snakeskin combo. (YouTube)
May 25 Simon appears on Billboard’s PopShop Podcast to discuss the band’s new single “Invisible,” its AI-created video, the group’s upcoming 15th album and more. (Link).
Jun 2? Duran Duran joined The Strombo Show / House of Strombo today at 2PM PT/5PM ET on Apple Music. They are putting finishing touches to the album, working on mixes and artwork. Album was supposed to be EP, but once they spent more time in studio they decided to make a whole album. JT talks about the Sex Pistols. UK touring might happen in Nov/Dec, depending on the pandemic situation. (Link)
Jun 3 The Stand-Ins perform their fourth show on YouTube at 8PM GMT. Set list included: Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones), Life on Mars (David Bowie), Remedy (The Black Crows), Led Zeppelin Medley, and Purple Rain. (Channel)
Jun 8 Nick Rhodes is 59 years old today. He gives a Birthday message talking about astronomy, Astronomia 2 released date Jun 20th, and saying we all deserve a refund for 2021 from our governments. (YouTube)
Jun 8 Simon interviewed on Spanish state channel news show, Telediario. He mentions how he must not only be vocally fit to sing, but physically as well. The band want to put four tracks (singles) out from the new album over the next 4 months, to develop a presence on radio and globally on social media. Ibiza show mentioned. He loves Spain. (Link/Video)
Jun 11 JT sits in on “For Your Ears Only,” a new podcast featuring artists that ‘reveal secrets from their favourite film and television music.’. (Link).
Jun 10 Cleveland OH Radio Channel 88.3 "The Sting" presents an 18 hour Duran Duran marathon. (News), (Website)
Jun 11 Simon is a guest on BBC Radio 2, Gary Davis Sounds of the 80's show. They play a 10min megamix of songs from the first album. Simon selects four tracks including Spandau Ballet's To Cut A Long Story Short, and thanking them for being an inspiration. (Listen)
Jun 12 DD fan DJ Diablo Roja from Atlanta, Georgia curated and presented a continuous 3-hour mix of 40 years of DD videos. Steamed live for three separate time zones on MixCloud.com. (News).
Jun 13 John reminisces about A View to a Kill in an article for Retro Pop Magazine. He said: “It was a big, big record to make… I think that Duran’s involvement did what Paul McCartney’s did; I think it rose the bar on what the theme song could do for a [James Bond] film, if it was placed rightly.” (Link).
Jun 14 Dominic Brown is 49 years old today. He posts a special message of thanks on DD.com, in which he talks about working with The Stand-ins, and also hopes "We" (DD) will be touring again soon. (DD.com News).
Jun 14 Nick interviewed on Zoom about Astronomia for MusicRadar.com. He also lists his Top 5 Synths, where the Roland Jupiter-8 comes out on top. "If I hear a noise in my head, chances are that I can make it with the Jupiter". (Article).
Jun 15 40th anniversary of Duran Duran's first album, the worldwide release of Duran Duran (1981 album). Andy Taylor tweets: "It was 40 years ago today… Thanks for the ride, memories, dramadies - who could ever have imagined it would become what it became..." (Andy Twitter). Articles were published on (Billboard) and (Ultimate Classic Rock).
Jun 15 Roger and John record an ‘oral history’ video for YouTube about the making of the band’s first album to honour the 40th year since its release. They confirm 1981 studio dates. Their flight cases used to be part of The Who's touring rig. Bob Lamb was very good at getting the sound. (YouTube).
Jun 16 Grunge.com features an article about the groups unreleased album Reportage, amid speculation that the band recently signing to the BMG record label could lead to a release. (Article).
Jun 18 Simon interviewed by The Project TV, for Channel 10 in Australia. He talks about the contemporary influence on the new songs. 1984 Mega-band Mania. Substance abuse and pressure caused the band to split in 1985. The fandom of Princess Diana. (YouTube).
Jun 18 John Taylor is a guest on the Richard Blade show, on SiriusXM. He says the band lost enthusiasm for DD40 and instead are concentrating on releasing the new album. (YouTube).
Jun 19 Rolling Stone Magazine article on the 30 Sexiest Videos of All Time ranks Duran's Girls on Film at number 11, just behind Britney Spears, Madonna and Prince. 'The Chauffeur' video doesnt even make the list. (Link)
Jun 20 John Taylor is 61 years old today. He posts a special Thank You to fans in an online video, stating he would love to do more live shows soon, and the band are still working very hard on the Future Past album. (YouTube).
Jun 20 Astronomia II: The Rise of Lyra released by Astronomia; a collaboration between Wendy Bevan and Nick Rhodes. This is the second of four planned releases by the group. The full album of 13 ambient tracks can be played for free from 11 different vendors, including Youtube. (Play Online)
Jun 21 The Stand-ins performed live at 'The Bedford' in South-west London.
Jun 27 DDWW Interview: Annie Zaleski Discusses Rio 33 1/3. (Interview).
Jun 29 RetroPop features an interview with Dom Brown. He explains thet not being a member means he is free to pursue solo work. (Source)
Jun 29 Please Please Tell Me Now: The Duran Duran Story, a biography book by Stephen Davis is released. (Buy), (Audiobook)
Jun 30 Simon Le Bon is awarded Facebook Songwriter of the Day. He accepts the award on behalf of the band, 'Songwriters' of the Day. (FaceBook)
Jul 3 Nick interviewed for the UK BBC technology programme Click; which celebrated it's 21st Birthday recently. He and Nested Minds Network specialist Dr Muddy Bhatt discuss how they encouraged 'Huxley' to come up with the video for Invisible. Each frame was generated from the lyrics. Huxley didnt do a very good job at first, until Simon also wrote down the emotions behind each line of the lyrics. (Link).
Jul 3 Sterling Campbell interviewed for the DrumWise tuition channel on Youtube. Say says DD helped him to break into the 1990s. (YouTube 22:00)
Jul 9 Duran Duran on The Today Show. Roger says the secret of their success is “not looking back.” Le Bon adds: “We’re good mates, and that goes a long way toward keeping us together as a band.” Three songs are show which were pre-recorded (mimed) at Hammersmith in London on May 10th with Graham Coxon. Invisible, Notorious (song), and the Premier of Give It All Up. (Interview), (Inv.), (Not.), (GIAU), (GIAU).
Jul 12 The band attend a photo shoot for magazines and promotion of the new album. (FaceBook)
Jul 13 40th Anniversary of the worldwide release of Girls on Film, Duran Duran's second single.
Jul 13 36th Anniversary of Live Aid, July 13 1985.
Jul 13 Ultimate Classic Rock magazine pays tribute to Girls on Film. (Article).
Jul 13 Duran Duran confirm their participation at the Global Citizen Live event, September 25th. (DD.com News)
Jul 13 Nick is in Naples, Italy, at the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte. (FaceBook).
Jul 19 The UK government lifts a pandemic ban on social gatherings, and the enforcement of social protections and distancing, which had been in place since April 2020. This removes the limit on the number of people who can attend concerts, and masks are no longer required by law.
Jul 21 John's protege Merchant releases the single Dead Days & Gatorade, along with a video directed by Nick Egan. John played bass guitar on the track. (Facebook), (YouTube).
Jul 21 John interview's Merchant on IG Live. (IG Live, Merchant)
Jul 21 Simon confirms on his Whooosh! show that he has the acetate for the new album; which means the album is mixed and finished. He confirms this again the following week.
Jul 22 John and Gela attend the DiscOasis in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles - a roller disco created by Nile Rogers. (Facebook).
Jul 26 The band are in New York promoting their new material. Rumours of a new video with Chai, and Jimmy Fallon show. (Source)
Jul 26 Under the Volcano, a documentary about George Martin’s Air Studios on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, features an interview with Nick. It is available to stream or buy. (Trailer), (Buy).
Jul 27 The story of SYN is told in an article for Little Black Book online. Nick Wood explains how the studio came into being. (Article).
Jul 27 Simon records an episode of Whooosh! with Katy at SiriusXM studio in NYC. (FB Photos)
Jul 28 Simon confirms on his Whooosh! show that the new album is finished.
Jul 30 Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson, a six-part documentary series airs on Apple TV. The six shows look at various artists including Paul McCartney, The Beastie Boys, Dave Grohl; and a guest appearances by Nick Rhodes and Andy Taylor during Episodes 1 and 4. (News), (Trailer).
Aug 1 40th Anniversary of the launch of MTV in the United States.
Aug 2 Duran Duran interviewed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in New York, for Bravo TV. Simon does a comedic impression of his bum note at Live Aid. GOF was like being on a porn film set. Mick Jagger said "stick together". Michael Jackson story. They would like to have a biopic made about their lives. John is a member of the mile high club. Simon has urinated while on stage. (Source), (1), (2), (3), (4).
Aug 3 Billboard reprints some quotes from last nights interview with Andy Cohen. (Article).
Aug 4 Alison Jackson, famous celebrity impersonator producer, puts out a casting call for young DD lookalikes for the Anniversary video (Link).
Aug 5 News of the release of a new single More Joy is announced on DD.com, along with the track listing for the new album. (DD.com News)
Aug 5 The second single from Future Past is released, entitled More Joy, with an animated video and lyrics to follow. This is a dance song produced by Erol Alkan.
Aug 5 More Joy enter the UK i-tunes downloads singles chart at #36 (Source), #48 in Italy (Source), and #58 in Australia (Source).
Aug 5 Rolling Stone Magazine publishes a brief article about More Joy. The song was inspired by a jam. Nick says it reminded him of a Japanese Arcade game. It was Simon's idea to include Chai. (Article).
Aug 5 An interview with Simon appears in Vulture Magazine. He talks about the story behind Tel Aviv. Nick's life is an ongoing art project. Story behind the Invisible video. Simon wants a 1970's mullet haircut. (Article).
Aug 6 Bandwagon Online features an article about More Joy. (Article)
Aug 6 Andy Taylor set to attend Rock and Raise fund raiser event in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sept 15th. (Article)
Aug 7? Simon attends the small and discreet wedding of Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer in New York City this weekend. Grace Gummer is the daughter of three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep. (News)
Aug 8 NME magazine online features an interview with Simon, in which he mostly talks about the lack of income from streaming services, where artists get 0.2p per stream, and says this needs to be reformed. (Article). This comes after an official government enquiry into streaming services in July.(Streaming News July)
Aug 8 Le Bon family granted a multi-million house extension, according to British Daily Mail newspaper online, because their kids refuse to leave home. (Article)
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day. For Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2021, the band release a video mainly about the development of More Joy. (YouTube). John said on DD.com "It always blows my mind there is such a thing as ‘Duran Duran Appreciation Day’. We are very lucky monkeys indeed to have been showered with the love and appreciation that we have been, from you, fans and music lovers, for the length of our careers. We want to take this day to appreciate ALL OF YOU, without whom none of it would be fun or worthwhile. You all keep us on the road. Thank you!".
Aug 10 Australia's Studio 10 show on Channel 10 features a special Duran Duran segment, in their morning show this morning. Montage of 80s clips, and they spoke about the new album and SLB's recent comments on streaming and expanding his home. (Source).
Aug 11 Roger and Simon Speaking to NYC radio Q104.3 on Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke show, about Future Past. "Invisible," story. Talk of Huxley. Mike Garson story. Falling song with Mike Garson is very special. Roger met David Bowie around 1983 during the Modern Love era, and was star struck. New U.S tour dates, 32 shows about to be booked. Princess Diana; DD was her band, Charles was a Dire Straits fan. Louvre diamond story. (YouTube).
Aug 12 The official animated video for More Joy is released. (YouTube).
Aug 12 Simon spotted heading towards his yacht in Portofino, Italy. Reported by the British Daily Mail newspaper. They speculate to get away from family dramas at home. (Article)
Aug 12 Duran Duran make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallen, at NBC Studios New York. A pre-recorded performance of Invisible. (YouTube)
Aug 12 Simon and Yasmin take photos with fans Nicoletta and daughter Arianna, in Portofino Italy. (FB/Story).
Aug 13 Simon sails to the island of Palmaria, greeted the diners of Locanda Lorena restaurant with the shout of "Wild Boys". After Catalan lobster, spaghetti alla Giuseppe, and the traditional sea bream in salt, he continued a tour of the island. (Article-Italian).
Aug 16 The official website presents Collectors Corner, with tickets and some rare memorabilia. (Article).
Aug 17? Simon and Yasmin surprise diners at the Juan and Andrea restaurant in Formentera. Suddenly, a man gets up from his table, approaches the guitarist and asks him for a song. The audience is stunned to hear Hungry Like The Wolf. "He has given us this wonderful moment," commented the restaurant. (Article/Video-Spanish)
Aug 18 Forbes publishes a Q&A with Nick and Wendy Bevan about the Astronomia project. (Link)
Aug 19 VH1's Behind The Music revival series features a special episode about Duran Duran. With new interviews. The original Behind The Music Duran Duran special was broadcast in April 1999, and remastered in 2010. (News), (Trailer), (FB Clip),(FB Clip)
Aug 19 First review of Future Past leaks in a small article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. They say Wing is the only bad song. Tonight United; a party banger with Giorgio Moroder; will be the standout track, and could lead to a DD revival. (Article)
Aug 20 The band announce the first dates on their U.S tour. Oct 3rd and 10th, at the Austin City Limits festival in Texas. Ibiza confirmed April 2022. (News).
Aug 20 Duran Duran reach 2 million Spotify subscribers. The most popular song on Spotify is Hungry Like the Wolf with 226 million plays. (DD Spotify)
Aug 20 The Chauffeur featured in the movie Habit (2021). (Wiki), (IMDB)
Aug 23 DDHQ announce two live show dates in September, at the O2 Institute in Birmingham, England. Priority tickets were made available early to members of the Duran Duran fan community. General admission tickets went on sale Fri 27th Aug.(DD.com News), (News), (Tickets).
Aug 23 Retro Pop magazine announces the Birmingham shows in a small article. (Article)
Aug 26 Stephen Duffy talks with British Yorkshire Post newspaper about The Hawks. (Article).
Aug 28 News of the new DD single Anniversary revealed in RetroPop magazine. Release date is set for Tuesday 31st August. (Wayback Link).
Aug 31 Anniversary is the third single from Future Past; premiered on UK BBC Radio 2 Zoe Ball Show at 7:50am GMT, and released worldwide shortly afterwards.
Aug 31 Anniversary peaks at #21 on the Italian Download Charts (Source), and #26 in the UK. (Source). The song breaks into the top 100 in Germany, New Zealand, Denmark and USA.
Aug 31 Duran Duran: Arena di Verona, Italy. The band were the special guests on stage at Arena di Verona, broadcast live on RTL 102.5 at 20.30pm. Anniversary was played live for the first time, and also (Reach Up for The) Sunrise. The host says "Duran Duran are the soundtrack to our lives".
(Full Show), (Anni), (Anni), (Sunrise).
Aug 31 The band receive the RTL Power History Award during the Verona show. (Full Show)
Sep 1 Duran Duran Fandom wiki gets an update. Dan7609 becomes a new site admin.
Sep 2 Notorious (song) sampled and covered in the movie trailer for Red Notice. (Trailer).
Sep 2 Nick and Simon discuss new album on Italian TV. (Link)
Sep 2 Duran Duran special guests at German Radio Prize Gala 2021, Hamborg Germany. They play Anniversary and Ordinary World live. (News - German), (Anni).
Sep 3 A new autobiography by Ian Little entitled Baptism of Fire takes pre-orders. Limited Deluxe Edition (400 copies/£75), and regular hardback (1600 copies/£22) are available. (Order)
Sep 4 Adam Buxton celebrates the 40th anniversary of MTV through British music; on BBC Radio 2. With several DD mentions (of course). (BBC Player). (BBC Listing).
Sep 7 A video was shot on location in London today for Anniversary, produced by Alison Jackson, featuring lookalikes of the original fab five. (Source).
Sep 10 Rachel O'Connor; who appeared in BBCs The Voice Series 3; reveals she is a new backing singer for Duran Duran on their UK tour. (Source), (Instagram), (YouTube).
Sep 11 More Joy reaches #2 on the 365 Radio Powerplay Top 30, with Anniversary making a new entry at #7. (Link)
Sep 11 Cherry Lipstick magazine Vol 3 Issue 11, also gets a physical release 25 Nov 2021. (Read/Order)
Sep 13 The band spend a day in rehearsals to prepare for their Birmingham shows. (Source).
Sep 14 Duran Duran: The O2 Institute, Birmingham, England.
The band debut Tonight United live, Velvet Newton, and also cover 'Acceptable in the 80's'. (VN/Inv.), (Reflex), (Reflex clip), (Not. clip), (SLB Speech/Anni), (Anni clip), (ST), (ST), (CU), (PO clip), (FOM), (SAP), (SAP), (TU), (TU), (TU), (HLTW clip), (HLTW), (GOF/Accept 80's), (WB), (OW), (Rio Clip/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
Sep 15 40th Anniversary of Duran Duran's first American tour.
Sep 15 Duran Duran: The O2 Institute, Birmingham, England.
(Highlights 1), (Highlights 2), (VN/Inv.), (Inv. clip), (Reflex), (Reflex), (SLB/Anni), (SLB/Anni), (PE), (PE), (FOM), (TU), (GOF/Accept 80's), (PD/WB clip), (WB/Rio), (Rio/Finale).
Sep 15 Andy Taylor Rock 'n Raise at Wylam Brewery in Newcastle UK, (Event).
(Highlights-15mins), (PE), (Johnny), (TakeItEasy), (SLIHot), (WHT), (CM), (HLTW/WB), (Rock It), (AddictedTL), (GetItOn), (TakeYouHigher), (Delilah), (Andy Speech/Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
Sep 17 Duran Duran: Scarborough Open Air Theatre.
Postponed from 2020; the first concert to be announced for 2021. (Highlights-34mins), (Intro/Inv.), (Reflex), (Not.), (CU), (AVTAK/FOM), (FOM), (PE), (PE), (PE), (PO), (OW), (Sunrise), (WL), (Accept 80's/Band Intros/GOF), (SAP), (SAP), (PD/WB/Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale).
Sep 18 Rachel O'Connor posts a clip of her dancing at last night's Scarborough show. (Link PO)
Sep 18 James Bond: Soundtrack Stories 1, The Classic Years airs at 9pm on BBC Radio 2. Nick discusses how they brought 80s glamour to James Bond with A View To A Kill. He mentions Andy smiling while making the AVTAK video. (BBC Listing).
Sep 19 Nile Rodgers is 69 years old today.
Sep 19 Roger and Nick interviewed by Absolute Radio at the Isle of Wight Festival. Joke about swearing. Roger is thankful they rehearsed. Nick says he thought the Birmingham venue was about to collapse (with the noise) at one point. Roger remembers the 1970s Isle of Wight album. (YouTube)
Sep 19 Duran Duran: Isle of Wight Festival - Seaclose Park, Newton, Isle of Wight, UK.
The band headlined the festival main stage Sunday 19th Sept. A firework display is choreographed for AVTAK.
(Most Youtube), (Reflex), (Not.), (Anni.), (CU), (AVTAK clip), (AVTAK), (PO), (PE clip), (PE), (OW), (TU), (Sunrise), (WL clip), (WL), (GOF clip), (GOF/Accept), (GOF/Accept), (GOF/Accept), (SAP clip), (SAP), (PD/WB), (WB fires), (WB), (WB/Rio), (Rio/Finale), (Rio/Finale), (Finale!)
Sep 21 John talks Anniversary with Jayn from Radio Alice on Audacity. JT said it was one of the last songs made for the album, and they coined the term "Durantastic" to express songs that retain signature elements of their sound. Also Future Past was one of their more "personal" albums, with SLB's lyrics supporting that. (Link).
Sep 21 Nick talks about the new album to Mexican journalist Gonzalo Oliveros Sánchez. He says Simon's radio show introduced him to new music. Austin festival mentioned. (YouTube)
Sep 22 Simon is a special guest on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. He has sent the new album out to as many people as he possibly can, so people can hear it. Zoe likes Give It All Up and Hammerhead. Global Citizen live will be on BBC 1. Anniversary is played. A fan from the Birmingham show gets to chat with Simon. (BBC link - 2:08:00), (YouTube).
Sep 22 Astronomia III: Heaven and Hell in the Serpent's Tail is released by Astronomia; a collaboration between Wendy Bevan and Nick Rhodes. This is the third of four planned releases by the group. The full album of 13 ambient tracks can be played for free from 11 different vendors, including Youtube. (News), (Play)
Sep 22 JT interviewed by 97.1 The Cities radio show. He says he wanted to write anniversary songs. The next video will "blow your mind", due Sept 28th. Favourite hotel aliases: he says "Prince Buster, Mull Holland, Laurel Cyn, Benedict Canyon". Simon has been a role model. 2022 will be the touring year. (Link).
Sep 22 Bootleg film Duran Duran - 40 Years of Hysteria is released on YouTube. A 2 hour clips show of fans, funny moments and general hysteria from the past 40 years. (Link)
Set 23 DDHQ announce the release of Tonight United for Sept 24th. (News), (News).
Sep 24 Tonight United digital single is released on i-tunes and other online music distributors.
Sep 24 Simon interviewed by Mercedes Martines and J.C Fernandez for Mercedes in the Morning show on Mix 84.1 FM Las Vegas. He mentions the vibe in the studio. Austin "Fear is just adrenaline, to make you do something extraordinary". Videos are different now. Live Aid was amazing. Fans are committed, name-checks IT, ARG, USA, JP. Fans under the tablecloth. Bands "exist because of your fans, they [pop fans] don't exist because of you". (YouTube).
Sep 24 The UK's Evening Standard newspaper prints a story about Duran Duran at the Isle of Wight Festival. (Article).
Sep 24 Rolling Stone magazine promote the Moroder inspired new single Tonight United; which they say will be the theme song for the London Global Citizen Live event tomorrow. (Article)
Sep 24 John and Simon interviewed on Britain's ITV News at 10pm. (News), (Interview).
Sep 25 Simon features in an article for The Daily Telegraph's Stellar magazine. On the subject of a biopic, he claims "We’ll do a surreal semi-fictional biopic with lots of jukebox music in it." (Article).
Sep 25? Nick talks about producing the latest album, for Sound on Sound.com. He says working with Moroder came together view smoothly. "He was the consummate professional, too. He’d turn up every day on time with his briefcase, get out his little keyboard and put it on the desk along with his computer and get to work." (Article Stub).
Sep 25 Entertainment Weekly magazine dashes out a quick review of Future Past. Mike Garson's Falling is a moony (should say 'moody') album closer, that would make Aladdin Sane blush. (News).
Sep 25 Duran Duran: London Global Citizen Live, London UK.
A 24-hour global fundraising event, aiming to provide COVID-19 vaccinations, end world hunger, plant millions of trees, and advancing equity. Live performances from all over the world. Duran play Ordinary World, Anniversary and Planet Earth. (OW), (Anni), (PE), (Event), (OW/Anni)
Sep 27? Nick and John interviewed in Hamburg Germany, promoting Future Past. The article is released Sept 29th. Anniversary was written to celebrate the bands' four decades together. (Article/Video)
Sep 29 John and Roger Q & A with Eric Alper on Twitter. Aired 1.30pm PST. Roger seemed to have a grounded personality in the 1980's, how did he handled it?. "Ha ha ha... I don't think I was "handling it", it was like being on a roller coaster ride! .."Duran World" and the world around it had already changed completely by the time I came back." Astro followed by SATRT were the hardest albums to produce. New video is "incredible!!!"; styled by celebrity impersonator producer Alison Jackson. (News), (J1), (J2), (J3), (J5), (J9), (R1), (R2), (R3), (R5), (R6), (R7), (R11), (R12).
Sep 30 John chats with Dingwall Guitars about how his bass playing has transitioned over the years, and how his move away from Peavey to Dingwall has helped him to get the best sound he wants. Recorded backstage probably mid Sept. (YouTube)
Sep 30 John and Roger featured in American Songwriter’s September/October issue, talking about Future Past. Erol Alkan wanted to get an organic sounding record where you can actually identify the individual members of the band. John says the album started with no preconceived ideas. Roger says they jam for hours, and see what comes out. Roger: "[We said] ‘let’s keep it simple.’ Don’t put too much paint on the canvas. We were very aware of how we used to work, so there’s a lot more space in the songs". (Article).
Oct 1? The band fly to America; LA via New York City.
Oct 1 Soho House Austin invites their members to attend a virtual listening party; with conversations with the band, and new tracks, via a downloadable app. (Venue), (FB).
Oct 2 Simon test drives a Jaguar F-Pace in LA. "It's a great car to drive and be seen in". (FB), (Twitter)
Oct 2 John interviewed by LaVoz magazine (Spanish). He revealed where the album title came from. "It was a day that we played some new songs for some young London photographers we were working with. One of them said "This is like Future Past." When we heard him, we asked him if that expression had come from that moment. He said yes and we immediately thought it was a great title." (English), (Article-Spanish).
Oct 3 Duran Duran: Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival, Zilker Park, Austin Texas.
Headlining the festival on both Sundays, 8:30-9:30pm. (Source).
(Reflex), (Not.), (Not.), (SLB Speech/Anni), (CU), (AVTAK), (AVTAK), (PO), (SLB/OW), (OW clip), (WL), (HLTW), (GOF/Accept), (Accept/Band Intros), (SAP), (Rio/Finale), (Rio clip), (Rio end/Finale).
Oct 5 NME magazine prints a list of their top 25 James Bond themes, AVTAK comes in at number 5; despite being the only song to hit No.1 in the charts - in 7 countries. (Article)
Oct 5 Duran Duran The Moody Theatre, Austin, Texas.
The band headline a televised Austin City Limits performance. (SAP clip), (SAP).
Oct 6 Sterling Campbell interviewed for Lombardi Live youtube channel. He says he learned to drum "by banging on cars." (YouTube)
Oct 7 John meets fans while out running in Austin, Texas. (Facebook)
Oct 7 Record Collector gives Future Past five stars out of five, saying "Wing is a Sinatra crooner and unmistakable. Future Past is a bold and brazen, unified statement. The best album since Rio. Seriously, it's a hoot." (Article)
Oct 8 Dreamstage announce the Anniversary video premier will be Oct 21st, along with a live streaming event and a fan Q & A. (News), (Tickets)
Oct 10 1986 story of Mara Blazic meets Simon printed in MamaMia. "In 1986, I met Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon. It changed the entire course of my life." They met in Sydney, Australia, in the penthouse suite of the famous Sebel Townhouse; having won a competition. (Article)
Oct 10 Duran Duran: Austin City Limits (ACL) Festival, Zilker Park, Austin Texas.
Headlining the Honda stage 8:30-9:30pm. (Source). (First Half), (Highlights-29mins), (Intro/HLTW), (Intro/HLTW), (Intro/HLTW), (Not.), (CU), (Sunrise), (PE), (GOF/Accept).
Oct 11 John posts an image of himself in Austin after Breakfast, with the tag line "The MoRnING AfTeR. It was an EPIC week. Thank y'all for the INSANE ACL festival, Austin." (Instagram)
Oct 12 Speculated: The band fly back to Europe
Oct 14 Nick is interviewed in Variety magazine about teen stardom, fashion, and "Under The Volcano". He said: "We used to go to women’s clothing stores to buy girls’ jackets and fabulous scarves, because the only things for men were horrible acrylic suits and V-neck jumpers." Recording on Monserrat: "We couldn’t record in London anymore. We were besieged by hundreds of people. You couldn’t call the police every time you needed to get out of a building. It was ridiculous and impractical. The idea of going to this secluded island in the Caribbean and having a state-of-the-art recording studio, on paper, seemed to be the most glorious fantasy. (Article)
Oct 15 The band interviewed for Billboard Italia on account of them making the October issue cover of Billboard in Italy. Unknown filming date. Simon said of the title track of Future Past "Sometimes you're up against yourselves [from the past] and you have to remind yourself 'I'm still in this, we're still alive'. This moment now can be just as important [as the past]." Working with Moroder was like going on a first date with a girl you had a crush on at high school. (YouTube)
Oct 15 Bandwaggon Asia runs a story about the new album, with questions asked to Simon and John. Simon said he never listened to the album for six months once the pandemic lockdown started. John said he left the band because it was all too much for him, a "crazy period". (Article)
Oct 15 Anniversary remains on the BBC Radio 2 'A' List for a 4th consecutive week. (Source)
Oct 16 Future Past gets a small review in Uncut magazine; which praises all of the guest performers. 7/10. (Source)
Oct 16 German heavy metal publication Vampster gives Future Past a full page glowing review. "What the gentlemen deliver here is really great, and shows that they were not only huge then, but also huge among its genre today. How timeless their sound is; surprised there are a few real hits on it, which are guaranteed to crack the charts, as well as ensure the success of album itself. (Article-German), (Translation).
Oct 17 Anniversary is back up to No.19 on The UK Radio Airplay Chart (Peaked at No.13). BBC Radio 2 is #8. Time 107.5 is #4. (Source)
Oct 17 Reflections of Darkness music magazine gives Future Past 8/10. "There is far more of a nod to their legacy than just reinventing pop for the hundredth time. Few bands can show such consistent resilience and relevance while clearly having an immensely wonderful time of it all. And it would take a monumental grump to deny them that." (Article)
Oct 19 The premier of the Anniversary video on YouTube, which uses lookalikes of the band and other celebs. (Source), (Video)
Oct 19 Nick interviewed for The Toronto Sun newspaper from Austin, Texas. Filmed October. Clips of the Anniversary and Invisible videos. They left the album alone for nine months during the lockdown. "As you get older, time becomes elastic." (YouTube)
Oct 19 Simon comments for an article in The Sunday Morning Herald. He says "I think my lyrics are more about real things. I’ve lived more. So I’ve actually got more to write about. I don’t have to make it up so much." The rise of repressive regimes bothers him, but he has faith in today's youth. (Article)
Oct 19 Press Coverage (NME), (Rolling Stone), (Music News), (Ultimate Classic Rock), mainly talking about the Anniversary video.
Oct 20 Give It All Up released to itunes and streaming services as a digital single.
Oct 20 Give It All Up visualiser video released on YouTube, with lyrics. (Video)
Oct 20 Simon and John interviewed in The Los Angeles Times. They laugh about Simon being the 'new guy' in the band. Simon said "I was trying [1980] to imitate David Bowie, I just did a very bad job of it. Well, that’s a little bit flippant. I imitated Bowie, Peter Gabriel and I wanted to sound a bit like Patti Smith as well." The NME snubbing. (Article)
Oct 20 Nick is interviewed by iHeart Radio about Future Past. He explains story behind Astronomia, and the albums are being released according to the four quarters of the lunar year. (YouTube)
Oct 20 Press coverage from: (NME), (Entertainment Weekly), mainly talking about Give It All Up single.
Oct 21 The making of the Anniversary video, called Double Take, streamed live on Dreamstage, followed by a fan Q & A with the band. The event will be available to stream until Oct 24th. (Dreamstage)
Oct 21 Nick interview (from Austin, TX) appears in USA Today. He says "We still have that determination to be better than anyone else – which is of course subjective – but you have to have that will. It’s the sort of merger of all of our personalities to make that one person that is Duran Duran." (Article).
Oct 21 Ultimate Classic Rock reviews Future Past. " Duran Duran are at their best here when they don't try to escape their legacy." (Article)
Oct 22 Future Past, Duran Duran's 15th album is released as a digital download, a 15 track Special Edition, vinyl, and also on compact disc.
Oct 22 Duran Duran.com gets a makeover. The web site is unlinked from Warner Brothers, dark background is updated to white, 'Writing' section and JT's Vault are no longer linked to the navigation bar. The previous version of the web site can be found here.
Oct 22 A review of Future Past is printed in The Times newspaper. 4 out of 5 stars. (Clipping)
Oct 22 DD make the anniversary cover of the Official Hommes Italia magazine. (Source)
Oct 22 Long time DD fanatic Jennifer Aniston got to interview Simon conducted during rehearsals for the recent tour. He says he is very angry with Apple, itunes, and other streaming platforms because of their royalty practices, and general lack of respect for artists (Article)
Oct 22 Erol Alkan talks about his love of Duran Duran from an early age. The first record he bought was the extended 12" single of The Reflex. (YouTube)
Oct 22 John and Rogers give a 45min interview for iHeart Radio. Andy Taylor almost drowned after he was thrown off the boat in the Rio video, due to swimming for 20mins. John loves the latest Bond theme. AVTAK recording session was one week, with Bernard Edwards joining them. The peak of the madness. They mention the Girl Panic! video. (YouTube).
Oct 23 Duran Duran perform Anniversary live on the UK's Jonathan Ross Show. Recorded Oct 20th. (Source). Simon talks about almost drowning in the Fastnet race. (YouTube), (Anniversary).
Oct 23 A special 1hr interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Stories about the Past and Future Past. "When it's all over, I'll give it all up". The nodding interviewer knows the exact running time of Save A Prayer, he says he likes Liberty, but claims the band have only released 12 albums. The Rolling Stone interviews which wrote the band off. John thanks the critics. (YouTube).
Oct 25 Future Past hits the Official UK Album Chart at No.2, with Elton John and Lana Del Rey also fighting for next weekends No.1. Potentially on its way to become their highest-charting record in 38 years, since 1983’s chart-topping Seven And The Ragged Tiger. Results on Friday 29th. (News).
Oct 25 Roger and Simon interviewed by Sky News. They explain the development process. Simon said "You can't be top of the pile for 40 years, but you know, halfway down, even near the bottom, kind of is acceptable." (Article/Clip).
Oct 25 The band talk about working with Giorgio Moroder and Erol Alkan. (Facebook)
Oct 26 Future Past Digital Album released. Featuring all 15 tracks at 320kbps lossless quality, in Mp3 and FLAC formats. (BUY).
Oct 26 Billboard run the headline: "Elton John and Duran Duran Battle For U.K. Albums Chart Crown". 14,974 Elton Vs 13,524 for Duran, 1450 sales difference (Article).
Oct 26 John Taylor is interviewed on BBC Rado 2 The Afternoon Show, by Janice. He talks about making sounds which feel good played over and over again (Give It All Up)]. More Joy was finished, but Nick could hear Japanese girls in the song; Simon said "I know who you should ask"; having heard them at SYN Tokyo. (Listen)
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 63 years old today. He has lunch with his Father as usual; they share the same Birth date. He also recorded a special Birthday message for Instagram. (Message).
Oct 27 Nick is interviewed on IG Live by Katy Krassner. The album title (and song) Future Past came after the Covid hiatus. The song has had at least 6 very different variations over time. Nick likes Beautiful Lies the most, and would like to remix the Moroder songs. News leaked of the Dec BBC show. He wishes Elton John (featured in the Anniversary Video) all the very best for this weekend. (Instagram)
Oct 27 Roger hosts a Future Past album play-along live on Twitter. He said about More Joy: "Actually, one of my favourite rhythm tracks on FUTURE PAST. I'm a huge fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and had to channel my inner Kenny Morris for this one." (Source)
Oct 27 The Mirror UK newspaper predicts the band will continue tour as holograms after they are dead. The "Glamfathers" Simon and Roger agree. (Article).
Oct 27 The band feature on the cover of Classic Pop magazine, with a very long article about future past (10 pages), and the Wedding Album (5 pages). (Source)
Oct 27 UK Newspaper The Sun reveals Duran are planning a biopic. Roger: “It is being discussed and we’ve had different scripts and ideas put forward. We would love to do something like that, and I think something will happen in the next few years. I would want a really good Hollywood actor to play me." (Source)
Oct 28 Simon and John are interviewed on BBC Breakfast show The One. (Source), (Watch)
Oct 29 Future Past peaks at No.1 in the U.K Independent charts (Source), and No.3 in the UK Album charts (Source); equalling Astronaut, and beating TWA. Germany peaked at #8; becoming their biggest selling DD album on record. New Zealand peaked at #9; the third most successful DD album ever. Italy #10. Australia was #16; their biggest hit since Seven and the Ragged Tiger.
Oct 29 Roger and Simon on Lorraine UK TV show. It was John who suggested Anniversary. They are grateful to the pre-order fans for their recent chart success. They like the new James Bond theme; Simon jumps in to suggest they do the next one. (YouTube).
Oct 29 Nick replies to his own previous quotes in Interview magazine. Morrissey is much like Duran, Springsteen is OK, Jackson is tainted. "In the ’90s, they closed the door on the ’80s and threw away the key." (Article)
Oct 31 Future Past enters the U.S Billboard Top 40 Albums chart at position #28. (Source)
Oct 31 Simon talks to UK gay comic Alan Carr on his radio show Life's a Beach (S2 EP4). He talks about Drum and underpants. Wing is about self loathing and optimism, a pure melodrama. The line "I pray to consequence" is the most melodramatic line he has written. Chat about Anniversary video, Daniel Craig Vs Elton Johns cock. Hotels around the world. (Listen)
Oct 31 Nick and Nefer take off their masks for Halloween. (FaceBook)
Nov 1 An article about Future Past appears in Metro Weekly. They say "it not only succeeds as a great Duran Duran album, but a stellar pop record in its own right." (Article)
Nov 1 Tortoise interviews Nick for 1hr, talking about Future Past. He talks about influences. Nick and John used to religiously buy a magazine called Rock Scene. Meeting Andy Warhol. Thinking about Side A and Side B on a record. (YouTube)
Nov 1 MSN run a story claiming the band used to order drugs on room service. (Source)
Nov 2 DD.com posts another image featuring many press quotes about the new album. (FaceBook), (Facebook2)
Nov 2 Katy leaks the news of a new single on the way with Lykke Li and Mark Ronson on her Ask Katy section. "The song simply wasn’t finished in time to make the release date but the band hope it can be finished over the coming month, and released!" (Source)
Nov 3 The band appear in the December issue (#525) of Record Collector magazine. (Buy)
Nov 4 Stephanie Pistel takes some promotional photos of the band (perhaps at Kew Gardens?). (Source)
Nov 5 Simon interviewed on Sunrise Breakfast TV show in Australia. Two interviews on main tv breakfast shows. The standard 80's references and clips. Simon spoke about recent themes - 40 years, magic in the recording studio, loving music, bringing people together, catching covid etc. Probable Aussie tour in second half of 2022. (Watch)
Nov 5 JT appears in episode 3 of Rockman Power Hour web show. He said "There was food thrown around the room" regarding the creation of the FP LP cover. Funko Pop figures: "I was in a store in Texas, and there were 20 of them all in a row, all of them Andy." (YouTube)
Nov 6 Future Past enters the U.S Independent Albums chart at #2. (Source)
Nov 6 Simon on the Today Show in Australia. He said the 1980's "were a time for mavericks, in all forms of art".(FaceBook).
Nov 6 Nick is interviewed for the Le Viola show on Argentinian TN channel. He said "We tell everybody. The audiences in Argentina are the loudest. They dance more, and they sing more, then anywhere else [in the world]." (Part 1), (Part 2)
Nov 7 John and Gela in San Francisco with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and presidente Marco Bizarri, at LACMA's ART + FILM event. Gela's birthday was Nov 1st. (Photo)
Nov 8 Nick chats on Canadian Radio (Source)
Nov 8 John chats to Argentinian Super Fan Fabiana Torras (FabyDD) for UltraBrit. He says Graham was introduced via Nick and then Erol vouched for him later. Mining for Gold nuggets. Finding 'best sides' on the Anniversary video. Future Past Easter eggs. Liberty was No.1 for three months straight. JT book in Spanish. (YouTube)
Nov 9 Simon and Yasmin attend a star studded launch of Gabriella Peacocks new book '2 Weeks to Feel Great', at The Pavilion Club in London. (Source)
Nov 10 DDHQ confirm the 'Touch The Sunrise' weekend event is still going ahead as planned, in Ibiza, April 2022. (Source). Tickets went on sale today at 1pm. (Book).
Nov 10 The band confirm they are thrilled to have been asked to perform at the iconic BBC Radio Theatre, to kick-off BBC Radio 2 ’s `In Concert’ season. Ticket registration is NOW open, and will close on Monday 15th November at 23:55. (News), (Tickets).
Nov 11 John is interviewed for Consequence.net. “Our fans have taken so much shit over the years — ‘What, you still like Duran Duran?!‘ Even the first time around — ‘You like Duran Duran?!’ So to give them an album that they can say, ‘See…,’ it’s good for them. They’re proud, as are we.” (Source)
Nov 14 Nick responds to a viral image of himself, next to Brittany Spears, on Twitter. (Twitter).
Nov 14 John wins a Lifetime Achievement Award in the December 2021 issue of Bass Player magazine. (Duranasty News), (Cover/Facebook)
Nov 17 Nick is interviewed for Jaxsta magazine online. "You’ve got to keep your blinkers on and keep moving forward with the albums: what can we make, how good can we make it?" (Source)
Nov 19 Simon and Pete Tong chat on Instagram about next years Ibiza DD monster weekend. (Source).
Nov 20 Duranasty Webzine November 2021 issue. Exclusive stories about the collaborations, insights about the songs and beautiful artwork. Roger: "It’s definitely one of the strangest records we’ve ever made. Erol Alkan wanted this to be a quick album. He wanted it to be high energy, he wanted it to be very live in the way that we recorded it. And he was thinking we could get the whole thing done in three or four months." (Duranasty Nov21)
Nov 20 Simon interviewed for BBC Radio Devon Richard Green show (from 2:22:00). DD management thought the album needed collaborations, Simon thought that the first version of Give It All Up was already perfect. (Listen)
Nov 24 John interviewed by Cleveland Ohio.com. "We’re rather like a marriage, a long-term marriage. There’s always disagreement. We’re always trying to, really subconsciously, reinforce the idea we’re better off together -- even though we’re all narcissistic egomaniacs." (Read)
Nov 25 Simon attends The Battle of the Commentators fundraising event in Battersea London (Facebook)
Nov 26 DD is delighted to welcome Pete Tong and Erol Alkan to Touch The Sunrise Ibiza. (Facebook)
Nov 26 John on Toronto Radio, Toronto Today with Greg Brady. (News), (Listen 11:50).
Nov 27 Simon is a guest on Soccer AM, a British football-based comedy/quiz show, produced by Sky Sports. Simon loses the game, but privately donates money to the charity. (News), (YouTube).
Nov ? Nick interviewed on The Today Show in Australia. Says the album was a bit tense at the start, and took a break for 10 months due to Covid. He confirms DD have been approached to do a Biopic. They are working on the story. Nick favours using computers to deep fake themselves in the roles. (YouTube)
Nov 29 Simon Le Bon and John Taylor talk with Sodajerker about FUTURE PAST. The pair reflect on the band's creative process, including their approach to groove, tempo and melody, and their recent collaborations. (Spotify), (Google)
Dec 2 Simon is interviewed for British The Big Issue magazine. (Read)
Dec 2 Nick in CTV The Marilyn Denis Show. (Watch).
Dec 2 Anna Ross interviews Rachael O Connor before the BBC show. Riverdance and Lord of the Dance stories. (YouTube)
Dec 2 Duran Duran perform a special concert to kick off the BBC Radio 2 'In Concert' season. Revealed on IG live Oct 27th.
(Full 1:20), (Playlist).
Dec 2 Dom posts some images from the BBC show. (1), (2).
Dec 3 John gives a personal interview for Schon! Magazine. John reveals he is a diabetic. "I got a fucking diabetes diagnosis… [life is] complicated, you know?". He mentioned noticing more male fans: "There was a time where you could literally count the guys in the audience! And I just saw in the eyes of these guys… they were looking at me as if to say, ‘wow,’ like, ‘I know you.’ There was this kind of ownership that worked both ways. I knew these guys. I grew up with them, and I was, you know, the ‘chosen one’ of our neighbourhood [generation]. (Read)
Dec 4 The Daily Mail Newspaper comments on the bands energetic BBC performance. (Read)
Dec 6 The band accounce 2 new dates for 2022, Castle Howard (17th June) in Yorkshire, and the Caledonian Stadium (2nd July) in Inverness, Scotland. (Howard News/Booking), (Caledonian News/Booking).
Dec 7 Nick, and the ever beautiful Nefer, appear on Red Ronny.TV, with comedy actor Carlo Verdone. He goes throught the album track by track. Thoughts about David Bowie and Mike Garson. Mentions the Sparks 1979 album No.1 In Heaven. Ronsons guitar on Wing is the prettiest he's ever written. (YouTube)
Dec 8 Warren Cuccurullo is 65 years old today.
Dec 8 Simon interviewed on Good Morning Britain, UK. He was at home in front of the Christmas tree and the life sized cut out of Nick. Basic plug for FP, showed snippet of Anniversary video and mentioned Hyde Park, Castle Howard and Inverness.
Dec 8 The band appear at UNICEF's Blue Moon Galga, London. (UNICEF Event), (Photo).
Dec 9 Nick Live on Newsday @8pm GMT, hosted by Rafer Guzman. He says they have rejected 'a couple' of scripts for the biopic project, which now looks unlikely. No new singles with Mark Ronson planned. (News/Watch)
Dec 14 Behind the Scenes clips posted on social media. (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).
Dec 15 Nick Rhodes talked on Twitter Spaces to discuss the NFT project for an hour. (6 pm GMT, 1 pm EST).
Dec 16 An exclusive INVISIBLE Collection of artworks released on Thursday, December 16th at 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT on the OpenSea platform. The 100 (1 of 1) stunning NFTs released by CUB3 in conjunction with LA based Gabba Gallery. (DD News).
Dec 17 Simon is back with a brand new book to read on BBC CBeebies Bedtime Stories! Available from Friday 17th December on the BBC iplayer. (News).
Dec 17 John releases a festive Duran Duran's Holiday Playlist on Spotify. (Spotify).
Dec 17 DDHQ update their DD classic playlist Room 7609 on Spotify. (Spotify).
Dec 20 New date announced. Duran Duran in Norway at Sommerstemning Lillestrøm on May 29, 2022. (News).
Dec 20 Forbes runs a story about the Whooosh! radio show. Simon said "Katy is the foil that makes it all work." (Read).
Dec 21 Rolling Stone ranks FP 15th in the top 20 albums of 2021. (News).
Dec 21 Ultra Classic Rock ranks FP 13th in the top albums of 2021. (News).
Dec 21 Astronomia IV: The Eclipses of Algol, by Nick Rhodes and Wendy Bevan released. The albums were released according to the moon cycles and the four quarters of the year. (DD News), (Listen), (Buy).
Dec 23 Variety runs an article on the 360 Reality Audio they used to mix Future Past. Nick says the difference is amazing on a good sound system or headphones. (Source).
Dec 24 Santa visits Roger (Source).
Dec 25 The band deliver several snow globes (1), (2), (3), (4), and a festive greetings card on social media. (Instagram).
Dec 27 Future Past still at #71 in the UK Album charts, marking two months in the UK Top 100.
Dec 28 'Make A Difference Heroes meets Duran Duran' Broadcast on BBC London and UK South local radio stations, at 9am and 9pm GMT. (Listen).
Dec 31 Duran appear (Live?) from Times Square NYC, on Friday December 31 (starts from 8pm ET), for CNN’s New Year’s Eve Celebration show. This mimed performance may have been re-recorded? Nick wears a lemon tie and shirt. (News), (AOY), (AOY).
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