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The Duran Duran Timeline
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The band mix their 15th studio album, Future Past, and get ready for release in October. A small number of concerts are rearranged for 2022 due to a global pandemic.

Date Event
? Speculated: At some point, the band finish recording DD15 at Assault and Battery Studio, London.
At last, mixing and remixing can begin while still in isolation, with a new single scheduled to be out in April 2021.
Jan 4 Synthesiser makers Roland presents an interview with Nick ahead of his Lifetime Achievement Award at the sixth annual event. Past recipients include: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Thomas Dolby, Jean-Michel Jarre, Omar Hakim, and Phuture's DJ Pierre & Spanky. The presentation is recorded in a 20min video. (Vimeo).
Jan 8 The band release a cover of David Bowie's song 'Five Years', a cover of the David Bowie song off of Ziggy Stardust. It is performed the following evening on “Celebrating Bowie: Just for One Day” Live Stream, which celebrated David’s birthday while raising monies for the Save the Children charity. (YouTube).
Jan 8 In advance of the Bowie celebration, JT picks some of his favourite Bowie tracks as well as a couple of DD Bowie covers for this extensive playlist. (Spotify).
Jan 9 Duran Duran appear among a star studded line-up during a virtual concert in celebration of David Bowie, Mike Garson's A David Bowie Tribute: Just For One Day. The concert included contributions from Duran Duran with Five Years, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Macy Gray, Charlie Sexton, Perry Ferrall, Peter Frampton, Dave Navarro, and Boy George, and many more (News). Pay-per-view virtual concert tickets also became available from Rolling Live Studios, so fans could re-watch the event. (Tickets).
Jan 10 Realising that Duran will outlive them all, a host of tired old music magazines do an about-face and give their support to Duran Duran for their cover song Five Years. “‘Five Years’ is…the opening track from Bowie’s classic 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, an LP that inspired all the young dudes from Duran Duran to take up instruments and chase the rock ‘n’ roll dream.” – Billboard “Duran Duran Deliver Blazing Cover of David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’.” – Rolling Stone “Duran Duran are back in Ziggy Stardust style.” – Entertainment Tonight Canada “They add in their own flair and pull it off well.” – Brooklyn Vegan “Stellar.” – Loudwire “Stirring Take.” – NME.
Jan 11 Duran Duran officially open an account on Giphy. A selection of animated Gif are uploaded in support of the 'Five Years' single, with transparent backgrounds, for embedding of mainly blogs, mailing lists and forums. (DD Gighy).
Jan 13 Rolling Stone magazine includes the band on their list of the '54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2021'. The has-been publication manages to rank Duran's forthcoming album in 50th place of 54 albums. (Link).
Jan 21 Roland and National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) formally presents Nick with his Lifetime Achievement, during a 1 hour NAMM awards event, broadcast for free to registered users on Believeinmusic.tv (DD.com news), (Facebook Event).
Jan 26 Sirius Radio announce two Duran-centric events: “Duran 40,” an exclusive playlist on Pandora, will feature the band’s biggest hits and fan favorites, along with commentary from the band and special guests, kicking off on January 28. “Duran 40” will be hosted by the BBC’s Claudia Winkleman. Broadcast versions will air on SiriusXM’s Volume (channel 106) and First Wave (channel 33). (DD.com News), (News).
Jan 27 Simon Le Bon’s WHOOOSH! show moves to Sirius XM Volume for a 9pm weekly music show, with co-host Katy Krassner, on the Volume Channel. The show will re-air at the weekend. (News).
Jan 28 Duran Duran get ready to premiere their new video for “Five Years” exclusively on YouTube, with Nick doing an Instagram Live chat thirty minutes before the launch and John talking with fans on YouTube for the last ten minutes leading up to the debut.
Jan 28 "Five Years" video released on the official YouTube channel, with a mimed performance of the song, featuring Mike Garson on piano. John can clearly be seen corpsing at one point. The video is a first of its kind, with the virtual reality team painting ethereal imagery using Tiltbrush, and then, using the Unity game engine, put it all in a timeline for the crew to merge with the imagery of the band. This is the first time anyone has ever shot each member of a band separately and then hand-painted a world in virtual reality around them. (YouTube)
Jan 30 “The Sparks Brothers” film had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Nick said "I’m happy to see Edgar Wright’s glorious Sparks documentary is being released from the cutting room. It is a whirlwind journey through half a century of one of the most inventive and underrated bands out there. It’s a real thrill to see their resilience, fuelled by artistry and humour, continue to triumph. Watch it as soon as you can!"
Jan 30 Salon magazine celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single, “Planet Earth,” which was released on February 2, 1981. This terrific piece not only discusses the album, but the band returning to a space theme throughout their career. (Article).
Feb 2 40th anniversary of Duran Duran's first single, the UK release of Planet Earth.
Feb 2 ThisIsDig.com feature their Top 20 DD songs. (Link).
Feb 5 John Taylor becomes a proud step-grandfather, as Gela's son Travis and his wife Veronica Nash give birth to a Son. (Facebook and Photo).
Feb 12 Record sleeve designer Malcolm Garrett gives and interview for Louder Than War.com. He reveals some stories to go with the artwork. (Article).
Feb 13 The band talk to BBC's Claudia Winkleman for a BBC Radio 2 1hr special podcast show Duran Duran at 40, which airs May (Show), (Episodes).
Feb 14 The second 1hr episode of Duran Duran at 40 on BBC Radio 2, airs May. (Show).
Feb 15 Nick is a guest on the podcast “Last Party on Earth,” with host Tiga, speaking for almost 1:45mins. Nick's hard drive broke in 2020. He has worked with Wendy Bevan for months, making 4 albums worth of instrumentals. Simon yet to sing final vocals on a couple of Moroder tracks. He has sorted through 140,000 of his digital photos. Style matters. Loves magic, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. The early band played 'Risk'. Growing up stories. Living in fear of 'Prince' and 'The Police'. (Link/Listen).
Feb 16 Andy Taylor is 60 years old today.
Feb 18 duranasty.com enters its 19th year.
Feb 22 Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran (Second Edition) is released.

An updated edition of the 300-page art book, released in celebration of Duran Duran’s 40th anniversary. "Duran Duran’s 40th anniversary deserves a proper celebration, and there’s no one better equipped to do it than Durandy. Andrew Golub, the Duran Duran archivist, author, and activist known to fans worldwide as “Durandy,” is releasing his third book - an updated edition of Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran. With luxurious new packaging and expanded content. (News), (Buy on Amazon).

? The band team up with a company called Nested Minds (when?); who studied under Neuroscientist Karl Friston, and created 'Huxley' - a creative AI that exists in the cloud. Providing with the lyrics, pictures, music and other information about the band, Huxley gets to work dreaming the video for Invisible; resonating smeared images with distorted footage, and band members singing the song - which they shot on an i-phone. The video was created entirely by Huxley and was "untouched by human hands". (Source).
Mar 1 Simon appears as a guest on the March 1 episode Blossoms Pubcast, “Instagram Thinks I am a Welder,”. He has finished final vocals on DD15. Whoosh! Sirius Radio show was inspired because his daughter said he never listed to new music anymore. His Top 5 songs from Manchester. (Link/Listen)
Mar 2 Hyde Park British Summertime Festival (With Headliners Duran Duran) still plan to go ahead in 2021. (News).
Mar 6 Bloomsbury Book Series 33 1/3 covers the Rio album. Written by journalist Annie Zalewski. Available as a virtual ebook and paperback. (Buy).
Mar 8 Lisbon and Rio festivals postponed until June 2022 and September 2022. (News).
Mar 12 On March 12, Rhino Records posts an opinion piece on their website saying the Duran Duran release, BIG THING, is an underrated gem. (Article).
Mar ? Formation of The Stand-Ins. Dominic Brown and Anna Ross team up with session musicians Jeremy Stacy (drums), John Hogg (bass), and Mike Bramwell (keys) to form The Stand-Ins. They rehearse covers of well known songs by the greatest bands of all time including: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, David Bowie, The Beatles and The Eagles among others.
Mar 19 Duran Duran Drop Five Classic Albums on Streaming Platforms. Medazzaland, Pop Trash, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, and All You Need Is Now are now available to stream from Digital Download Providers such as iTunes, Amazon Music, or streaming services (such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music.) Also available are TV Manias Bored with Prozac and The Internet?, and Jason Nevin's single remix of (Reach Up for The) Sunrise. (Twitter News), (News).
Mar 20 The Fall Of Saturn released by Astronomia; a collaboration between Wendy Bevan and Nick Rhodes. This is the first of four planned releases by the group. "Each individual piece is a sonic painting, a tapestry of rich textures and haunting melodies forming soundscapes with an otherworldly atmosphere." The full album of 13 ambient tracks can be played for free from 11 different vendors, including Youtube. (Play Online), (DD.com News), (Track 1 YouTube Demo).
Mar 21 All You Need Is Now is 10 years old today. 9 tunes are released on i-tunes. A special retrospective of the album and the Girl Panic! video is released on the official website. (DD.com News)]
Mar 26 Duran Duran's Lytham Festival show now rescheduled for Friday June 1st, 2022. (Local News).
Mar 26 Duran Duran’s show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre has now been rescheduled to Friday 17th September.
Mar 26 Isle of Wight Festival now rescheduled for Sunday 19th September 2021.
Mar 29 The UK Government relaxes restrictions enforced during the pandemic. Some businesses reopen. Travel restrictions lifted May 17th. (Source)
Mar 30 BST Hyde Park event now rescheduled for 10th July 2022. (Re-schedule News), (Buy Tickets)
Apr 5? The Stand-Ins website goes live at thestand-ins.com. The site was founded/registered May 31st. Several free live YouTube shows are announced, April 22nd, May 6th, May 20th, and June 3rd 2021, Live from The Rockwood Studios. (Home/News).
Apr 5? Dominic Brown's album In My Bones is available for personally signed pre-orders. (Dom Brown Shop).
Apr 5 Dominic Brown posts two clips on The Stand-Ins YouTube channel, only to be taken down later. He riffs some Hendrix. (Channel).
Apr 9 UK Royal Prince Philip Winsor, Duke of Edinburgh, dies of old age at 99 years. The Prince was known for The Duke Of Edinburgh Outward Bound Awards courses for adolescents. Roger DJ'd at the annual award party event in October 2014. (Image).
Apr 9 BBC Radio 2 postpones Duran's DD40 show set to air April 10th. Replaced by a Tribute to Prince Philip.
Apr 9 Amid rumours of a new DD single, Katy Krassner Tweeted of a release possibility "sometime between Roger and John's Birthday." (Source)
Apr 12 Nick and Wendy from Astronomia release a video about their project. Nick says the album was very much inspired by the uncertain times of the global pandemic. (YouTube).
Apr 19 The movie Me, You, Madness includes Hungry Like the Wolf in it's soundtrack. (IMDB), (Image).
Apr 20 Record Store Day is held, an event when all independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.
Apr 22 Nick and Katy discuss their Oscar Pick for 2021. (YouTube).
Apr 22 The Stand-Ins first live performance. Dominic Brown and Anna Ross join their compatriots to perform cover songs, at 8PM GMT. (Setlist), (Youtube-Private), (Channel), (Full YouTube).
Apr 26 Roger Taylor is 61 years old today. He posts a Birthday message online. (YouTube)
May 2 Astronomia Videos released [updated weekly]. To accompany each track, ASTRONOMIA (Nick Rhodes & Wendy Bevan) will release a visually curated film melding their individual, art-driven aesthetics, commencing with the first single “The Great Attractor” and a new clip every week throughout the year. Visit the Astronomia Instagram page at @astronomiavolumes. (DD.com News/Videos).
May 6 The Stand-Ins second live show scheduled for this date on YouTube, at 8PM GMT. (Channel)
May 8 BBC Radio 2 airs the first part of 'Duran Duran at 40, at 9AM GMT. (News), (BBC Schedule), (Show)
May 9-10 A video for their latest single Invisible is filmed at London's Hammersmith Odeon. A huge red Duran Duran sign was on the side of the building. Filming took place Sunday 9th, and the band were present (with Graham Coxon) on Monday 10th. (Image), (Image).
May 11 The 41st Anniversary of Simon joining the band, May 11th 1980; wearing those pink (Simon claims more like maroon) leopard-skin pants.
May 12 Duran Duran announce they will perform their new single at the Billboard Awards show, May 23rd. (News).
May 15 BBC Radio 2 airs the second part of 'Duran Duran at 40, at 9PM GMT. (Show)
May 19 Pre-orders of Duran Duran's latest album Future Past went live at midnight. (Twitter News), (Pre-Order).
May 19 Invisible single goes on sale on streaming media platforms such as i-tunes, Apple Store, and Spotify.
May 19 Simon Le Bon is a special guest on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, 8:39 AM on BBC Radio 2. He says he heard the first single Planet Earth on BRMB Birmingham radio. The single is about a dysfunctional relationship, it's not a 'party tune', but the party banger is coming. The Assault and Battery Studio was old school/shabby. New album due October. (Show).
May 19 Invisible video is released on DD's official YouTube channel at 3PM UK time. It uses footage distorted by Huxley, an augmented reality artificial intelligence. (Invisible Video).
May 19 The official website compiles a list of press articles from this date, including: the Today Show, Rolling Stone, Musicweek, NBC and NME (DD.com Links).
May 20 The Stand-Ins third performance on YouTube, at 8PM GMT. (Channel)
May 20 The band interviewed by UK ITV News at 10, airs at 10PM. Clips from the interview are posted on the ITV website. They discuss how they made the Invisible video. (Article/Clips).
May 21 A news article about the band appears in The Guardian UK newspaper; featuring an interview conducted during their Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo date on May 10th. Roger reminisces about thousands of kids packing the Odeon. Simon was reluctant to make the album. Invisible is about someone who isnt listened to. Reportage may yet see the light of day. Nick says record labels becoming rich is like getting promoted for doing the worst possible job. DD six years ahead of i-tunes. (Article), (Full/Proboards).
May 21 John Taylor interviews Dominic Brown about his solo album In My Bones in Classic Pop Magazine. (News), (Link).
May 21 Simon talks with RTL in Italy, via Zoom. The news single contains a line about silent voices; which Simon says lines up with feelings towards current UK politics. The band like to explore and experiment with other great artists. Album title: "In the future, every moment in the present will be the past". (YouTube).
May 21 Two days after it's release, Invisible peaks on the official UK download chart at #44. (Chart link).
May 22 Nick, Simon and John interviewed for Canada's ET (Entertainment Tonight), ahead of their show at the Billboard awards. They talk about the Billboard show, and the video for Invisible. Clips of a recent photoshoot. (Source).
May 22 Duran (and Blur) ex-tour manager from the AYNIN tour, Craig Duffy, is killed in a road traffic accident. John and Nick pay tribute to him on Instagram. (News), (DD.com Tribute), (Instagram).
May 23 The band talk live online to E! ahead of their show at the Billboard Awards. (YouTube). Clip of the band talking about their first live shows, where Simon opened with "I Feel Love". [1].
May 23 Duran Duran perform their new single Invisible, pre-recorded live from May 10th at Hammersmith Odeon London, at their first ever The Billboard Music Awards, on Sunday May 23rd at 8pm ET/5pm PT. The show was broadcast on NBC and later online. Blur’s lead guitar player Graham Coxon also took to the stage with them during their set; consisting of Notorious, Invisible and HLTW. (YouTube)
Jun 2? Duran Duran joined The Strombo Show / House of Strombo today at 2PM PT/5PM ET on Apple Music. They are putting finishing touches to the album, working on mixes and artwork. Album was supposed to be EP, but once they spent more time in studio they decided to make a whole album. JT talks about the Sex Pistols. UK touring might happen in Nov/Dec, depending on the pandemic situation. (Link)
Jun 3 The Stand-Ins perform their fourth show on YouTube at 8PM GMT. Set list included: Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones), Life on Mars (David Bowie), Remedy (The Black Crows), Led Zeppelin Medley, and Purple Rain. (Channel)
Jun 8 Nick Rhodes is 59 years old today.
Jun 8 Simon interviewed on Spanish state channel news show, Telediario. He mentions how he must not only be vocally fit to sing, but physically as well. The band want to put four tracks (singles) out from the new album over the next 4 months, to develop a presence on radio and globally on social media. Ibiza show mentioned. He loves Spain. (Link/Video)
Jun 10 Cleveland OH Radio Channel 88.3 "The Sting" presents an 18 hour Duran Duran marathon. (News), (Website)
Jun 11 Simon is a guest on BBC Radio 2, Gary Davis Sounds of the 80's show. They play a 10min megamix of songs from the first album. Simon selects four tracks including Spandau Ballet's To Cut A Long Story Short, and thanking them for being an inspiration. (Listen)
Jun 14 Dominic Brown is 49 years old today.
Jun 15 40th anniversary of Duran Duran's first album, the worldwide release of Duran Duran (1981 album).
Jun 20 John Taylor is 61 years old today.
Jun 21 The UK government lifts a ban on social gatherings, and the enforcement of social protections and distancing.
Jul ? Rumours that the second single from Future Past will be released. Most likely a dance track, produced by Giorgio Moroder.
Aug 1 40th Anniversary of the launch of MTV in the United States.
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day.
Aug ? Rumours that a third single from Future Past will be released. Most likely a duet with a female singer who is "in the same league as Lady Gaga".
Sep 15 40th Anniversary of Duran Duran's first American tour.
Sep ? Possible release of the fourth single from Future Past, mentioned by Simon 8th June.
Sep 17 Scarborough Open Air Theatre show. (Venue/Tickets), (Tickets),
Currently the band's only planned theatre headliner concert for 2021. Friday 17th Sept. Tickets from £45 + booking.
Sep 19 Nile Rodgers is 69 years old today.
Sep 19 Isle of Wight Festival - Isle of Wight, UK. Duran Duran due to headline the main stage on Sunday 19th Sept. (Venue/Tickets), (Tickets).
Oct 8-11 'Touch The Sunrise' event in Ibiza scheduled for this date. The band have confirmed this is happening. (DD.com News), (Tickets)
Oct 9 Day 1: Taste the Summer as Duran Duran take over the legendary Ibiza institution, Pacha, for a Roger Taylor DJ Set (7pm – midnight).
Oct 10 Day 2: Come Undone… They’re taking things down a notch for an open air cinema screening under the stars at Destino (6pm – 11pm).
Oct 11 Day 3: To top the weekend off in true Duran Duran style, they're putting on a headline show to remember. It’s the Last Night in the City! 5pm – midnight (7 hours)
Oct 22 Scheduled released date of Future Past, Duran Duran's 15th album.
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 63 years old today.
Dec 8 Warren Cuccurullo is 65 years old today.
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