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The Duran Duran Timeline
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The first six songs of All You Need Is Now are completed. Some sporadic touring.

Date Event
Jan 5 Simon and Yasmin attend the UK premiere of The Wrestler (a film directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Mickey Rourke) at Vue Cinema in London. (source).
Jan 7 The compilation album Super Eurobeat: Vol. 193 - Revival Hits released, featuring a cover version of "Save A Prayer" by David Dima.
Jan 8 R&B singer Lamya Al-Mugheiry, former background vocalist for Wedding Album and Thank You, passes away at 35.
Jan 13 "Notorious B.I.G." is included on the Notorious (soundtrack).
Jan 22 John is on a panel talking about 80s fashion for BBC Radio 4 show Style On Trial, hosted by Stuart Maconie and Lauren Laverne.
Jan 28 Duran Duran tape a live performance and a long interview with Will Hodgkinson about songwriting and lyrics for Sky Arts 1’s Songbook at the Hospital Club Studios, Covent Garden, London. Dom Brown’s wife Martha Riley appears on stage and plays violin on some tracks such as "A View to a Kill".
bootlegged on SkyArts Songbook, SkyARTS Songbook (DVD) and Songbook Performance. (Part 1), (Part 2). (Source), (Source).
Feb 3 Nick and John confirm the band’s spending a few days in Sphere Studios, London, to begin writing new songs and Dom Brown has joined them for the first time. (DD.com), (Proboards.com)
Feb 7 Simon and Yasmin take part in the Finch & Partners’ Pre-BAFTA party held at Annabel’s nightclub in London. (source).
Feb 10 American Christian metal band Red release the album Innocence & Instinct, featuring a cover version of "Ordinary World".
Feb 16 A blog from John, confirms recent recent events and dates in the studio. (DD.com).
Feb 16 War Child: Heroes compilation album released by Parlophone, with bonus download tracks featuring a live performance of a James Bond movie song medley by Duran Duran and Mark Ronson originally recorded at the Experience Paris show in 2008.
Feb 19? Nick gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the studio and new album, after two weeks of work. Simon is working on vocals for Blame The Machines, and they have a demo of Leave a Light On. Plus a track which never made it to the album. (YouTube).
Feb 19 British newspaper Daily Mail announces Nick and his girlfriend Meredith Ostrom have just split up. (Source), [http://www.duranasty.com/news_home/archived_news_february_2009.htm (source).
Feb 21 Simon and Yasmin attend the Qasimi show at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009 at Saint Mary’s Church in London.(Source), (Image)
Feb ? Simon and his brother Jonathan take part in an ice sailing race on a frozen lake in Sweden as guests of the BBC Two program High Altitude, presented by Ed Leigh and Graham Bell and scheduled to be aired on March 8.
Mar Doubleyousee aka Warren Cuccurullo's album Playing In Tongues released by Edel Records in Europe, with Zappa Records releasing it later in the USA during June 2009.
Mar 5 Roger and Jake interviewed on the snowy streets of New York ahead of their Cielo Club gig. Rogers says he doesnt want to be pigeon holed. (FB Video).
Mar 5 Roger and his partner Jake Fonique play a DJ set at Cielo club in New York City.
Mar 7 Roger and Jake Fonique deejay at Gryphon nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.
Mar 8 High Altitude: Series 1, Episode 7 broadcast by BBC Two in the UK, featuring Simon Le Bon.
Mar 9 The British Music Experience, a permanent, high-tech, interactive British rock and pop music exhibition, opens in the O2 Bubble. Seven musical eras, from 1945 to the present day, are represented with their own exhibition zones. The 1975-85 zone also contains a blue silk suit worn by Roger in Rio video. (Source). https://web.archive.org/web/20090313062415/http://www.britishmusicexperience.com/index.cfm?PageID=73
Mar 12 Nick attends the Naked Soul art exhibition in Howick Place, London. The event is presented by his former girlfriend Meredith in support of Youth for Youth, a charity that works to prevent gang violence and drug use. (Image), (News).
Mar 18 The band enters the studio with music producer Mark Ronson and sound engineer Andrew Newton. (DD.com News), (DD.com News), (News)
Mar 23 John participates in the Tap Project Radio, a collaboration between DJs, musicians, celebrities and music lovers to raise awareness for the world water crisis.
Mar 24 Mark Ronson invites Kaiser Chiefs’ drummer and songwriter Nick Hodgson to Duran Duran sessions. New Musical Express reports they have worked for a few hours with the band and written three songs together. (source), (DD.com).
Mar 26 Sky Arts 1 airs the performance live Songbook recorded in late January. (Duranasty). (Part 1), (Part 2). (DD.com News), (DD.com News).
Mar 27 "The Reflex" is included on the compilation album V Festival Presents.
Mar 27 From his blog on the official Duran Duran website, Simon says they are taking the weekend off. Confirms the band’s parting ways with Sony Music. (Source).
Apr 1 As a part of a charity auction for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, Roger teaches a Duran Duran fan a drumming lesson.
Apr 3 The Independent features an interview by Gillian Orr with John about his dream-band, which includes Justin Timberlake on vocals, Nile Rodgers and Steve Jones on guitars, Stuart Zender on bass, Jools Holland on piano, Phil Collins and Bill Bruford on drums, Earth, Wind and Fire on horns and Bond on strings. (DD.com News), (News).
Apr 16 The band confirm their date for the Orange County show. (DD.com News).
Apr 18 Simon and Yasmin are among guests invited to the wedding of actress Patsy Kensit and English DJ Jeremy Healy at the Royal Houseguards in London.
Apr 19? The band (except Simon) fly to America.
Apr ? Roger is filmed by Nick, talking about Would Someone Please Explain?: The Best Of Duran Duran's Ask Katy. He mentions a free book. (YouTube).
Apr 21 Nick takes part in the Vanity Fair party during the annual Tribeca Film Festival at the State Supreme Courthouse in New York City. (Duranasty.com). (Source).
Apr 24 Nick and John attend the opening night of Rigoletto at Wortham Theater Center in Houston. (DD.cvom News), (Source), (Source).
Apr 25-30 Simon Sailing, Antigua Sailing Week. He crews on his close friend Charles Dunston’s Transpac 52 Rio that wins overall honors for the Antigua Sailing Week, one of the top five regattas in the world. (DD.com News)


Apr 30 John reveals Mark Ronson is producing new Duran Duran album on Duranasty. (Duranasty), (Source).
May 3 The album Electro House Collection 35 released, featuring a remix of "Skin Divers".
May 4 Simon and Yasmin are present at The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion costume institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. (News), (Image).
May 7? The band return to England.
May 9 Simon is interviewed by Lauren Laverne on her BBC 6 Music radio show and confirms the band’s coming back in the studio for starting a new session with Mark Ronson before summer tour reahearsals. (Source).
Early Summer Simon sits in has back garden one evening, opens a couple of bottles of wine, and writes the lyrics and tune for Before the Rain. (Source)
May 21 Mark Ronson plays a revised version of "Rio" on BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Show. They substitute the word Ronson for Rio. Nicks synth is placed laughingly high in the mix. (DD.com), (BBC iPlayer), (Mp3!).
May 22 Yasmin hosts an eighties-themed party at Raffles nightclub in London and is joined by Simon and their daughter Amber. (News), (News).
Jun 2 An article on British tabloid newspaper Daily Star reports Mark Ronson has been working with the band for six weeks on an album that sounds like Rio. (DD.com News), (News).
Jun 2? The band take a sight seeing trip around the city of Saint Petersburg. Nick comments that the show is in two days time. (Youtube).
Jun 3? Simon attends a soccer match in St. Petersburg - Boca Argentina Vs Inter Brazil. (Source 1:35)
Jun 4 Duran Duran: Ledovy Dvorets, The Palace Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia
A free show in the public square with special guest Anastacia. About 1500 attend this concert in spite of heavy rain and wind.
Bootlegged on Russia: 2009
. (Source), (source).
(Highlights), (Russia Intro/AVTAK), (HLTW), (Reflex), (CU), (SAP), (SAP/RCM), (PE), (Papa Was a Rolling Stone/GOF), (Sunrise/WB), (Rio), (Rio clip), (Rio/Finale).
Jun 5 During an interview by Georgie Rogers of BBC 6 Music radio, Mark Ronson says new Duran Duran album is their best for twenty years and could be released before the end of the year.(source), (source).
Jun 6 Simon, Yasmin, Nick and an unknown guest (later identified as Marie-Louise Stoffel, a young Swiss socialite being actually in London for study purposes) join the fourth annual fundraising gala dinner for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation at Hampton Court Palace in London. (Source), (Source).
Jun ? Roger and Nick interviewed. Mark Ronson made a big impact on the album. They have the music for the new album, but still waiting on Simon to complete the lyrics. (YouTube).
Jun 15 Dom Brown and Blue To Brown: The Bedford, Balham, London, United Kingdom (with The Legendary Rhythm Methodists)
It’s a special one-off gig with Dom’s father Rob on vocals, Magnus Box on bass, Mike Bramwell on keyboards, Martha Riley on violin and Andy Treacy on drums.(Source), (Forum News).
Jun 19 Nick and Roger reveal the group have made no plans retire and to take a step back from the spotlight, in an article for This is Bristol. (DD.com), (Source).
Jun 25 Michael Jackson passes away of accidental overdose of sleeping pills. The Jackson 5 heavily inspired Roger Taylor, and Michael almost worked with the band. He phoned them up, but they forgot to phone him back.
Jun 25 John appears as a famous rocker named Tommy Wilder on ABC program Samantha Who?: The Rock Star (episode 2.14) with Christina Applegate. (DD.com). (YouTube).
Jun 29 According to British magazine Contact Music, Duran Duran expect big things from their collaboration with Kaiser Chiefs’ drummer Nick Hodgson and it seems there won’t be a brass section on the upcoming album unlike things Mark has done before. (DD.com News), (News).
June 29 Roger is interviewed by Warm 106.9 FM radio station in Bremerton, Washington. (DD.com News).
Jul 2 John does an interview on 103.7 FM radio station in Seattle, Washington.
Jul 3 Andrew Matson of The Seattle Times defines the band oddly underrated musically, despite its international fame. (DD.com News), (News).
Scottish tabloid newspaper Daily Record announces Mark Ronson will join Duran Duran on stage at their massive Edinburgh Castle gig. (DD.com News), (News).
Jul 5 Duran Duran: Marymoor Park Amphitheatre, Redmond, Washington, United States (with Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head)
bootlegged on Marymoor 2009
Jul 7 Duran Duran: The Fillmore, San Francisco, California, United States
The band dedicates "Do You Believe in Shame?" to Michael Jackson.
bootlegged on Fillmore 2009
(DD.com News), (DD.com News).
On an article by James Cabooter of British tabloid Daily Star, Roger says Duran Duran are going back to their roots but in a contemporary way. Mark Ronson is even rumoured to be planning a guest appearance in Victoria Park. (DD.com News), (News).
Jul ? Simon and John are filmed in San Francisco while shopping for some vinyls at Amoeba Music, one of the world’s largest independent record store. They play 'What's In My Bag'. The boys choose a whole stack of LPs, with accompanying music. (DD.com), (source), (Amoeba source), (YouTube).
Jul 8 Duran Duran: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, California, United States (with The Limousines)
bootlegged on Saratoga 2009 (DD.com News), (News).
Jul 9 John visits Mix 94.1 radio station in Henderson, Nevada.
Jul 10 The London Paper features an interview by Malcolm Mackenzie to Simon, Nick and Roger, who talk about the recording sessions with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Mark Ronson. (DD.com), (source).
Jul 10 John talks on BBC Radio Scotland evening show The Music hosted by Jim Gellatly and Martel Maxwell. (DD.com), (BBC iplayer.
Jul 10 Duran Duran: The Pearl, Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
bootlegged on The Pearl: 2009 and The Pearl Las Vegas.
Jul 11? A baby girl, Layla, is delivered to Dominic Brown, 6 pounds, 8 ounces.
Jul 11 Duran Duran: OC Super Fair, Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, California, United States
bootlegged on Orange County 2009. Dom announces a new baby. (Dom Clip). (DD.com News)
Jul 14 John does an interview on BBC 6 Music’s George Lamb Show.
Jul 15 During an interview by Alison Maloney of The Sun, Nick says Andy is an extraordinary guitarist, but with different issues from the rest of the band, and his walking away in 2006 was a relief for the remaining four members. (DD News), (News).
Jul 16 Duran Duran: Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kigdom
Mark Ronson plays guitar on a few tracks during the last part of this sold out concert (see Edinburgh Castle Concert).(source), (DD.com news). (DD.com news). (laser show), (PE), (ED), (AVTAK), (SAP), (RCM), (GOF/Le Freak), (GOF/Le Freak), (Le Freak - cover), (WB).
Nick is interviewed by Matt Bendoris of The Scottish Sun and says to hope people remember Duran Duran more for their music than their image. (DD.com News), [1]
Jul 18 Duran Duran, N*E*R*D, Groove Armada, Doves and others: Lovebox Weekend 2009, Victoria Park, London, United Kingdom
Mark Ronson also joins the band on stage.(DD.com News), (DD.com News), (News), (DD.com News), (DD.com News)
Jul 27-31 London arts venue Hospital Horse hosts DNA exhibition featuring work by architects, animators, musicians and other artists. A few prints by Nick and a film by electro pioneer Gary Numan and "The Chauffeur" video director Ian Emes are included.
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2009 is noted on DD.com (Read).
Aug ? Simon Le Bon, races onboard iShares Extreme 40 with Olympic Gold Medallist, Shirley Robertson, at Round 3 of the iShares Cup, Cowes Week 2009. (YouTube).
Sep 1 Daily Mail announces Nick’s former wife Julie Anne Friedman is writing a memory combining tales of her life with him with favourite recipes. (DD.com News), (News).
Sep 11 Simon appears on Dutch fashion magazine James.
Sep 14 AFP announces Duran Duran, Fergie, Lilly Allen, Scorpions, Mark Ronson and many other international celebrities are recording a song as a part of the Tck Tck Tck campaign on the global warming crisis, organised by the Global Humanitarian Forum. The song is "Beds Are Burning", a 1987 hit single by Australian rock band Midnight Oil. (DD.com News), (Proboards News).
Sep 15 The American metalcore band It Dies Today release Lividity featuring a cover version of "Come Undone".
Sep 17 Nick and Marie-Louise take part in the Hervé Léger launch dinner in London. (Proboards News), (News).
Sep 19 Nick attend the launch party of the Kinder Aggugini pop-up store in London. (Proboards News)
Sep 20 Simon and Yasmin take part in the Unique private dinner at The Ivy, a famous restaurant in Covent Garden, London. (Proboards News).
Sep 21 Live at Hammersmith '82! and Duran Duran: Rio (2 CD Special Edition) are released worldwide (except the United States).
Nick and Marie-Louise attend the Pringle of Scotland show at Saatchi Gallery in London. (DD.com News), (Image), (News).
Sep 22 Nick and Marie-Louise take part in the afterparty for the Burberry Prorsum show at Horseferry House, London (Proboards News), (Image), (News).
Sep 25 Nick is seen at the Whitechapel Gallery during the London Art Book Fair. (News), (Proboards News).
Sep 26 Nick reports all bass and drums parts of new album are already done, while Simon is working with lyrics. The band counts to finish the album by December.
Sep 26 Correspondencia, a project made by John and Mexican visual artist Laureana Toledo is premiered at the Abstract Cabinet Show located at the Eastside Projects in Birmingham, UK. Shown until 8 November 2009. (DD.com News), (News), (Wiki).
Sep 28 Simon and Yasmin attend the West End premiere of Andrew Bovell’s play Speaking In Tongues at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London. (Proboards News).
Sep 30 Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai releases the album Luz Negra: Ao Vivo, featuring a live cover version of "Ordinary World".
Oct 1 "Beds Are Burning" song for the Tck Tck Tck campaign is released as a free download, which features vocals performed by Simon Le Bon. (DD.com News), (News).
Oct 1 The Atheist’s Guide To Christmas is published; the first British atheist charity book initiative; whose royalties will go to Terrence Higgins Trust. It also features a contribution by Simon entitled Losing my faith; an autobiographical account of Simon losing his faith in Christianity. Simon also narrated this story for The Guardian UK Newspaper. (DD.com News), (Guardian - Losing My Faith).
Oct 5 Rhythm and Bruise by Hard Rock band King Hell! released, featuring a cover version of "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Oct 6 Live at Hammersmith '82! and Duran Duran: Rio (2 CD Special Edition) are released in the United States. (DD.com News),
Oct 7 Nick and Marie-Louise take part in Louis Vuitton prêt-à-porter show at Cour Carrée du Louvre in Paris. (Proboards News), (Image).
Oct 8 Duran Duran are forced to cancel a live performance at Oxfam’s music festival Oxjam (scheduled for October 16 at Matter, an inside events space at The O2) because they’re currently in the studio with Mark Ronson. The band offers two tickets for one of its next concerts in 2010-2011.
Oct 10 Simon and Yasmin attend the wedding of his friend Charles Dunstone and Celia Gordon Chute at Christ Church, Spitafields, London. (Proboards News), (Image).
Oct 13 Duran Duran and families take part in the opening of first ever Juicy Couture flagship store on Bruton Street in London.(News), (News).
Oct 14 Dom Brown and Blue To Brown: The Bedford, Balham, London, United Kingdom
It’s another show with Dom’s father Rob. (Proboards News), (Proboards News)
Oct 15 Roger plays a dj set at Almada club in London during the Omega Constellation launch party. (Proboards News), (Image)
Oct 20 American duo Beautiful Small Machines' EP Simple Joys goes on sale, featuring vocals performed by Simon Le Bon. (DD.com News), (Proboards News).
Oct 27 Simon Le Bon is 51 years old today.
Oct 29 John is part of a panel at UCLA’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Internet. The symposium take places at Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. John speaks about album covers, iconography and pop culture. Later in a Q&A he mentions working with Apple and also the DD website. (DD.com News), (Source), (JT Lecture), (Q&A)
Oct 30 Simon, Yasmin and Amber attend a party held for the grand opening of Magazan Beach Resort in El Jadida, Morocco.(Proboards News), (Proboards News).
Nov 2 Gary Barlow, Damien Rice, Kaiser Chiefs and others: Concert for CARE International, O2 Academy Brixton, London
The concert also features a special appearance by Simon during Mark Ronson’s set. Proceeds from this show go to CARE International, one of the most important aid agencies in the world, fighting poverty and injustice. (DD.com News), (News).
Nov 3 The video game Band Hero released in the USA and in other countries within a few days, featuring "Rio".
Nov 5 Nick takes part in the launch party of Nicky Haslam’s authobiography Redeeming Features at Aqua restaurant in London. (DD.com News), (Image).
Nov 10 Nick and Marie-Louise attend in the London Evening Standard influentials party at Burberry store on New Bond Street, London. (Proboards News), [2]
Nov 14 Dom Brown and Blue To Brown: Coach and Horses, Isleworth, London, United Kingdom. (Proboards News).
John, Gela and Atlanta are seen at the 30th anniversary gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. (Proboards News), http://www.monstersandcritics.com/people/features/article_1513485.php/In-Pictures-MOCA-30th-Anniversary-Gala?page=14]
Nov 15 Department store Selfbridges open its doors to the Really Really Great Garage Sale, a charity event organized by Yasmin, Lisa Barbuscia and Louise Redknapp to raise money for Mothers4Children. Simon and his daughters also attend the event. (News), (News)
Nov 16 Daily Star reports Duran Duran have turned British singer and producer Cathy Dennis to help to write material for their new album. Simon speaks about a three-day session in the studio with her for overcoming a writer’s block. (Proboards News), (News).
Nov 19 Nick and Marie-Louise take part in the cocktail reception for 2101 Pirelli calendar at Old Billingsgate Market in London. (Proboards News), (Image).
Nov 19 Simon and Yasmin attend the Victoria’s Secret fashion show after party at M2 Ultra Lounge club in New York City. (Proboards News), (Image).
Roger is seen at The Lock Up art exhibition at Eastcastle House in London. (Proboards News), (Image).
From the official Duran Duran fan community, Roger announces the band will be back in the studio in 2010 and Simon has almost completed six songs. (News), (Proboards News).
Nov 21 Nick’s selected photos from the Flag series and American TV are available for Music auction organized by Phillips de Pury & Company in Howick Place, London. On November 9, Nick and Marie–Louise have taken part in the Destroy/Rankin private view in the same place.(News), (News), (Image).
Nov 25 Roger takes part in the Fair of Saint Barnabas, a winter party organized by Quintessencially Soho, a charitable members’ lounge, and taken place at the House of Saint Barnabas in London. (Proboards News), (Image).
Nov 30 The band's official website duranduran.com announced that Duran Duran were supporting the Sri Lanka Campaign For Peace And Justice.
Dec 2 John and Gela attend a children’s tea party in aid of Mothers4Children, at the Juicy Couture store in London. (Proboards News).
Dec 5 Backtrax USA: 09-49 hosted by Kid Kelly broadcast in the USA, featuring "A View to a Kill".
Dec 5 British magazine Red issues an interview by Lizzie Smith with Yasmin about how she advises Simon on improving his performance with the band. (Proboards News), (News).
Dec 6 Nick takes part in a special screening of Tom Ford’s film A Single Man at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. (Proboards News), (Image).
Dec 7 EMI releases some digital versions of early 80s concerts, originally recorded by BBC series In Concert, including Duran Duran’s 1982 In Concert show at the Hammersmith Odeon.
Dec 9 Simon is at the British Fashion Awards 2009 Red Carpet show. He says he like dressing for dinner. His favourite Taylor is David Chambers. (YouTube).
Dec 9 Roger and Jake Fonique play a DJ set at Merah club in London. (DD.com News)
Dec 11 Nick is seen at a private dinner for Malaysian entrepreneur Mark Yeoh at Asprey, a jewellery store in London.(Proboards News), (News).
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