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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Duran Duran plays several prominent shows, and prepares for the November launch of Red Carpet Massacre.

Date Event
? The video for "Rio" tops a global survey on AOL for the Best Music Video of all Time. The classic clip takes 59% of more than a million votes cast.
? Radio listeners vote on Capital Radio’s Hall Of Fame countdown for their favorite songs of all time; Duran Duran holds 4 entries with "Ordinary World", "Girls on Film", "Save A Prayer" and "Wild Boys".
? The band goes into the studio in London with producer Nate 'Danja’ Hills and mixer Jimmy Douglass to complete their album.
Jan 2 The video game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol released, featuring "Hungry Like The Wolf.
? 96.5 TIC-FM Acoustic Cafe: Volume Five released in the USA, featuring "Save A Prayer" performed by Simon Le Bon and Andy Taylor.
Jan 15 Duran Duran and Rio album record producer Colin Thurston died after a long illness.
Jan 27 Massive Ego release the album Nite Klub Skewl, featuring a cover version of "Planet Earth".
Jan 27 The Lizard King's DD Discussion forum is founded, at duranduran.invisionzone.com. The first snapshot on wayback machine is from the 29th. (Wayback snapshot Jan 29 2007).
Feb The DJ only album Mastermix: Issue 247 - February 2007 released, featuring "Planet Earth".
Feb 3 The unofficial Duran Duran fan forum launches on Proboards.com, administered by MarkUK. The first post on Feb 3rd was to thank Mark for his efforts. (First Post, Feb 3 2007). The board was initially set up due to rumours that the official free Duran Duran Message Board on DD.com was about to close down. The unofficial message board still thrives to this day (Duran Duran Board).
Feb 10 At 3:30 am EST, the DD.com message board went down for nightly indexing. Despite several small blips the next day, the public message board did not come back. A new system was eventually implemented behind a pay wall, requiring official DD membership. Many casual fans flock to The Lizard King, and the new Proboards forum.
Feb 12 EMI release the compilation album Mashed, featuring "Notorious" mixed with Kelis' 2004 single "Trick Me".
Mar 4 20 to 1: Amazing Moments In Music aires in Australia, featuring "Girls on Film" at no.7.
Apr 5 A rare behind the scenes fanclub glimpse with Katy Krassner; the press and fan liaison for the band. Some letters and memorabilia shown. She mentions having worked for DD for 10 years. (perhaps because she officially resigned from Left Bank Management in 1997?) (YouTube).
May 12 Roger Andrew Taylor marries his Peruvian fiancee Gisella Bernales, who becomes his second wife, having separated from his first wife in 2004. They met during an after-party of a show in Washington D.C. There is a discrete ceremony on the tropical island of St. Lucia, West Indies. (Photo), (Article/Photos).
May 15 The compilation album The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo Presents Night & Day released, featuring Simon Le Bon.
? The DJ only album Mastermix: Flashback 1979-1983 released, featuring "Girls on Film".
May 20 How To Rob A Bank featuring "Hungry Like The Wolf" premiers at the Cannes Film Market.
Jun Duran announce they are discussing creating a comic book for the Virgin Comics line Voices by musicians and other creators outside the comic realm. Artist Samit Basu mentioned working with the band. It's unclear what became of this project; Virgin Comics reorganized as Liquid Comics in 2008.
? Q Magazine announces the “500 Greatest Lost Tracks – The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard” with "My Own Way" (Night Version) coming in at #129.
Jun 12 Duran Duran’s version of John Lennon’s "Instant Karma!" is included on ‎Make Some Noise - The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur album.
Jun 17 Duran Duran: Fan Community Concert, New York NY, USA.
bootlegged on Hammerstein 2007. (Pre-show Fans), (Intro), (Intro and The Valley), (Simon Speech), (LIYN), (LIYN.alt), (Serious/Nice),(SLIH clip), (GOF Solo), (GOF/PTFBJ), (Before Encore), (AVTAK clip).
Jun 21 Duran Duran: America's Cup, Valencia, Spain.
Jun 29 Duran Duran: Live at the Marquee, Ireland.
bootlegged on Live At The Marquee 6/29/2007
Jul 1 Duran Duran: Concert for Diana, Wembley Stadium, London, UK.
bootlegged on Diana Tribute: July 1st 2007, A Private Jet at Wembley, Wembley Performances 2007 and Blood on the Red Carpet Live: Vol.1. They play a short 20min set: Sunrise, TWB and Rio. (YouTube).
Jul 7 The band interviewed by Graham Norton at the Live Earth event on the day of the show. (YouTube).
Jul 7 The band interviewed backstage just before their show. (Youtube).
Jul 7 Duran Duran: Live Earth, Wembley Stadium, London, UK.
Dozens of artists fight global warming in a sequel to Live Aid.
bootlegged on Live Earth: 07-07-2007, A Private Jet at Wembley, Wembley Performances 2007 and Blood on the Red Carpet Live: Vol.1
. (YouTube), (Intro and PE), (OW).
Jul 8 A snapshot of the old official fan forum at DDMusic.com is captured by Wayback Machine (DDMusic.com Forum Snapshot 8 July 07).
Summer Nick Rhodes participates in a travelling guitar exhibition, designing a one-of-a-kind guitar – the world’s first electric guitar to feature a TV screen. The Fender guitar plays video (curated by Rhodes), as well as music. The guitar is later sold in a charity auction.
Summer Nick Rhodes takes the photos for the packaging of Red Carpet Massacre; John Taylor oversees art direction with Patty Palazzo.
Jul Justin Timberlake wanted to record one more track with the band, so they return to a studio in Manchester, writing the track "Falling Down". The track was completed in two sessions in Blueprint Studios, Manchester and also Sarm Studios, London.
Aug 10 Duran Duran Appreciation Day. Roger leaves a note on DD.com. (Read).
Aug 21 Cranial Screwtop release their debut album Too Fast For Technology , featuring three Duran Duran cover songs.
Aug 27 The David Bowie: Cover To Cover album released by Caroline World Service Catalog, featuring Duran's "Fame".
? The band interviewed for MTV Box Set show. They talk mainly about the videos. (Part 1), (Part 2).
Aug 30 Ask Katy: Nick interviews Katy Krassner. Duran music has been played in space. Is There Something I Should Know? has been played on Mars, on the Mars Rover. (YouTube).
Aug/Sep? The video for Falling Down is recorded in The Linda Vista mental hospital in downtown Los Angeles. The director is Anthony Mandler (also the man behind the lens for the Killers' "All These Things That I've Done"). The thin models in the video were inspired by the breakdowns of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, and based on John Taylors ideas and experiences. Two versions of the video are recorded; a semi-nude version, and a clean version. (FD Video), (Extended FD Video).
Aug/Sep? UK's GMTV interviews the band during the making of the Falling Down video. (YouTube).
Sep? The band interviewed for Details Magazine. Simon interviewed in the back of a taxi. Roger tells the story of how a fan grabbed on to his windscreen wipers, he said "Just keep driving, she'll fall off". (YouTube).
Sep 16 The band at the Emmy Awards After Show. They play a selection of their classic hits, and 'Falling Down' for the audience at the walt Disney Concert Hall. Here is the setlist: Hungry like the wolf, A view to a kill, Come Undone, The Reflex, Save a prayer, Falling Down, Notorious, Girls on film, Wild Boys.
Sep ? The band interviewed for US Nylon magazine. JT says Astronaut was "the best record we could make at the time, given the fact that we were still only speaking to each other in words of one syllable or less.". "Box Full O' Honey" was written for Yasmin Simon says: "It's a real heart song, and I love

the smallness and the humility of it." "She's Too Much" was originally called Gentle Touch until Nick pointed out that sounds like a diaper brand. Simon complains that Nick "wouldn't let me use the word 'nostril' in a song once." (Image 1), (Image 2).

Sep ? Simon does a Q & A for SPIN magazine October issue.
Sep ? Band interviewed (article with a video) for MenStyle.com. http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_5967
Sep 25 Falling Down single released exclusively for download on itunes.
Sep "Falling Down" is included on the Sony BMG Sampler 2007 album.
Sep 27 Simon and John appeared at the Charlotte Convention Center for an hour session entitled "Wake Up With Duran Duran" Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007. They were in front of dozens of radio executives and lucky Duran Duran fanclub winners. Simon says :“When I hear about government control of radio, I think about dictatorships,”.
Sep 27 Nick Rhodes and girlfriend Meredith Ostrom spotted by paparazzi at Hilary Swank Hosts VIP Dinner in London.
Oct 2 UK KISS FM interviews Simon and John. Talk of John hair, Duran were selling millions of records before Justin Timberlake was born. (Youtube).
Oct 3? The band do a photo shoot and interview for british GQ magazine. John wears a round hat. Simon explains how they met Justin Timberlake. The band talk about making Red Carpet Massacre, and call it the polar opposite of the rather gloomy and political Reportage. The article appears in the November 2007 issue of GQ. (YouTube).
Oct 10 Ask Katy: John interviews Katy Krassner about herself. Earliest DD memory is Rio video. (YouTube).
Oct 11 Sony push back the release dates of Red Carpet Massacre in oversea territories.
Oct? Tickets go on sale for a one-of show at the Odeon is Leicester Square in London. Phone lines are instantly jammed. London City Council refuses to give the band the permit to play, because "fans might riot", which forces the band to cancel the show.
Oct After being forced to cancel their show at the Odeon on London’s Westend due to Council concerns of rioting, Duran Duran re-schedules their performance at the Lyceum; the December 3rd show sells out in just 5 minutes.
Autumn Duran performs "Notorious" and "Nite-Runner" on the The X Factor show in London.
bootlegged on UK Promotion. Airs Dec 1 2007. (Youtube), (Youtube).
Oct 16 (Raunchy version of?) Falling Down Video premiers on Yahoo! Music.
Oct 17 Nick, Meredith and Yasmin have been spotted on oct 17 in London at Chanel in Brompton Road, for the Vogue Covers Book Launch..
Oct 20? The band fly to American to promote RCM.
Oct 25 UK newspaper The Mirror prints the story that the semi-nude version of the Falling Down video has been banned. It will now not be shown to the public. The news comes 25 years after the saucy version of Girls on Film was banned by the BBC, and edited by MTV. (Wayback link), (Image).
Oct 26 Duran performance of "Falling Down" and "Girls on Film" on the Jonathan Ross Show airs in the UK.
bootlegged on RCM Promotional: 2007-08, All You Need Is O2 Arena and Blood on the Red Carpet Live: Vol.1. (YouTube), (Image Roger).
Oct 27? The band interviewed on The Howard Stern Show for Sirius XM US Radio. Nick says the latest video has been banned. Lots of talk about sex in real life and represented in videos. Simon has 1.5 balls after a biking accident. He is shocked to be still married, he is not gay. He is not a transvestite. John now likes Bruce Springsteen. (Full YouTube), (Louder Youtube).
? Duran Duran: Sampler CD released in the USA by Magnus Entertainment.
Oct 28 Duran Duran: Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA. (OW clip), (Lay Lady Lay clip).
Oct 29 Duran Duran: Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA. (Tricked Out).
Oct 29 An article appears about the band in UK Metro magazine. (Metro).
Oct 30 John Taylor defends their racy Falling Down video for Entertainment Weekly. He says the controversy is a "Storm in a teacup". (Wayback link).
Oct 31 Nick interview on news.com.au. Nick says they are not responsible for the modern VIP culture. (Wayback link).
Nov 1 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA. (Tricked Out), (Lay Lady Lay clip).
Nov ? Behind the Scenes at the Barrymore Theatre, for People.com. The band greet fans outside, some comments backstage and clips of the show. (YouTube).
Nov 2 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 3 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 5 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 6 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 8 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 9 Duran Duran: Barrymore Theatre, New York NY, USA.
Nov 10 Grange Hill: The Album released, featuring "Girls on Film".
Nov 12 Duran Duran: Roseland Ballroom, New York NY, USA.
Nov 12 Falling Down single released worldwide on CD.
Nov 12/13 Red Carpet Massacre released in the USA.
Nov 13 Duran Duran: Roseland Ballroom, New York NY, USA.
Nov 14 Duran Duran: National Down Syndrome Society's Annual Concert, The Lighthouse @ Chelsea Piers, New York NY, USA.
Nov Hit's A Sony Music Express: Vol.57 - November 2007 released, featuring "Falling Down".
Nov Promo Only: Hot Video - November 2007 released, featuring "Falling Down".
Nov 15 Duran Duran on XM Artist Confidential (15-11-07), Sirius Radio.
Nov 16 Duran Duran appear on Good Morning America. Clip of the "Falling Down" video, interview with Simon and the band perform "Girls on Film".
bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume XXXVIII 2005-2007
Nov Duran appear on an American TV show. Simon says he had the world "Massacre" and looked up at a TV screen to see Nichol Kidman on the red carpet at the Oscars. He checked to make sure nobody had put the words "Red Carpet Massacre" together before, and there was only one other instance.
Nov Red Carpet Massacre: Press Pack issued to the media.
Nov 17 Red Carpet Massacre released in the UK and Australia
? The promo only single Falling Down Mixes released.
Nov 19 Duran performs "Falling Down" on the American Music Awards, as well as "Hungry Like the Wolf", which was voted on by fans as the “classic” Duran song they most wanted to hear; bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume XXXVIII 2005-2007, UK Promotion and RCM Promotional: 2007-08
Nov 19 Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Minimum Wage aires in the USA, featuring "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Nov ? Simon and John appear on Mix 107.3 The Jack Diamond Morning Show in Washington DC. John explains they took six months to get Timbaland into a studio, and Timberlake phoned them 2 days before the studio was booked. (YouTube).
Nov ? The band interviewed at The Guitar Center Studio (where?). Simon is asked a question related to The Jerry Springer Show. John quips "Here's Andy Taylor", to which SLB laughs hysterically. (YouTube).
Nov 21 Duran appear on The Ellen DeGenerous Show. "Falling Down" (video), interview with Simon and the band perform "Rio". They also play Notorious, where Nick plays a gun sound during the Flakey Bandit line.
bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume XXXVIII 2005-2007. (Notorious.).
Nov 23? The band fly to Argentina.
Nov 24? The band give a press conference for Beauty TV in Argentina before their concert. Simons mentions concert for Diana. Clips of the Mar del Plata show. Airs Nov. (YouTube).
Nov 24 Duran Duran: Estadio José María Minella, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
bootlegged on Argentina: 24.11.07. A rained out but packed event.
Nov 24 Fan reactions and TV Review of Duran Duran's presentation on World Football Idol in Minella Arena - Mar del Plata, Argentina (YouTube).
Nov 25? Roger and Simon interviewed on Argentina TV. They mention filming the Breath After Breath video. Simons says the Mar del Plata event had been raining all day, but fans had been queuing around the block for hours. Some football talk. Host mentions Dulce de Leche (a drink). Roger quips if it isnt alcoholic, "no wonder I havent tried it then". (YouTube).
Nov 25 A&E feature the band on an episode of Private Sessions; Duran Duran fan Ricky Gervais calls in to ask them questions.
bootlegged on A&E Private Sessions and All You Need Is O2 Arena. (FD), (NR), (Not.).
Dec 1 The band perform on the X Factor show in the UK; bootlegged on RCM Promotional: 2007-08. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Dec 1 The limited edition box set Visionaire 53: Sound released, featuring "Control Freak" by Nick Rhodes.
? "Nite-Runner" is included on the promotional only album Urban Black Pearls: Volume 8.
Dec 3 Nick and John interviewed before the Lyceum show. They say the last time they were in this theatre was in 1981, with John Cooper Clarke and Pauline Murray. Nick tells the story of why London City Council forced them to cancel the show at the Odeon. Gela Nash made the costumes for the RCM tour. (YouTube).
Dec 3 Duran Duran: Lyceum, London, UK.
bootlegged on 2007-12-03: London Lyceum Theater and Blood on the Red Carpet Live: Vol.2. (Full YouTube + Interviews), (RCM, NR), (SD, FD), (Reflex, Sunrise).
Dec 4 Nick and Simon give a brief interview during a press gathering in London, the day after the Lyceum show. Clip of FD from the show. (YouTube).
Dec 5 Duran Duran: The Marquee @ Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland
bootlegged on Phoenix Park Marquee
Dec 9 Duran Duran: Star 94.1 Jingle Ball, Sports Arena, San Diego CA, USA.
Dec 11 Duran Duran: Austin Music Hall, Austin TX, USA.
bootlegged on Austin Music Hall: Dec 11th 2007
Dec 11 Ask Katy: Roger interviews Katy Krassner ahead of the new book Would Someone Please Explain?: The Best Of Duran Duran's Ask Katy. She mentions some of the most odd Ask Katy questions. (YouTube).
Dec 12 Duran Duran: Nokia Theatre @ Grand Prairie, Dallas TX, USA. (with James Blunt)
bootlegged on Nokia Theatre, Grand Prairie: Dec 12th 2007
Dec 14 Duran Duran: Chicago Theatre, Chicago IL, USA.
bootlegged on Duran Duran in Chicago
? The band announces the upcoming publication of Would Someone Please Explain?: The Best Of Duran Duran's Ask Katy culled from ten years of questions from the Ask Katy column on Duranduran.com.
Dec 31 The DJ only album 9 Inch Remix: Vol. 5 released, featuring a remix of "Nite-Runner" by DJ Sarge X.
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