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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Someone Else Not Me single released March. The Pop Trash album is released June, followed by the 'Pop Trash Tour. John performs more dates with Terroristen.

Date Event
? Nick begins dating English socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
? New Wave - New Romantics compilation album released, featuring Duran Duran, Arcadia and the Power Station.
? New Wave - Hyperactive compilation album released, featuring "Is There Something I Should Know?".
Jan 3 Then Jerico release the album Orgasmaphobia, featuring production, writing and musical contributions by Andy Taylor.
Jan 3 Notorious B.I.G song, which samples Notorious (song), is released. The track was written as a tribute to the late East Coast rapper The Notorious B.I.G, a.k.a Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace), by his friend Puff Daddy and his protege Lil'Kim. It samples "No No Notorious", and also a verse sung by Smalls while recuperating in hospital - before his assassination over his alleged involvement with the murder of Tupac Shakur, on March 9th 1997. (Music Video).
Jan 3 The Vault: 00-02 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
? Pop & Wave Vol.2: Megamix Edition - Das Mysterium Kehrt Zurück Teil 5 released in Germany, featuring a 14 song Duran Duran megamix.
? "Skin Trade" is included on the Belgium compilation album Pop & Wave: The Classics.
Jan In-depth documentary Searching For Roger Taylor released on the internet. Canadian major motion picture producer Aaron Barnett took time out to make this highly critically acclaimed film; featuring interviews with Stewart Copland, Tony Hadley, Gary Newman, and the late great UK media mogul Anthony Wilson; talking about the New Wave era of pop music. Roger sent a letter saying he was still happy to be out of the limelight. The film is still available to watch, it contains copyright material, and requires the Flash plugin. (Bitter Boy Productions), (video link).
Jan John candidly Interviewed, and Terroristen perform their version of "Rio" and "Fields of Eden" at the Launch studios. John talks about life outside of Duran Duran, and the search for himself; having nightmares, being stuck on a train with Prince. He wrote the 'Feelings R Good' album out of rebellion. (YouTube).
Jan John and Terroristen perform "Fields of Eden" and "Getting Intimate" semi-acoustically at the Launch studios.
Jan John & Terroristen rehearse for live shows; video of these rehearsals later shown on TTP.
Jan John Taylor Terroristen in Japan
? The Internet record label Lo-Fi founded by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo.
Feb 1 John Taylor Terroristen: Big Cat, Osaka, Japan. (Fields of Eden).
Feb 2 John Taylor Terroristen: Club Quatro, Nagoya, Japan.
Feb 4 John Taylor Terroristen: Club Quatro, Tokyo, Japan.
? John and Gela take a few days off in Osaka as part of their working honeymoon.
Feb 21 Duran Duran: Festival de Viña del Mar, Viña del Mar, Chile (with Enrique Iglesias and others)
bootlegged on Festival Vina 2000. (Full Youtube), (Full YouTube), (FOM).
? The band commissions Fullerene Productions to renovate their web site, using Micromedia Flash.
Mar Instore Sounds: 03 2000 released in Germany, featuring "Someone Else Not Me".
Mar Launch CD-ROM magazine (Issue #38) features John Taylor performances and an article.
Mar 7 "Last Day on Earth" single released in Japan (b/w "Starting to Remember").
Mar? John Taylor gives an interview from his LA home, saying how he is starting to get recognised as an actor. A clip of Sugar Town is shown. (YouTube).
Mar ? Duran's website designers Fullerene Productions are asked to make a full length video for their next single, Someone Else Not Me. (source).
Mar 13 Someone Else Not Me single released in Italy and UK.
Mar 16 Live online chat with John Taylor at TTP.
? The John Taylor Sampler compilation album released by Trust The Process.
The promotional only single "Someone Else Not Me: Remix (Peter's Honor Radio Mix)" released to radio stations.
Mar 31 Duran Duran record the MTV Sonic show at the Rolling Stone in Milan (Italy). The band confirm release date of June 6th. Simon talks about their website renovation, and same contractors are going to be making the video for SENM. Nick's favourite city is New York. Talks about painting the mural on MTV. Interview ends with "Have you ever had problems with the music business?" which gets a big laugh. Behind the scenes shots of rehearsals, Simon uses the Ladies room. They play Notorious and a great version of Hallucinating Elvis live. Joe Travers has red hair. (YouTube), (Not.), (HE).
Apr 3 Someone Else Not Me single released (according to other sources)
Apr 3 Stereoblonde release their debut album Confidential, which features a cover version of "Ordinary World".
Apr 10 Duran are interviewed live on the Ruud de Wild show on Dutch radio station 3FM;
Simon and Warren do an acoustic version of "Someone Else Not Me" and "Starting to Remember"; and exclusively air "Playing With Uranium"; Nick is also present, but doesn't take part in the acoustic performance.
April Duran tapes an episode of VIG (Very Important Guest), where they get to choose their favorite videos, at TMF studios (Dutch music channel The Music Factory).
Apr 14 Girls On Film "The Collection" released in the UK by EMI.
Apr The Essential Collection released by EMI.
? The DJ only 12" single "DMC: House Nation 207" released, featuring "Ordinary World" remixed by Malcolm Duffy.
Launch: No. 42 CD-ROM magazine released in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
Apr Duran asks Hollywood Records to include a Spanish version of "Someone Else, Not Me" on Pop Trash; two days later, Simon (who does not speak Spanish) has a translation in his hands.
Apr Duran Duran is collaborating with the Internet production team Fullerene for the official "Someone Else Not Me" video; Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo are transformed into digital animation.
Apr Simon, Nick and Warren appear on VH1 talking about Pop Trash and making the video for Someone Else Not Me. Simon says the song is about letting go of a relationship, when the person is meant for "Somebody Else, Not Me". He has just recorded the Spanish and French versions of the song. Airs in June 2000. (YouTube).
Apr Terroristen shows/rehearsals taped for later broadcast on TTP.
Apr 28 John Taylor Terroristen: morning, The Palace, Hollywood, CA, USA
A farewell party for retiring KROQ deejay (and longtime Duran friend) Richard Blade
Apr 28 John holds an open rehearsal in Burbank, California, allowing 20 random people who submitted requests to the TTP website to attend.
Apr 28 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas film released, featuring John Taylor as Keith Richrock. (YouTube).
Apr 29 John Taylor Terroristen: The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA
bootlegged on John Taylor Terroristen: 29 April 00
May Jonathan Davis of Korn is asked to remix "Playing With Uranium"; reportedly "very flattered".
May 2 "Someone Else, Not Me" single released in US and Germany.
? "Someone Else Not Me" is included on the promo compilation album Sony Music 2000 - Hot Tracks: Vol. 69, released in Korea.
? "Someone Else Not Me" is included on the promo compilation album Fono 24: Breaking Hits In Europe.
May 3 John Taylor Terroristen: The Key Club, Hollywood, CA, USA.
released on Better Off Alive DVD (Fields of Eden)
May 6 John Taylor Terroristen: Club Makeup (The El Rey Theater), Hollywood, CA, USA (with Glamnation).
May 6 The duranradio website and Internet Radio stream is launched by DJOktober; later to evolve into the Late Bar Radio website, Oktober Musings (a New Wave, Alternative, and Industrial streaming station), and Meltdown Radio (John's official Internet Radio Station).
May 8 Video Killed the Radio Star: The History of Music Video aired on VH1 in John interview.
May 9 John appears on Politically Incorrect (Full Youtube).
May 12 Duran tapes an appearance in New York for CBS Saturday Morning show.
May 12? The NBC Today show airs "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Someone Else Not Me", and "Girls on Film" (Australian affiliates also get "Come Undone"); the Later Today show airs "Notorious".
bootlegged on Pop Trash Promotion 2000 and The Today Show Rehearsal 2000. (1),(2), (3).
May 22 "Someone Else Not Me" is released in Germany.
May 24 Greatest is certified gold.
May 24 John does online interview and guest-DJ stint with Mark Goodman for Soundbreak.com.
May ? The band appear Live at the BBC, and sing Starting to Remember. (YouTube).
May 26 Duran performs "Someone Else Not Me" on the Springer show on Channel 5 in England.
May 30 Much More Music airs Duran performance on Hard Rock Live.
? The band interviewed about their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nick makes a joke about 200 Grammys Vs people walking all over you on the pavement. (YouTube).
May "Someone Else, Not Me" video shown on VH1 in UK.
Jun 2 Duran interview airs on French TV.
Jun 6 Duran Duran: Act Now UNICEF charity show, [venue?], London, UK (with Robbie Williams and Boy George)
performed "Come Undone" and "Ordinary World"
Jun 6 Pop Trash is released in France (Spain?, Germany?); the French album includes the 12 standard tracks plus "Someone Else, Not Me" in French and Spanish, plus the 13-piece "Prototypes".
Jun 8 The band appear on 'Later with Cynthia Garrett'. Its Nicks Birthday, and they all sing Happy Birthday to him. They sing Someone Else Not Me. (YouTube), (SENM).
Jun 10 Simon, Warren and Nick appear on 'The Saturday Early Show' on CBS, and sing Someone Else Not Me, Lava Lamp and Girls on Film. (YouTube).
Jun 10 Duran appears on Access Hollywood
Duran appears on VH1's Teen Idols Video Collection.
Jun 10 Teen Idols repeats Duran appearance on VH1's Duran Duran: Behind the Music. The show documents the bands history from 1980 until 1999. Rare interviews Andy Taylor and the Berrow Brothers. John describes the "Wall of Hysteria" from fans. The show is remastered in 2010. (Full YouTube), (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4), (Part 5).
Jun 11 Duran appears on Loveline, KROQ radio (Los Angeles).
Jun 12 Simon appears on Politically Incorrect (Full YouTube).
Jun 13 Pop Trash released in US, with Spanish version of "Someone Else, Not Me".
Jun Pop Trash: US Press Pack issued to the media.
Jun 13 Japanese release of Pop Trash include "Prototypes".
Jun 13 Two basic versions of Pop Trash are released in Germany; one with the standard twelve tracks, and the fifteen-track version with French and Spanish versions of "Someone Else, Not Me", plus "Prototypes".
Jun 13 World of Music record store in Germany offers an limited edition (2000 copies) of a sixteen-track Pop Trash, which includes "Starting to Remember" acoustic.
Jun 13 "Someone Else, Not Me" video debuts on Shockwave.com, which has the Internet exclusive for two weeks. (SENM Video)
Jun 13 Duran "stock" becomes available on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
Jun 13 Duranduran.com is relaunched.
Jun 13 Duran Duran: The Wherehouse, Beverly Connection, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
signing followed by performance in the parking lot. (YouTube).
? The promo CD single "Notorious / Ordinary World" issued in the USA, featuring live recordings from the Hard Rock Live: 99 show.
Jun 14 Duran online chat at TWEC.com.
Jun 14 Duran appears on Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (CBS). Warren is very happy and chatty, the interview ends with a Duran Duran Quiz - which they win. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Jun 15 "Someone Else, Not Me" video premieres on VH1.
Jun 15 Duran appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC). (YouTube), (YouTube).
Jun 15 Duran Duran: Hollywood Records Second Annual Bunny Ball, The Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Duran Duran Serenade Bunnies At The Playboy Mansion. They also sing Someone Else Not Me. (Youtube).
Jun 17 Duran Duran: Virgin Records, Union Square, New York City, NY, USA
1:00 pm show, followed by record signing; bootlegged on The Virgin Megastore Concert
Jun 19 Pop Trash album released in UK and US.
Jun 19 Band appears live on VH1 show The Daily One.
Jun 19 Band appears on The View (ABC) in New York. Warren shows off his pectorals. The band perform Someone Else Not Me live, and Hungry Like the Wolf. Simon wears sandals and seems to sing Hungry in the wrong key?. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Jun 20 Band appears live on Canada A.M. and MIX 99.9.
Jun 20 Band tapes interviews for E Now, CBC Morning, Much More Music, and Chum FM.
Jun 20 Simon, Nick and Warren record an interview on the Arlene Bynon show in Canadian. SENM video is shown. Nick tells the story of how they made the album under their own management, and then shopped out the finished record to whichever distributor got the most excited. They chose Hollywood Records. Simon relates that it was very hard to find a major record company that would take the band seriously. Talk about boys bands and pigeon holes, blonde and hip-hop. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).
Jun 22 Duran appears on Later With Cynthia Garrett; bootlegged on Live on Planet Earth: Vol. 7-8. Everybody sings Happy Birthday to Nick. Cynthia mentions every album is a comeback album. Warren said in the 80's, it was "who do I have next", as regards sexual encounters. Warren tells the story of how Frank Zappa phoned him up to be in his band. Jokes about sexually transmitted diseases. (YouTube).
? Simon, Nick and Warren give an interview for Launch. Simon says they called the album "Trash" before the press did. They moved away from the machine generated sound of Medazzaland. The album isnt just about ballads. Pop Trash Movie was the last track to be added.(YouTube).
? Simon, Nick and Warren in 'Pop Trash at the Duran Duran Hotel' film, shot presumably in New York. Simon's acting skills are questionable. Nick pretends to photograph a model. Nick talks about Lo-Fi Records. (YouTube).
Jun 25 Duran tapes a performance for VH1 Storytellers at Bray Studios in Middlesex, UK
bootlegged on Storytellers (Pl.WU), (PTM).
Jun 26 Pop Trash album released in Australia on Festival Records.
late Jun John films his part in the VH1 movie Back in Black (later renamed Strange Frequency) -- his sequence is called Ballroom Blitz (later renamed Room Service). (YouTube).
Jun 27 Simon and Nick see David Bowie perform at the BBC Theatre in London, and bump into Sterling Campbell (now drumming with David).
Jul The "Rio" video is #1 on VH1's Top Ten Videos of the 80s.
Jul "Hungry Like The Wolf" is included on ETV Network: Vital Classics No.16 - July 2000.
Jul 4-5 Simon, Nick and Warren film their portion of Wild Boys, a BBC documentary on the history of Duran.
Jul Nick and Stephen Duffy do some catching up during the filming of the Wild Boys documentary, and end up discussing plans to make some music together.
Jul SYN Productions establishes the Syn recording label, and secures a distribution deal with BMG Records.
? Warren, Nick and Simon interviewed in Italy. Clips of Someone Else Not Me video is shown. The host comments on Simon's skills with a Go-kart. Simon replies "I'm very good at falling off motorbikes... at high speed." (YouTube).
Jul 8 Duran Duran and others: The Festival Bar, Venice, Italy
Duran performs one song, Someone Else Not Me. (YouTube).
Jul 10 Duran begins production preparations for the Pop Trash Tour at a rehearsal facility in Florida.
Jul 15 Duran's episode of VIG (Very Important Guest) finally aired on TV in the Netherlands.
Jul 17 Edel Records (European arm of Hollywood Records) cancels plans to release a CD single of "Playing With Uranium" in Germany.
Jul 20 Last day of rehearsals in Florida.
Jul 21 Duran takes part in a Star Motorcade and Handprint ceremony at Downtown Disney in Orlando, followed by a Q&A session with the fans; the band visits the Disney parks.
Jul 22 Duran record signing at Virgin Mega-Store, Orlando, FL.
? A video from Wes shows some unique guitar customising going on. (YouTube).
With Wes Wehmiller and Joe Travers
Jul 21 Duran Duran: The House of Blues, Orlando, FL, USA (no opening act)
set list includes "Late Bar".
Jul 22 Duran Duran: The House of Blues, Orlando, FL, USA (no opening act).
Jul 23? Wes records another Behind the Scenes film. He now travels with Joe Travers in a separate car to the band, and they have become good friends. Joe has red hair. They mention the upcoming dates. Some jazz rehearsal footage. (YouTube).
Jul 23 Duran Duran: Mars Music Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL, USA.
Jul 25 Duran Duran: AmSouth Amphitheater, Antioch (Nashville), TN, USA.
Jul 27 Duran Duran: Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, TX, USA (with Tsar)
bootlegged on Dallas 2000
Jul 29 Duran Duran: Palladium at Carowinds, Charlotte, NC, USA (with Tsar)
bootlegged on The Hardest Thing
Jul 29 In The Zone: 00-31 broadcast in the USA, featuring highlights from a Duran Duran concert.
Jul 30 Duran Duran: Kings Dominion, Doswell (Richmond), VA, USA.
Aug 1 Nick, Simon and Warren chat on SunSpot.
Aug 1 Duran Duran: Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA, USA.
Aug 2 Duran Duran: Alltel Pavilion, Walnut Creek (Raleigh), NC, USA (with Tsar)
venue suffers a power outage during "Hallucinating Elvis"
Aug 4 Duran Duran: Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore, MD, USA (with Tsar)
bootlegged on Baltimore 2000
Aug 5 Duran Duran: Fleet Boston Pavilion, Boston, MA, USA (with Tsar)
Simon and Warren play "Starting to Remember" alone when one of Nick's synths goes down.
Aug 6 Duran Duran: Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT, USA (with Tsar)
Aug 7 Duran appears live on CBS Early Show in New York city. They say its amazing to survive for 20 years. 6 nights residency on Sunset Strip. They play Lava Lamp and Girls on Film]] live, but recorded 'a couple of months ago'. (YouTube).
Aug 8 Duran Duran: PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA (with Tsar).
bootlegged on Reprints: 08.08.2000
Aug 9 Duran Duran: Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh (Long Island), NY, USA (with Tsar)
bootlegged on Complete Reprints and Jones Beach 2000
Aug ? John records six or seven songs in the studio with Matthew Hager (who co-produced the "Mr. J" single)
Aug 10 Simon Le Bon and others: Garland for Linda Tribute Concert, Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
A tribute to Linda McCartney; Simon performs "Notorious" with Nile Rodgers.
Aug 11 Duran Duran: Bethlehem Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA, USA (with Tsar).
bootlegged on Musikfest 2000. (Not.), (Mars M.Venus).
Aug 12 Duran Duran: Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (with Johnny Favourite)
Aug 12 Much More Music in Canada airs Duran special.
Aug 13 Simon and Nick visit the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh.
Aug 13 Duran Duran: Iron City Light Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Aug 15 Duran Duran: Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls (Cleveland), OH, USA (with Tsar)
Aug 17 Duran Duran: Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston (Detroit), MI, USA.
Aug 18 Duran Duran: New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park (Chicago), IL, USA (with Tsar)
bootlegged on New World Music Theatre: August 18, 2000
Aug 19 Duran Duran: Kings Island, Kings Mills (Cincinnati), OH, USA (with Tsar)
Aug 20 Duran Duran: Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USA (with Tsar)
Aug 21 Duran Duran: Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights (St. Louis), MO, USA (with four local opening acts)
bootlegged on Lite Entertainment and Your Last Day On Earth
Aug 24 Duran Duran: Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA
bootlegged on Live at Chula Vista 2000
Aug 25 VH1 Storytellers airs in the UK. (PW.Uranium), (PTM).
Aug 25 Duran visits the Liberace museum in Las Vegas again. The famous museum was sold some time after, and by 2012 was in a dilapidated state. (Museum Tour).
Aug 25 Duran Duran: House of Blues (Mandalay Bay), Las Vegas, NV, USA (no opening act)
set list includes "Late Bar"
Aug 26 Duran Duran: House of Blues (Mandalay Bay), Las Vegas, NV, USA (no opening act)
Nick plays guitar on Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane"; bootlegged on 2nd Night In Las Vegas
Aug 27 Simon and Warren attend a Padres/Mets baseball game in San Diego.
Aug 28 BBC 1 airs the documentary Wild Boys: The Story of Duran Duran, featuring footage from US summer dates.
Aug 28 The Le Bon and Rhodes families visit LA to see the first House of Blues show; before the show, some winners from Star 98 radio attend a soundcheck party.
Aug 28 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA.
Aug 29 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA. (Setlist)
Bootlegged on HOB Cybercast 1999 / 2000. Simon had problems with his voice. Too Much Information has a false start. (LDOE), (LDOE), (HLTW), (NMOM), (PW.Uranium), (BBG), (OW), (HE), (ST), (TMI)
Aug 30 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA.
bootlegged on Special Treatment...All The Way: Los Angeles House Of Blues
Aug 31 Warren, Nick and Simon do a chat on MSN Online.
Aug 31 During their extended stay in California, Nick and Simon visit John at his place. They discuss the possibility of the reunion of the original 5. They phone Roger and Andy, who claim they are open to the proposition
Aug 31 John does interview for TTP; discusses the possible release of a Making of The Japan Album CD, tracking the development of the album from acoustic demos to final remixes.
Aug 31 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA.
bootlegged on West Hollywood 2000
Sep 1 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA.
Sep 2 Duran Duran: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA
Sep 3 Duran Duran: Great America, Santa Clara, CA, USA (with The Motels)
bootlegged on Last Day on Tour: Great America, Santa Clara
Sep ? It's rumored Simon may do duet with Johnny Marr on "Perfect" on a Smashing Pumpkins tribute CD.
Sep ? Trust The Process.com (TTP) gets a makeover, with new graphics, chatroom & message boards, and the addition of video and Meltdown Radio Internet audio to the site; audio clips include some tidbits from John's collection of Duran recordings.
Sep TTP releases Better Off Alive video -- five live numbers from the May 3 Key Club show, with some John Taylor interview footage.
Sep 10 Meltdown Radio, the official Internet Radio Station for Trust The Process (TTP), officially launches as a joint production of TTP and Late Bar Radio by DJOktober. The station features John Taylor's solo catalog, Duran Duran songs, and custom playlists from John Taylor and others.
Sep 12 Duran returns to England.
Sep ? "Aurora: Ordinary World" featuring Naimee Coleman released; the cover version enters the charts at #5.
Sep ? Nick visits Salvador Dali exhibit at County Hall in London.
? Nick appears on UKs 'Jo Whiley Show with Kelis and Tim Westwood. He wears rose tinted glasses, and mentions .mp3 music in the digital age, and certain bands suing Napster. (YouTube).
Sep 18 Live online chat with John Taylor at TTP's Delphi chatroom.
Sep ? Simon and Nick work on lyrics for Duran's next studio album.
Sep ? Nick attends the opening of the Royal Academy Apocalypse Exhibition.
Sep 23 Duran's Storytellers premieres on VH1 in USA.
late Sep Nick visits Los Angeles.
Oct John returns to Canada to film a small part in the VH1 movie A Diva's Christmas Carol.
Oct ? Nick attends the Versace spring/summer show in Paris (he appears on E! Fashion File).
Oct 1 DMC 213 Commercial Collection released, featuring several Duran Duran tracks.
Oct 3 Simon donates drawings of his dream scooter to artVespa, a charity auction at Sotheby's London to support Action on Addiction.
Oct 6 House of Blues.com airs a repeat of the Duran webcast from August 30.
Oct 9 Simon and Nick tape interviews for History of Top of the Pops and Unlocked for the BBC.
Oct 9-16 Warren appears on several radio and TV stations in Brazil.
Oct 10 Pulsating Grooves 3 released in the USA, featuring "I Don't Want Your Love" (Big Mix) mixed by Shep Pettibone.
Oct 13 Nick is interviewed for a music program about synthesizers called The Shape of Things That Hum.
Oct 16 Nick works in the studio with Stephen Duffy.
Oct 17 Simon is interviewed for a program called The Real Paula Yates.
Oct ? Nick's missing suit appears on Ebay.
Oct ? Nick and Warren meet with Charmed Technology to create some 2D/3D "augmented reality" visual effects to take out on the road.
Oct ? The band work with Jerrell Pair. The December 2000 Pop Trash tour will feature the world’s first use of augmented reality (AR) technology in a live concert. A presentation of this technology was conducted in 2002. (Demo Reel), Jerrell Pair Website and Demos (requires Flashplayer).
Oct ? Warren attends an anniversary dinner for race car driver and Duran fan Emerson Fittipaldi.
Oct ? Warren does photo shoot for a nude layout for 'G' magazine in Brazil.
Oct 26 Warren and his girlfriend Claudia attend Milton Nascimento's birthday party in Brazil.
Oct 26 Simon celebrates his 42nd birthday in London.
Oct ? Simon and Nick are interviewed for a 20 Years of MTV special; Everybody Talk About Pop Music appearing together with Mel C. Neither could remember any details of their New Year's Eve performance for MTV in 1983. (YouTube).
Oct 30 Simon and Nick appear on GMTV Live.
Oct 31 Nick and Stephen Duffy are reported to have finished twelve songs in twelve days in the studio for their unnamed side project.
Nov ? Simon goes to Tokyo to work on projects for SYN, including a duet with Robert Palmer on "Baby You Can Drive My Car" for a Ford car commercial.
Nov ? Nick and Simon interviewed for UK TV show Soundtrack (later renamed Walk On By).
Nov 2 Duran appears on Sky News; also on Heart FM.
Nov 3 Duran makes a surprise visit on VH1 Europe.
Nov 7 The Real Paula Yates program airs on Channel 4 in the UK; includes interviews with Simon.
Nov 12 Duran appears on Channel 5.
Nov 13 "Planet Earth" is included on the compilation album To Cut A Long Story Short - The New Romantics, sold at Sainbury's Supermarkets in the UK.
Nov 17 Duran performs two songs ("Girls on Film" and "Hallucinating Elvis") for the Children In Need charity on BBC1 in the UK. (GOF), (HE).
Nov 20 Simon's scheduled appearance on the Frank Skinner Show is cancelled.
Nov 21 Missing Persons albums Rhyme and Reason and Color In Your Life are issued on CD for the first time, each with some additional unreleased and live bonus tracks.
Nov 24 Nick and Stephen Duffy put the final touches on their side project - which would become Dark Circles.
Nov ? Nick and his daughter Tatjana attend a Destiny's Child concert at Birmingham NIA.
Nov 17 duranradio by DJOktober and Late Bar Radio goes off the air due to song licensing issues with Live365.com.
Nov 28 Nick goes to Madonna show at Brixton Academy, London.
Nov 29 Duranduran.com gives away five pairs of tickets to the invitation-only Hard Rock Cafe opening party in Manchester; two fans are also pulled from the crowd outside to attend the party.
Dec ? Warren releases solo album The Blue through Medazzaland Discs and G&S Music.
Dec 1 Duran Duran: Grand Opening Party, Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester, England
Charity bash; proceeds go to Christie's Against Cancer. The band donate casts of their hands -- one to the Cafe, and one to be auctioned for the charity
Dec 2 VH1 airs Behind The Movie about the making of A Diva's Christmas Carol.
Dec 2 Duran Duran: Crusaid, The Albert Hall, London, England
Dec 4 Duran appears on The Big Breakfast show; bootlegged on Starting to Remember (DVD)
Dec 5 First snapshot of The Lizard King website on Wayback Machine (Wayback Snapshot Dec 5th 2000).
Dec ? Simon is interviewed for a Sky One TV special about cancer.
Dec 8 Nick and Simon appear live on BBC Breakfast News, and record an interview for BBC Liquid News.
The Pop Trash Tour
Tour uses augmented reality technology to allow computer-generated characters to interact live with the band on a video screen; during "A View To A Kill", a film clip directed by Nick (and starring Elizabeth Hurley) is projected behind the band
Dec 9 Duran Duran: Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland (with The Vegastones)
Dec 10 Duran Duran: Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Scotland (with The Vegastones)
Dec 11 Simon appears on the Jools Holland show on BBC2 Radio.
Dec 11 Duran Duran: Apollo, Manchester, England (with The Vegastones)
Dec 12 Duran Duran: Apollo, Manchester, England (with The Vegastones)
Dec 12 John does live chat on Meltdown Radio with DJOktober over the Internet.
Dec 13 VH1 debuts A Diva's Christmas Carol, starring Vanessa Williams; John plays the part of the Ghost of Christmas Present. (YouTube).
Dec 14 Duran Duran: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England (with The Vegastones)
webcast on House of Blues (hob.com); "Late Bar" performed live in front of a UK audience for the first time in 18 years. During an extended version of "Girls on Film", Simon interacts with a 3D animated girl projected onto the backdrop (scrapped after this show as Simon thought it was tacky); bootlegged on Pop Trash Tour: Birmingham and Birmingham, NEC, UK: 14.12.00
Dec 16 Duran Duran: Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, England (with The Vegastones)
Dec 17 Duran Duran: Wembley Arena, London, England (with The Vegastones)
recorded; webcast delayed; guest Sally Boyden appears onstage to perform backing vocals for "Come Undone" with the band; bootlegged on Pop Trash: Wembley December 17, 2000, The Wembley 2000 Show and Webcast. (Rio), (PE), (WB), (ST).
Dec 18 Duran Duran: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales (with The Vegastones)
bootlegged on Cardiff: December 18th 2000
Dec 19 Duran Duran: Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, England (with The Vegastones)
Dec 19 Gregorian's album Masters of Chant is re-released, featuring a cover version of "Save A Prayer".
Dec 22 A Night at the Rum Runner premieres on the Internet as a co-production of Late Bar Radio and TTP. The broadcast launches on a separate Internet radio station titled "A Night at the Rum Runner". It is a four-hour radio special that consists of tracks from 1980 chosen by Nick and John to recreate the atmosphere of the Rum Runner club when they were plotting the ascension of Duran Duran.
Dec 31 Duran Duran: New Year's Eve Party - two shows
8 pm - Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), FL
10 pm - Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), FL
Nile Rodgers and Chic also perform two shows that night, between and after the Duran sets; bootlegged on Pop Trash: New Years Eve At Orlando - 1st Show.
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