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The Duran Duran Timeline
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John leaves Duran Duran to work on solo projects. Medazzaland released, and the first single, Electric Barbarella. The band hire Wes Wehmiller and Steve Alexander for a November tour.

Date Event
? "Girls on Film" is included on the Dutch compilation album New Wave Fieber.
? "Skin Trade" is included on the promotional only album Le CD: EMI 100 - 1997 - The First Centenary released in France.
? The promotional only compilation album EMI 100: 1997 - The First Centenary released in the UK, featuring "The Reflex".
? Arcadia's "Election Day" is included on The Sunday Times compilation Lipstick, Powder & Paint: The New Romantics.
? The Lost Years Vol. 1 by Ellis Beggs & Howard released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
? The promo only compilation album Mid Price: Where Quality And Price Are Meeting released in Colombia, featuring "The Reflex" and "Some Like It Hot".
? John and Amanda's divorce is finalised.
Jan 19 John Taylor: DuranCon, Roosevelt Hotel, Santa Monica, CA, USA.
A solo acoustic set at the DuranCon fan convention, (hosted by the Duran Duran Yearbook fanzine); bootlegged on John Taylor: DD Convention 1997 (YouTube).
Jan 19 After his performance, John announces that he is leaving Duran Duran.
Jan 20? Spurred by John's departure, Nick, Simon and Warren write several new songs for Medazzaland and revamp some of the old ones; Warren plays bass and guitar on most tracks.
Jan 21? John's vocals on the Duran song "Butt Naked" are scrapped, and it's rewritten and re-recorded to become "Be My Icon"; his bass tracks remain only on "Medazzaland", "Big Bang Generation", "So Long Suicide" and "Midnight Sun".
Jan 22? Duran sends some of the Medazzaland tracks ("P.L. You", "Sinner or Saint", and a few others) to Anthony J. Resta and Bob St. John in Boston for mixing.
Jan 23? Poorly encoded Dolby SR impedes the proper mixing of the Medazzaland tracks, and nearly gets Anthony and Bob fired.
Jan 23? "So Long Suicide" is sent to David Richards in Switzerland for mixing.
Jan 24? Anthony J. Resta sends a new mix of the long version of "Midnight Sun" to Duran, convincing them to bring Anthony and Bob back to London to do some production and programming.
Jan Duran approaches Philip Noyce to offer songs for his movie The Saint, the premiere of which is scheduled near the proposed Medazzaland release date; Noyce selects "Out of My Mind".
Jan 24 Simon records final vocal for "Big Bang Generation".
Jan-Feb Anthony J. Resta and Bob St. John come to London to do programming and post-production on the album; Anthony recuts most of the drums but blends in loops of Steve Alexander's drums on some tracks.
Feb "Angelina" by Neurotic Outsiders is included on WEA: Top Hits Selections 1997 - Vol. 2, released in Japan.
Feb 9-14 "Out of My Mind" video is filmed in a castle near Prague with director Dean Karr. (OOMM video), (OOMM video).
Feb 11-13 Actual filming days of the Out of My Mind video. (Filming Dates).
Feb 20 "Out of My Mind" snippet released to fans over the Internet.
Feb 21 Duran reports on their hotline that they have completed "Be My Icon", "Silva Halo", and "Buried in the Sand", and are just adding vocals to "Electric Barbarella"; at this point they do not plan to tour.
Feb late Just before delivering the album to the record company, Warren decides to re-record the rhythm tracks for "Midnight Sun", removing John's work from the track and utilizing some of Anthony's remix.
Feb late Simon sits up all night drinking Stoli martinis with Anthony J. Resta, listening to the final mixes over and over.
Feb Anthony J. Resta and Bob St. John add drums and sound effects, and mix the last tracks for TV Mania's Bored With Prozac and the Internet.
Mar ? Duran's album is done and has been turned in.
Mar 25 Nick interviewed on Atlanta 99X radio.
? "Got to Get You Out of My Mind" promo single released in the USA.
Mar 25 The Saint soundtrack released on Virgin Records, including "Out of My Mind".
? Out of My Mind (US Promo) released.
Mar 27 "Out of My Mind" released as radio single in US.
Mar 28 Simon appears on the Flashback Lunch show on Live 105 radio (San Francisco, CA); answers callers' questions, plays flashback songs and Saber mix of "Out of My Mind".
Mar 28 Simon interviewed on KLLC radio (San Francisco, CA).
Mar 28 Simon interviewed on KOME radio (San Francisco, CA).
Mar 29 The Saint special premieres on VH1, including first showing of the "Out of My Mind" video.
Mar 31 Duran does on online chat at Sonicnet; they assure fans John's departure was amicable; give away autograph soundtrack CD's.
Mar 31 Duran does Rough Cut internet chat.
Mar 31 Nick and Simon interviewed on the Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ radio (Los Angeles, CA). They answer fans' calls. Medazzaland is due to be released in August, Simon tells about SYN, the band also discuss the failure of Liberty and specific reception of Thank You and some other topics.
? "Out of My Mind" is included on Virginvasion 1997, released in Denmark. This is the first Duran Duran song not released on an EMI package or related label (Virgin).
Apr 1 Simon and Warren appear on Star 98.7 radio (Los Angeles, CA); perform acoustic "Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For" and Ordinary World live and answer some questions from the host.
Apr 1 Simon and Warren appear on Loveline radio show on KROQ; play "Out of My Mind" and "Silva Halo" on air. (YouTube).
Apr 2 Yasmin arrives at the launch party of GQ Active Magazine in London in a McLaren F1. She takes a job as motoring correspondent on the magazine. (Images), (Images).
Apr 2 Nick interviewed by phone on Y-100 radio (Philadelphia, PA).
Apr 2 Duran on Star 98.7 radio (Los Angeles, CA).
Apr 2 Duran on Y-107 radio (Los Angeles, CA).
Apr 2 Duran on CNN Showbiz Today.
Apr 3 Simon and Nick interviewed on Rick Dees morning show, KIIS radio (Los Angeles, CA).
Apr 3 Simon, Nick and Warren attended the premiere of the movie The Saint in Los Angeles. Out Of My Mind was played at the end of the movie, and is also included on the motion picture soundtrack.
Apr ? The album is waiting for a release date to be set. The band plans to release Electric Barbarella this summer.
Apr 14 Simon and Yasmin attend the UK premiere of The Saint in London. (Images).
Apr 17 Musikexpress Sounds of 97 Vol. 5 released in Germany, featuring John Taylor's "Feelings R Good".
Apr 21 The Vault: 97-17 broadcast in the USA, featuring "Rio" recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon in November 1982.
Apr 25 John Taylor: Quattro Cani, Cologne, Germany.
Record release party for Feelings Are Good And Other Lies; John performs a song from "The Sound of Music"!
? Warren changes his wig. Now no longer spikey, but combed down into a fringe - with sideburns. Rumours about his hair being a wig start to circulate around the DD fanzines (this was before the internet). Warren would keep this style until after his solo album, Roadrage.
May Roger Taylor forms the band Freebass in Birmingham with Mark Anthony of Fuzzbox.
May 4 Simon and Yasmin plant a tree in support of Future Forests. (Newspaper Article).
May 9 "Electric Barbarella" video filmed at Black Island Studios, London with director Ellen von Unwerth. American model Myka Dunkle is the robot, with appearances from models Devon Aoki and Sophie Dahl. The video was apparently inspired by a scene in the movie Cherry 2000. John does not appear in the video, a bald man is present instead. (Cherry 2000 Trailer), (EB Video).
May 10? During the filming of the EB video, Simon, Nick and Warren come up with the beginnings of "Someone Else, Not Me" and Nick asks the cameraman to film them so they'll have a tape to work with.
May 12 "Out of My Mind" single released in UK (CD single includes "Silva Halo" and "Sinner or Saint").
May 24 "Out of My Mind" peaks at #21 in UK.
May 20 Warren's Machine Language album released on Japanese label Bandai.
? Freebass performs a few live dates in Birmingham.
May 27 The Lizard King Duran Duran website is launched. The site was well known among fans - because there was very little else on the internet in those days. The forum was launched in Jan 2007. Both closed November 2010. The site was also responsible for archiving rare TV clips, most of which survive on youtube today.
? "Ordinary World" is included on the compilation album Mid-Price Hits, given away with Zoo magazine in Europe.
Summer The band demo and submit a song for the next James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. I guess it was around the time when Medazzaland was finished, and waiting to get released. MGM wanted a popular artist, but Duran's song was rejected. There were around twelve submissions, the contracted theme song was performed by Sheryl Crow. Duran Duran's Tomorrow Never Dies was later re-recorded with different lyrics and became Kiss Goodbye/Last Day On Earth, released in 2000 on the Pop Trash album.
Jun 6 John attends MTV Movie Awards.
Jun ? ZTVideo Network (formerly ZTV) public access show renamed FUZ.TV and relocated from Reno to Boston

ZTV website.

? "Hungry Like The Wolf" is included on the promotional on compilation album High Gear Hits: Vol. 1.
Jun 17 RealAudio clips of John's work first appear on B5 website.
Jun 17 Simon and Yasmin attend the launch of the new Vespa ET2 Scooter in London. (Images and Article).
Jun 18? The band interviewed for what will become the Mezazzaland EPK on the set of Electric Barbarella. (YouTube).
Jun 19 Filming completed for "Electric Barbarella" video. (Note: Perhaps this is May 19th?) (EB Video).
Jun 23 Simon and Yasmin attend the premier of Batman and Robin in London. (Images).
Jun 26 John performs sound check for the Abifete in the pouring rain, but it stops after he plays "Hold Back the Rain".
Jun 26 John Taylor and others: Radio Antenne Bayerne, Abifete, Stuttgart, Germany.
John performs his first real, electrified solo show with guitarist Gerry Laffy; he is so nervous he begins the first song badly out of key and has to start over; plays "Feelings Are Good", "My Own Way", "2:03", "Look Homeward Angel", "Losing You", "Save A Prayer", "Planet Earth", and "Hold Back the Rain"; bootlegged on Work Masterpieces One and Radio Antenne Bayerne / Stuttgart
Jul 16 Warren describes struggling on without John in a 24min interview with Jason Curtis of South Africa. Developing Medazzaland, and news of the TV Mania project. (YouTube).
Jul 22 John does an online chat on America Online.
Jul 23 John does an online chat on Prodigy
Jul ? Freebass records the single "Love Is Like Oxygen" (a Sweet song) and several other tracks.
Aug 5 A terrible lounge/jazz cover of "Hungry Like The Wolf" appears on Just Lounging Around by Bambi & The Boys, on Hot Productions.
Aug The split disc 7" single Rio / The Chauffeur by Betty Goo and Cleveland, featuring Duran Duran cover songs released.
Aug ? John does an online chat on SonicNet.
Aug 11 The Westwood One radio show The Vault: 97-33 broadcast in the USA, featuring a live performance of "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" by Duran Duran, recorded at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, UK on 25 April 1989.
Aug 17 John hosts an episode of VH-1's Then and Now, and performs a small snippet of "Save A Prayer".
Aug 26 "Hungry Like The Wolf" appears on Arista compilation Ultimate New Wave Party 1998
Aug/Sep? Andy Taylor, Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson record an appearance for Top Music show in Japan, as a reformed Power Station. They play Some Like It Hot over a backing track, with no live bassist. (YouTube).
Aug/Sep The Power Station hire bassist Manny Yanes and second guitarist Luke Morley of Thunder.
Aug 30 Yasmin and Simon photographed outside of the Met Bar, London. (Image).
Sep The promotional only Electric Barbarella Sampler CD released in the USA.
Sep You Are Now Entering Medazzaland promo box released in the USA by Capitol Records.
Sep ? Dream Home Heartaches....Remaking/Remodeling Roxy Music released through the B5 website.
Sep ? The Power Station rehearse their set at New Yorks The Supper Club, recorded by ZTV. (Bang a Gong).
With bassist Manny Yanes and second guitarist Luke Morley of Thunder
Sep 4 The Power Station: Clutch Cargo, Detroit, MI, USA.
Sep 4 John Taylor: afternoon, The Record Runner, New York, NY, USA.
a planned acoustic performance following a record signing for Autodidact and Dream Home Heartaches....Remaking/Remodeling Roxy Music at the tiny store turns into an impromptu sidewalk concert when John and Gerry take their chairs outside.
Sep 4 John Taylor: evening, CMJ Music Festival, The Fort, Sidewalk Cafe, New York, NY, USA (with Lach)
free show; he wears a wide-brimmed hat for most of it. Melanie Friedman from Three Alarm Fire joins John onstage to perform Lou Reed's "Pale Blue Eyes"; bootlegged on John Taylor - Live 1997.
Note: video claims date was Aug 14th? (Full Show), (Rio).
Sep 5 The Power Station: The House of Blues, Chicago, IL, USA.
Sep 5 John Taylor: 217 Lounge, Santa Monica, CA, USA.
free show; scheduled to be simulcast on the Rocktropolis website, but instead was taped for a later cybercast.
Sep 6 The Power Station: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA.
Sep 8 The Power Station: Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, USA.
Sep ? A newspaper story appears about the digital launch of Electric Barbarella, saying it will appear Wednesday 10th September, downloadable for $0.99. A remix will able be available for $1.99. (Image).
Sep 9/10 "Electric Barbarella" single available for download in Liquid Audio format from the Capitol Records website for 99¢. This is the first commercial digital audio release in history, although music has been available to buy digitally independently since 1992.
Sep 10 The Power Station: Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO, USA.
Sep 12 Newspaper headline in Florida newspaper. "Duran Duran test web waters". (Article).
Sep 12 The Power Station: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
Sep 13 The Power Station: Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Sep 14 The Power Station: The House of Blues, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Sep 15 The Power Station: 4th and B, San Diego, CA, USA.
Sep 16 "Electric Barbarella" single released in the USA to stores in numerous formats and with numerous remixes. CD singles include "Sinner or Saint", "Out of My Mind" (Perfecto Mix) and the "Electric Barbarella" (video in Quicktime format).
Sep 17? MTV, VH1 and the BBC refuse to air the Electric Barbarella video, on the grounds of decency. They insist cuts are made.
Sep/Oct Radio station across America refuse to play the new single Electric Barbarella, especially in the South, because of the subject matter.
Sep 18 Yasmin gets herself on the cover of Hello! magazine, as she attends the wedding of super model Gail Elliot. (Magazine Photos).
Sep 18 The Power Station: Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX, USA.
Sep 19 Warren and both of his parents visit his father's birthplace in Italy, Nocera Inferiore. Warren is honoured for his accomplishments in music. Warren's father would pass away in December of 97.
Sep 19 The Power Station: Chili Pepper, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.
Sep 20 The Power Station: Embassy, Orlando, FL, USA.
Sep 22 The Power Station: The House of Blues, New Orleans, LA, USA (no opening act).
Sep 23 An Internet-only remix of the "Electric Barbarella" single available for download from Capitol Records for $1.99; purchasers also receive the URL of a 'hidden' website with the Electric Barbarella video.
Sep 23 The Power Station: Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, USA.
Sep 25 John does an online chat on the Rocktropolis website just before a cybercast of the September 5th show.
Sep 25 The Power Station: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA.
Sep 26 The Power Station: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
bootlegged on The Power Station: Live In Philly. (Audio Youtube).
Sep 27 The Power Station: Avalon, Boston, MA, USA.
Sep 28 The Power Station: Supper Club, New York, NY, USA.
Sep 30 The Power Station album Living In Fear is finally released in US.
Autumn The promotional only Play It! - Conference Sampler released in Canada, featuring "Electric Barbarella".
Oct-Nov Duran Duran do a retrospective review of their career for Star Interview on Music Choice radio.
Oct "Electric Barbarella" is included on Promo Only: Mainstream Radio - October 97.
Oct 3 An article appears in the Florida press: "Duran Duran denies jumping on electronica bandwaggon." (Article).
Oct 7 The Duran Duran Tribute Album released on Mojo Records; includes covers of Duran songs by a range of punk and ska bands.
? The band release an edited version of the Electric Barbarella video. Due to the media debacle over its download release cutting out record stores, the temporary censoring of the music video, and late release to other markets, the single is generally considered to have under-performed.
Oct 5 The band fly to LA to promote Electric Barbarella.
Oct 9 Simon and Warren appear on the Star 98.7 Radio program. They perform a snippet of Electric Barbarella, Michael (You've got a lot to answer for) and Ordinary World.
Oct 9 Simon and Warren appear on the KROQ's Loveline.(YouTube)
Oct 10 Duran chats live on AOL.
Oct 10 Duran appears on UPN's Vibe TV. They play HLTW and EB. (YouTube, (YouTube).
Oct 10 Duran performs "Electric Barbarella" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in LA. Leno says album is due Oct 14. (YouTube).
Oct 11? Simon, Nick and Warren have lunch and are interviewed at Barney Greengrass Restaurant in Beverly Hills, for a segment called E! Out To Lunch. They say radio stations are refusing to play their new single Electric Barbarella. (YouTube).
Oct 12? Warren invites Missing Persons bassist Wes Wehmiller to Tower Records. Wes will perform with the band until John Taylor returns in 2001, although will not become a full member. They rehearse some songs with Steve Alexander, including a rare version of Ordinary World. (Audio OW).
Oct 12 Duran Duran and others: The Duran Duran Tribute Show, Tower Records parking lot, Hollywood, CA
bootlegged on Tower Records 1997 and Tribute 1997
Oct 13? The band (and Wes) fly to New York to promote the launch of Medazzaland.
Oct 13? Medazzaland: Press Pack issued to the media in the USA. Also known as the Electronic Press Kit (EPK). It includes the video for Electric Barbarella and an interview clip. (YouTube).
Oct 14 Medazzaland album released in North America.
Oct 14 Medazzaland album released in Japan; includes bonus track "Ball and Chain".
Oct 14
- Nov 12?
Wes Wehmiller records clips of Nick on his digital camcorder, during their time in New York. Nick cant wait to get high. He constantly laughs and pokes fun at Wes, saying the battery life in his camera will last longer than Wes will with the band. (YouTube).
Oct 14 Duran appears and performs "Electric Barbarella" on the Rosie O'Donnell show in New York. Nick is high, and his keyboard is noticeable at the start of EB. (YouTube), (EB).
Oct 15 Newspaper headline in Ottawa, Canada. "Campy Barbarella makes goofy fun". (Article).
Oct 15 Signing at Virgin Megastore in Times Square New York.
Oct 15 Simon and Warren do interviews on Z-100 radio.
Oct Virgin Megastores (in the US at least) give away an extra Medazzaland CD booklet signed by Nick, Simon and Warren with purchase of the album.
Oct 16 Duran appears on CNN's Talk Back Live, with a topic of "teen violence".
Oct 17 Simon, Nick and Warren do a video live phone-in interview broadcast over the internet. The band are all sober. Simon tells the Midazolam story which lead to the song, and album Medazzaland. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).
Oct 18 Franklin Indiana newspaper report "Goodbye record companies, hello internet". Mentions electronic online sales like Electric Barbarella could mean the end of record companies, and make record stores obsolete. (Article).
Oct 18 Simon appears on Fox Network News.
Oct 19 Nick, Warren and Simon appear on Modern Rock Live radio show; take fans' questions, perform "Who Do You Think You Are?", "Ordinary World" and "Undergoing Treatment" live.
Oct 21 Medazzaland album peaks at #58 in US.
Oct 24 Duran discusses style on MTV's Week In Rock.
Oct 27 John collaborates with the site CNET and tells about his new album and does an online chat with fans.
Oct 28 Medazzaland album peaks at #19 in Canada
? The DJ only album Hot Tracks: 16-6 released, featuring a remix of "Electric Barbarella" by Pablo La Rosa.
Nov 1 "Electric Barbarella" peaks at #52 in the US.
Nov 1 Andy begins performing (through January 15) with the British Rock All-Stars (Andy, Robert Hart, Rick Willis, Dave Colwell)
? The compilation album El Sabor Del Mes 11: ¿A Qué Te Sabe La Música? released in Mexico, featuring "Electric Barbarella".
? The promo Electric Barbarella (Todd Terry Mixes) released in the USA.
Nov 6 Duran Duran: The Whitney Museum, New York, NY, USA.
Andy Warhol charity benefit dinner show - $2,500 a plate
Nov ? The band record an appearance on the RuPaul show in New York. Nick is high and cant stop smiling. Warren mentions starting the tour in Boston on the 13th. Simon claims to have had a dream about Posh Spice Victoria. They play Electric Barbarella and Hungry Like the Wolf. (YouTube).
Nov Purchasers of the November issue of UK Rolling Stone receive a free CD which includes "Undergoing Treatment".
Nov ? Freebass single "Love Is Like Oxygen" released to radio.
Nov ? Freebass single "Love Is Like Oxygen" is pressed; a CD single includes "Softunderfoot" and two remixes of the single; a planned November retail release is delayed due to lack of radio airplay.
With bassist Wes Wehmiller and drummer Steve Alexander; pre-show music includes "Mirror Mirror" by TV Mania; Nick is ill through much of November; Madeleine Farley reportedly films all shows on this tour for Nick's benefit.
Nov 12 Duran Duran: Mohegan Sun Theatre, Uncasville, CT, USA.
warm-up show; bootlegged;
Nov 13 Duran Duran: The Orpheum, Boston, MA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
bootlegged; with guest Dale Bozzio
Nov 14 Nick gets an upper respiratory infection. Doctors keep him in hospital in Boston.
Nov 15 Duran Duran: Metropolis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
postponed due to Nick's illness
Nov 16 Warren and Simon on Canada's Much Music. They talk about the cancelled shows in Montreal and Toronto, with Nick still stuck in Boston. Also thoughts about censorship issues about their latest video. (YouTube).
Nov 16 Duran Duran: Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
postponed due to Nick's illness
Nov 17 Duran Duran: FX Clothing Store, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Promo party. Warren and Simon are interviewed where they mention the video for EB is raunchy, like GOF. Undecided about a second single. Will Roger return? Nick should be well enough to perform tomorrow night in Philadelphia. (YouTube).
Nov 18 Duran Duran: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
simulcast on the web; bootlegged on Out of my Land
Nov 19 Duran appears on MTV live.
Nov 19 Duran appears at a record signing at Virgin Megastores in Times Square.
Nov 19 Duran Duran: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA (with Al's Not Well).
bootlegged on New York City 1997
Nov 20 Duran Duran: Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA.
cancelled due to Nick's illness
Nov 21 Yasmin and Annie Lennox are among the supporters at the launch of the Free Tibet movement. (Image), (Image).
Nov 22 Simon's friend Michael Hutchence (of INXS) is found hanged in a hotel room in Sydney, Australia.
Nov 22 Duran Duran: Lakewood Civic Auditorium, Lakewood (Cleveland), OH, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Simon is in tears through part of this show over Michael Hutchence's death; the show takes place in a high school auditorium; bootlegged'
Nov 24 Duran Duran: State Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Nov 26 Duran Duran: Sunrise Music Theatre, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Nov 27 Duran Duran: Pleasure Island, Disney World, Orlando, FL, USA<br?>Taped for possible Disney broadcast; bootlegged on Pleasure Island, The Big Bang Concert and broadcast using The Big Bang Concert Series: 1998
Nov 28 Duran Duran: Tampa Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Nov Capitol wants "Who Do You Think You Are?" for the next single from Medazzaland.
Nov 29 Duran Duran: Anfiteatro Luis Muñoz Marín (LMM Amphitheatre), San Juan, Puerto Rico (no opening act)
performed without standard lighting rig and sets
Dec 1 Duran Duran: State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
bootlegged on State Theatre, New Orleans
Dec 2 Duran Duran: Bayou City Theatre, Houston, TX, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Dec 4 Simon Le Bon: Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, England
Simon performs "Ordinary World" and "Winter Marches On" with a full choir as Yasmin leads the lighting of a thousand candles at a charity event for Henshaw's Society for the Blind. (Image, with Tallulah).
Dec 5 Warren's father passes away .
Dec 5 Duran Duran: Event Center Arena, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
bootlegged on Live In San Jose
Dec 6 Simon, suffering from strep throat, receives penicillin injections.
Dec 6 Duran Duran: Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Dec 8 Duran Duran: Spreckles [or 4th & B?], San Diego, CA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Dec 9 Simon interviewed on phone on Star 98.7 radio (Los Angeles, CA) before the night's show. Several tickets are raffled off.
Dec 9 Duran Duran: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA (with Al's Not Well)
Dec 10 Duran Duran: The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA (with Al's Not Well)
bootlegged on Teardrops In The Sky
Dec 11 Duran Duran and others : Q101 "Twisted Christmas", United Center Arena, Chicago, IL, USA (with The Cure, 311, Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, Everclear, Sugar Ray)
bootlegged on Chicago 1997 and Out of my Land
Dec 13 Duran Duran: VH1 Ultimate Holiday Office Party, Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL, USA (no opening act)
Private concert for VH1 contest winner Kathy Mash (who works for the White Sox) and fifty friends; bootlegged on VH1 Ultimate Office Party. (BBG), (BBG), (OW), (AVTAK), (GOF), (EB), (CU), (Rio).
Dec 15 The release of Freebass single "Love Is Like Oxygen" is pushed back to January; a video is planned.
Dec 15 Duran Duran: Warehouse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
rescheduled from November
Dec 16 Duran Duran: Metropolis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
rescheduled from November; set list includes Arcadia's "The Flame"
Dec 16 Duran appears as the musical guest on Comedy Central's Viva Variety TV show.
Dec 17 VH-1 airs highlights of the Ultimate Office Party.
Dec ? Decade: Video re-issued in Denmark (at least) with four videos added: "Serious", "Violence of Summer", "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone"
Dec ? Syn Pro studios chosen to score the movie Love Kills.
Dec ? Capitol elects not to release a second single from Medazzaland, and pushes back the European release of "Electric Barbarella" and "Medazzaland" indefinitely.
Dec 24 Duran appears on the radio morning show on Star94 in Atlanta. The Band is not present in Atlanta. They are in Warren's studio and an ISDN link is used for the audio connection. Simon and Warren perform "Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For", "Who Do You Think You Are?" and Simon does a quick acapella rendition of the Christmas evergreen "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"; Bootlegged on Pleasure Island.
Dec 27 Duran appearance on the RuPaul show airs from November. They play Electric Barbarella and Hungry Like The Wolf live. (YouTube), (YouTube).
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