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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Thank You is released in Spring. The band undertake a small semi-acoustic American tour to promote it. John gets together with Hein Hoven to make songs for Feelings Are Good And Other Lies, performs at the Viper Room in the summer, and forms the Neurotic Outsiders in September; playing a few dates.

Date Event
Jan The DJ only compilation album Mastermix: Issue 101 - January 1995 released featuring Duran Duran.
Jan John backs out of the Power Station album Living In Fear when the album is 'nearly finished' (and just days before the band is due to sign with Polydor Records in the US) due to the strain of rehab and troubles with Amanda at home.
Jan 16 Simon, Yasmin and Paula Yates is on vacation in Sain Tropez, France. (Image Gallery)
Jan 26 Interview with Warren in his kitchen. They are trying to find a director to shoot the Perfect Day video. Nick can impersonate David Sylvian, Bryan Ferry, and has a really great punk singing style. He saves the fanzines. He would rather eat raw broccoli than cook it. (Source).
end Jan "White Lines" video is filmed.
end Jan "Perfect Day" video filmed; Roger makes an appearance behind the drum kit.
end Jan Nick and Simon interviewed on the set of the Perfect Day video, by Zoe Ball for Ozone TV show. Nick says the inspiration behind the covers album was David Bowie and Bryan Ferry making cover albums when they were younger, which introduced them to new music. (YouTube)
end Jan MTV Europe interview the band on the set of Perfect Day. The director says the padded cell was meant to represent 'a mental disorder', but with some kind of romanticism to it, by showing images in the background. He said. 'Even on a perfect day, there are still disasters in the world, so it's not a perfect day for everybody.' [airs Mar 11.1995] (YouTube)
Jan/Feb? John and Amanda's troubles continue, and they decide to publicly separate.
? The band interviewed by Kennedy on MTV's 'Alternative Nation' show. Mentions Hole cover of HLTW on Unplugged. John speaks as a lay-person; mentions recording the video for Perfect Day with Roger Taylor 'last week'. He says Roger came back 10 years after they recorded AVTAK. Airs March. (YouTube)
Feb 8 Nick and Simon interviewed on Rete 105 radio in Milan.
Feb ? The 7" vinyl "Against All Authority / Less Than Jake" released, featuring a cover version of "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Feb ? Trust by Patrick O'Hearn released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
Feb Hein Hoven invites John to come up to his Burbank home studio and play, and they are soon discussing a four-song EP.
Feb Promo Only: Club Series - February 95 released, featuring "White Lines" (70's Club Mix).
Feb 25 Duran Duran: San Remo Festival, Teatro Ariston, San Remo, Italy.
Duran appears without John - he reportedly "missed his flight". The band lip-syncs to a playback of "White Lines". Melle Mel wears an American Flag shirt and joins the band onstage. Lamya mimes playing bass. The bands arrival and setting up was filmed for La cronaca in diretta. (Simon and Nick arrival and Stage setup.), (White Lines).
Mar Monthly Power Picks: 1995 3-4 released in Japan, featuring "White Lines".
Feb-Mar When Steve Jones comes around to Hein's place to record a couple tracks with John, the idea becomes a six-song EP, and then a full-fledged album, eventually to be named Feelings Are Good And Other Lies.
Mar 2 Warren, Nick and Simon interviewed on KROQ radio (Los Angeles, CA.)
Mar 5 Simon, Nick and Warren interviewed on syndicated US radio show Modern Rock Live; answer fans questions.
Mar ? MTV airs the band interviewed with Kennedy on MTV's 'Alternative Nation' show. (YouTube)
Mar 7 Warren and Simon interviewed on Z100 radio (New York, NY).
Mar 7 "Come Undone" (acoustic live) appears on EMI compilation album Loaded: Volume 1
Mar The band appearance (aired?) on the 'Naked Cafe' show, where a camera crew record a photoshoot. Topless Warren does pressups; he is disappointed the show is not an actual Naked Cafe. Nick admits he never really wears makeup, but it makes him look good in photos. (YouTube)
? On the same date as the Naked Cafe show is recorded, the band attend a Play Girl photo shoot.
Mar Simon interviewed on KDEG The Edge radio (Las Vegas, NV); answers fans questions.
Mar 10 Duran Duran: Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Grand Opening Party for the Hard Rock; recorded for MTV; set list includes David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel"
bootlegged on Boyz On The Side, Thank You Tour and Las Vegas Hard Rock Opening
Mar 10 John encounters Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan of Guns'n'Roses among the other attendees at the Hard Rock party, and Steve Jones is also in attendance; they discuss "making some music together someday". (Black Leather, (Iggy Pop).
Mar 10 Hitmakers CD Sampler: Volume 111, March 10, 1995 released featuring "White Lines" (Freestyle Edit).
Mar 11 or 12 A jetlagged Simon, who just got off the plane from Vegas is interviewed by a nickerless Paula Yates in her In bed with Paula Yates interview series on UK The Big Breakfast TV show. Simon mentions the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Chat about Simon's throat. Paula quotes John's line that is this tour fails, they would be willing to play Butlins. (YouTube)
Mar 14 Simon and Warren interviewed on Simon Mayo show on Radio 1 (UK); live acoustic performance of "Ordinary World", "Perfect Day" and "Crystal Ship".
Mar VH1 broadcasts a 20min clip of the final INXS show with Michael Hutchence, recorded at the O2 Acadamy, Brixton London, Oct 28, 1994. (YouTube)
Mar ? Simon interviewed on Multitrack Express radio show (UK).
Mar ? Roger appears with Duran Duran to record Perfect Day for Top of the Pops. (YouTube)
Mar 17 The band appears on the MTV show Most Wanted in London, presented by Ray Cokes. They play "Rebel Rebel", "Success", "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Rock Version, and a jam at the end of the show. The jam is later referred to as the song "Plastic Girl"
bootlegged on Thank You Tour and Sony 17-3-95. (Full YouTube), (Full YouTube)
Mar 18 Simon and Warren fly from London to Amsterdam first thing in the morning.
Mar 18 Simon and Warren fly from Amsterdam to Brussels.
Mar Simon and Warren perform an acoustic song on Belgian TV show Kriebels.
Mar 18 Simon and Warren: La Gaieté Free Record Store, Brussels, Belgium. They play "Ordinary World", "Thank You", "911 Is a Joke", and "Crystal Ship"; followed by autograph session. This is the very first time Warren and Simon play the song "Thank You" live.
Bootlegged on Acoustic Live in Brussels and Los Angeles 1995
Mar 19 Simon and Warren: Fame Music Store, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Only 250 fans allowed in; after a 30-minute sound check, Simon and Warren perform acoustic versions of "Ordinary World" and "Crystal Ship", followed by autograph session; filmed for Xenomania TV show. Simon says it's good to be able to sing without fighting with drums and keyboards. (YouTube)
? The compilation album EMI Colombia: Compact Disc Promocional 4 released, featuring Duran Duran's "Lay Lady Lay".
Mar 20 Nick calls from New York to do phone interview on Y-100 radio (Philadelphia, PA); takes callers questions.
Mar 21 A demo version of the song "Thank You" is included on the tribute album Encomium: A Tribute To Led Zepplin .
Mar 22? Simon and Warren interviewed by Thomas Gottshalk on German TV show Gottshalk Late Night, with guest Sandra Schwarzhaupt. They talk about the new album and the images on the cover, and show a clip of the Perfect Day video. Simon and Warren play the Rock/Punk Version of Hungry Like the Wolf while The Rubber Girls perform a fashion show. They then sit together at the end. (YouTube)
Mar 24 Duran appears live on the final episode of The Word, performing the hard rock version of Hungry Like the Wolf", and White Lines with Melle Mel and the Furious Five. Mary J. Blige also performs, footballing guest Jimmy Hill appears. The female host introduces the band as 'young lads from Birmingham'; like the classic Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles. Simon talks about the new bands, Blur, East 17 to host Terry Christian. Terry reminds Simon of John's 'Butlins' comment. Andy Warhol apparently very much enjoying the DD singles. Sly and the Family Stone song 'If You Want Me To Stay' was covered but rejected early on. (Article), (YouTube + Interview), (YouTube)
Mar 24 Mi Vida Loca film by Allison Anders is released in the UK, featuring music written by John Taylor.
Mar 24 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of "Perfect Day". Roger appears with Duran on Top of the Pops to perform "Perfect Day"; bootlegged on People Like You (DVD). (YouTube)
Mar 25 "Perfect Day" single released in US and UK {special 2-CD set includes "The Needle and the Damage Done" and "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)".
Mar ? Simon and John review Thank You on the Soundbites show on Radio 1.
Mar 26? The band fly to Canada to promote Thank You.
Mar 27 Thank You album released in UK.
? Thank You: Press Pack issued in the UK.
Mar ? Simon and Warren interviewed on Canadian TV, talking about the recent HLTW cover by Hole. They say the new album will be out next month, as well as MTV airing the 'Hole' performance on Unplugged. (YouTube)
Mar 28 The Fame Music performance in Amsterdam aired on the program Xenomania on Dutch TV station.
Mar 31 "White Lines" (Blizzard Mix) is included on the promotional only compilation album HitDisc: 089E.
? The promotional only EMI Sampler: Vol. 5 released in Korea, featuring "White Lines".
Apr 1? John and Simon interviewed for VH1 in Canada, talking about the Thank You album. Simon says he locked an image of his (then) 5 year old daughter in his mind while recording Perfect Day. He confirms they "had 4 songs" before the tour, and the rest were recorded whilst on the tour. Confirms Frank Hopkinson of The Velvet Underground was the trigger behind the album, when he insisted they cover Femme Fatale; the host is Frank Hopkinson's daughter. John mentions the list of guests on the album. Hole cover not yet aired. Simon would like Barry White to cover All She Wants Is. The Thank You album due April 4th. (source).
Apr 2 The band appear on Musique Plus in Montreal, Canada. They perform 911 is a Joke, and a brand new song, P.L. You for the first time, live. Airs May 26th 1995. (P.L. You), (911), (911),
Apr 3? Another music show Quand On Se Fait du Cinema in Canada - Hungry Like the Wolf - Rock version, Success and Crystal Ship. (HLTW), (Success), (CS).
Apr 4 "White Lines" single released in US and UK in several formats with numerous remixes.
Apr 4 "Lay Lady Lay" released in Italy {b/w "Ordinary World" and "White Lines"; CD single includes "Diamond Dogs".
Apr 4 Thank You album released in North America.
? MTV premier of the White Lines video. (Youtube)
Apr 4 Duran appears at a record signing for nearly 1,000 fans at HMV, Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario.
Apr 4 D2 Day at Much Music in Toronto. The band are interviewed by Monkia Deol for three hours for much music, as the band finish off their first ever record signing in Canada. Fans have been queuing around the block for hours. Footage of the signing, Simon is bursting for the toilet; then into the studio for chat, as fans press themselves up against the window. Clips of some of Arcadia's most crazy moments at Much Music. John chews gum veraciously, wearing pink gingham trousers. The host says she is trying to keep them under control, as the band are usually uncontrollable; but the band seem tired, all clean and sober and seem calm. A caller asks about the significance of White Lines, Simon says the message is very clear - Dont Do It. They play Crystal Ship. (Full YouTube) (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (CS).
Apr 4? The band fly to New York to promote Thank You, then quickly on to Miami.
Apr 5 The band interviewed on a rooftop in Miami. They say they were in New York recently, and before that, Canada. Warren makes a joke about the boom mic being the new drummer. They talk about their covers album being inspired by Lou Reed and Iggy Pop and the New York scene. A clip of Lou Reed is shown, where he says how much he liked the cover of Perfect Day. Also a clip of Iggy Pop and Melle Mel: "A months after we came back from Japan, we recorded White Lines with Duran Duran". (YouTube)
Apr 5 Band appears at a record signing at Blockbuster Music, Miami, FL.
Apr 5? The band fly back to New York.
Apr 6 Warren interviewed on Y-100 radio (Philadelphia, PA); takes callers' questions.
Apr 6 Band appears at a record signing at Sam Goody Music, New York, NY.
bootlegged on Perfect Day 95. The record signing in New York is recorded for "A Perfect Day With Duran Duran". (YouTube)
Apr 7 Band visits the Grand Opening Celebration of the Fashion Cafe in New York, NY. They play some songs including Hungry Like the Wolf. (YouTube)
Apr 6 In the evening, the band are interviewed on the roof, while fans scream below. End of "A Perfect Day with DD", airs April 20th. (YouTube)
Apr ? John and Simon interviewed on VH1's Full Circle show. They talk about the response to Thank You from the original authors. John quotes a message from Lou Reed. Robert Plant sends a video clip to thank the band. (YouTube)
? John, Warren and Simon interviewed about the song Thank You (song) from their covers album. John wears glasses, and has the Clark Kent look. (YouTube)
? Nick and John talk on MTV News about making of White Lines. Nick has a killer doll-fringe haircut. Nick says cocaine abuse is a widespread topic today (referring to the newly clean and sober John) and they wanted to record the song, and were lucky enough to get in contact with Melle Mel; who came in to record the song during their previous tour. (YouTube)
Apr 7 Band performs "White Lines" on the David Letterman Show, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, NY, with Melle Mel. (WL), (WL).
Apr 7 Duran Duran: Grand Opening Party, The Fashion Cafe, New York, NY, USA.
Apr 9 Band appears at a record signing at The Wherehouse in San Francisco, CA.|- style="vertical-align: top;" {{{1}}} {{{2}}}
Apr 10 Simon and Warren interviewed on Star 98.7 radio (Los Angeles, CA). Duran Duran do an in-store signing session at the Wherehouse, Beverly Connection, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Apr 11 Simon and Warren appear on KTLA (WB Network) Morning Show, Los Angeles
Warren interviewed on KROQ; band records a special performance of "911 Is a Joke".
Apr 11? Thank You album spends only one week on US charts, at #19.
Apr 12 Thank You album released in Japan; includes bonus track "Diamond Dogs".
Apr 12 Group interview with Kevin and Bean; announcement of free show.
Apr 13 Simon and Warren tape performance for the Later with Greg Kinnear TV show. Warren is not wearing a shirt, Simon squeezes his right nipple. They did not get permission to cover the songs but they did have to get permission to use their images on the cover. Simon mentions some more reactions from the original performers of the Thank You songs, especially Public Enemy's reaction to 911 is a Joke. Simon tells the story of being a Tree Surgeon during his time at the Kibbutz in 1978. He goes into a long story about tree surgery in the desert. They play acoustic versions of Crystal Ship and Ordinary World. (YouTube), (CS), (CS/OW).
Apr 13 Simon and Warren: 7:00 am, The House of Blues, West Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA, USA.KROQ sponsors a free show as an apology for the on-air razzing the band received; and Simon and Warren appear as an apology to those who were turned away at the Wherehouse record signing; a pre-show interview and the one-hour six-song acoustic performance is broadcast live on KROQ; with drummer Joe Travers;
bootlegged on House of Blues 95, Acoustic Live in Brussels and Los Angeles 1995 and Thank You Tour (Part 1), (Part 2).
Apr 14 Rock Over London: 95-16 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran's "Perfect Day" (Acoustic Version).
Apr 15? Simon and Warren on Extra TV show. Clips from the LA record signing, lines of fans, and the House of Blues early performance. Simon shopping for jackets. White Lines with Melle Mel. (YouTube)
Apr 17 'Hole' on MTV Unplugged, also covering HLTW, finally airs on MTV in America. (YouTube)
Apr ? Entertainment Tonight show gives the new album a big plug. Clips from the April 4th Toronto signing, New York, and the acoustic LA show. Clip of the unreleased video for Lay Lady Lay. Simon is seen in the tour bus saying "My name is Nymon, and Im in charge of staying up all night". (source).
Apr ? Simon and Warren play acoustic Crystal Ship beautifully on US Breakfast TV. (YouTube)
Apr Mid The band fly back to the UK
Apr ? Thank You album peaks at #12 in UK.
Apr ? "Perfect Day" single peaks at #28 in UK.
? Direct Hit: Volume 12 released, featuring "White Lines" remixed by Warren 'Kommission' Sanford.
? "Perfect Day" is included on EMI Sampler: Vol. 4, released in Korea.
? Andy tries again to sell his Gothic fantasy flat in south London, for £270,000.
Apr 27? The band perform Perfect Day live on French TV show; Le monde est à vous. (Perfect Day)
Apr 28 Simon is interviewed by Antoine de Caunes for Nulle part ailleurs (Nowhere Else) for French Canal+. Fans cheer him. He is joined by Highlander actor Christopher Lambert, who also translates. They chat about Highlander and Tarzan. Russell Mulcahy was chosen to direct Highlander because of The Wild Boys video. Chat about the Thank You album. The band perform a live version of White Lines. (YouTube)
May Nick appears on Dialed In special on Planet 96.3 radio.
May Rock Video Monthly: May 1995 released, featuring "White Lines".
May 5 Duran Duran: X-Ray Club, Copenhagen, Denmark (with opening act Planet Waves and special guest Melle Mel)
May John and Nick (lying in bed) are interviewed on some show (K?) in Denmark
May 6 Duran appears at a record signing at Fona 2000.
May 6 Duran records an appearance for Eleva2ren in Copenhagen
May 6 Duran Duran and others: The Rock Show, [venue?], Copenhagen, Denmark
The band performs four songs as the surprise act at this annual open-air festival
bootlegged on The Crystal Ship
May 8 'Hole' on MTV Unplugged, also covering HLTW, finally airs on MTV in Europe. (YouTube)
May 11 NBC Later show airs performance recorded in April.
May 14 John writes the song "Trust The Process".
May 21 Duran Duran: [venue?], Cannes, France.
May 22 Nick does phone interview with Clive Young.
A tour of US radio station summer festivals, with drummer Steve Alexander and backing vocalist Curtis King
May 24 Duran Duran and others: 96.3fm WHYT Planet Fest Part 1, Pine Knob, Clarkston (Detroit), MI, USA
Sound problems and a 'sod war' started by The Ramones interfere with the show; John leaves the stage in a temper. Although unfinished, the song PL You is debuted on stage
May 26 The band appear on Musique Plus in Montreal, Canada airs. They sing 911 Is a Joke and P.L. You in front of a live studio audience, and the show is also broadcast live.
May 27 Duran Duran and others: Q101 Jamboree, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park (Chicago), IL, USA, with guest Melle Mel
; bootlegged on Radio Promo 95.
May 27 The show begins with several false starts as John's equipment fails to work properly, and he storms off the stage in disgust; Nick goes to find him, while Warren and Simon perform an unplanned "Crystal Ship".
May 28 Duran Duran and others: afternoon, Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX, USA (with Deep Blue Something)
May 28 Duran Duran and others: evening, Woodlands Pavillion, Houston, TX, USA.
May 29 Duran Duran and others:, Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA
with guest Melle Mel; bootlegged
May 29 Rod Stewart's A Spanner in the Works album released, co-written and co-produced by Andy Taylor.
May 30 Simon appears on Lovephones radio show.
? Rock Video Monthly: Summer Special Issue 1995 released, featuring Duran Duran.
Jun CDPRO Vol No.16: June sent to radio stations in Canada, featuring two versions of "Perfect Day" by Duran Duran.
Jun Promo Only: Radio Series - June 95 released in the USA, featuring "Perfect Day".
Jun ? Simon does a phone interview on the Chris Evans' Breakfast Show on Radio 1 (London, UK.)
Jun ? Simon interviewed on WPLJ radio (New York, NY).
Jun 1? Simon and Katy travel to a radio festival (?) on a 1st class train. He goes to the bathroom and cuts his finger in the sliding door as the train is accelerating, causing lots of blood. Departing at Philly Station, they were met by lawyers asking if he is going to sue them, and asked what he did with the band. Simon held his hands up and said "I am the guitarist for Duran Duran", and they all turned white! He goes to a hospital in a bad area with gun shot victims, but ended up going to another hospital to get his finger stitched. (from Whooosh! Mar 30 2022).
Jun 2 Duran Duran and others: Y100, Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA With guest Melle Mel
bootlegged on Thank You, Philly....
Jun 3 Duran Duran and others: KISS , Great Woods Performing Arts Center, Mansfield (Boston), MA, USA.
bootlegged on Boston 6-3-95. Simon gives a particularly telling cautionary tale about cocaine abuse as the intro to White Lines. His finger is bandaged up. With Melle Mel. (WL).
Jun 4 Warren and Nick are interviewed for the Filmnet TV-Channel, promoting the Thank You Album. (YouTube)
Jun 4 Duran Duran and others: Q102 One Earth Party, P&G Pavilion, Cincinnati, OH, USA.
a free show.
Jun 5 Duran Duran and others: KAKH, [venue?], Cedar Rapids, IA (USA)
Jun 7 Duran Duran and others: [event?], Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX, USA.
Jun 9 Duran Duran and others: Live 105's BFD II, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA
Melle Mel performs with the band on most numbers, ; bootlegged on People Like You
Jun 10 Duran Duran and others: Sunfest, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA (other guests include Chris Isaak)
Jun 22 A scheduled appearance on the Tonight Show is cancelled when other guests run long.
Jun 22 Meanwhile Simon and Nick attend the Apollo 13 Premiere at Academy Theatre in Beverly Hills, California.
Jun 24 Duran Duran and others: KIIS and Unite, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA with guest Melle Mel
filmed for ZTV; hundreds of audience members leave as Duran takes the stage; embarrassed and angry, the band's performance suffers as they play to a half empty stadium; bootlegged. John's last live date with the band before his departure. They play a grunge version of The Message.. (The Message - Grunge Version).
? John and Nick begin organizing a B-sides (album)
? Matt Sorum invites John, Duff and Steve Jones to perform a one-off benefit show for a friend of Viper Room owner Sal Jenco, who was suffering from cancer.
Jun 28 Matt, John, Duff and Steve play together for the first time at the afternoon rehearsal.
Jun 28 Matt, John, Duff and Steve: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA
The band raises $10,000 performing a 25-minute set to an enthusiastic audience
Jun 29 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of "White Lines".
Jun 30 Simon interviewed on the Chris Evans show on Radio 1.
Summer Duran makes several TV appearances (with backing vocalist Tessa Niles).
? The "White Lines (US Promo)" CD is issued to radio stations in the USA.
? "White Lines (Japanese Promo)" released.
Jul 1 Luciano Pavarotti invited the band to participate in the 1995 Pavarotti and Friends concert for the Children of Bosnia. Simon and Nick met with Pavarotti in London. In the end only Simon appeared at the concert in September. duranasty.com
Jul 1 "White Lines" single released in UK.
Jul 4 Duran Duran and others, Independence Day celebration concert, which airs on ABC. They play White Lines live with Melle Mel. (WL).
? The remix album Hot Tracks: 14-1 released, featuring "White Lines" remixed by Robert Farrell.
Jul 15 EMI Sampler: Volume 6 released in Korea, featuring "White Lines".
Jul ? "White Lines" single peaks at #17 in UK.
Jul 21 Warren hires Nomis Studios in London as a rehearsal hall and the band works together, writing and refining new material.
? "White Lines" is included on the 1995 Gavin Seminar: Capitol Creole CD Sampler.
? Ultimix: 55 released, featuring "White Lines" remixed by Mark Roberts.
? "White Lines" is included on the promotional only album A Flavour of the Label 3.
? X-Mix Issue 26 released in the USA, featuring "White Lines" (Pure Flake Mix).
? The promotional only single EMI Mexico Promo: Anglo No. 18 released, featuring "White Lines".
Jul 24 Simon arrives at Nomis Studios; struggles with writer's block,
Jul 28 Nick flies to Paris with Madeleine.
Aug 1 Simon and family fly to Jamaica with Yasmin for an ELLE magazine photo shoot, and a family holiday.
Aug 7-14 Warren, John, and Steve Alexander record fourteen tracks together at Metropolis Studios, London, including "Butt Naked" (with John on vocals), Tabula Rasa (later scrapped), and tracks that will become "Midnight Sun", "Medazzaland", "Big Bang Generation", and "So Long Suicide".
Aug 14 John's last day in studio with Duran before leaving the band.
Aug 15 Warren and Steve continue recording, with Warren playing bass. Talvin Singh joins them to record tabla and santoor tracks for "Before I Die" (later to become "Out Of My Mind")
Aug 17 Last day in the studios. In the evening (around 11 PM) Warren invites fans to hear completed tracks; tapes are couriered to John, Nick and Simon, and also bootlegged. Brian May of Queen walked in to say hello.
Aug 19 John flies home to Los Angeles.
Aug ? John decides to market his album Feelings Are Good and Other Lies through a direct mailing to fans.
Aug ? John's assistant Bev Raff begins compiling a list, with help from some key fans, from the mailing lists of various fanzines.
Summer Frustrated with Simon's inertia on the Duran album, Warren and Nick begin working on material that will become the TV Mania project.
Sep 11 Matt, John, Duff and Steve: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA (with guest Slash from Guns'n'Roses).
Sep 11 At Sal Jenco's invitation, Matt, John, Duff and Steve agree to create a fast'n'loose band to play informal gigs every Monday night at the Viper Room; the band is initially called Neurotic Boy Outsiders, but they playfully change the band's name and/or spelling each week. The band has many special guests onstage, including Izzy Stradlin and Ian Astbury [need dates for their appearances!].
Sep 12? Simon teaches Pavarotti how to sing Ordinary World, show on Italian TV RAI. (YouTube)
Sep 12 Simon Le Bon: The Children of Bosnia/War Child Series, Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy
Simon performs "Ordinary World" with Luciano Pavarotti and "Linger" with Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries. Released on Pavarotti & Friends: Together For The Children Of Bosnia. (Linger), (Linger), (Linger), (OW), (OW HD), (OW Full Low).
Sep 16 John and Hein hold a fan press conference and listening party for Feelings Are Good and Other Lies
Sep 17 John and Steve Jones interviewed by Rodney Bingenheimer on the Rodney on the ROQ show (KROQ, Los Angeles)'
Sep 18 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA (with guest Brian Setzer)
Sep 25 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Sep 30? Matt, John, Duff and Steve rehearse at The Joint, Las Vegas, with special guest Slash, and is recorded by ZTV. (Jam), (All My Lovin), (Black Leather), (Feelings R Good), (Always Wrong), (Always Wrong Take 2), (No Fun - Take 3), (Janie Jones JT), (Revolution).
Sep 30 Neurotic Outsiders: The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA'. (Full Youtube Part 1), (Jerk).
Oct 2 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA (with guest Sal Jenco)
Oct 8 Simon and Yasmin at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Italy. Image Gallery
Oct 9 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Oct Warren, Nick and Simon do some work at Privacy Studio on the new material.
Oct 16 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA (with guests Simon Le Bon and Billy Idol).
bootlegged on Hollywood's Burning
Oct 20 John interviewed on Z100 radio (New York, NY).
Oct 20 Neurotic Outsiders: Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA (with Nancy Boy).
Oct 21 Neurotic Outsiders: The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, USA (with Nancy Boy)
Oct 22 Neurotic Outsiders: Mama Kin, Boston, MA, USA (with Nancy Boy).
Oct 29 Neurotic Outsiders: The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA, USA'
OCT Neurotic Outsiders are offered a record deal by Gary Oseary of Madonna's Maverick Records, to be produced by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads.
? Neurotic Outsiders signs with Maverick and settle (at Madonna's suggestion) on the name Neurotic Outsiders.
? The Neurotic Outsiders album is recorded at The Plant Studios, Sausalito (near Harrison's home), and at NRG Studios and Pimp Studios in Los Angeles, as well as Matt Sorum's home studio in the Hollywood Hills.
Oct ? Disappointed by the response to their mail-order campaign, John and Hein begin discussing marketing Feelings Are Good and Other Lies online.
Nov 1 Warren signs solo record deal with Imago Records to release Thanks 2 Frank.
Nov 11 Simon and Yasmin with daughters are at a Paraid event to benefit children with AIDS. Image Gallery
Nov 14 Supermodels in the Rainforest DVD released, featuring music by Duran Duran.
? Nick and Warren continue working on their self-described "social junk culture triptych opera", now called TV Mania.
Nov 21 Simon and Yasmin visit the premiere of Goldenyeye in Leicester Square, London. Image Gallery
Dec 20 Neurotic Outsiders: The Lava Room, Costa Mesa, CA (with Dad's Porno Mag).
? John and Nick continue working with Left Bank management on organizing an official B-sides (album) of rarities unavailable on CD.
? By year's end the Duran B-sides (album) is mastered and sequenced, and the artwork is completed, but EMI will not release it before another studio album is completed.
? SYN Productions releases a Simon Le Bon and Nile Rodgers single, "Do That Dance", in Japan.
? The Power Station finally rekindles American record company interest in the Living In Fear album and signs a new record deal; Bernard Edwards re-records all of John's bass parts'. John Taylor still receives writing and arranging credits on the finished album, but does not play on it, and is not listed as a group member.
? "Wild Boys" (Wilder Than The Wild Boys extended mix) appears on German compilation The Best of Pop & Wave: The 12" Mixes on CBS Records.
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