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The Duran Duran Timeline
<< 1991 1992 1993 >>

Duran Duran finishes the recording of The Wedding Album, and the "Ordinary World" single takes on a life of its own. The band plays KROQ's Acoustic Christmas show. John becomes a father and moves to Los Angeles.

Date Event
Jan EMI shows entirely too much interest in the Power Station project - as a great way to further Robert Palmer's career; John, Andy and Bernard back off and agree to talk about it again at a later date.
? Capitol Records offers the five original members of Duran several million dollars to reform and record a new album; informal meetings take place and some legal documents are drafted, but no consensus can be reached among the band members.
Jan ? Unhappy with the poor sales of Liberty, EMI refuse to give out the usual six-figure album development costs. Nick Gatfield, ex-drummer for Dexy's Midnight Runners, is assigned to give the band small financial payments each month, if he thinks the work was good enough. Source, ITTPG.
? "Girls on Film" is included on De Pre Historie 1981 released in Belgium.
Jan ? Andy produces for the band Jericho (a reincarnation of 80's band Then Jericho).
? "The Reflex" is included on the Belgium compilation album De Pre Historie 1984.
Jan ? Amanda returns from Barbados. John and Amanda buy a home together in Bayswater (London).
Jan ? Warren buys Simon and Yasmin's former house in Battersea, London. He offers to convert some of it into a studio. The studio is later named the Privacy Studio. At this point, the band are no longer with ex-Rolling Stones manager Peter Rudge, and are now managing themselves.
Jan ? The band contact Sterling Campbell in New York. They ask if he can move to London to be near their new Privacy studio. Sterling declines, preferring to stay in The Big Apple. Sterling is officially made a non-member of the band. John said he was happy that "Sterling [Campbell] was out of my house, and out of my life."
? The DJ only 12" single "DMC: Remix Culture 4/92" released, featuring Duran Duran.
Feb Music Factory Mastermix: Issue 66 released, featuring "Is There Something I Should Know?".
Feb Warren records material for his solo album The Blue (to be released December of 2000) with Indian musician Shankar in the Privacy Studio.
Feb 3 Recording begins for Thunder's album Laughing On Judgement Day at Ridge Farm Studio, Surrey; with Andy Taylor and Luke Morley producing.
Feb 12 The remaining members of Queen announce a tribute concert for Freddie Mercury. (Source).
Feb-Mar The band write and record songs for what will become Duran Duran (1993 album) at Maison Rouge and Privacy Studio.
Feb-Mar? While working at Privacy, Roger Taylor from Queen calls up the band, asking if they want to be in the Freddie Mercury tribute show. Saying "We really want you boys to be there." Spike Edney had been music director for both bands. DD accept the offer.
Feb-Mar? Two weeks after their phone call from Roger Taylor of Queen, the band are told they can't be part of the Freddie Mercury concert, because the American TV company behind the TV rights wont pay for DD, as they are a 'has been' band. (source).
Feb-Mar? Simon and John Jones perform a live piano version of "Too Much Information" for Canadian Music Television at Maison Rouge Studios. The performance was recorded. (Source)
Mar Duran Duran does the last session at Maison Rouge.
Mar 10 "Girls on Film" is included on the German compilation album Pop & Wave Vol. 1: The Hits of the 80's.
Mar 11 The band swap jobs with attendants at a UK HMV music store, for a UK TV feature called Trading Places, hosted by Pat Sharp. They all wear baseball caps, bump into each other, and mess about with speeded up shots like The Beatles. (YouTube).
? Shirley Bassey The Bond Collection - The 30th Anniversary album released, with A View to a Kill performed by Shirley Bassey. This is a recording from 1987 which was released in 1992 without her consent, and was quickly withdrawn. A 'Live' at the London Palladium lip-synch from 1987 exists. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Mar 31 Atlanta Noo DeCadenet Taylor born at Wellington Hospital in London ("Noo" is short for John & Amanda's endearment "Noodlehead" and is repeatedly misrepresented in the press as "Knew"). John said in his autobiography that they didnt know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. He chose the name Atlanta because Amanda's family came from a long line of 'A' names. It also reminded him of the Atlantis, and 'Atalanta' Princess of Arcadia (from Greek Mythology).
Apr? Nick begins the process of divorcing Julie Anne. They officially separate.
Apr? Nick works with Limahl and Nick Beggs on Kajagoogoo singles remixes.
? "The Wild Boys" is included on the German compilation Pop & Wave Vol. 2: More Hits of the 80's.
Apr ? Warren develops a new song by strumming on his guitar. Simon pens the second tribute to his friend David Miles. The lyrics Ordinary Girl evolve over time into Ordinary World.
Apr ? Nick Gatfield hears a demo of the new song Ordinary World and loves it. He sends the band some money from EMI.
Apr Duran continues recording tracks for the new album at Privacy; although with everyone having children at home, the rush to finish the album slows down.
Apr 24 White Sands soundtrack released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
May? The band hire LA based Alan Covax Left Bank Management to manage them, now their new album is taking shape.
May 7 Simon, Yasmin, Nick and Warren visit the EMI Music Worldwide Gala Dinner in New York. (Image Gallery)
May 27 Simon suffers a bruised groin in a motorcycle race in Wales; he is treated overnight at Prince Philip Hospital in Dyfed.
Jun 4 Mixing begins for Thunder's album Laughing On Judgement Day at Air Studios, London.
Jun ? Andy travels to Uruguay with the band Thunder for a date at the General Artigas train station, opening for Iron Maiden.
Jun ? John, Nick and Simon fly to New York for an EMI label party [a Thursday evening].
Jun John and Amanda gradually begin having trouble with drugs again.
? Steve Ferrone comes back to record drums for "Too Much Information", "Ordinary World".
? Milton Nascimento and his percussionist Bosco de Oliveira work on Breath After Breath, along with Frank Zappa's drummer Vinnie Colaiuta.
? Ex-Spice Girls drummer Fergus Gerrand is brought in to record drums on the rest of the tracks.
Jul Nick and Julie Anne's divorce finalised. They share custody of their daughter where possible.
Jul ? Alan Covax at Left Bank Management hears a new demo of Ordinary World. He thinks it will be a hit, and begs for six months lead time in order to properly market the song. The EMI schedule is scrapped thanks to a lukewarm reception among their execs. A spot early in January is planned for the single release of Ordinary World, with the album release (original due in November) changed to spring the following year.
Summer John is a guest on an episode of "VH1 My Generation" entitled "Sounds of London Part 2", on a hot rooftop in London. He wears a head scarf, and bares his hairy chest. (YouTube).
Jul-Aug Mixing of The Wedding Album. (Presumably in London?).
Aug? Yasmin decides to dump the dark hair and go for a lightened brown with blond streaked look. Her ordeal is filmed on the Nicky Clarke show for TV, at his salon in London. She says she gets bored at looking at herself with the same hairstyle for too long. (YouTube).
Aug 11 CMJ 10: The Best of CMJ 1979-1989 Disc 2 released in North America, featuring "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Aug? With the slow development of the album, Amanda and JT go to LA, and start looking to buy a house.
Aug 24 Thunder's album Laughing On Judgement Day is released, produced by Andy Taylor and Luke Morley.
Sep 4 The Best Of James Bond: 30th Anniversary Collection released, with A View to a Kill.
end of Summer The new album Duran Duran (aka The Wedding Album) is completed.
? John and Amanda move from Ossington Street, London, to Lookout Mountain in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, to escape British press, and to further Amanda's acting career.
? John builds a studio for himself in his new LA residence, and begins creating with music that will eventually be released as Meltdown, with help from Gerry Laffy and Gary Kemp.
? John shares his new Meltdown music with Allison Anders; she uses some tracks as part of the score for her film Mi Vida Loca.
Sep? With the mixing of the album complete, the tracks are sent to EMI, who think they are just demo's. EMI ask Trevor Horn (a famous producer) to mix the tracks for the album. He wants $100,000 just to mix Ordinary World. (Source).
Sep-Oct? Warren convinces Simon and Nick to begin working on some cover songs, in order to "keep the team together". According to John, the covers idea came about because he was talking to Frank Hopkinson; original writer of Femme Fatale; and he 'insisted' they cover the song.
Sep? "Femme Fatale" recorded; band decides to include it on The Wedding Album.
Oct? Duran records a cover of John Lennon's "How".
Oct? Warren toys with a new cover of Duran's "First Impression" (from the Liberty album); the guitar part evolves into the beginnings of "Come Undone".
Oct 11 Yasmin and Simon visit the Chelsea Arts Ball, London. Image Gallery
? Simon is seen jogging in a park in Paris, autumn 1992. (YouTube).
Oct 20 Yasmin seen at a preview of Karl Lagerfeld's photographic exhibition at Galerie Boulakia, Paris. (Image Gallery).
Oct 29 The lyrics for Come Undone written by Simon as a birthday gift for his wife, Yasmin. He sings it for her birthday.
Nov "Come Undone" recorded entirely at the Privacy Studio with producer John Jones also playing bass guitar, and background vocals by Tessa Niles. John Taylor does not play bass as he was in LA, and considering leaving the band at the time of the song's recording. The band decide to leave Falling Angel, Stop Dead and Time for Temptation off the album, to make room for Femme Fatale and Come Undone.
Nov 10 John and Amanda visits the premiere of Bram Stoker's Dracula in Los Angeles.
Nov? The band have a personal friendship with Jim Fifield, president and CEO of EMI worldwide. They invite him, his wife and kids over to Warrens studio, and play them the songs from the album. Jim is blown away by Ordinary World and says he will help them. (source).
Nov? Someone at Capitol Records leaks "Ordinary World" (via Jim Fifield) to a couple of Florida radio stations three months before the intended release. A Jacksonville station receives a hundred calls about it in the first day. Capitol ends up rushing the US single for an early release.
Nov ? John Jones has a falling out with Warren after Come Undone. Bored with the covers project, John Jones leaves Duran's employ for a while. He returned briefly to play drums on their Top of the Pops performance of Ordinary World, and then leaves London to work with Ny Domsk in Iceland and Boston.
Late Nov Duran is invited to be the headlining act, both nights, at LA radio station KROQ's hugely popular annual two-day Acoustic Christmas event, in December. Their manager Louis Kovak has already set up the deal for two 40minute acoustic shows, but has not yet informed the band. Warren takes the call, and explains the band are due in Australia to make a video soon. The video is moved to LA, and Warren uses all of the next 3 days to write a 70min acoustic show. (Source).
Late Nov Duran hires drummer Fergus Gerrand, backing vocalist Lamya, and a three-piece string section for the KROQ show. Warren arranges and rehearses new string parts over the course of the next 12 days; John plays stand-up acoustic bass. (Source).
Dec The VOX 'Phone Box compilation cassette album featuring Duran Duran is given away with the VOX magazine in the UK.
Dec 11 Warren hires a rehearsal hall in Los Angeles, and the band rehearses a whole new acoustic sound for many old hits in preparation for the KROQ show; Simon's mother Anne visits L.A. and attends rehearsals.
Dec 12 Duran Duran and others: KROQ Acoustic Christmas, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, USA
bootlegged on The Engagement Party
Dec 13 Duran Duran and others: KROQ Acoustic Christmas, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dec 16 "Ordinary World" video filmed at Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, California with director Nick Egan.
Dec 16? The band are followed for a special half-hour Duran Duran Behind the Scenes show for E!, airs early 1993. Nick wear a purple top. John is interviewed during a photo shot, Warren makes a joke about smiling. We see them filming the video for Ordinary World. (Youtube - Part 1), (Part 2), (clip).
Dec 19 "Ordinary World" single released in US {b/w "Save A Prayer" (7" edit); the cassette single includes "Ordinary World" (acoustic mix).
Dec 19 Duran announces in the UK Daily Mirror that they will kick off their next world tour in Moscow.
? The Post Modern Syndrome - It's Just Another Holiday At Hits released, featuring "Ordinary World".
Dec ? Nick meets artist and heiress Madeleine Farley at a Christmas party; they begin dating shortly thereafter.
Dec 24 Nick and Simon guests on the Billboard Awards, giving an Adult Contemporary Arts award to Richard Marx. Nick wears his cap, and is quite comical. (YouTube).
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