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The Duran Duran Timeline
<< 1990 1991 1992 >>

Duran Duran works on material that will eventually become The Wedding Album. Warren works on solo material during their breaks. The Power Station takes its first steps towards reuniting. John marries.

Date Event
? ON-USound release the 12" vinyl single "The Big Mouth Mega-Mix / The Knock-Out Mix" in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
? "The Reflex" is included on The Superstars Collection: Volume Three album.
? Capitol Gold Cuts: Duran Duran 3-track single released in the USA.
? "Is There Something I Should Know?" remixed by C.L. McSpadden is included on the DJ only compilation album Resurrection: Volumes 7-8-9.
? Dancing on the Valentine video EP reissued in the UK, with "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Girls On Film" (day version).
? The compilation album Heartbeat released in the Netherlands, featuring "Save A Prayer".
? Rio album issued on CD in the US for the first time.
? All pre-Notorious Duran albums are re-issued on CD in the UK.
Jan-Feb Sterling Campbell leaves Duran Duran.
? Andy plays guitar for Paul Norgens.
? Andy features on the promo single "For A Little Ride" by The Law.
? Mark Shaw etc. releases the album Almost in Japan, produced, mixed and co-written by Andy Taylor.
? The Power Station Video EP released in UK.
Feb 10 Simon attends the Brit Awards. The Beautiful South win British Video presented by Phillip Schofield & Simon Le Bon. (YouTube).
Feb 10 After coming from Brit Awards stage Simon is surprised in the WC of the Dominion Theatre (London) by an interviewer who starts a recording nicknaming it "In The Toilet With...". This recording is the 7-inch picture disc Simon Le Bon - Interview 91. Each side was printed with a different (1984 & 1987) picture of Simon but both sides contain the same interview.
Mar 10 Simon and Yasmin perform on the catwalk together for Joe Casely-Hayford's autumn/winter 1991 show. They wear a colourful suit made to look like a deck of cards. Simon dances during his walk. (Image Gallery), (Full Youtube), (YouTube), (Clip).
Mar 13 Simon and Yasmin model at the Lynx Fashion Show. Simon says he has been told "Don't give up your day job." (Image Gallery), (clip).
Mar 18 Yasmin and Amber model the autumn/winter collection at the 1991 Chanel spring show. Features the first catwalk appearance by one year old Amber Le Bon.A mber is totally bewildered by the whole event. (Personal Gallery), (Catwalk Gallery), (YouTube).
Mar 28 Simon and Yasmin meet Princess Diana at the "Help a London Child" Charity Appeal at the Cafe Royal, London. (Image Gallery)
Apr Warren plays nearly an album's worth of completed Duran demos for a fan, but much of the material never makes it to The Wedding Album.
Apr The DJ only megamix album DMC: April 91 - Three released, featuring "The Reflex".
? Warren convinces Nick to come over to his home studio in Battersea (London) and work on some new music; then offers the use of the studio to the band.
Apr 28 Duran Duran and others: Jerusalem for Reconciliation Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, England
Duran performs "Ordinary World" for the first time, as well as "Do You Believe In Shame" and John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth"; they perform with John Jones on piano, and a drum machine; proceeds go to Children of the Middle East; bootlegged
May Just after the Albert Hall show, the band retreat back to work at Privacy Studio and started to record a batch of new songs including "Do You Wanna Turn Me On?". (Do You Wanna Turn Me On).
? Simon, Nick and Warren begin working on the new album (with a working title of Four On The Floor) at the newly named Privacy Studio (aka Warren's living room).
May The 12" Collection 2-CD set is released in Japan, a CD reissue of four Japanese EPs: Nite Romantics, Carnival, Tiger! Tiger! and Strange Behaviour.
May 18 The band has completed "Love Voodoo", "Matter of Fact", "Time for Temptation", "Shelter", "UMF", "People" and the reworked version of "Ordinary World".
Spring-Summer Andy buys The Institute Rock Club in Digbeth, Birmingham.
June John vacations in the Caribbean [Mauritius?] with actress Amanda de Cadenet, and she becomes pregnant with Atlanta de Cadenet. John and Amanda both reportedly decide give up drugs for good, although this only lasted for 9 months.
Jun 13 Simon, Yasmin and visit the International Rock Awards in New York. (Image Gallery
Summer John sells off his flat in Knightsbridge London, the apartment in New York, and the apartment in Paris he bought during the recording sessions for Notorious.
Jul ? Simon is interviewed on On The Air - With Clive Pearse for Cable Super Channel. He says they have been recording new songs in Warrens living room for 2 months now. Talks about the multi-cultural show at the Royal Albert Hall, organised by Vanessa Redgrave. No set dates for album release, no deadlines. (YouTube).
Jul 7 Milton Nascimento (as a performer) meets Warren Cuccurullo at Montreux Jazz Festival. Actually, Warren was introduced to Milton's music with the help of his girlfriend in the late 1980s. They decided to work together.
Jul The band has completed "Love Voodoo", "Sin of the City", "Too Much Information", "Stop Dead", "UMF", and a newer version of "Ordinary World".
Jul Warren works with Patrick O'Hearn on his album Indigo.
Jul Warren resumes working on Machine Language.
Jul 11 Simon poses on a motorbike for the photoshoot (probably in the UK). (Image Gallery)
Jul 14 Yasmin, Simon and her father visit the Silverstone British Grand Prix in Northamptonshire. (Image Gallery)
Jul 16 Simon and Yasmin at a Friends of the Earth benefit. There she auctioned a self-portrait by Bob Carlos Clarke. (Image Gallery)
? Andy and Bernard Edwards co-produce Rod Stewart's Out of Order comeback album.
Sep Bethany Taylor born to Andy and Tracey.
Sep 24 Indigo by Patrick O'Hearn released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
Sep 25 Saffron Sahara Le Bon born to Simon and Yasmin.
? Simon and Nick Wood move the Syn company from England to Tokyo and establish the Japanese corporation SYN Productions Co., Ltd. (Japan).
? Simon and Nick Wood work on score for Wim Wenders film Dream Island.
Oct 14 The band has completed the new versions of "Love Voodoo" and "Too Much Information".
Oct 25 Simon and Paul Stewart; who met at the same event last year; take part in the Orient Express London to Venice Racing Challenge, in a Ferrari. Yasmin visits the the start and ending of the race, which Simon and Paul Stewart later won. A portion of the prize money went to charity. A film was also made, narrated by (popular Australian journalist??). (Image Gallery), (YouTube).
Oct 26 Yasmin and Simon celebrate his win at the Orient Express after-party (Image Gallery)
Oct 31 During this session were recorded and reworked "Love Voodoo" and "Too Much Information", "Ordinary World", "Time for Temptation", "Shelter" and "UMF".
Nov Simon, Nick and Warren continue working on the new album at Privacy.
Dec Duran begins recording at Maison Rouge studios every afternoon until late at night.
Dec John calls Andy up (the first time they'd spoken since Andy left Duran), and they get together over dinner, put the past behind them, and explore the idea of a Power Station reunion.
Dec When contacted, Bernard, Tony and Robert are all enthusiastic about working on a new Power Station album.
Dec 19 The band has completed the new versions of "Love Voodoo", "Too Much Information", "Stop Dead", Ordinary World", "Shelter" and "UMF" at Privacy.
Dec 24 John (31) marries Amanda (19) in Chelsea Registry office in London; on the Kings Road. Their only wedding pictures are those published in Hello magazine. Nick is out of the country, but Simon and Yasmin attend the wedding and reception.
Dec 24 John and Amanda get professionally photographed at a nearby studio. Then go out for wedding spaghetti. The wedding photos didnt come out right, so John and Amanda go back to the studio to have them redone.
Dec 24 John takes Amanda to meet his mum. Amanda is very uncomfortable with the thought of a new family, and freaks out, wanting to run away.
Dec 26? Amanda runs away to Barbados, with two gay male friends. John goes back to the studio in London.
Dec 26? John Jones calls John's marriage to Amanda a 'Shotgun Wedding'. John renames one of their instrumental songs Shotgun in honour of this moment.
Dec late John's shotgun wedding gives Nick the idea of using a collage of the bands' parents wedding photos for the album cover. This also leads to the album eventually being nicknamed The Wedding Album. Source, ITTPG book.
<< 1990 1991 1992 >>

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