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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Duran Duran finishes the recording and mixing of the Liberty album, then spends the rest of the year promoting the album and the singles "Violence of Summer" and "Serious" in Europe and Australia; there is no tour. Andy releases the covers album Dangerous, and continues to produce.

Date Event
? CNN interviews Simon and John during the recording of Liberty (YouTube)
? John interviewed by Paula Yates. John talks about Decade and being half way through producing the next album (YouTube)
? Too Much Information: The Definitive Duranzine founded in the USA by Lori Majewski.
? The Money And The Magic album by Gerry Laffy released, featuring John Taylor.
? The single "American Dream" is released by British rock band The Grip, produced by Andy Taylor.
? The "Burning the Ground" / "Decadance" (The Singing The Floor Edit) by Chris Cox is released on Hot Tracks: Series 9, Issue 1.
? "Decadance" (The New Decade CD Mix) by Peter Fenton and Steve Smith is included on the DJ only Art of Compilation: CD 3.
? The vinyl compilation album Dance Remix released in Brazil, featuring "Decadance".
? The promo cassette Requiem For The Americas: Special Introductory Presentation released in the USA, featuring Simon Le Bon and Warren Cuccurullo.
Jan 11 The album Requiem For The Americas released, featuring members of Duran Duran.
Jan 15 Band begins recording Liberty again at Olympic Studios.
Jan 16-25 Nick and John Jones work on keyboard overdubs at Blue Weavers Studio.
Jan 22/26 Sterling and Warren take a brief trip to Japan to tour with Tetsuya Komuro's band and perform songs from the Digitalian Is Eating Breakfast album. Two dates along with Cuccurullo and Campbell are documented on the DVD release of the tour. The tour is from December 16th to January 28th.
Jan John continues to struggle with his addictions and claims that "I can just remember smoking hash oil, that's all I can really remember about making that album.".
Jan Simon interviewed on phone from the London office by Richard Blade on KROQ, Los Angeles. Simon promises that the album would be "smacky", "a bit tougher" successor of Rio, the release date is May, June or July, the live tour depends on the reception of the album.
Feb 1 The compilation album After The Hurricane - Songs For Montserrat released, featuring "New Moon on Monday".
Feb 17 Simon and Yasmin open Gaff Fashions in Oxford. (Image Gallery)
? "A View To A Kill" (Scenic Mix) by Peter Fenton is included on the DJ only compilation Art of Compilation: CD 4.
? "The Reflex" is included on the promotional only compilation album Favre Leuba: The Best Number Ones 1980-1990 released in Greece.
Mar ? Julie Anne Rhodes stars in a small fringe play called “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner” in an alternative theatre on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. This is where John first meets Amanda de Cadenet wearing a red riding jacket. He said he "liked the way her mind worked". She was 17 at the time.
Mar 22 Duran finishes recording and mixing Liberty album at Olympic.
? Duran holds a completion party with many celebrities, and the fans are invited in the studio.
Mar 26 The Happyland club in New York City is destroyed by fire, killing 89; the event inspires the song "Sin of the City" on The Wedding Album.
Mar "Violence of Summer" video shot in Paris with director Camilla Nickerson.
Mar "Serious" video shot in Paris with director Venetia Scott. Behind the scenes of the video were presented in an unknown show.
Mar 30 Playback of the album at Abbey Road for EMI executives.
? A thief breaks into the DD Productions office and makes off with some minor equipment, leaving behind the gold records and memorabilia; it's thought the thief had no idea whose office he was robbing.
Apr 3-4 Duran records a 12" version of "Violence of Summer" at Olympic Studios.
Apr 4 The Backstreet Symphony album by Thunder released, produced by Andy Taylor who also co-writes "She's So Fine" and "Until My Dying Day" with Luke Morley.
? Simon interviewed about the Violence of Summer video (perhaps MTV?). (YouTube)
? Simon (after spending couple of days in New York) interviewed about Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (and it's release date?) and Liberty on KROQ Radio (Los Angeles, USA). Simon promises live performances in 1991. A medley excerpt of Serious is played briefly.
Apr ? The band lip-synch My Antarctica on Italian TV Etil (YouTube)
Apr ? The band lip-synch Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) and Notorious (song) on Italian TV Etil (YouTube)
? D Generation by British rock band Loud released, featuring a remix by Andy Taylor.
May "Follow In My Footsteps" single (lyrics and vocal by Simon Le Bon) released in Italy from the Requiem For The Americas album.
May 19 Amanda de Cadenet turns 18 years old. John becomes less secretive about their relationship.
May 31 - Jun 4 Duran does more work on 12" remixes at Maison Rouge.
Jun The band sells their office on Church Row in Wandsworth to Mick Jagger, and move to new offices on Harwoord Road in Fulham.
Jul Cherry Lipstick fanzine founded in the UK.
Jul 3 The band lip-synch on Spanish TV show Viva el espectáculo.
Jul 5 Simon and Yasmin at the premiere of Dick Tracy. (Image Gallery)
Jul 8 Simon watches the soccer World Cup Final (on TV?); Germany won.
Jul 9? Simon is interviewed, with Nick and Sterling, on MTV Europe. Simon makes a joke about the world cup final being boring. Then introduces Bobby Brown's song She Ain't Worth It.(YouTube).
Jul ? Simon and John get their hair cut short. John mostly wears a cap or a head scarf until mid August in case it upsets fans. It is the shortest John's hair has ever been, or will ever be. Simon keeps his hair cropped until after The Wedding Album.
early July Duran does promotion in Milan, Italy to do promotion, including a long interview and preview of the album on radio Rete.
early July The band perform First Impression live on Italian TV. (FI).
Jul Scottish rock band Gun release the single "Shame on You", remixed by Andy Taylor.
Jul Andy films a video for "Lola"; the video features Duran's tour backing singer Melanie Redmond.
Jul 23 "Violence of Summer" single released in UK {b/w "Violence of Summer" (story mix)
Jul 24 Duran tapes lip-synch performance of "Violence of Summer" on BBC 1 TV chat show Wogan. Warren mines with a double neck guitar.
bootlegged on Planet's Core: Vol. 2 (YouTube)
Jul 28 Simon appears on Radio 1 Round Table in UK with Dave Stewart and Jackie Brambles.
Jul 29 Simon and Warren interviewed on The Phillip Schofield Show, Radio 1 (UK).
Jul 31 John and Warren appear on BBC TV show The Garden Party, broadcast from Glasgow.
Aug Amanda de Cadenet quits her job at BSkyB and starts a brand new music show on UK's Channel 4 called 'The Word'.
Aug 3 Duran does interviews at Blake's Hotel in London.
Aug 5 "Violence of Summer" single peaks at #20 in the UK.
? "Violence of Summer" (Hostile Takeover Mix) by Steve Smith is included on the DJ only Art of Compilation: CD 5.
? "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" is included on the German compilation album EMI Hot Shots: Nr. 4.
Aug Andy Taylor's cover album Dangerous released on A&M label in UK and Japan.
Aug CNN interviews Warren and Simon about Liberty, full band membership, and the pressure of fans. (YouTube)
Aug 8 Yasmin and Simon visit the "Holy Terror: A Warhol Close Up" book party at the Factory, New York City. (Image Gallery)
Aug 9 Duran Duran at Much Music in Toronto Ontario
Aug 10 Andy's single "Lola" released in UK b/w "Space Station No. 5".
Aug 10 First episode of UK Channel 4's The Word airs, with Amanda de Cadenet. The Word is essentially replacing The Tube, but from a new location in London.
Aug 10 Duran's tapes another performance for the Wogan show at studios in Shepherd's Bush. (YouTube)
Aug 11 "Violence of Summer" single released in US {b/w "Yo Bad Azizi"; CD single includes "Throb".
Aug 14 Duran attends meetings at EMI building; does phone promo.
Aug 14 Simon phones KROQ radio in Los Angeles.
Aug 16 Photo session with Denis O'Regan.
Aug 17 Duran plays "Violence of Summer" on the Japanese TV show Hit Studio International, broadcast live from a studio in the Wembley area of London. (YouTube).
? The promotional only Liberty Sampler released.
Aug 20 Liberty album released worldwide.
Aug 22 Liberty album released in Japan.
Aug 21 John and Nick guest on the second episode of Amanda's new show The Word. Aired 24th August.
Aug 25 Simon and Yasmin visit Langan's Restaurant in London.
Aug 26 Liberty album peaks at #8 in UK.
Aug 26 Simon and Yasmin are at an end of tour party for the Rolling Stones.
Aug 27 Duran leaves London for Belgium and the Netherlands.
Aug 27 Duran lip-synchs "Violence of Summer" on a Belgian music show called Tien Om Te Zien; broadcast on Belgian TV three days later.
? The band lip-synch Serious for NGR talk show in Germany. A wibbly-wobbly special effect is placed over their performance. Simon is interviewed in German, and struggles to translate the questions into English. (YouTube).
Aug? The band lip-synch The Wild Boys on 'Frank Und Frei' Germany (YouTube)
Aug 29 Duran Duran celebrates the opening of a new EMI CD factory in Uden, The Netherlands by jointly making a painting for the entry hall.
bootlegged on Around The World: 1988-93. (clip).
Aug 29? John and Simon interviewed in The Netherlands. Clips of their week in The Netherlands. Clips of Dutch fans, photo shoots. Simon says its great that they still have fans after 10 years. Footage of them painting the mural and walking around the new EMI CD factory in Uden. (YouTube).
Aug 29? Duran Duran perform lip-synched The Reflex, Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over), and Serious at Veronica Muziekdag on dutch televison (YouTube)
Aug 30? Duran returns from Belgium and the Netherlands.
Sep The promo album DMC: September 90 Mixes 1 released, featuring the 10 minute "Duran Duran Megamix".
Sep 1 "Violence of Summer" single peaks at #64 in US.
Sep 2 Simon, Nick and Sterling fly from London to New York.
Sep 3? The band interviewed at the Paramount Hotel, NY. (YouTube).
Sep 3? John interviewed at the Paramount Hotel in New York. He wears his cap. Mentions Warren is on top of his game right now, no-one can touch him. Some talk about Andy and The Powerstation. John says the band has never been closer, and live within a square mile of each other in South-West London. Some chat about his favourite shoes. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).
Sep 3? Nick interviewed in New York at the Paramount Hotel. He says Liberty made sense as the name for the album. Liberty was the last time since Rio where a five-piece band already wrote all the songs before going to record them in the studio. VOS was the first one to be written, but the last to be recorded (in two days). Nick claims to have an allergy towards organs, IDWYL used an organ. He says the band love doing things which do not conform to social norms, claiming Liberty is a rock album. Talk about record company, media and government manipulation. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4).
Sep 3? Simon interviewed, New York, Paramount Hotel. He says they Warren wrote eight songs during demo sessions 'in a shack in the south of England'. Three of those songs made it to the album. The band argued during writing, but each had equal say. The 'Groove' starts in the pelvis; dancing attracts people - driving the human instinct. The birth of Individual Responsibility on a global scale. Simon plays "What's In My Bag", pulling out a fine from UK customs, a fake driving license, an organ donor card, and lots of baby photos. Jokes about cocaine being thrown on the floor, competition for a sweetie. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4).
Sep 3? The band interviewed together at the Paramount Hotel in New York. JT lived in NY for 23 years. DD have just resigned with EMI. (YouTube).
Sep 4? Simon, Nick, John and Warren fly to Los Angeles.
Sep 5 Simon, Nick, John and Warren interviewed on KROQ (Los Angeles, CA).
Sep 5 Simon visits Fourth Annual APLA Commitment to Life Benefit at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.
Sep 6 The band on Into The Night with Rick Dees. A fun show. Rick chair moves up and down. Warren wobbles his pecks. Simon stands up for music rights. (Facebook Video).
Sep 8 Liberty album peaks at #46 in the US.
Sep 8? The band fly to Italy.
Sep Duran does a press conference and two days of promotion in Milan, Italy, including interviews for TV show Radio Carolina and a contest for radio Rete 105.
Sep Duran travels to Florence to record a mimed performance of "Violence of Summer" for the TV show Vota la Voce in an ancient Roman theatre; when the show is over, they return to the stage and fans are allowed in the open air theatre as the band mime "Serious" and "Liberty" for a second TV show. (Interview and VOS), (Liberty).
Sep They lip-synch The Reflex for "Rai Stereo Uno". The host gets them to sign his album (YouTube)
Sep Andy's single "Stone Cold Sober" released in UK {b/w "Suffragette City".
Sep 13 Rock Over London: 90-36 broadcast in the USA, featuring "First Impression".
Sep 22 Duran is the headlining act of the 5th Annual Veronica Music Day on the Countdown program, broadcast live on Dutch television station.
Sep-Oct Duran Duran lip-synch Serious on spanish Rockopop. (YouTube)
The DJ only remix album Hot Tracks: Series 9, Issue 6 released, featuring Duran Duran.
Oct 1 "Serious" single released in UK {b/w "Yo Bad Azizi"; CD single includes "Water Babies".
Oct A 29-minute version of the Three To Get Ready documentary video is released in US; a limited-edition 75-minute version is released later in the year
Oct 9 Duran does a photoset in Munchen and visits some event for TV.
Oct 12 The band flies to Rome, Italy for promotion.
Oct 12 In the afternoon they do an interview with Rome's first daily IL MESSAGGERO.
Oct 13 Duran does a soundcheck for the TV show Fantastico, are interviewed backstage for Rai Stereo Uno, then perform "Serious" and a comic segment on the show that night. Nick is asked about a woman vocalist. Warren drags one of the hosts off the stage. (Arrival and Backstage), (Questions and Serious), (Questions Clip)
? "Serious" is included on the promotional only compilation album Disco Promocional Mix Invendaval released in Brazil.
Oct 14 Duran arrives in Athens, Greece for a short promotional trip.
Oct 14 They are met at the airport by a camera crew for a Duran Duran in Greece Special.
Oct 15? The band climb a mountain to look at some Roman ruins. They take a VHS video camera with them. (YouTube), (YouTube Ref.).
Oct 16? Simon, Nick, Sterling and Warren interviewed for TE2 Greece Special (1), (2), (3), (4), (About Serious).
Oct 17? Rare Live rehearsal footage for the Tunnel Club performance is recorded. The band jam to their own songs, although they never toured this album. Simon does a funky dance. (YouTube).
Oct 17 Duran tapes a semi-live performance of "First Impression", "The Wild Boys", "Union of the Snake" and "Serious" at the Tunnel Club for the TV special Duran Duran in Athens; bootlegged on Greece Liberty Promotion and A First Impression in Athens. (Interview and WB), (Interview and Union), (Interview and FI), (Serious).
Oct 21 "Lola" single peaks at #60 in the UK.
Oct 22 The band mime The Reflex, First Impression, Serious on Verinoca's Music Day (Muzeik Dag) for Dutch TV. John still wears the bandana. Fans are rowdy, and the host tells them to 'please shut up'. SLB says 10 years and still going strong. The biggest impact recently has been Warren (YouTube).
Oct 25 Simon meets with Paul Stewart, an English race driver at the Orient Express London to Venice car race, in London.
Oct 29 Simon and Yasmin celebrate her birthday in New York. (Image Gallery)
End Oct The band fly to Japan
End Oct The band appear on Hit Studio Tokyo TV show, performing a lip-synch version of Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over). (YouTube)
Nov 5? The band fly to Australia for a one-week promotional tour of Australia and New Zealand.
Nov 7? Duran lip-synchs a performance of "Violence of Summer" for the Australian show Hey Hey It's Saturday on Channel 9 Network. (YouTube)
Nov "Serious" single released in US {b/w "Yo Bad Azizi", "Liberty" (fade) and "First Impression" (fade).
Nov "Serious" single peaks at #6 in Japan.
Nov 9 Nick, Simon and John give an interview for MTV Australia via satellite from Melbourne, during their 1990 promo tour of Australia. Ear Era joke from Simon. Simon says VOS was inspired by a 'Cheesy' organ melody (created by John), which reminded him of a fairground, from which he made up a story about two boys and a girl. (YouTube).
Nov 9 Nick, Simon and Warren are in Melbourne and appear at Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, Nick bring the pizza to the host. They discuss the future plans and tell about the beginning of the work on The Wedding Album. Tom Jones is also at the studio with the band. (YouTube).
Nov 10? The band appear on Australia's Countdown Revolution, a short-lived daily show which was meant to replace Countdown (Molly Meldrum), filmed at Melbourne's Metro nightclub. They receive a rapturous welcome. They mention Big D and small D on the cover. VOS video features an ex-girlfriend of the host (Candy). It is their only album (so far) to have been made in just one place (London). Nick wears his sparkly cap. (YouTube).
Andy Taylor: The DANGEROUS Tour
Nov 10 Andy Taylor: International II, Manchester, UK.
Nov 11 Simon and Warren interviewed on 89FM radio (Auckland, New Zealand).
Nov 11 Andy Taylor: Woughton Center, Milton Keynes, UK.
Nov 12 Simon and Warren interviewed on 91FM radio (Auckland, New Zealand); answer callers' questions.
Nov 12 Andy Taylor: Coliseum, Leeds, UK.
Nov 14 Andy Taylor: Polytechnic, Sheffield, UK.
Nov 15 Andy Taylor: Birmingham Institute, Birmingham, UK.
Nov 16 The band interviewed backstage before the Diamond Awards Festival event. (YouTube)
Nov 16 Duran receives an award at the Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, which were taped for TV broadcast; they lip-synch a performance of "Serious" and "First Impression". Airs 27th Nov. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Nov 17 Andy Taylor: Caesar Palace, Aberdeen, UK.
Nov 18 "Serious" single peaks at #48 in UK.
Nov 18 Andy Taylor: Tunnel, Glasgow, UK.
Nov 19 Andy Taylor: Mayfair, Newcastle, UK.
Nov 21 Andy Taylor: Rock City, Nottingham, UK.
Nov 22 Andy Taylor: Bierkeller, Bristol, UK.
Nov 23 Andy Taylor: The Marquee, London, UK.
Nov 24 Andy Taylor: The Marquee, London, UK (with LOUD).
Roger Taylor watches from backstage
? "Serious" is included on the German compilation album Formel Eins: Cool Fun!.
late Nov - early Dec Duran plans to film videos for "First Impression" (which was to be released as a single in the US) and "Liberty" (which was to be released in Europe) - a production company goes so far as to prepare storyboards, plan locations, and hire extras.
Nov EMI cancels funding for the new videos just a few days before "First Impression" is to begin filming.
? Allison Anders watches Three To Get Ready video, begins correspondence & friendship with John.
? Andy produces second album Laughing On Judgement Day for the band Thunder.
Dec 9 "Stone Cold Sober" single peaks at #94 in the UK.
Dec 12 John is stopped for speeding and driving erratically through the streets of London on his way home from a party; Simon is in the car with him.
Dec 13 John is fined £250 for drunk driving and his license is suspended for one year.
Late Dec Duran Duran in Athens special is broadcast by the second National Broadcasting Channel in Greece.
bootlegged on Greece Liberty Promotion and A First Impression in Athens. (1), (2), (3), (4), (About Serious).}}
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Timeline duran duran wikipedia discography archive collection MESSAGE BOARD PRO

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