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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Duran Duran continues its five-month world tour for Big Thing in the US, the Far East, and the UK, followed by summer festival dates in Europe. They release the greatest hits album Decade and the single "Burning The Ground", and begin work on the Liberty album.

Date Event
Jan 8 All She Wants Is” peaks at #9 in UK
Jan Do You Believe In Shame” video filmed in New York City with acclaimed Chinese director Chen Kaige. John Taylor appears dreadfully pale and thin in this video (and other promotional appearances at the time), and fans speculated that he was struggling with his long-term cocaine addiction.
Jan John interviewed on the set of Do You Believe in Shame? in New York. He talks about the director Chen Kaige. (YouTube).
Jan Nick and Simon on the set of Do You Believe in Shame? in New York. Simon tells his press microphone down the throat story. Nick talks about dominoes (seen in the video). Simon says the song is about his friend David Miles, who died from smoking illegal drugs a year and a half ago. (YouTube).
? Bizz magazine in Brazil gives away a live flexi disc of "Too Late Marlene (Bizz)", recorded at Wembley Arena on 23 December 1988.
Jan 9 Simon and Nick interviewed on location during the filming of “Do You Believe In Shame” on the Live at Five TV news show, New York
? Nick and John interviewed for 'This Week in Black Entertainment' January 89. They talk about the new videos. (YouTube).
? A successful legal challenge over the close resemblance of the melody of "Do You Believe in Shame?" to that of the Dale Hawkins classic "Suzie Q" (more famously covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Rolling Stones), means the three writers of "Suzie Q" were added to the official ASCAP credits for royalties on "Do You Believe In Shame?". Duran Duran always denied intentionally copying any other works, and that the similarity of the two songs was based on a "basic blues progression".
The BIG LIVE THING Tour continues
John struggles with his health and with serious drug problems
Jan 11 Duran Duran: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 12 Thunder's first demo sessions begin at Great Linford Manor Studios, Milton Keynes; with Andy Taylor producing.
Jan 13 Nick is the celebrity judge at an "Ugly Truck Contest" at the local Bill Currie Ford Motors; he signed many autographs at the end of the event.
? Nick asks Jacqui and Melanie to perform a naked dance behind a screen during the song Skin Trade.
? Warren takes a 'mobile club' around with him on tour; containing a CD player, with automated strobe lights, and synchronised colourful lasers. Also very colourful hallucinogenic posters, incense, and party decorations.
Jan 13 Duran Duran: Tampa Sun Dome, Tampa, FL, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 14 American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens: January 14, 1989 broadcast, featuring "All She Wants Is" at no.40.
Jan 14 Duran Duran': Miami Arena, Miami, FL, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 15? The band buy bigger screens to hide Jaqcui and Melanie's dance during Skin Trade, and place extra screens to the side, so people can't see around them. The girls begin to look forward to their dance segment during the tour.
Jan 16 Duran Duran: Warner Theater, Washington, DC, USA
Jan 17 John and Simon interviewed on Z-100 radio in New York City
Jan 18 Duran Duran: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, (Long Island), NY, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
bootlegged on Long Island 1989
Jan 19 Duran Duran: Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 20 Duran Duran: Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 21 American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens: January 21, 1989 broadcast, featuring "All She Wants Is" at no.40.
Jan 24 Duran Duran: Richfield Coliseum, Richfield (Cleveland), OH, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 26 Duran Duran: The Palace, Auburn Hills (Detroit), MI, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
bootlegged on Detroit 1989
Jan 27 Duran Duran: University of Illinois at Chicago (The Pavilion), Chicago, IL, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
bootlegged on Big Chicago Thing
Jan 28 Duran Duran: Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Jan 30 Duran Duran: Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO, USA
Feb 1 Duran Duran: ASU Activity Center, Tempe, AZ, USA (with The Pursuit of Happiness)
Feb 2 Duran Duran: Universal Amphitheater, Universal City (Los Angeles), CA, USA
Feb 3 Duran Duran: Universal Amphitheater, Universal City (Los Angeles), CA, USA
Feb 5 The New Of The World Sunday magazine carries the strange story about an Arab man who fooled Duran into believing he was Mohamed Al-Fayed when he met them on the first night of the Caravan Tour at the bar in the Portman Hotel - travelling with them through to Atlanta & spending significant sums on the band, before vanishing - only discovered when Denis O'Regan sent photos to Harrods as a gift after they were back in the UK.
Feb 5 Duran Duran: Civic Auditorium, Portland, OR, USA
Feb 6 Duran Duran: Pine Exhibition Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Feb 7 Duran Duran: Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA, USA
Feb? Duran appears on the Arsenio Hall show, singing an alternative version of Girls on Film, followed by fans screaming, and a sweary interview. Aired 5th April 1989. Bootlegged on Yo Bad Azizi (GOF Funk Mix), (DYBIS), (DYBIS), (Interview).
Feb ? The band fly to the Far East
Feb 11 Duran Duran: Cham-sil Olympic Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea.

Nick plays a backing track while Simon, Sterling and John dance around on the stage during the 'house' section of All She Wants Is. Simon wears a top hat during parts of the show. (ASWI - Sterling dance), (Palomino), (Reflex, Rio), (Drug Dance Version), (EdgeOA/LSD.

Feb 14? The band appear on Japanese TV. Nixk says "Buy lots of tickets". They mention the Kobe and Tokyo dates. The band lip-synch All She Wants Is. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Feb 15 Duran Duran: Kinen World Hall, Kobe, Japan
Feb 16 Nick interviewed for Japanese TV by the most lovely Japanese speaking girl ever. He repeats "Ichi Ban" when she says it, which means "The Best". Nick mentions the Seoul show. Clips of I Don't Want Your Love from the previous nights show in Kobe. Simon cameos wearing a bandana. Nick autographs some blank sheets with a noisey marker pen. (YouTube).
Feb 16 Duran Duran: Kinen World Hall, Kobe, Japan
Feb 17? The band lip-sinc All She Wants Is on Japanese TV (YouTube).
Feb 17 Duran Duran: Kinen World Hall, Kobe, Japan
bootlegged on Kobe 1989: Third Night
Feb 18 All She Wants Is” peaks at #22 in US
Feb 18 American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens: February 18, 1989 broadcast, featuring "All She Wants Is".
Feb 20 Duran Duran: Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan
Feb 22 Duran Duran: Tokyo Dome (aka The Egg), Tokyo, Japan
concert is filmed for TV broadcast; a high-quality bootleg CD is engineered off the video of this broadcast.
bootlegged on Big Live Thing, Duran Duran - In Japan and Live In Tokyo / Japan
. (Full Youtube), (Full YouTube), (Full on Facebook), (BT), [(AVTAK),(ASWI), (Palomino), (HLTW), (ElecDay/SLIH), (ST), (GOF).
Feb 24 Duran Duran: The Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).
Feb 25 Duran Duran: The Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong
Feb 25 American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens: February 25, 1989 broadcast, featuring "All She Wants Is" at no.28.
Feb 27 Duran Duran: Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines
bootlegged on Duran Duran: Manila 1989
Feb 28 Duran Duran: Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines.
bootlegged on Manila 1989. (Full Audio).
Mar 4 Duran Duran: The Gardens, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar 5 Duran Duran: The Gardens, Taipei, Taiwan
? 6ix by 3hree video compilation released on VHS and laserdisc in UK and Japan (includes videos for "Notorious", "Skin Trade", "Meet El Presidente", "I Don't Want Your Love", "All She Wants Is" and "Do You Believe In Shame").
Mar 10 Duran Duran: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA
bootlegged on Radio City Music Hall 1989
Mar 11? Duran Duran Inside Music show airs in the US during the last leg of the Caravan Tour. Recorded 1988. Shows clips from the All She Wants Is video, and Capitol Records Parking Lot show. (YouTube).
Mar 11 Duran Duran: The Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, USA
Mar 12 Duran Duran: Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA.
Mar 13 Duran Duran: Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (no opening act)
Mar 16 Duran Duran: Holiday Star Plaza, Merrillville, IN, USA
bootlegged on Merrillville 1989
Mar 17 Duran Duran: Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Mar 18 "Do You Believe in Shame?" peaks at #72 in US.
Mar 19 Duran Duran: Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS, USA (no opening act)
Mar 20 Duran Duran: Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE, USA
Mar 23 Duran Duran: Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, USA
Mar 24 Duran Duran: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, USA
Mar 25 Duran Duran: San Diego State University Open Air Amphitheater, San Diego, CA, USA
Mar 26 Simon, Nick, John, Warren, and Sterling answer fans questions on Hitline USA radio show.
Mar 27 Warren becomes a Vegan at the hotel of the Tucson show. (source).
Mar 27 Duran Duran: Centennial Hall, Tucson, AZ, USA
Mar 29 Duran Duran: Austin Opera House, Austin, TX, USA
Mar 30 Duran Duran: Laurie Auditorium, San Antonio, TX, USA
Mar 31 Duran Duran: Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth, TX, USA
? Warren experiments with nudity, and his enthusiasm becomes more extreme as the tour progresses. He decides to greet private guests naked, and the band hosts private 'Panty Parties'. (source).
? As Warren starts to become more confident, he starts to tell the other members what to do, communicating through John. John turns even more to drink and drugs to cover up his feelings. - According to Into The Pleasure Groove.
Apr 2 Duran Duran: Music Hall, Houston, TX, USA
Apr 3 Duran Duran: Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA, USA (no opening act)
bootlegged on New Orleans 1989
early Apr? Duran re-record "Drug" (a studio recording of the live version they were playing on tour) in Los Angeles with "house" producer Marshall Jefferson, with a view to releasing it as the fourth single from Big Thing; poor success of "Do You Believe In Shame?" means it is never released.
Apr 7 The band is in California, USA. The picture of Nick with a ball is taken. (Photo)
Apr 8? The band fly from LA back to London.
Apr 10 "Do You Believe in Shame?" single released worldwide {b/w Krush Brothers "The LSD Edit" (a remix of "The Edge of America" and "Lake Shore Driving").
Apr 10 Thunder's demo sessions recommence at Great Linford Manor Studios, Milton Keynes; with Andy Taylor producing.
? The promo single Do You Believe in Shame? / The Way to Your Heart released in Italy.
Apr Assorted 12" and CD versions of the "Do You Believe In Shame?" single; include these rarities: "Palomino" (edit), two spoken-word pieces, "God (London)" and "This Is How a Road Gets Made", and the original version of "Drug" - the one that John vehemently preferred to the album mix.
Apr A numbered, limited edition 10" single of "Do You Believe In Shame?" is also released.
Apr 12 The CD version of the "Do You Believe In Shame?" single is recalled, as its overlong playing time makes it ineligible for inclusion in the official sales charts. Rarity value of the original CD release skyrockets.
Apr ? A censored version of "God (London)" is created, bleeping the profanity.
Apr 13 The first photo session at Limeharbour on the Isle Of Dogs, London. Nick wears a priests outfit. (Photo/Source), (Photo), (Photo).
Apr 13 The second photo session, this time with backing singers, at Limeharbour on the Isle Of Dogs, London. Nick wears a straw hat. (Photo/Source), (Photo).
Apr 13 The rehearsal of the London Arena show, London.
Apr 14 Simon phones in to London radio station from Newcastle for interview; mentions Warren's underwear parties.
Apr 15 Duran Duran: City Hall, Newcastle, England (with Thrashing Doves)
Apr 16 Duran Duran: Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland (with Thrashing Doves)
Apr 16 "Do You Believe in Shame?" peaks at #30 in UK.
Apr 17 Part 1 of a limited edition "Do You Believe In Shame?" 7" triple pack is released.
Apr 18 Duran Duran: Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland (with Thrashing Doves)
bootlegged on Electric Theatre Glasgow
Apr 19 Simon appears on Radio 1 with Philip Schofield.
Apr 19? Duran tapes a performance of "Do You Believe In Shame?" for the UK BBC's Top of the Pops. In the dressing room, Warren sets up his mobile club; his music, strobes and lasers, incense, and new dietary supplements. Not wanting him to feel left out, the band dress down to their panties. A guest on the same show, singer Tom Jones walks in with a BBC assistant, to find the band semi-naked, and dancing around in their disco. The band wanted to play live on the show, but tight TOTP filming schedules wouldn't allow for proper equipment setup, so Simon and backing vocalists performed live to a playback.
Apr 19 Duran Duran: City Hall, Sheffield, England (with Thrashing Doves)
Apr 20 Duran Duran: Royal Centre, Nottingham, England (with Thrashing Doves)
Apr 21 News of the Top of the Pops Panty Party gets into the national newspapers. Headlines include: "Duran Stars' Strip Romp: Beep girl stumbles on Simon's naked party."
Apr 22? The Musicians Union protests Sterling's appearance on the Top of the Pops show, as he did not play on the original recording. The point ends up being moot as their segment in the show never airs due to the single's lacklustre performance.
Apr 22 Duran Duran: London Arena, London, England (with Thrashing Doves)
opening of new arena; heavily covered by press; George Michael attends; show is halted when Sterling's drum kit breaks down. Nick wears the priests outfit. (Photo)
bootlegged on London Arena: April 89
Apr 22 Warren and John are interviewed for NBC Super Channel in Europe, after the shortened London show. Warren talks about the recent nudist scandal, and John talks about Nicks idea to have Jacqui and Melanie dance nude behind a screen during Skin Trade. Clips of the dance from a recent show. (YouTube).
Apr ? Part 2 of limited edition "Do You Believe In Shame?" triple pack is released.
Apr 23 Duran Duran: Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, England (with Thrashing Doves)
Apr? John and Renee finally separate for good.
Apr 24 Producer John Jones works with John on some songs at JT's house in London.
Apr 25 Duran Duran: Apollo, Manchester, England (with Thrashing Doves)
audio and video bootlegged; recorded by BBC Radio 1, with highlights broadcast later using In Concert - 461 vinyl album and released as a 2010 digital download on Big Thing: Special Editions; bootlegged on Manchester 89 and In Concert. (AVTAK).
Apr 26 Duran makes Warren and Sterling official members of the band.
Apr 26 Duran Duran: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England (with Thrashing Doves)
Stan Harrison (saxophone) and Spike Edney (trombone & piano) have a pillow fight on-stage with Nick. Sterling stays up all night in the hotel with fans, celebrating his acceptance into the band.
Apr ? Part 3 of limited edition "Do You Believe In Shame?" triple pack is released.
Apr ? Radio 1 airs highlights of Manchester show.
Apr Mid/late The CD version of the "Do You Believe In Shame?" is made available once more, this time with a censored version of God, as the single slips down the charts.
May 1-3 Rock Over Europe Awards Carré Theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The band lip-sinc I Don't Want Your Love and Do You Believe in Shame?. (IDWYL), (DYBIS).
May 8-25 Duran rehearses songs for upcoming summer festivals (including "The Chauffeur" and a soul version of "Careless Memories"), and writes new music for the album to become Liberty, at Stanbridge Farm Rehearsal Studios.
May 17 John records an interview for Eurochart Hot 100 radio show in Amsterdam, but the show is never broadcast.
May 31 John presents the award for the "Bass Guitarist Of The Year" at the 1989 International Rock Awards at the New York State Armory (YouTube).
Jun Decade greatest hits album released worldwide.
Set lists include "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", "Nuclear War" (later to become "Yo Bad Azizi"), and "My Family" (never released).
Jun 30 Duran Duran and others: Leysin Music Festival, [venue?], Leysin/Lausanne, Switzerland
filmed, bootlegged; Duran plays "Edelweiss" at the sound check. bootlegged on Live At The 1989 Leysin Festival. (AVTAK).
Jul 5-10 More work on Liberty at Stanbridge rehearsal hall; John is heavily involved in writing and demoing tracks.
Jul 15 Simon and John attend the enormous Pink Floyd concert in Venice; their visit to the decaying city inspires the lyrics to "Venice Drowning".
Jul Requiem For The Americas album released in US.
Jul 28 Duran Duran and others: Puerto Real Festival, Bull Ring, Cadiz, Spain
Jul 29 Duran Duran: La Malagueta, Malaga, Spain
Aug 6 Duran Duran and others: Belga Beach Festival, De Panne, Belgium (with Joe Cocker, Womack & Womack, The Pasadenas, Aswad, Energy Orchard)
Stage is set up on the beach, facing the ocean; "Venice Drowning" omitted from the set as the band was running late; the onstage monitors fail and the band goes badly out of key during "The Chauffeur", "Palomino", and "A View To A Kill"; bootlegged on De Panne 89
Aug 13 Duran Duran and others: Skanderborg Festival, open air stage, Aarhus, Denmark
bootlegged on Denmark: Skanderborg Festival Aug.13, 1989
Aug Warren buys Simon and Yasmin's house in Battersea, London. The home will later become used as Privacy Studios.
? John gives up his home in Paris and settles into Knightsbridge (London).
Aug 7 Yasmin and Simon visit the London premiere of Batman. (Image Gallery)
Aug 07 Thunder begin recording Backstreet Symphony with Andy Taylor producing.
Aug 10 More work on Liberty at Stanbridge Farm rehearsal hall; demos bootlegged (later distributed on bootleg CD Didn't Anybody Tell You?).
Aug 23 The band restarts work on Liberty with John Jones at their Wandsworth office; by October, they have demos of 21 songs.
Aug 25 Amber Rose Tamara Le Bon born to Simon and Yasmin.
Oct The November issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine (Issue #4) promotes a new Nintendo Entertainment System title from Bandai called Wild Boys. The game features a band who's image was a mash-up of Duran Duran and Guns N' Roses, switching between four rock stars to fight crimes. The title was pulled as it was too similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and never came out. (Advert), (Info), (Magazine Ad. 31:20).
Oct 6 Last day of demo recording at Wandsworth office.
Oct 9 Duran begins recording Liberty at Olympic Studios with producer Chris Kimsey and engineer Chris Potter.
Oct 14-15 While the band works downstairs at Olympic, John Jones records "Burning The Ground" upstairs.
Oct 21-22 "Burning The Ground" mixed with engineer Chris Potter.
Oct 26 The band records "Serious", "First Impression", "Can You Deal With It?", and "Worth Waiting For".
Oct 27 John Jones edits single and Ben Chapman 12" Mix for "Decadance".
Oct Artwork for the Decade album goes missing when designer Stephen Sprouse inadvertently leaves it in a taxi after showing it to the band.
Oct After the first month or so in the studio working on the Liberty album, John Taylor seems to lose interest and rarely attends sessions; he later says (on TTP) he wishes he had worked harder, because he felt he had the key to unlock those songs yet he made no effort to, which is why they sound disappointing on the album.
Nov CMJ: New Music November 1989 - Volume 39 released, featuring Neurotic Outsiders's "Jerk".
Nov 12 Small Sacrifices starring Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal premieres on ABC, featuring the song "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Nov 13 Decade: Video released on VHS and laserdisc.
Nov 15 Decade CD album released Worldwide.
Nov 15 John is interviewed about Decade, his hair is tied back. (YouTube - 1st clip clip).
Nov 16 Duran flies to Rome to do promo for Decade.
Nov 17 Duran does a rehearsal and soundcheck for Italian TV show Fantastico (which Simon used to watch on satellite TV from his favorite Italian restaurant in London).
Nov 18 Duran lip-synchs "The Reflex" in front of hundreds of screaming fans at the Fantastico show. The words Duran Duran Decade are in lights behind the group. They say the Decade album has recently been released. Airs 18th Nov. (YouTube), (YouTube), (YouTube).
Nov 18/19? John, Nick and Simon on Radio Rai Stereo show. They sing "The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plane." There is a clip of Italian fans mobbing their limo. Simon wears a mustard colour jacket. (YouTube).
Nov 19 Decade: Greatest Hits” LP enters & peaks at #5 in the UK.
Nov 19? Simon, Nick and John do interviews for Red Ronnie's show Be Bop a Lula on Italia Uno TV.
bootlegged on Be Bop A Lula
Nov 19? Simon sings Be Bop-a-Lula while looking at photos of his baby, Amber. He has an Elvis quiff and mustard colour jacket. (YouTube).
Nov 19? Duran refuses to appear on Italian Sunday show Domenica In. (presumably because they were sick of lip-sinc performances?).
Nov 19? Film directer Federico Fellini invites the band to see the final cuttings on what was to be his last movie: La voce della luna.
Nov 20? The band fly back to the UK.
Nov 22? John interviewed on One To One show in the UK. His hair is still tied back. He says the Decade album turned out well, apart from the band wanting ST on the album, but the execs wanted NMOM. The GOF video started as a Helmut Newton-like project and ended up more like The Sunday Sport. The Powerstation album came together by itself. (YouTube).
Nov? John is arrested for drunk driving, and has to pay a fine. The newspaper caption read. "John Taylor Leaving Horseferry Court Today After He Lost His License Due To A Drink Drive Offence. He Was Over The Limit Because After A Day Making Music He Had Gone To Party With Only A Sandwich Inside Him." (Photo), (Photo).
Nov 29 Dutch TV show Countdown on Veronica features Simon reading the Top 10.
Nov 29 Simon, Nick and John return to Rome for a short promo trip.
Nov 29-Dec 1 Radio RAI Stereo 2 airs an interview with Simon, Nick and John in three parts.
Nov 29? John on Italian TV. His hair has recently been cut. (YouTube).
Nov/Dec? A video created for Burning the Ground using clips of previous Duran videos. (BTG Video).
? "Burning the Ground" remix created with producer John Jones at Olympic Studios, Barnes.
Dec "Burning the Ground" promotional single released worldwide {b/w "Decadance".
Dec 4 "Burning the Ground" single released worldwide {b/w "Decadance".
? The DJ only 12" vinyl single "NRG MIXXX: Volume One Issue Five" released, featuring "Decadance".
Dec 8 Robert Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins; the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five member, and inventor of the term Hip Hop, and also worked on the song White Lines, passes away. He was addicted to cocaine for the last two years of his life and died of a drug overdose.
Dec 9 Decade album peaks at #67 in US.
Dec 9 Digitalian Is Eating Breakfast by Tetsuya Komuro released, featuring Warren Cuccurullo.
Dec 10 Band finishes work at Olympic Studios for Christmas break.
Dec ? Simon and John interviewed on Greater London Radio.
Dec 13 John is fined £250 & banned from driving for 12 months at Honeferry Magistrates Court after admitting drink driving.
Dec 17 "Burning The Ground" single peaks at #31 in UK; never makes the charts in the US.
Dec 17? Simon and John go to New York to promote Burning the Ground.
Dec 17? CNN interview Simon and John at the Capitol Records office New York. A clip of the Burning the Ground video is shown. John struggles to come up with one highlight from his 10 years with the band. Simon has the VOS floppy hair, while Johns hair is out of control. They say they are in the middle of recording their next album. Airs Jan 1990. (YouTube).
Dec 17? John steps out of his car on Broadway; about to go into the radio studio; when a film crew and a journalist approach him with an unhappy looking girl. She claims she is carrying Johns unborn child. As this has happened so many times before, John worries that this time it might be true? John is grabbed by Nick and Simon and pulled away before giving any comments. Source: Into The Pleasure Groove.
Dec 17 Simon, Nick and John answer fans questions on Hitline USA radio show.
Dec? The pregnant girl from John's encounter goes to the UK's People Magazine with her story. Her parents back up the claims, saying JT went around for dinner one night. Eventually it turns out the girl made up the whole story, editing photographs to make it look like they were together. The People Magazine ran with the headline "Duran Star Victim of Paternity Hoax".
Dec Duran presents the Decade gold record to MTV Europe.
Dec The band does a lipsynch performance of "Notorious" during the filming of a UK TV 1989 Goodbye to the 80s New Year's special with Cilla Black at a West End theatre in London. (YouTube).
Dec 28 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of "Is There Something I Should Know?".
Dec 31 Cilla's Goodbye To The 80's is broadcast on ITV. The band mime Notorious (song). (YouTube)
? Andy Taylor buys Trident II Studios in London.
? Andy produces British biker band Silver Destruction.
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