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The Duran Duran Timeline
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John Taylor releases the single "I Do What I Do"; Arcadia releases "The Flame". Simon finishes the Whitbread Round the World Race. The band regroups in London (minus Roger Taylor) to record the Notorious album; after legal wrangles to get Andy Taylor back in the studio, Duran Duran hires Warren Cuccurullo to finish the guitar parts. The Notorious album and single are finally released at the end of the year.

Date Event
Jan Yasmin and Simon honeymoon in Scotland and the south of France
Jan Simon and Nick are at the BBC studios where Arcadia played on Ronnie Corbett's show. Julie-Anne and Yasmin are also present.
? Yasmin and Simon buy a small house in Battersea (London) as an alternative to staying in a hotel while their new home in Chelsea is renovated; this house is later sold to Warren Cuccurullo and becomes the "Privacy Studio"
? Rio album issued on CD for the first time, in Germany; uses an alternate version of "Hold Back The Rain"; all other CD issues of this album use this digital master (up until the 2001 remastered version)
? The album Mixtime: Hip Hop released in Italy, featuring Duran Duran.
Jan 2 Simon's boat Drum reaches Auckland, New Zealand, in the Whitbread Round the World yacht race (still without Simon on board)
Jan 6 Nick and Simon appear on Wogan show on BBC TV (broadcasted from the BBC TV Theatre in London). They perform The Promise. bootlegged on Arcadia: TV Performances and Interviews. (The Promise).
? Unknown interview, perhaps Wogan?, claims 1986. Simon talks about the music business. (YouTube).
? Arcadia appear on Solid Gold in the U.S, interviewed by host Dionne Warwick. (YouTube).
Jan? Possible recording of Say The Word.
Jan? Possible recording of Say The Word video?. (STW - Movie Version), (STW - DD Version).
? "Election Day" (Consensus Mix) is included on the French compilation album 12 Maxi Tubes.
? Simon and Nick appear on European TV lip-synching The Promise. (YouTube).
Jan Yasmin & Julie Anne both announce they're pregnant.
Jan John is approached to perform a single for the movie 9½ Weeks
John shows up drunk for the recording of "I Do What I Do" (written by Michael Des Barres, originally for Lisa Delbello to sing)
John and Jonathan Elias write and record "Jazz" and several other tracks for the movie soundtrack; these tracks won't end up being released until 1999
? Viva Rock: Interview Record (2) released in Japan by Viva Rock magazine, featuring John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.
? Arcadia: The Open Interview is distributed to radio stations.
Jan 19 Rock Over London: 303 broadcast in the USA, featuring Arcadia's "Goodbye Is Forever".
Jan 24 Simon appears on the TV special Disney's Living Seas Facebook
Jan 24 John Taylor and Renee Simonsen attend the 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. (Image, with Huey Lewis)
Jan 25? Arcadia's "Goodbye Is Forever" single released in the US(backed with "Missing")
Jan 25 Arcadia's "The Promise" single (an extended remix) released in UK and Europe (backed with "The Promise" (7" mix) and "Rose Arcana" (extended mix))
Late Jan Nick Rhodes visits Andy Taylor and stays for a week and a half. They worked on 3 songs [ideas] together in a studio in Los Angeles. (Source Article).
Late Jan Simon visits Australia for a couple of days, to do press interviews before flying to New Zealand.
Jan 30? Simon is on a TV Special called 'Le Bon Voyage', filmed in Sydney, Australia, in the penthouse suite of the famous Sebel Townhouse. Mara Blazic, a fan from Adelaide, also attends having won a competition to ask two questions. (Mara Article).
Jan 30 There is a rare shot of Andy and Nick being photo-graphed on January 30th at the Spago Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. (Image).
Feb 2 The Promise peaks at #37 in the UK.
Feb 2 Simon hosts Australia's Countdown show. (Part 1), (Part 2).
Feb 3? Simon does an interview for the Countdown music show with Molly Meldrum. He confirms Yasmin is pregnant, and talks about his love of sailing. (YouTube).
Feb 6? Simon and Michael Berrow fly to New Zealand to join Simon, so he can join the Drum in the Whitbread Around The World Race.
Feb 8? Simon appears on New Zealand TV show 'Shazam!' talking about Drum, shows some unseen Drum footage. (YouTube).
Feb ? Addicted To Love video is released, directed by Terence Donovan, in which Palmer is surrounded by five near-identically clad, heavily made-up (and appropriately pouty) female "musicians," either mimicking or mocking the painting style of Patrick Nagel.
Feb 8 Addicted To Love with Andy is released and enters the US Top 100; peaking at #1 in the US Hot and Rock 100 charts, and also in Australia. #5 in the UK. (Wikipedia).
Feb 9? Nick bleaches his hair blonde again, as seen on the 19th.
Feb 15 Simon steps aboard Drum in Auckland and gets ready to sail later that day. Fans gather to watch along with reporters, as he kisses his newly wedded Yasmin goodbye. (YouTube).
Feb 15 Drum leaves Auckland with Simon on board, for the third leg of the Whitbread Around The World race. Also present onboard are Duran's managers and co-owners of the boat Paul and Michael Berrow.
Feb 17 & 18 Special reports Drum by British morning TV show TV-AM. Simon phones in and interviewed on the 18th. 'Bon Voyage' joke, says Drum more like a fishing boat. He speaks to young fans. Expects to be back briefly in March. (YouTube).
Feb 19 Nick and Julie Anne Rhodes are still in Los Angeles. (Image).
Feb John Taylor's single "I Do What I Do" (backed with the instrumental "Jazz") released in US from the 9½ Weeks soundtrack
Feb John promotes his new video for I Do What I Do on American TV, he mentions Renee Simonsen, and also Julie Anne Friedman is pregnant. (YouTube).
? John appears on Mexican TV. He seem very washed out, and struggles to do a link in Spanish. He says Nick and Roger got married within a month of each other, and this is what sparked The Power Station. (YouTube).
Feb 25 Nick and Julie Anne attend the 28th annual Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. At the Grammy Awards Show, Nick and Sheena Easton present the Song of The Year award to Quincy Jones for "We Are The World". (Image)
Nick is interviewed on Irish radio
Feb 27 Rolling Stone prints the results of its readers and critics polls for 1986 (surely 1985?), Bruce Springsteen is on the cover. John is voted Best Bassist of 1986 by the Rolling Stone Magazine Readers Poll. A subsequent programme on American TV shows a clip of JT from the Making Of The Power Station film. (YouTube).
Mar The Power Station Video EP released (includes videos for "Some Like It Hot", "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", and "Communication")
Mar The Making of Arena released in UK and Japan
Mar Yasmin miscarries, and has to let Simon know over the radiophone
Mar 3 John's single "I Do What I Do" (backed with the instrumental "Jazz") released in UK
Mar Renée Simonsen, Johns girlfriend, is interviewed on her version of how they met. Its a slightly different story in JTs later published autobiography. (YouTube).
Mar 3 John appears on The Tube show, broadcast from Newcastle, UK, with Paula Yates. The video for I Do What I Do is shown, and John confirms himself and Nick are hoping to go back into the studio in "a couple of weeks" to start work on the new album, with a possible release in September. John's hair is very long. (YouTube).
Mar 5 John appears on ITV TV-AM breakfast show Good Morning Britain, with host Anne Diamond in London. With Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, and actor Tom Hulce. Clip of I Do What I Do video shown. John discusses the violence in pop music. (YouTube).
Mar 8 John appears on Saturday Superstore on BBC TV. He looks very tired or jet lagged. (YouTube).
Mar 8 Arcadia on Video Beat with Richard Blade episode airs. (Source), (YouTube)
Mar 9 John flies to Italy for an appearance on Domenica In for RAI TV. He is mobbed by fans as he gets close to the studio. He talks about being selfish and vain, and about getting the job writing I Do What I Do. He has long hair. (YouTube).
Mar 11 Drum arrives in Punta del Este, Uruguay, in second place
Mar 12? Simon flies home to Yasmin.
Mar 16 I Do What I Do peaks at #42 in the UK.
Mar 16 Rock Over London: 311 broadcast in the USA, featuring "I Do What I Do".
Mar 17 Nick and Simon appear on the Joan Rivers London TV show lip-synching Goodbye Is Forever. They talk about the record company being on their backs while recording Duran albums, and they just wanted to break apart for a while. (YouTube), (Full YouTube), (YouTube).
Mar ? John interviewed on Entertainment Tonight in America. He talks about his freedom and lifestyle, and not wanting to go back to Duran Duran. He has long hair. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Mar ? Nick asks John to come back to Duran Duran.
Mar ? John gets his hair cut.
Mar ? John interviewed in Rome talking about reforming Duran Duran. He confirms Nick and Andy have already worked on demos, and they are waiting for Simon to get back from his boat so they can start in the studio. (YouTube).
Late Mar John and Nick get together to discuss making songs for the next Duran Duran album. The working title is 'Notorious', although Simon was later against the idea; thinking it sounded too pretentious.
Apr 1 The band do some informal work and early demos together at Davout Studios in Paris; they expected Andy to join them from Los Angeles, but he didn't appear. John said: "What happened was we all arranged to meet in Paris on April 1st or something to start writing songs and Andy didn't turn up."
Apr 3? John and Nick do some more informal work together at Davout Studios in Paris; they expect Andy to join them from Los Angeles, but he doesn't appear
Apr 9½ Weeks soundtrack released
Apr John agrees to appear in the video for The Flame.
Apr 5 Nick is in London. Fans snap him leaving his Fulham residence. He has Ginger-blonde hair. (source).
Apr 5 Andy demos Take It Easy & an early version of Life Goes On.
Apr 6 Andy demos Take It Easy, Wings Of Love, When The Rain Comes Down and one unknown track. Working title for the project is Andy Taylor's Army/A.A.
Apr 6/7? Simon is in the UK to shoot video for "The Flame" with Nick. Video shoot for Arcadia's single 'The Flame' at the Docklands in London with Russell Mulcahy; John, brandishing a contract, appears briefly in the video. (Making Of), (Making Of), (Flame Video).
Apr 7? Simon and Nick interviewed by two youthful fans for kids TV on the set of The Flame. They want to keep the two projects separate, but plan to return to Duran Duran full time "in a couple of months". (YouTube).
Apr 8 John is interviewed in London. (source).
Apr 8? Simon flies back to Uruguay for the next leg of the Whitbread Around The World race.
Apr? Yasmin and Simon meet in Uruguay (Note: Im not sure if this ever happened?).
Apr 9 John interviewed again in London. He was asked whether it was true that he was offered the part of James Bond. JT said ‘I got offered an audition and I turned it down.’. He later went to see the West End production of 'Time' at the Dominican Theatre. (source).
Apr 9 Drum leaves Punta del Este, Uruguay, with Simon and the Berrows onboard.
Apr 9 This Is Your Life airs in the UK, about 'celebrity guest of honor' Search and Rescue diver Petty Officer Air Crewman (POACMN) Larry "Scouse" Slater, of 771 Naval Air Squadron, who pulled trapped crew from the capsized yacht Drum during the Fastnet race, with Simon Le Bon making an appearance at the end of the show.
Apr 10 John and Nick visit the EMI offices in London. (source).
Apr 11-19 Work begins at West Side Studios, London. Again, Andy doesn't show and they have trouble contacting him. They knew Roger wasnt going to be involved with the album, for reasons of health. (source). They try out Steve Ferrone as their new drummer. Mark Saunders: "Not long after graduating from assistant engineer to engineer, Duran Duran booked a weekend in West Side Studios, London where I was working. They wanted to audition the totally brilliant drummer Steve Ferrone for the gig as Duran's drummer, after the original guy [Roger Taylor] left. Because it wasn't a 'real' recording session they made do with the lowly house engineer - me! John Taylor asked if we could get the same drum sound as they had on the Power Station album.". (Source), (Source), (source).
Apr 12 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: April 12, 1986 broadcast, featuring "I Do What I Do".
Apr 15 Three instrumental tracks were put to tape on April 15th: 'Rope' [which became 'Hold Me'], 'Vertigo' and 'Notorious' [which actually is 'Take It To Me']. It is rather confusing, since the latter 'Notorious' has no origin here. Possibly it just came due to the fact that all these early tracks have been named after Alfred Hitchcock movies, and the title 'Notorious' existed long before the actual song.
Apr 18 Duran Duran issues press release about Roger's official departure from the band.
Apr 19? John flys to America.
Apr 20? John visits Andy in Los Angeles, playing him 'the tapes', and trying to bring him back.
Apr 20? John on American TV breaking the news about the departure of Roger, and about Amnesty International. He wears a red jacket. (YouTube).
Apr 22? John on American TV talking about the video for I Do What I Do. He wears a red jacket. (YouTube).
? MTV airs a one-off Rebecca Blake fashion film featuring John, a version of The Mirror Has Two Faces, sponsored by Carolina Herrera. The film seems to predict the iphone in 1986. (YouTube).
? John appears on Magic TV talking about the influence of Queen. (YouTube).
Apr 22 Andy demos Take It Easy, Wings Of Love, Angel Eyes & When The Rain Comes Down at Sterling Studios, NYC.
Apr 25 The Italian film Sposerò Simon Le Bon released. About a girls' crush on the singer. SLB does not appear in the film.
Apr 26 "I Do What I Do" peaks at #23 in the US
Apr 26 John interviewed on Molly Meldrum 25M radio (Australia)
spring/ summer "Candybar Express" single by Love & Money (produced by Andy) released in UK
May 1 - June 14 Nick and John reconvened at Davout Studios in Paris on May 1st with engineer Daniel Abraham. They stayed at Davout the whole month of May till June 14th, then moved camp to London.
May 2? Nick is shown in the Studio talking about his Fairlight keyboard, and experimenting with a demo track. (YouTube).
May 2? John brings drummer Steve Ferrone (of Average White Band and Scritti Politti) into the working/demo sessions for Notorious; Gerry Laffy plays guitar on some of the demos
May 3 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: May 3, 1986 broadcast in the USA, featuring "I Do What I Do".
May 4? Andy keeps promising to show up at the studio, but doesnt. John and Nick work on Anything for You. John sings some rough lyrics. And Winter Marches On, with John on lead guitar.
May? John and Nile Rodgers spend a lot of time out on the town partying. (note: not sure where this fits?).
May 6 Andy Taylor: The Roxy, West Hollywood, LA, US (playing with Belinda Carlisle).
Andy guests on "Mad About You" & "Head Over Heels".
Released on "Belinda" VHS & Betamax in the US

NOTE - the best info is that Andy & Steve Jones also play with Belinda Carlise at several other shows during 1986, however the only other confirmed one atm is Aug 2nd.

May 6 Andy demos I Might Lie + 4 unknown tracks.
May 11 Drum returns to Portsmouth, third over the line. Simon returns to London.
May 12 Simon appears on Wogan show on UK TV. He has terrific blonde tinted hair, and talks mostly about sailing on Drum. They had to throw things overboard to save weight. Simon's life was saved when he almost fell off the side. He fell in love with the ships cook. Sometimes he fell asleep before reaching his bunk. Simon quashes the rumour about Andy leaving the band by saying the reporters are wrong. (YouTube)
May 13 Andy demos I Might Lie + 1 unknown track.
May 14 Simon appears on TV am show on UK TV
May 15 The band planned to get back into the studio on this date. (Source).
May Mid Simon goes to the Davout Studios in Paris, and teams up with John and Nick.
May ? Andy sends the band a letter from his lawyer, offering a rolling contract over the course of the album. The band refuse. (source).
May 20? Simon returns to England, since he has heard that Andy is in the country [Bath]. He spends two weeks chasing Andy down; Andy

promises he'll join the band in the studio, then doesn't show. Nick and John stayed in Paris.

May 25 Simon (and Drum) in London the day of the Race Against Time Sport Aid Africa relief charity event, instigated by Bob Geldof. Drum makes its way along the river Thames in London. The whole show was broadcast live on BBC Grandstand. Lenny Henry and Billy Connolly are also aboard. (Full Youtube).
May 26 Simon appears on Breakfast Time show on UK TV
May 27? All three members talked to Andy in England, and he finally agreed to "start pooling material with you [Nick, John and Simon] the first week of August."
May 31 Andy & Steve Jones stand in for Rodney Bingenheimer - Rodney On The ROQ (KROQ) from 8pm-12am. During the show, Andy tries to ring Simon live on air, but there's no answer.
summer EMI fires its president and begins a major corporate overhaul
summer Duran Duran leave their managers Paul and Michael Berrow.
summer Simon and Yasmin at a birthday party for Jean-Paul Belmondo in Paris. (Source)
Jun ? Andy promises to show up for the next session, but doesnt.
Jun 1 Simon rejoins Nick and John in London, and begins writing lyrics. He works only two hours a day; some of the tracks-in-progress are called "Don't Look Now", "Berlin", "Take it to Me", "Anything for You", and "One of the Faithful" (which will evolve into "Meet El Presidente").
Jun 1 Andy believed that Simon was still in the UK on the 1st of June as he attempted to ring him at ∼23.20 LA time on the 31st / ∼7.20 UK time on the 1st - however, after a failed attempt, the line was engaged, didn't call back.
Jun 1 Miami Vice Season 2 Episode 2 "Whatever Works" is broadcast, featuring John and Michael acting, and The Power Station performing Get It On (Bang a Gong). Andy seems happy. (YouTube).
Jun 2? Andy sends another letter from his lawyer.
Jun 6 By the end of the first week in June, Nick says the band had 4 songs.
Jun 6 Andy demos When The Rain Comes Down, Don't Let Me Die Young + 1 unknown track.
Jun 12 Simon & the Berrows attend the Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race Award Presentation at the Porter Tun Room, The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London - with Princess Diana presenting 24 awards. (Confirmed by crewmate Brian Hancock - Source). Drum's crew won three prizes: The Best Nature Study (Phil Wade), The Dr. Mogens Bugge Medical Challenge Cup For The Most Distinguished Performance Of A Doctor In The Race (Roger Nilson), and The Charles Heidseick Award To The Most Deserving Skipper (Skip Novak).

(Taken from the event handout for the day issued by Whitbread's Corporate Public Relations Dept)

Jun 14 Final day in Paris. Daniel Abraham: "At the end of the first month the band asked me whether I wanted to go to London with them to do more demos. I went to London and continued working with the band at West Side Studios."
Jun 14 John goes to see Queen at the Hippodrome in Paris.
? The band return to London, bringing with them Steve Ferrone, and Daniel Abraham from Paris.
Jun 19-30 Duran Duran works at Westside Studios in London for work on Notorious album; the work will continue at several studios in London (Abbey Road, Maison Rouge, Skyline, and AIR)
Jun 19 When John arrived to the studio on June 19th, he announced to fans: "The album is going well... and the single is ready. It's called 'Don't Look Back' and it's a tear-jerker". Initially, the band already worked on this song in 1984 during 'The Wild Boys' sessions! They probably tried to finish this '1984-track' in the summer of 1986. The song was never released. (Source).
Jun 20? Andy sends a letter from his lawyer, after not showing up for the session, saying that he will be on the next flight over as soon as $2 million dollars are sent to his Swiss bank account. The band refuse. (source).
Jun 25? An early demo of A Matter of Feeling is recorded. The demo was available on Andy's 'Thunder' website [over a decade ago], which claimed it was Andy singing and therefore, as it was his voice, it was also his guitar. But we now know that the demo was a copy with the incorrect speed - thus making Simon's voice sound more like Andy's. When slowed down, you can clearly hear Simon singing and therefore the assumption that Andy plays guitar is false. It is Gerry Laffy playing guitar on this particular demo.
Jun 27 American Anthem movie released, featuring Andy Taylor's Take It Easy (YouTube), and Angel Eyes. (YouTube).
Jun 27 Andy demos Life Goes On & I Might Lie.
Jun ? By the end of June, Nick says they had nearly the whole albums worth of songs, at least in demo form. (source).
Jun 27 The Demolition Party held at Birmingham's Rum Runner nightclub between 9:30pm and 11:00pm.
Jun 28 Wham!: The Final Show, Wembley Stadium, London, England (with guests Simon Le Bon, Elton John and Nick Heyward)

Simon performs "I'm Your Man" with Wham!; an extravagant party at the Hippodrome follows the show; bootlegged on Wham!: The Final Concert. (Full Youtube), (Clip).

Jul 1? Missing Persons breaks up, primarily due to the disintegration of Dale and Terry Bozzio's marriage, whilst on tour prior to the release of 'Color In Your Life' in July
Jun 1-7? Warren works on solo tracks that will later become Machine Language
Jul 2? Andy Taylor invites Terry Bozzio and Patrick O'Hearn to help on his solo project
Jul? Take It Easy and Angel Eyes completed.
Jul Arcadia's "The Flame" single released (backed with "Flame Game (Yo Homeboy Mix)")
Jul 5 Arcadia perform on EuroTube special of British music show The Tube to support "The Flame". They sing on a street stage, with choreographed dancers, and interviewed by Paula Yates. Yasmin visits this performance. Nick wears a hat. [NB in contrast to the orig version of this point, Andy is NOT there.] (Interview),(Flame), (Date Source).
Jul 10 Andy - 2x Rough mixes of Night Train.
Jul 11 Andy demos unknown track.
Jul? Simon's yacht story appears on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous TV show
Jul 15 Andy - Rough mix of I Might Lie completed.
Jul Andy's single "Take It Easy" (backed with "Angel Eyes") released from the American Anthem soundtrack album (song and video feature Missing Persons' Terry Bozzio on drums)
Jul 17-28 The band continue to record, this time at Maison Rouge Studios in London.
Jul? Steve Ferrone adds live drums to Berlin, Take it to Me, One of the Faithful and Rope. They work on Vertigo.
Jul? Andy tells Nick he'll work on some of the album, but that's the final thing he wants to do with Duran Duran
Jul Andy's "Take It Easy" video is released, directed by Marcelo Anciano.
Jul 20 The Flame peaks at #58 in the UK.
Jul 23? Duran threatens legal action against Andy, trying to get him in studio
Jul 24 Yasmin and Simon visit the party celebrating Bob Geldof's honorary knighthood at the Hard Rock Cafe in London YasminLeBon.net
Jul 27? John also considers leaving Duran, and flys back to New York. Nick convinces him to stay and fight for the band during several discussions at John's penthouse in New York City.
Jul 27 Andy demos Don't Let Me Die Young & Slaughter (both instrumental).
Jul 31 Andy demos Bringin' Me Down.
Jul/Aug? Needing full-time work, and aware that Andy doesn't plan to leave L.A. any time soon with his Missing Persons band-mates, Warren Cuccurullo offers his guitar services to Duran. Confused, they turn him down. He continues to telephone over the month.
Aug 2 Andy Taylor: Cabrillo Beach, Long Beach, CA, US (playing with Belinda Carlisle).
Andy & Steve Jones guest, with "Take It Easy" being played with Belinda's backing band during the set.
Aug 3 Andy - Rough mix of I Might Lie.
Aug 4 Andy - Rough mixes of I Might Lie & Life Goes On completed.
? Simon records "Grey Lady Of The Sea" with producer friend Nick Wood
Aug 5 Andy - Rough mixes of Slaughter (inst), Don't Let Me Die Young (inst.) & Slaughter (Take Me To The High Side) completed.
Aug 6-10 The band resumes recording, this time at Air Studios in London.
Aug 7? Engineer and MIDI programmer John Jones meets the band in passing at AIR Studios, and befriends Nick's keyboard tech Rocks
Aug 7 Andy - Rough mixes of I Might Lie, Tremblin', Life Goes On, Nothin' To Lose, Night Train, Bringin' Me Down, Don't Let Me Die Young, Cracked Actor & High Side completed.
Aug Andy's single "When The Rain Comes Down" (backed with "Broken Window") released from Miami Vice 2: soundtrack
Aug ? Andy Taylor interviewed on MTV's New Music Hour about the When The Rain Comes Down video. (YouTube).
Aug Drum: An Extraordinary Adventure book and Drum - The Journey Of A Lifetime video released; video soundtrack includes a new Simon Le Bon song "Grey Lady Of The Sea". (Full YouTube).
Aug 7? During a late-night session at AIR studios, Nick, Simon and John create the song "We Need You" (later the b-side to the "Skin Trade" single); it's the only track from the Notorious sessions with just the three of them on it.
Aug 7? Nick was getting bored and wanted to move on.
Aug 8? The band talk about who to get to replace Andy. Charlie sexton was considered, who had a 1985 solo hit "Beat's So Lonely". And Steve Stevens - who used to be Billy Idol's guitarist, but also had a hit with 1986's Top Gun Anthem. John telephones both of them, but they decline. Warren is still calling about the position. (Source).
Aug 9 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: August 9, 1986 broadcast, featuring Andy Taylor's "Take It Easy" at no.25.
Aug 9 Andy - Don't Let Me Die Young & Broken Window (rough instrumental) mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
Aug 10 Take It Easy peaks at #95 in the UK.
Aug 11-14 The band move to Abbey Road Studios. (Source).
Aug 11? John pushes for Nile Rodgers, who quickly jets in to London to work with the band, in the absence of Andy.
Aug 12 The band go to see Prince at Wembley, London.
Aug 13? Nile Rogers flys in from New York.
Aug 13? Recording is somewhat strained as the group struggles to redefine their identity; Simon is uncomfortable with the funkier, horn-intensive, organic sound that John is pushing for, particularly on Skin Trade. The band often spend all morning talking to lawyers about Andy. Nile Rogers often has to drag the band out of meetings with lawyers, to get them into the studio.
Aug 14 Notorious and Skin Trade are worked on, with Nile providing lead guitar.
Aug 14? The band and Nile Rodgers appear on the Rock and Roll Evening News American TV show, via satellite from in a London studio. Nile has a square top haircut. The band seem happy with their direction. (YouTube).
Aug 17? Meetings with Andy where he leaves the band and his session role is defined.
Aug 19-22 The band went back and forth between Abbey Road and Air Studios in the next few weeks. (source).
Aug 19? The band continue to work with Nile. John pushes for more Latino-style sounding sounds.
Aug 21 Andy - Rough mixes of Nothin' To Lose, I Might Lie & Out Of My Head completed.
Aug 22 Andy - Rough mix of Life Goes On completed.
Aug 23 Tatjana Lee Orchid Rhodes born to Nick and Julie Anne.
Aug 23 Journey: Mountain Aire Festival, Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, CA, USA (with Andy Taylor, The Outfield and Animotion)
Andy's band consists of Steve Jones, Patrick O'Hearn, and Terry Bozzio
Aug 25 'Chalk Farm Photo Studios, London. Photo session with John Swannell (photos that were used in the calendar, DD magazine, first merchandisebatch, early press shots). (source).
Aug 26-28 Abbey Road Studios, London. Daniel Abraham: "...and the mastering guy was doing 'Skin Trade', and he said "That reverb on the drums, it sounds so cool. What samples did you use?" I said I didnt use any, it was just the natural sound of the drums in the room."
Aug 27 Andy — Rough mixes of I Might Lie, Tremblin', Life Goes On, When The Rain Comes Down & Nothin' To Lose completed.
Aug 31 Simon is the best man at the wedding of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. John, Spandau Ballet, Midge Ure and David Bowie are also present.


Sep 3 Andy demos various unknown tracks.
Sep Simon films a commercial in New Zealand for Sasson jeans aboard Drum. He is seen at the prow of the boat like the Rio video.(YouTube).
Sep 18-19 More work at Air Studios, London.
Sep 18? Andy shows up in London to play on the album. Andy: "...when I arrived at the studio there was no one there apart from a French sound engineer.". (Note: Wiki says these sessions are from September 1986, while Nick says the 'Andy sessions' took place in August 1986. (Nick claims August)).
Sep 18? Andy plays on "American Science" and "Notorious".
Sep 18 MTV airs a special about the movie Playing For Keeps, including the premiere of Arcadia's "Say The Word" video. (STW - Movie Version), (STW - DD Version).
Sep 19? Arcadia's "Say The Word" single is released from the Playing For Keeps movie soundtrack (backed with "Say The Word (instrumental)")
Sep 19? The Playing For Keeps Original Soundtrack released, including Arcadia's "Say The Word"
Sep 19? Andy plays on Hold Me and Vertigo. Andy's guitar is clearer on the song's "B-Boy Remix" and "Mantronic Mix.". The Monitor Mixes from these sessions (September 1986), were kept by Andy, and sold by Andy Taylor in an auction many years later.
Sep 19? Nile tells Andy his parts are wrong, and records them himself that night.
Sep 20? The next morning, Andy walks into the studio. Nile plays him the music from the night before. Andy says "What did I tell you, perfect!". Nile says "Thats because I recorded it again for you". Andy storms out to the elevator, with Nile running after him, holding the elevator door open, pleading with him to stay and fix it. (IG Live 2020).
Sep 25 Most of the band fly to New York City for final dubbing and mixing. Simon is one of the guests at a London party for the band Cameo.
Sep ? Simon signs an autograph for 11-year-old Mark Ronson at some point on a street in New York. (Other possible date is Aug 1985, when he was 9). (Source 8:13)
Oct 2? Skyline Studios, New York - Finishing off the album: recording additional vocals, guitars and the Borneo Horns. Also mixing and mastering the album. Daniel Abraham: "We were in New York and we had a horn session booked. So the Borneo Horns turn up...". (source).
Oct 3? A Matter of Fact (bootleg) is dropped. Nile adds Andy's 'Gerrrr' guitar riffs to Notorious (song) and Vertigo (Do the Demolition).
Oct 3? Supermodel Christy Turlington booked for the photo on the Notorious album cover, and video; John dates her briefly
Oct 4-6 The video for the "Notorious" single is filmed in a warehouse in Chelsea (Manhattan). The dancing is choreographed by future starlet Paula Abdul. Directors Peter Kagan and Paula Greif. Most of the black and white footage was shot by the band. (Source 11:05)
Oct 11 Andy is officially out of the band.
Oct 15 Andy — a mastered version of Thunder is completed at Sterling Sound Mastering, NYC; but includes When The Rain Comes Down & w/o Thunder.
Oct 20 "Notorious" (song) single released worldwide (backed with "Winter Marches On")
Oct 23 "Notorious" video premieres on MTV
Oct 23? The band return to the Dutch TV show Countdown. They confirm mixing was done in NY, and they only got to hear the final album today. There will be a tour next year, with Holland in April. Simon sings a Springtime for Holland joke from The Producers. (YouTube).
Oct 25 Simon is still working (writing lyrics and recording vocals) at Skyline Studios in New York. (Source).
Oct 26? Duran finally invites Warren to New York for an audition, they like the result, and bring him in to fill in some gaps on the Notorious album. (source). Daniel Abraham: "Right at the very tail end in New York. At that point we were already mixing, or just about to." Warren: "The video for 'Notorious' was already finished (and broadcast). There wasn't that much to do, really. I remember Nile was there, JT and Daniel. Nile and JT knew exactly where the heavier, more distorted guitars should be, what track, etc. (So) I just went in and played. First thing I did was an e-bow solo on American Science; that had to be the strangest chord progression I've ever played over. But we all had a good laugh. I think the most time I spent was on Hold Me, screwing around with delays, harmonics and stuff." Warren played on 5 tracks: 'Hold Me', 'Skin Trade', 'American Science', 'Vertigo' and 'Proposition'. (Source).
Oct 26? Guitar is shared on "American Science": the first guitar solo is Andy Taylor's, the second is Cuccurullo's.
Oct? Nile mixes Notorious (song), adding a backwards tape loop over the second instance of the word "Notorious" to make it sound wobbly. A bit like "Nor-terlious". Notorious (song) is the final track to be worked on for the album. (Note: This doesn't make sense here if the single and video were already done?.)
? The band filmed entering a New York (TV or radio) station, Channel 57, says 1986. (YouTube).
Oct John interviewed on Shadoe Stevens show on Z-100 radio (New York City)
? Disconet: Volume 9, Program 3 released in the USA, featuring "Notorious" (Edit by Raul).
Oct 27 John and Nick do phone interview on Richard Blade radio show on KROQ (Los Angeles, CA)
Oct 28? The album wrap party is held in New York.
Oct 28? John and Nile take their partying all over New York City, often hanging out at Studio 54 with members of Blondie
Oct 29? Nick buys a Picasso on his American Express card
fall MTV airs a Duran special called They're Back and They're Notorious about the album and videos
fall Simon interviewed on Radio 1990 TV show (on the USA cable network)
Nov "Notorious" single appears on Future Hits of America radio show; features interview with John
Nov 1 Andy - When The Rain Comes Down (Remix) & Thunder mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.
Nov 2 "Notorious" single peaks at #7 in the UK.
Nov 2? Japan TV interviews the band at the Savoy Hotel in London. They are seated above the couch. The album mixing has just wrapped in New York. Nick is honest about the situation with Andy. (Youtube).
Nov MTV aires the Duran Duran documentary Return of Notorious; bootlegged on Return of Notorious and The Video Archives: Volume V.
Nov 3 Benefit For Michelle Myers: The Roxy, West Hollywood, LA, US. Benefit concert for the veteran club booker Michele Myers, with proceeds going to offset medical expenses incurred during her bout with cancer.
Alongside performances from Candy, the Long Ryders with Chris Hillman & Vince Neil, Andy Taylor performs with Michael Des Barres, Steve Jones, Dweezil Zappa, Charlie Sexton, Tommy Lee & Patrick O'Hearn.
Nov 5 The band tapes lip-synch performance for Top of the Pops in London.
Nov 6 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of "Notorious" - (YouTube).
? Simon interviewed on Capital Radio (UK)
Nov 8? The band interviewed for the French NRJ6 show. They shot most of the black and white parts of the Notorious video themselves. Simon imitates the theme tune and mime from Hawaii Five-0, and calls 'Union' The Onion For The Stake. They claim the next tour will start in Australia Feb 1987. Airs 1st Dec 1986. (YouTube)
Nov 9 Rock Over London: 345 broadcast in the USA, featuring "Notorious".
Nov 11 Nick, Simon and John interviewed on Madrid radio
Nov 11 Andy demos She Shook Me, Broken Window, Thunder + 3 unknown tracks.
Nov-Feb Andy continues demoing - non-album tracks include Fuk Knows and Out Of My Head.
Nov 15 CANCELLED - Duran were scheduled to appear on The Noel Edmonds Late, Late Breakfast Show to perform a lip-synch of "Notorious" (source), which would have put them in front of a prime time Saturday night audience of around 15 million & was the key programme for their UK promotion; however the show was cancelled following the death of an audience member practising a stunt on the 13th of November.
Nov 15 Duran appears on German TV show Vier gegen Willi, performing a lip-synch of "Notorious"
Nov 16 Rock Over London: 346 broadcast in the USA, featuring "Notorious".
Nov Nick, Simon and John interviewed on SWF3 Radio Club (Germany) -- dubbed into German
? The compilation album Formel Eins: Die Zehnte released in Germany, featuring "Notorious".
? "Notorious" is included on the Spanish compilation album ¡Boom! 2: El Disco De Los Éxitos.
Nov 18 Notorious album released worldwide
Nov 21 "Notorious" (song) single released in Japan.
Nov ? The band fly to America
Nov ? The band appear on MTVs Much Music, less anarchic than their appearance as Arcadia. They talk about Simon's first date with Yasmin,

and also Boy George's Heroin addiction. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3).

Nov ? The band appear on an MTV Return of Duran Duran special. Nile is interviewed separately wearing a hat. (YouTube).
? The band appear on Entertainment Weekly in America. The host thinks they are now finally acting their age. (YouTube).
? The band appear on NBCs Tonight Show. (YouTube).
? The compilation album Absolute Music: 1 released in Sweden, featuring "Notorious".
? "Notorious" is included on Formel Eins: Special released in Germany.
Nov? Simon, John and Nick interviewed (in New York?), for Canada's Good Rockin' Tonight show. A long story (including dates) about making the newly released album, and Andy's involvement with it. They say there will be shows in the UK (?) and then an extended tour of America and Canada to follow. (probably airs 1987?). John has long hair. (YouTube).
Nov 30 Notorious album peaks at #16 in UK
Nov 31 Duran Duran on the Japanese TV show Night Hit Studio, live via satellite from New York City, at The Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum. Interview with Simon, Nick & John and "Notorious" (performance) in front of a fighter jet. They say they will be in Japan in 10 days, around 10th of Dec. Bootlegged on The Video Archives: No.22 Japan. (Full YouTube), (YouTube), (YouTube).
Dec 1? The band move back to LA for 10 days to warm up for their tour. They rent a hanger from the US Navy.
Dec 1 The broadcast of the band on French TV NRJ6. They are all very happy with the dance direction of the album. (YouTube).
Dec 1? John gets his long hair cut. Before Three To Get Ready.
Dec 2-10? Preparation for The Strange Behaviour Tour is filmed for the black and white documentary Three To Get Ready.
Dec 2? The band look through endless photographs. Rehearsals for the tour are held at a U.S. Navy airport hangar in LA.
Dec 2? The band at Capitol Records. They see Joe Smith; head of Capitol Records, ex president of Warner Bros. records. Then sign lots of posters. In the afternoon they work with the horn section on Skin Trade to get the sound tighter.
Dec 3? Back at Capitol, Joe tells them that two or three weeks ago, the head of MCA records had asked him if he wanted to buy Andy Taylor, as Andy was being 'crazy' with the label. Later they work more with the horn section on Skin Trade, and during an interview they mention having split from the Berrow brothers, and what that means for them.
Dec 4? Simon does and interview, and a link with John for Night Tracks. (YouTube).
Dec 4? Lunch at Capitol Records, followed by a visit from their lawyer. Andy now wants to see 'partnership accounts', and the band to sign a partnership agreement.
Dec 4? John and Simon record introductions for the Night Train show, and are interviewed for a later transmission.
Dec 4? The band interviewed at their rehearsal set by producer Richard Blade; they wear the same outfits as the Night Tracks link. Some of the songs from their solo projects might be played live. Blade has produced over 200 bands. Running joke about bottoms. (Clip 1), (Clip 2).
Dec 4? Live version of Notorious is rehearsed, but Simon is not happy with the sound of the backing singers.
Dec 4? The band are offered the Joan Rivers show. Nick and John are adamant this could be a mistake. Nick telephones Walter Lee to find out his thoughts.
Dec 4? The band record an appearance on the Joan Rivers show, along with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Broadcast on 27th Feb 1987. (3TGR), (Meet.EL),(Interview).
Dec 5 Andy is interviewed by William Hiroshi Hames in LA, for an unknown Japanese radio station segment or magazine article.
Dec 5? After a conversation the night before, one of the backing singers is dropped, and they audition for new singers. Vertigo is rehearsed.
Dec 5? They spend the afternoon at Capitol Records doing phone interviews. They mention to Joe Smith that they want to put out the single for Meet El Presidente soon, on black radio stations. They play an extended cut for execs to listen to.
Dec 5 Duran receive an award at the Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp, Belgium. Simons given an energetic performance as they lip-synch "Notorious" and "Vertigo" for the show, taped for later TV broadcast: bootlegged on An All Night Party. (Not.).
Dec 6? The band perform Skin Trade and Meet El Presidente for the Soul Train TV show. They are the second ever white band to play on the show, after Spandau Ballet. Airs 1987. (YouTube)
Dec 6 Notorious album released in Japan on LP (orig with poster) & Cassette (orig with laminated card).
? John voted Best Bassist in the 1986 Rolling Stone Reader's Poll
Dec 7? Simon, Nick and John tour LA in a Black 1950s Cadillac, taking photos of the band. .
Dec 7 Nick and John interviewed on Rai Stereo Uno radio in Italy
Dec 7? The meet the animator who will project animated images onto a wall of TV screens during their live show. A Star is shown morphing into a Heart.
Dec 8? Duran on the Japanese TV show Night Hit Studio, live via satellite from Los Angeles. This performance and interview later featured in the documentary Three To Get Ready, performing outside on a studio set in front of a building, at 3-5am in the morning - because of the time difference. The band resort to dancing to try to stay awake. Interview with Simon, John & Nick and "Notorious" (performance). Bootlegged on The Video Archives: No.22 Japan. (YouTube).
Dec 8 The band appear on French Zénith TV lip-synching Notorious and Vertigo, with an interview (YouTube).
Dec ? Italian TV Fantastico broadcasts a backstage appearance and performance of Notorious. (YouTube).
Dec 9 Final day of rehearsals. Skin Trade is rehearsed. Everything is packed away. End of the documentary Three To Get Ready.
Dec 10 The band fly to Japan.
Dec 10 The broadcast of the band lip-synching Notorious on French TV Embarquement Immédiat. (YouTube).
Dec 16 The Today Show broadcasts an interview with Duran Duran at the Limelight Club; bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume V.
Dec 17 Notorious album released in Japan on CD (orig with laminated card).
Dec 20 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: December 20, 1986 broadcast, featuring "Notorious" at no.4.
? Excerpts From The Album Notorious released with Frida magazine in Sweden.
Dec 28 "Notorious" single re-enters UK charts; peaks at #73
Dec 31 Duran performs a "live" lip-synch performance of Skin Trade for a Japanese New Year's Eve TV special. (YouTube).
Dec 31 Andy performs on MTV's New Year's Eve Rock'N'Roll Ball (with Patrick O'Hearn on bass and special guest Dweezil Zappa)
"Rosalie" bootlegged on Andy Taylor: Rare
Dec 31 EMI release La Dolce Vita five album box set in Italy.
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