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The Duran Duran Timeline
<< 1984 1985 1986 >>

Power Station hits the charts and the touring circuit; Simon Le Bon goes for a swim. Duran Duran releases the Bond theme "A View To A Kill", and plays their final show with the original five members at Live Aid in July. Nick, Simon and Roger form Arcadia' and record So Red The Rose; Andy starts working on solo projects, and Roger leaves Duran Duran.

Date Event
Jan The strings section were added to the recording of "A View to a Kill" Facebook
Jan 5 The Wild Boys” video aired on American Bandstand
Jan 6 Rio album re-enters the UK charts at #90 for a week.
Jan Simon invests with Paul and Michael Berrow in the 77-foot maxi-yacht Drum, which has a revolutionary new keel design; but they balk at making yearly $40,800 insurance payments and opt not to insure her.
Jan Power Station work on mixing the songs from the December recording sessions. Robert Palmer records some of the final vocals from his home studio in Nassau, flying back at the end of January in time for the press launch in February.
? "Girls on Film" (Night Version) is included on 12 x 12 Mega Mixes compilation.
? John parts company with Tritec Music and the Berrow brothers; begins working with agent Wayne Fortay.
Jan Nick and Simon sit down to think about new songs, which later turns into Arcadia. (Source). Nick says the project was only supposed to last Jan to Feb. (Source).
? "The Wild Boys" (Wilder Than The Wild Boys) is included on the compilation album Maxi Collection released in Argentina.
? Nip Drivers release Oh Blessed Freak Show, featuring a cover version of "Rio".
Jan 12 Simon on the cover of UKs No.1 Magazine. (Cover Image).
Jan 13 Seven and the Ragged Tiger]] album peaks at #63 in the second UK chart run.
Jan ? Nick interviewed on The Oxford Road Show by pop star Paul Young, and entertainer Timmy Mallett. Nick talks about Interference, and moving the exhibition 'up North' this week. He explains how he photographed the images. DD are not splitting up, and the side project is only for Jan-Feb. Later Nick shares the sofa with Helen Slater talking about the Super Girl movie. He introduces Paula Young singing Everything Must Change. (YouTube).
Jan Save a Prayer (live)” single (backed with “Save A Prayer” single edit) released in US
Jan 26? Power Station put the finishing touches to their single Some Like It Hot (single).
Jan 26? Diana Ross is hanging around Power Station Studios, as Nile and Bernard are producing her next album (booked for next week), wearing a 'Shimmery off-the-shoulder number'. She steps out of an elevator and walks straight up to John. "I thought I recognised you in reception, I just never realised quite how tall and handsome you were." The pair disappear into a room for 10 mins, while JT plays on the piano, and sings "You're The Only Girl For Me" to her, replacing "Girl" with "Boy". This begins a small flirtatious period with Diana Ross.
Jan 27 Seven and the Ragged Tiger]] album peaks at #86 for a week in the UK charts.
Jan 27? Power Station gather inside and outside of Power Station Studios for photos. Andy says his hairstyle reminds him of Joan Collins (who got it from Elizabeth Taylor). (Image), (Image), (Image).
Jan 26-27? John and Andy interviewed for an article published in Smash Hits magazine, Feb 14th 1985. John says he and Andy had worked on 'Bang A Gong' as a cover song for three years before recording it. The article also covers the Diana Ross story, and the photo shoot. (Page 1), (Page 2).
Jan 28? John and Robert Palmer radio interview about The Power Station. John says they first met at The Embassy Club in London, but got together to start The Power Station (after the Aston Villa show) at a party at The Rum Runner Club in Birmingham UK. The album was mostly recorded at night, under red lights. They dont expect the project to go anywhere and are just seeing what happens. (YouTube audio).
Feb 2 Save a Prayer” (live) peaks at #16 in US
Feb 2 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: February 2, 1985 broadcast, featuring "The Wild Boys" at no.29.
Feb 7? The band attend the Festival of Sanremo, which ran 7-9 of February. Simon is mobbed by fans outside the studio. (YouTube). They lip-synch The Wild Boys, where at the end Simon's microphone flies off the stand. Later shown on RAI TV. (WB - microphone).
Feb 10 Duran Duran: San Remo Festival, Teatro della Vittorie, San Remo, Italy
The band performs “The Wild Boys” (and possibly “The Reflex” as well); Simon performs with an injured leg; bootlegged on Italian Promotion 1984-85. [Source). (WB).
Feb 11 Duran wins the BRIT Best British Music Video award for “The Wild Boys”. The award is hosted by Noel Edmonds and presented by UK Labour Party chief Neil Kinnock. They beat Wham!, who had the 2nd and 3rd best video. Russell Mulcahy picks up the honour. (YouTube).
Feb 14? Smash Hits magazine February issue with Power Station cover and article published. (Full Magazine).
Feb 16 Power Station performs “Some Like It Hot” and “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” on the Saturday Night Live TV show in the US; this is Robert Palmer's only live performance with the band (until the mid 1990s); bootlegged on The Power Station: Feel That Heat and 1985-1987.
Feb 17 The appearance on Saturday Night Live, set off a wave of interest in Power Station – and pressure. “We started getting phone calls,” says Burt Miller of JLM Public Relations in New York, which represents the Power Station. “’Is there going to be a tour? When?’ It was almost like they had no choice.”
Feb 17 Simon and Nick appear on Rock Over London radio show (London, UK)
Feb ? The perfomance of "Girls on Film" of 1981 from a Swedish TV show is re-aired on the Australian show Kulture Shock (GoF).
Feb 22 John and Andy make a guest VJ appearance on MTV. A rather drug fuelled performance. John is determined not to let Andy play Bruce Springsteen. (YouTube).
? The Power Station records a video for Some Like It Hot at Meantime Film Studios, Greenwich, England. Directed by Peter Heath. As seen in the Making Of Power Station video. John and Andy are wearing what appears to be Mexican clothing, leading to the line in the Notorious song "Flakey Bandit". (YouTube).
? John and Robert Palmer are interviewed on MTV. They just wrapped filming (in London) yesterday on their video for Some Like It Hot. Robert says this album took 3 years; he and Tony Thompson were recording while Duran were making A View to a Kill. John sounds vassal when speaking. (YouTube).
? The Power Station interviewed on American TV, broadcast in Australia. (YouTube).
? John and Robert Palmer interviewed on the radio. They both sound rather drunk. John confirms the recorded AVTAK before Christmas, and will be released in April. John doesnt want to go back to Duran Duran. (YouTube).
? John and Robert Palmer are interviewed on "DeeJay TV Special" in Spain about The Power Station. Robert looks bored. (YouTube).
Feb 24 Power Station is reported to be "officially unmade" (Disbanded), with no plans for a tour
Late Feb "A View to a Kill" is finished and mixed. Facebook
Mar The Book of Words published featuring details about 19 Duran Duran songs, edited by Kasper de Graaf and Malcolm Garrett.
Mar 4 Power Station's “Some Like It Hot” single released (backed with the instrumental “The Heat Is On” in the US.)
? John records a link for Friday Night Videos, introducing new single Some Like It Hot. (YouTube).
Mar 12 John and Robert Palmer appear on the UK TV show "Whistle Test". Robert does his Yorkshire impression. John is rather coked. (YouTube).
Mar 13 The Reflex” is named International Hit of the Year at the Ivor Novello Awards
Mar 17 Rock Over London: 211 broadcast in the USA, featuring the Power Station.
Mar 24 Some Like It Hot” peaks at #14 in UK
Mar 25 Power Station album released in US (and UK?).
? Robert Palmer, takes Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson home with him to Nassau, and they begin making demos for new album in his studio.
Mar 29? Nick interviewed by Paula Yates on The Tube's final show of series 3. He says being married is no different, really. Photos from his book Interference are shown, and Nick explains why he started the project. (YouTube).
? Simon begins wooing Yasmin in earnest during spring in Paris, even as magazines speculate on a possible wedding with live-in lover Clare Stansfield.
Mar 31 Power Station album peaks at #12 in UK (also, after falling to #13, back up to #12 on the 14th of April).
Apr 2? John begins dating Danish model Renee Simonsen after falling in love with her picture on the cover of a 1983 Roxy Music reissue - The Atlantic Years: 1973-1980.
? John and Simon appear on MTV. Simon talks about the lack of new bands. John begins to piss him off. (YouTube).
Apr ? A View To A Kill” single and instrumental b-side "A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)" recorded with John Barry and a 60-piece orchestra at Maison Rouge and CTS Studios in London, according to Wikipeda. Song is officially finished.
? The compilation album Formel Eins: Frühjahr '85 released, featuring Duran Duran.
Apr 9 The Tube airs a special film about Power Station. (YouTube).
Apr 14 Rock Over London: 215 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
Apr 18 A View To A Kill” video filmed in Paris on the Eiffel Tower, directed by the duo Godley & Creme. Simon claims to have gotten up at 4:30 in the morning, while interviewing the directors. (On The Set), (Video YouTube). Also the dutch show Countdown airs the process of filming and interviews with the bandmates.
Apr 19? A View To A Kill” video filmed over three days at the Eiffel Tower (See April 18th); in interviews, all band members still maintain they're due back in the studio together in early September.
Apr ? Duran Duran record an appearance for UK TV's Wogan show, along with Roger Moore, to promote the bond movie. They mime A View to a Kill, and then take questions from Terry. The band talk about rumours of their split, and Simon quips they have made a Partnership Agreement so that everyone can stay with the band, with "Isn't that right?, John." Broadcast in June. (Youtube), (Roger Moore).
Apr 19 Westwood One Rock Album Countdown: 85-16 broadcast in the USA, featuring a Power Station interview and "Some Like It Hot".
Apr 19 Westwood One Rock Album Countdown: 85-16 broadcast in the USA, featuring a Power Station interview and "Some Like It Hot".
? The Power Station record a video for Get It On (Bang a Gong). (youTube).
Apr "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" single released {b/w "Go To Zero"}
Apr Z100 radio (New York, NY) airs brief interview with Roger as Shadoe Stevens wishes him a happy birthday
Apr 26 NSBA On The Radio: April 26, 1985 broadcast, featuring an interview with Nick Rhodes.
spring The promotional only Fast Foreward: The Power Station magazine published by Capitol Records / EMI America.
Apr ? Nick and Simon decide to record some tracks of their own; as the project grows, they invite Roger to join them
Apr ? Nick and Simon dye their hair black.
Apr ? Nick and Simon name their band Arcadia after the Latin phrase "et in arcadia ego", from Virgil; a tombstone with this inscription appears in a painting by Nicholas Poussin, but the painting wasn't the direct source of the band's name
Apr-May-Jun Simon, Nick and Roger record the Arcadia album So Red The Rose at Studio de la Grande Armee (in Palais de Congres) in Paris with producer Alex Sadkin and numerous musical guests; Nick even performs a few of the backing vocals, and Simon plays some guitar.
? Simon, Nick and Roger appear in an American news item. It is rare to see Roger in an Arcadia interview. (YouTube).
May "Some Like It Hot" is included on Disco Mix Club: May 85 Mixes.
May 1 A View To A Kill” single released in Japan, backed with the instrumental “A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)” (date from promo poster)
May 4 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: May 4, 1985 broadcast, featuring "Some Like It Hot" at no.7.
May 6 A View To A Kill” single released worldwide, backed with the instrumental “A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)
May 10 Duran Duran: Montreux Pop Festival, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland
bootlegged on See Me, Repeat Me, The Video Archives: Volume III and Montreux 1985. The band lip-synch The Wild Boys and the first 'live performance' of A View to a Kill. (Full YouTube), (Alt. Intro).
May 10 Westwood One Rock Album Countdown: 85-19 broadcast in the USA, featuring the Power Station.
May 11 Some Like It Hot” reaches #6 in US
? The mixed compilation album Deejay Time: Colour released in Italy, featuring "The Wild Boys" and "Some Like It Hot" .
? The promotional single En la Mira de los Asesinos / Subiendo Esa Colina released in Spain, featuring Duran Duran.
May 15 Yasmin and Simon at a party at the Palladium in Paris following an Azzedine Alaïa show, which was there. (Image Gallery).
May 16 Simon and final photo with Claire Stansfield. (Image).
May 17 Power Station hold radio conference on Z100 radio (New York, NY), with exclusive announcement of tour dates
May 18 A View To A Kill” peaks at #1 in US
May 18 (+ others) Andy produces tracks for Love & Money's album, Candybar Express, at The Power Station studios, NYC; with the tracks Candybar Express & Love & Money recorded on the 18th.
May 19 A View To A Kill” peaks at #2 in the UK (first of 3 weeks)
May 21 John and Andy do interview with KMEL radio (San Francisco, CA)
May 22 A View To A Kill (film) premiere in US, opening in San Francisco. John and Renee Simonsen attend the A View To A Kill (film) premiere. Bootlegged on Around The World: 1984-85. The event was covered on that nights news. (YouTube).
May A View To A Kill (soundtrack) album released in US
May 26 "Get It On (Bang a Gong) " peaks at #22 in the UK.
May 28 Duran Duran lip-synch performance of "A View to a Kill" at Bob Hope's Happy Birthday Homecoming: May 28, 1985, a Royal London Gala For Bob Hope's Happy Birthday Homecoming. Duran Duran didn´t appear at the Bobe Hope Gala. The audience was asked to stand and applaud as if the band had just performed and pre-recorded footage was added to make it appear as if the band had played live and then gained a standing ovation. (Source: Audience Member). Bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume II. This will be the last time they appear on UK TV before Live Aid. (AVTAK), (AVTAK).
May 29 A View To A Kill (soundtrack) album released in Japan (date from promo poster)
? "A View To A Kill" and "Some Like It Hot" are included on the Spanish compilation ¡Boom! El Disco De Los Éxitos.
summer Rock Journal radio show airs interview clips with Nick, John and Roger
Jun Drum launched
Jun Drum wins the 'Round the Island' race; around the UK island; The Isle of Wight - also known as The Solent Race; coming in only six minutes behind the record.
Jun 2 Rock Over London: 222 broadcast in the USA, featuring "A View To A Kill".
Summer? John Taylor gets engaged to Renee Simonson.
Jun 10 Renee Simonsen is in Lazio Italy, on her first day of shooting her first movie.
Jun 14 John, Nick, Simon and John Barry appear on Good Morning America. They talk about bond movies. (Youtube), (Youtube).
Jun 14 A View To A Kill (film) The UK Royal Premiere of the 14th Bond Movie, A View To A Kill, starring Roger Moore, at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London, June 14th, 1985. A special 40min show hosted by Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers was broadcast from the event. It features clips from the film, The Prince and Princess of Wales, and interviews with Cubby, John and Simon, and the late, great, Patrick Macnee. (Full Vimeo), (YouTube).
Jun? Robert Palmer agrees to tour on The Power Station - (1985) - Summer Tour.
Jun 16 A View To A Kill” OST LP peaks at #81 in the UK.
Jun 16 Rock Over London: 224 broadcast in the USA, featuring John Taylor.
Jun Arcadia are mixing So Red the Rose in Paris.
Jun ? Simon and Nick are interviewed at their mixing desk. They mention work on the album started in January. (YouTube).
Jun 17? Power Station rehearses (with Robert Palmer) for their tour at Gaslight Studios in London
Jun 18? John and Robert are interviewed on American TV talking about the Live Aid concert being planned for July 13th. (YouTube).
Jun 20 Robert Palmer backs out of Power Station tour at last minute. He later claims in interviews that he was in the middle of making the new album with Bernard and Tony.
Jun 24? Andy suggests Paul Young as a replacement for Robert, but he is not available; as a second choice, Andy suggests Michael Des Barres (of Silverhead and Checquered Past).
Jun 24? The Power Station telephone Michael Des Barres. He joins them during their 10 day pre-tour rehearsals; flying in from Texas.
Jun 28 NSBA On The Radio: June 28, 1985 broadcast in the USA, featuring "A View To A Kill" and an interview with Nick Rhodes.
Jun 28? John and Michael appear on American TV, during rehearsals. Michael talks about how he was approached, and they mention the summer shows. (YouTube).
Jun ? Simon and Nick interviewed for Sky Tracks. They talk about AVTAK and the video, and the timeline of production. They are excited to appear at Live Aid, but wont be doing any U.S dates due to mixing So Red the Rose. YouTube), Facebook
Z100 radio (New York, NY) airs brief interview with John as Shadoe Stevens wishes him a happy birthday
summer John and Andy answer fans questions on Z100
Jun 29 Duran find themselves on the cover of British TV schedule magazine TV Times. An articles talks with Simon about his boat, and a forthcoming interview on TV-AM show Good Morning Britain on Monday 8th July. (Cover), (Article).
? The compilation album Toute La Musique Que J'Aime! Vol. 3 released in France, featuring "A View To A Kill".
set lists vary widely, and include the Animotion song “Obsession”, written by Michael Des Barres
Jun 30 Power Station: Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
Jul 1 Power Station: The Ritz, New York, New York, USA
small club warm-up date
Jul 2 Power Station: Jones Beach Theatre, Long Island, New York, USA (with The Bongos)
Spandau Ballet was scheduled to open, but cancelled when sax player Steve Norman broke his leg; bootlegged
Jul 5 Power Station: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Maryland, USA (with Dez Dickerson)
Jul 7 Power Station: Raleigh Civic & Convention Centre, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
venue is changed the day of the show from Dorton Arena
? John and Michael appear on American TV (which show?). John mentions Robert Palmer leaving before the tour. John likens the band to wearing contact lenses. (YouTube).
Jul 9 Power Station: Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida, USA
Don Johnson of Miami Vice appeared briefly onstage
Jul 10 Power Station: Expo Hall, Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL, USA.
Jul 11? In preparation for the "Live Aid" charity concert, Duran members arrive in Philadelphia from all over the world and stay in the same hotel
Jul 12 Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40: July 12, 1985 featuring "A View To A Kill" at no.1.
? The compilation album Toute La Musique Que J'Aime! Vol. 3 released in France, featuring "A View To A Kill".
? Euro disco single "DJ's Factory: A View To A Kill" released.
? "DJ's Factory: A View To A Kill" is included on the compilation album Dino Maxi Tops, released in Europe.
Jul 13 Power Station: Live Aid mid-morning, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
The band performs “Murderess” and “"Get It On (Bang a Gong) "; the entire Live Aid show is broadcast live around the world; bootlegged on Live Aid: The Global Jukebox Vol. 1. The band are introduced by Miami Vice's Don Johnson, and the lead singer is Michael Des Barres. (YouTube).
Jul 13 Duran Duran: Live Aid evening, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
The performance of four songs (“A View To A Kill”, “Union of the Snake”, “Save a Prayer”, and “The Reflex".) is Duran's final official show with the original five members; bootlegged on Live Aid Experience, Live Aid: The Global Jukebox Vol. 1 and Live To Tell DVD. (AVTAK), (Union), (SAP), (Reflex).
Jul 13 "A View To A Kill" video aired on American Bandstand
Jul-Sep Robert Palmer's Riptide album is recorded over a period of three months, at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas. Nile and

Bernard produce, with Tony Thompson on drums, and later joined by Andy Taylor. Bernard Edwards plays Bass.

Jun 14 Arcadia return to mixing So Red the Rose in Paris.
Jul 14 Power Station: Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, USA (with Swimming Pool Q's)
the audience starts throwing things at the opening act
Jul 15 Power Station: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (with Swimming Pool Q's)
Spandau Ballet was originally scheduled to open
Jul 17 Power Station: UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Los Angeles
Jul 17 Singer Pat Boone claims "I heard Duran Duran talking about dancing into the fire, and songs that were obviously hymns to the devil and satanic things." (Source). Sparking further Duran Duran's Satanic Links claims.
Jul 19 Power Station: Southern Star Amphitheatre, Houston, Texas, USA (with OMD) Spandau Ballet was originally scheduled to open
bootlegged on The Power Station: Houston, Texas
Jul 19 Hot Rocks: The Duran Duran Story aired on radio
Jul 20 Power Station: South Park Meadows, Austin, Texas, USA (with OMD)
bootlegged; sometimes listed as July 28
Jul 20 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: July 20, 1985 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran and the Power Station.
Jul 21 Drum races in the Seahorse Maxi Series at Cowes; she is fifth over the line, but takes first place on points
? The promotional only album British Invasion '85 released in Japan, featuring "A View To A Kill".
Jul 21 Power Station: Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA (with OMD)
Jul 23 Power Station: Compton Terrace, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (with OMD)
Jul 25 Power Station: Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA.
Jul ? John and Michael appear on NBC Tonight show. Michael says he has only been with the band for about 4 weeks; he hopes they will write new songs together. More questions about when Duran Duran will get back together. JT confirms they hope to get back together in the studio in September. (YouTube).
Jul 26 The film National Lampoon's European Vacation released, featuring "Some Like It Hot".
Jul 27 Power Station album peaks at #6 in US
Jul 27 Dick Clark National Music Survey: July 27, 1985 broadcast in the USA, featuring "A View To A Kill" (@ no.6) and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" (@ no.10).
Jul 28 Power Station: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA (with OMD)
broadcast on King Biscuit Flower Hour, bootlegged on The Power Station: Dancing In The Street, We Fight For Love (album) and The Power Station: Get It On Tour. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Jul 29 Power Station: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA (with OMD)
Jul 30 The day before the Vancouver show, John cuts his forehead; he still bears a small scar from this injury
Jul 31 Power Station: PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (with OMD)
John performs with his head still bandaged
Aug 2 Power Station: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, USA (with OMD)
Jul-Aug Nick, Roger and Simon are in New York City
Jul-Aug Simon announces that he and the crew plan to race Drum in the Whitbread Round the World yacht race.
Early Aug Simon and Yasmin spend some time at a restaraunt. Several pictures of them were made.
Aug ? To prepare Drum for the huge Around The World, owners Simon and the Berrow Brothers enter her in the Fastnet race."
Aug 3 "Get It On (Bang a Gong) " peaks at #9 in US
Aug 3 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: August 3, 1985 broadcast, featuring "A View To A Kill" at no.11 and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" at no.9
Aug 6 Power Station: The Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO, USA (with OMD)
Aug 8 Power Station: St. Paul Civic Arena, St. Paul, MN, USA (with OMD)
Aug 9 Simon and Yasmin in Cowes (with her parents) on the Isle of Wight. (source).
Aug 10 Fastnet yacht race begins. This runs from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, around Fastnet Rock to the south of Ireland, and back. Onboard are Simon, his brother Johnny Le Bon, and Paul and Michael Berrow. (Source).
Aug 10 Power Station: Castle Farms Music Theatre, Charlevoix, MI, USA (with OMD)

This date is (a) the one announced & publicised, (b) the date that the venue believes it happened on & (c) cannot be the 12th based upon the Chicago Tribune article of the 8th of August.

Aug 11 Power Station: Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, USA

This date was given by the Chicago Tribune on the 8th of August - (Source)

Aug 11 Drum capsizes when her keel shears off in stormy seas three miles off Falmouth at the Fastnet race. Simon and five other crew members are trapped in an air pocket, waist deep in cold water, beneath the hull, for about 40 minutes before being rescued by a British Navy helicopter, and a Royal Navy Lifeboat. They reach dry land; a muddy field in Falmouth; about an hour after being capsized.
Aug 11 A mystery caller warns Simon's parents that there's been an accident before they hear it on the news. (Source).
Aug 11 Yasmin, waiting for Simon in the resort town of Cowes, watches the rescue efforts on TV, then leaves for the six-hour drive to Falmouth without packing anything.
Aug 11 Twenty-four crewmen and their teary-eyed girlfriends and wives (including Simon and Yasmin) take over the Falmouth Hotel, and party in the bar until 4 am.
Aug 12 Paul and Michael Berrow head out to try to salvage Drum. The boat is being pulled back by a local fishermen, slowly and in heavy seas.
Aug 12 The Drum incident mentioned on French A2 News. (YouTube).
Aug 12 The Drum incident mentioned on NBC News. (YouTube).
Aug 12 Power Station: Poplar Creek Amphitheatre, Hoffman Estates (Chicago), IL, USA (with OMD)

This date was given by the Chicago Tribune on the 8th of August - http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1985-08-08/features/8502210769_1_duran-duran-andy-taylor-band

Aug 13 Simon appears on UK TV Good Morning Britain, and talks about waking up with nightmares and the smell of diesel fuel from the Drum accident. He mentions that the newspapers fabricated a story about him snubbing the man who rescued him, when he was clearly in shock. TV Host Anne Diamond supported his point of view. The boat is still being towed back. (YouTube).
Aug 13 Simon has dinner with Navy Officer Larry Slater, the diver who rescued him, at the hotel.
Aug 14 Power Station: Pine Knob Theatre, Clarkston (Detroit), MI, USA (with OMD)
Aug 15 Power Station: Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY, USA (with OMD)
Aug 16 Power Station: Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA (with OMD)
Aug 17 Power Station: Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH, USA (with OMD)
set list includes 'Dancing In the Streets'
Aug 17 Yasmin find herself on the front cover of the first ever Elle magazine. The test issue, dated September 1985, has a limited press run, but establishes the market for women's fashion magazines. (Cover Image).
Aug 17 The uninsured Drum is salvaged and towed back to Falmouth. The fishermen hold the boat for ransom, and demand a large sum to release her. The Berrows tell them to keep it. In the end they reach a settlement. (Source).
Aug 19? Drum is righted, and the water pumped out. The repair bill is estimated to be more than £400,000. (Source).
Aug 19 Power Station: The Centrum, Worchester, MA, USA (with OMD)
Aug 20 Power Station: Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA (with OMD)
Aug 21 Power Station: Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA (with OMD)
Aug 23 Power Station: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison (Denver), CO, USA (with OMD)
Aug 24 Power Station: CNE Grandstand, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (with Paul Young, OMD, and Nik Kershaw)
Aug ? Power Station is interviewed on radio station CFGO Ottawa
Aug 25 Power Station: Central Canada Exhibition ("The Ex"), Lansdowne Park Grandstand, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (with Paul Young and Nik Kershaw)
Aug 25 British magazine The People runs a cover story of the Drum incident. (Article).
Aug 26 Broadcast of The Powerstation; John, Tony and Michael on Good Morning America. They confirm Some Like It Hot was demoed in London, overdubbed in New York, and the vocals were added in Nassau. Michael says he was in Texas when he got a call from New York to fill in for Robert Palmer on the tour. (YouTube).
Aug 28 Power Station: Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA (with OMD)
During the encore, a man appears, sweeping the stage. When John goes to confront him, the man turns and grins at him and the crowd -- it turns out to be Nick Rhodes. He "jams" with the band, "playing" his broom. (A rumor that Simon and Roger also attended this show [and thus formed a temporarily reunited fivesome] is false.) bootlegged on Get It On Tour: Summer 1985.
Aug ? Power Station: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, USA
Sep? So Red The Rose mixed at Soundworks Studio in New York City
? Andy works in the Nassau studio with Robert Palmer on Riptide and “Addicted To Love”.
Sep 7? Simon appears on Good Morning America. He confirms Arcadia are in New York for a week to mix the new album. He says Drum is being refitted in the 4 weeks since she went down. (putting the date of this appearance to around sept 7th). Simon talks in great detail about what happened. (YouTube).
Sept ? John records his part as a "Hacker" on the American TV show Timeslip. (YouTube).
Sept ? John dates Virginia Hey, his co-star on the Timeslip episode.
Sep "The Wild Boys" is included on Disco Mix Club: September 85 Mixes.
Sep 10 Simon appears on Late Night With David Letterman. He talks about the Drum incident, and denies the Band call him Lardo behind his back. He also mentions Live Aid. (YouTube).
Sep 11 Power Station: Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA, USA (with OMD)
Sep ? Power Station: [venue?], Buffalo, NY, USA (with OMD)
? Simon partners with friend and producer/songwriter Nick Wood to create “Grey Lady Of The Sea” for the soundtrack to the Drum documentary video.
Sep 13 Andy and John (with a very unhappy Renee Simonsen) attend the MTV Music Awards of 1985, hosted by Eddie Murphy, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. They present the Video Vanguard Award to Russell Mulcahy. (YouTube).
Sept ? Simon is interviewed on Z100 radio (New York, NY); he answers fans' questions and sings “Shout”
Sep Problems with Duran's management/record company/lawyers continue; the band does not get together in September as planned
Sep 16? Simon and Nick appear on an American TV show. Nick says they will be recording a video in Paris tomorrow. Simon is now light-hearted about his near fatal incident on Drum. (YouTube).
Sep 17 Arcadia begins filming video for “Election Day” in Paris with director Roger Christian. Roger Christian, one of the top set directors in Hollywood, won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction for his work on the movie Star Wars, and was nominated for his work on Alien. "Election Day" was one of the few music videos he worked on; it was a big-budget affair shot in Paris over five days.
Sep 20 A refurbished Drum is re-launched from Moody's shipyard; Swanwick, Hampshire; estimated cost for towing and repairs is $400,000.
Sep 21 Arcadia finishes filming of “Election Day
Sep ? Work is completed on the Robert Palmer album Riptide. Andy, Tony, and Bernard appear on the album, but John does not.
Sep 28 Drum leaves Portsmouth Harbor in the first leg of the Whitbread Around The World race; Simon is not yet on board. Nevetheless, Yasmin and Simon visit the start of the World Race. (Image Gallery).
Oct ? Nick and Simon fly to America.
Oct 4 Miami Vice episode Whatever Works is recorded for NBC; airs 1st June 1986. Power Station appears, playing "Get It On (Bang a Gong) " onstage during a scene in a nightclub. Bootlegged on The Power Station: Video Archive.... (On the set), (Miami Vice clip).
Oct 5 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: October 5, 1985 broadcast, featuring the Power Station's "Communication" at no.37.
Oct 5 Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40: October 5, 1985 broadcast, featuring the Power Station's "Communication".
? Simon and Nick appear on VH1 talking about Arcadia. They say the video for Election Day will be released in 4 days time. (YouTube).
Oct 9? Simon interviewed by Paula Yates on UK TVs The Tube. He says Drum left port 11 days ago, and is trying to catch the leaders after a spell of bad weather. He hopes to record the next album next year when he returns from the final leg of the voyage. Paula makes a joke referencing Stevie Wonder. Airs Oct 10th. (YouTube).
? Michael Des Barres' friend, producer Joel Silver, asks Power Station to record a song for the Arnold Schwarzenneger film Commando; Michael and Andy write a song called "Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay", later retitled “We Fight For Love” and included on the end credits of the film. (Song).
Oct ? The Power Station folds "for good"; the breakup is variously attributed to exhaustion (and John's raging cocaine addiction), other commitments, the poor performance of the “Communication” single, and the record company's desire to turn the band into another "music machine".
? John is interviewed on American TV Much Music. He is high of cocaine, and rambles about nothing much. He has greasy curly hair.(YouTube).
Oct ? Nick appears on the Andy Warhol show in America. He camps up his voice. (YouTube).
Oct Arcadia's “Election Day” single released (backed with "She's Moody And Grey, She's Mean And She's Restless")
Oct ? The promo single Election Day / Life's What You Make It released in Italy.
Oct ? Nick and Simon interviewed on MTV with JJ Jackson, talking about Arcadia. Simon talks about working with Sting. The confirm the album will be released next month (Nov). (Part 1), (Part 2).
Oct 13? Nick and Simon fly back to London.
Oct 15 Yasmin and Simon attend the launch party for British Elle magazine, of which she appeared on the first and second covers. They are photographed with editor Sally Brampton, holding the new November issue; the first to be mass produced and released worldwide. (Cover Image), (Photo Gallery), (Elle Gallery).
Oct 16? Simon and Nick appear as Arcadia on UK Noel Edmonds Late Late Breakfast Show in London, performing a lip-synch version of Election Day. To make matters worse, Noel shows a funny clip of the microphone falling off its stand during an earlier RTL performance of The Wild Boys, proving they lip-synch all their TV appearances. They also revive the Golden Egg. (Election Day), (Award Presentation).
Oct 18? Arcadia appear on a gothic set on Villa Tempo for Belgian TV. (YouTube).
Oct 19 Simon and Nick do a lip sync performance of "Election Day" on German TV Show Na Sowas in Munich
? Simon and Nick interviewed a on German TV show (which one?). They talk about some of the Duran videos, and they didnt get much money for making the Bond song. (YouTube).
Oct 21? Italian TV show Tocaca broadcasts Arcadia with a lip-synch performance of The Flame. (YouTube).
Oct 22? Simon and Nick appear on Italian TV show Fantastico on RAI, lip-synching Election Day and The Flame. Simon attempts a dance during The Flame. (YouTube).
Oct 22 Duran Duran and Culture Club and the third (planned) group announce their participation in Super Concert 1. (NY Times). They hold press conference about Super Concert 1. (Photo), (YouTube).
Oct 24 Arcadia (Simon & Nick) appear with a lip-synch performance of Election Day is broadcast on UKs Top of the Pops. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Unless the show was broadcast live (special editions or after a bank holiday Monday), it was always filmed on the day before during this period - so Weds 23rd.
Oct 25 Simon and Nick appear on NRJ radio (Paris, France)
Oct 27 "Election Day" peaks at #7 in the UK.
Oct 28 Power Station's “Communication” single released (backed with "Murderess")
Late Oct Yasmin and Simon celebrate their birthdays in Paris.
Oct? Arcadia lip-synch Election Day on French TV. (YouTube).
Oct Z100 radio (New York, NY) airs brief interview with Simon as Shadoe Stevens wishes him a happy birthday
Oct? Simon in Spanish show Entrevista talking about the Drum incident. (YouTube - Spanish dub).
? The album Mixtime 2 by Joe Vannelli is released in Italy, featuring Duran Duran and Arcadia. .
Nov Riptide album by Robert Palmer released worldwide; reaching #2 in Canada, #5 on the UK album chart, and #8 on the US top 200.
? Andy begins working on solo projects in Los Angeles; he shares a Los Angeles management company with Missing Persons and becomes friendly with the band.
Andy enjoys the drugs-and-drink LA party scene with Sex Pistols legend Steve Jones, who is flat broke, without even a guitar
MCA record company offers Andy big money to work on a solo album; he tries to help Steve Jones get sober, buys him a guitar and gives him a year's wages ($50,000) to sort himself out, and they start working on Thunder together.
Nov 3 "Communication" peaks at #75 in the UK.
Nov 5 Simon and Nick appear on VH1s Much Music as Arcadia. Simon used a water pistol on the host, and Nick goes mad with cake. (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3.
Nov 7 John and Renee attend the premier of her first movie; Italian director Carlo Vanzina's Sotto il vestito niente (Nothing On Under The Dress/The Last Shot), in Rome Italy. (Wiki).
Nov 7 Simon interviewed on Night Flight on the USA Network, mainly about working in the business and Drum. Simon wears a red neck scarf. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Nov 10 Countdown Australia broadcasts a link from Simon, introducing Election Day. Simon wears a red neck scarf, recorded Nov 7th. (YouTube).
Nov 11 Arena (An Absurd Notion) video released in the UK
Nov 16 In an interview with No. 1 magazine, Roger still maintains that Duran will be getting back together soon, although he admits that he's under stress and says "if it was up to me, I'd never tour again!". (Cover Image).
Nov 18 Arcadia's So Red The Rose album released worldwide
Nov ? Simon and Nick appear on CBC Vancouver's TV series "Good Rockin' Tonite", with host Stu Jeffries, on the promotional trip for Arcadia's one and only album, "So Red the Rose," - described by Simon as "the most pretentious album ever made." (YouTube).
Nov ? Simon and Nick appear on NBC Today Show, talking about Arcadia. Simon continues to philosophise about the Drum incident, and how it changed him. (YouTube).
Nov 19 Simon and Yasmin at the Silk Cut Nautical Awards and meet with Larry Slater, who saved Simon's life when Drum capsized.
Nov 19 Simon and Nick (as Arcadia) appear as guest VJs on MTV, with Nick's friend Keith Haring, and Simon's mum Anne. (YouTube).
Nov 19 Yasmin, Simon and Nick at a London party for Prince's Trust supporters. (Image Gallery).
? Simon and Nick record a Happy Birthday message for American Bandstand TV show. (YouTube).
Nov ? Simon appears on MTVs Birthday Party. He talks about being a guest VJ, and also about joining the Whitbread Around The World Race in Auckland early next year. (YouTube).
Nov 22? Simon and Nick interviewed on UK TV four days after release of the album, talking about peoples reactions to the album. Nick mentions The Hamilton Gallery where he showed his Interference project. Simon is interviewed in the back of a Range Rover driving around London. (YouTube).
Nov 27 Simon and Nick's interviewed with Max Headroom airs on TV, recorded early Nov. Max seems to be high, while the band are clearly not. Joke about their single fan. Election day video is shown. Simon swears again. (Source), (FB Video).
Nov 30 Simon and Nick appear on Saturday Superstore on BBC Television in London, answering phone-in questions from fans. (YouTube), (YouTube).
? Simon and Nick do some promotion for Arcadia in Finland
Dec 8 "Election Day" by Arcadia peaked at #6 (for 2 weeks) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart and spent 14 weeks on the chart.
Dec 14 The video of Arcadia's "Election Day" was aired on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'.
Dec 12-18 Possible filming dates for the videos Goodbye Is Forever and The Promise at Studio de la Grande Armée, Paris, and Missing.
Dec Italian TV broadcast Arcadia on the Buon Anno Musica show, lip-synching Election Day. Nick looks bored, and at one point towards the end of the song, picks up a guitar, and mimes the horn section on it. (YouTube).
Dec DMC's megamix album Disco Mix Club: December 85 Mixes released, featuring "A View To A Kill".
Dec 1 The book Nagel: The Art of Patrick Nagel published, featuring the Rio artwork. (Source)
Dec 1 "So Red the Rose]]" peaks at #30 in the UK.
Dec 24 John announces his "engagement" to Renee Simonsen
Dec 25 Spanish TV show Tocata broadcasts Arcadia with a lip-synch performance of Election Day and The Flame. (YouTube).
Dec 26 Winter Festival/National Film Concert Tour/Toshiba EMI - showing of Arena at the Tokyo Kyushu Kaikan, starting at 15.30.
late Dec Roger, suffering from shyness, overexposure, and a near nervous breakdown, announces he's leaving Duran Duran; he and Giovanna move out to a farm in Gloucestershire to begin raising children.
Dec 27 Duran Duran and Culture Club: Super Concert 1, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, USA aka "SuperProducers Show"; cancelled, due to the promoters cheque bouncing. (Source).
Dec 27 Simon marries Yasmin Parveneh on very short notice in a 15-minute ceremony at the registry office in Oxford (Yasmin's hometown); John claims a previous commitment, but all the other Durans attend. The press take some photos of the couple on the steps. The image of Simon wincing later goes viral. (Image Gallery).
? A special package of 12" Maxi Singles Bag is released in Greece (limited edition of 1,000):
Dec 28 The science-fiction programme Timeslip featuring John Taylor aires in the UK.
bootlegged on 1985-1987. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Dec 31 Arcadia's pre-recorded link appears on the the MTV New Year's Eve show. Simon pauses over "Be there or be...Square" perhaps in sympathy for their friend Jools Holland being suspended from The Tube for a similar remark? (YouTube).
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