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The Duran Duran Timeline
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Duran Duran plays arenas and stadiums in Japan, Canada and the US on the Sing Blue Silver tour; a documentary and a concert film are shot along the way. The live album Arena is released with the new studio single "The Wild Boys" as John and Andy begin working on their hard-rock side project, Power Station.

Date Event
? The band mime The Reflex Live On ZDF, Germany. Simon still without hair highlights. Could be Dec 1983? (YouTube).
The album Mixtime by Joe Vannelli is released in Italy, featuring "Girls on Film".
"Is There Something I Should Know?" is included on Deejay Time.
? Dominic Brown picks up his first guitar, age 14.
Jan 2 Duran appears on the cover of Record magazine under the headline “Rich Without Guilt”. John is interviewed. He quite rudely critizes Culture Club and Wham! for their lightweight approach, speaks about the maturing of the band and politics in their songs (Source)
Jan 7 Countdown America: January 7, 1984 broadcast, featuring "Union of the Snake".
Jan 9 New Moon on Monday” video filmed in Noyers, Bercy, and Paris, France. (NMOM Video).
Jan New Moon on Monday” single released worldwide, backed with the instrumental “Tiger Tiger (Ian Little remix)
Jan 14 New Moon on Monday” peaks at #10 in US
Jan 16 Seven and the Ragged Tiger goes gold and platinum in the same week
Jan 16 Union of the Snake” single peaks at #2 in Canada
The SING BLUE SILVER Tour continues...
The tour goes on to Japan and North America
Jan 17 Duran Duran: Sendai Sports Centre, Sendai, Japan
Jan 18? Roger is invited to guess the mime on Waratte Iitomo!; a Japanese TV variety show filmed at Studio Alta in Shinjuku, Tokyo; and which aired each weekday on Fuji TV. Roger is mystified by the mime. He is wearing a black Alta TV logo sweater. (YouTube).
Jan 18? The band lip-synch Union of the Snake on a show on Japan TV (JPTV, Tokyo). (Full clip), (Interview), (Union).
Jan 19 Duran Duran: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
Jan 20 Duran Duran: International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan
Jan 20 John, Nick and Roger interviewed on Japanese radio
Jan 22 New Moon on Monday” single released in UK, backed with “Tiger Tiger
Jan 22 Duran Duran: Fukuoka International Centre, Fukuoka, Japan
bootlegged on Fukuoka 1984
Jan 23 German TV chart show Formel Eins airs a lip-synched performance of “Union of the Snake” (probably filmed late 1983). The set features a burning 80(?) on the wall. (Union), (Union), (Union).
Jan 23 Duran Duran: Castle Sports Centre, Osaka, Japan
bootlegged on Osaka 1984
Jan 23? The band interviewed on Japan TV (which show?). Andy says they enjoy Japan, as they are "whacky Funsters". (1), (2).
Jan 24 Duran Duran: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
Jan 25 Duran Duran: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
bootlegged on Budokan
Russell Mulcahy gathers crew to film the Sing Blue Silver documentary about the North American tour
Jan 28 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: January 28, 1984 broadcast, featuring "New Moon on Monday" and "Union of the Snake".
Jan 28 Duran's stage is set up at the Saddle Dome two days ahead of time for technical run-throughs before the first North American date
Jan 30 Duran Duran: Saddle Dome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (with Images In Vogue)
about 9,000 in attendance
Jan 30 Live Cuts: no. 29 broadcast in the USA, featuring a live version of "Rio".
Feb 1 Duran Duran: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (with Images In Vogue)
Feb 2 Duran appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine under the headline “The Fab Five?” (Source)
Feb? Simon and Andy interviewed on Solid Gold TV dance show in US, opening with fan comments. Andy mentions the origin of the band's name came from an evil sex fiend. (YouTube)
Feb The John Taylor Interview 5" flexi disc is given with Viva Rock magazine in Japan.
Feb 1? The Sing Blue Silver tour goes to America, accompanied by the documentary crew
Nick's girlfriend, Julie Anne, travels with the band during much of the tour.
During the US tour, Nick experiments with photography by manipulating images on his hotel room televisions using the TV controls, then taking pictures of the distorted results with his Polaroid. (published in the book interference)
Feb 2 Duran Duran: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA (with Images In Vogue)
Feb Canadian opening band Images In Vogue are refused work permits by U.S. Immigration and are forced to bow out of further dates
Feb 4 Artist Patrick Nagel, creator of the Rio album cover, dies of a heart attack at the age of 38. The artist was one of about 25 celebrities who worked out for about 15 minutes as part of Aerobathon II at the Santa Monica Athletic Club. After exercising at the fund-raiser for the American Heart Association, Nagel was found dead in his car afterward. (source)
Feb 4 CBC News in the US reports on Duran's Jan 30th Calgary show; includes footage of Canadian fans. (YouTube), (YouTube)
Feb 4 Duran Duran: Lawlor Arena, Reno, Nevada, USA
bootlegged on Live At Lawlor Arena
Feb 5 New Moon on Monday” single peaks at #9 in UK (for 2 weeks).
Feb ? John gives an interview for U.S TV. He looks high on booze or drugs, he says he once had a grudge against Simon for six months. He is confident the band will still be remembered in 10 years time. (YouTube).
Feb 6 Duran Duran: The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA (with Dogs on Fire)
Feb 7 Duran Duran holds a large press conference at the Magic Castle club in Hollywood, California, with about 150 journalists in attendance. Snippets of this funny and famous conference were shown in the documentary Sing Blue Silver. (1), (2), (3).
Feb 7 MTV's Martha Quinn catches up with the band after their press conference. (MTV News Report), (MTV Liner Notes).
Feb 7 Duran Duran: The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA
recorded; “The Reflex” and “New Religion” live tracks later used as b-sides
bootlegged on Los Angeles, California: 7th February 1984
Feb 8 Duran Duran: Arizona State University Activity Center, Tempe, Arizona, USA (with a juggler)
Feb 10 The extended “New Moon on Monday” video (with a longer, spoken prologue) premieres on MTV; the network soon switches to the shorter version without the prologue. (Extended Video).
Feb 10 Members of the band are made honorary citizens of Texas in Austin
Feb 10 Duran Duran: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas, USA (with Z Rocks) The opening act is a last minute addition (not on the ticket stub)
Feb 11 Duran Duran: Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA (with Z Rocks)
Feb 13? The band win Best Album and Best Group at the 1983 British Rock and Pop Awards. They send a satellite recorded message from that nights venue. (YouTube).
Feb 13 Duran Duran: The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA (with Z Rocks)
Feb 14 Duran Duran: Louisiana State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (with Z Rocks)
Feb 16 Duran Duran: Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA (with The White Animals)
moved from February 17
Feb 18 Duran Duran: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (with Corvette)
Feb 18 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: February 18, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "New Moon on Monday".
? The DJ only compilation album British Invasion '84 released in Japan, featuring "New Moon on Monday" and "Union of the Snake".
Feb 20 Duran Duran: St Paul Civic Arena, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Feb 21 Duran Duran: Dane Co. Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin, USA (with Combo Audio)
Feb 22 Simon and Nick answer fans questions on WLS radio in Chicago, Illinois; bootlegged on WLS Radio Special: Chicago 22-02-84
Feb 23 Duran Duran: Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, USA (with The Kind)
Feb 24 Duran Duran: Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, USA (with The Kind)
Feb 25 Duran Duran: Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA (with Checquered Past)
sold out in 20 minutes
Feb 27 Duran Duran: Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (no opening act) during snowstorm; Checquered Past was scheduled to open, but cancelled when a band member was injured
Feb 28 Duran is awarded two Grammies for “Best Short Form Video” for the the video Duran Duran Video 45 which featured ”Girls on Film,"Hungry Like The Wolf and “Best Long Form Video”for the Duran Duran (1983 video) album; the band, performing in Pittsburgh, is not present to accept. (YouTube)
Feb 28 Duran Duran: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (with Checquered Past)
another show during the snowstorm; Grammy win was announced onstage; bootlegged on Pittsburgh Passion
Feb 29 Duran Duran: WVU Coliseum, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA (with Checquered Past)
Mar "New Moon on Monday" is included on the In-Store Promo: March 1984 album released in the USA.
Mar 1 Duran Duran: Roanoke Coliseum, Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Nick, Roger and John interviewed on WAPP's Rockwire Special (New York, NY)
Mar 3 Duran Duran: Syracuse Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York, USA (with Billy Idol)
Mar ? John does interview with CFRA radio in Ottawa, Canada
Mar 4? Nick and Simon on Canada's Good Rockin' Tonight (CBC) show in Toronto, hosted by Terry David Mulligan. They answer trivia questions about Canada, and Simon tells his milk joke. Fans screamed 4db lower than the music. Origin of "More Playtime Than Money" line? (1), (2).
Mar 4? Jeanne Beker interviews Nick and John, who makes a reference to "2 nights at Maple Leaf Gardens" vs. CNE as an indicator of their success in Toronto at the time. (YouTube)
Mar 5 German TV chart show Formel Eins airs a lip-synched performance of “Union of the Snake” (probably filmed late 1983) (YouTube)
Mar 5? Nick and Simon interviewed for unknown show. They are wearing the gear similar to The Reflex Video. Nick says the press are reviewing the audience rather than the band. (YouTube). [Moved from April 10th]
Mar 5 Duran Duran: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (with The Payolas)
Major portions of the video for “The Reflex” are filmed before and during the show; “Cracks in the Pavement” recorded at this show was used as the b-side to “The Wild Boys” single.
Mar 6? Some news stories about the band on tour are featured in UK Newspapers. They mention wild parties.
Mar 7 Duran Duran: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (with The Payolas)
Mar 8 Duran Duran: Civic Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (with The Payolas)
CFRA 58AM radio station had a phone in poll to convince Duran to come to Ottawa
Mar 10 Duran Duran: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Mar 11 Duran Duran: Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine, USA
Mar 13 Duran Duran: Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA (no opening act)
Show took place during a snowstorm, and the scheduled opening act couldn't reach the venue; only about half the audience for the sold-out date showed up.
Mar 14 Duran Duran: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachussetts, USA
Simon plays a joke on the band just before the show ("I've dislocated me elbow...the painkillers are rather good, actually.") They soundcheck The Reflex. Footage appears on

Sing Blue Silver documentary. (YouTube).

Mar 15 Duran Duran: Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachussetts, USA
Mar 17 The LA Video Beat show airs and premiers with Duran Duran Beat. The host Richard Blade says "Welcome to the first Video Beat. We are on location at The Magic Castle in Hollywood to interview Duran Duran about their upcoming world tour." (Source)
Mar 17 Duran Duran: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, USA (with Prince Charles and the City Beat Band)
Mar 19 Duran Duran: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA (with Prince Charles and the City Beat Band)
bootlegged on Madison Square Garden: March 19th 1984
Mar 20? Simon and Nick interviewed on The Today Show, recorded live in New York. (Youtube), (Clip).
Mar 21 When the band leaves their hotel to go the show, a few fans from the large crowd outside jump onto Andy's back
Mar 21 Duran Duran: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA (with Prince Charles and the City Beat Band)
broadcast live on Westwood One radio; bootlegged on Live at Madison, Videochristmas, Live At The Madison and Sing Blue Madison.
Mar 22? A man points a gun at Nick and Simon's limo in New York City, but doesn't fire
Mar 22 EMI holds a major press conference; to preserve his voice, Simon does not attend; all band members handle a plethora of individual interviews
Mar 23 Duran Duran: Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Mar 24 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: March 24, 1984 broadcast, featuring "New Moon on Monday" at no.16.
Mar 25 Duran Duran: Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida, USA (with Night)
Mar 26 Duran Duran: Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, USA (with A New Personality)
Mar 27 Duran Duran: Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida, USA
Mar 29 Duran Duran: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (with The Swinging Richards)
Mar 30 Duran Duran: Greensboro Coliseum , Greensboro, North Carolina, USA (with The Swinging Richards). (YouTube)
? In John's autobiography, he stated that by this point on the tour, he was horking up $100 worth of cocaine with a rolled up $100 dollar bill every night in between sets, just for shits. Just so he could feel and act like the rockstar the world played him out to be.
Mar 31 Duran Duran: Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia, USA
sold out
Mar 31 Dick Clark National Music Survey: March 31, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "New Moon on Monday".
Apr 2 Duran Duran: Capitol Center, Largo, Maryland, USA (with Book of Love)
Duran dedicated “Save a Prayer” to Washington DC native Marvin Gaye, killed the day before
Apr 3 Duran Duran: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale (Long Island), New York, USA
Apr 5 Duran Duran: Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA (with The Rescue)
Apr ? Duran Duran: [venue?], New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Apr 9 Duran Duran: Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA (with The Blades)
Apr 9? Russell Mulcahy and assistant Gerry Laffy show the completed “Reflex” video to the band in an Oklahoma City hotel. Video was shot 5th March. (Image), (Image).
Apr 10? The band interviewed for "The Dance Show" on TV-20, perhaps in San Francisco. Nicks hair is like The Reflex video. John complains he never gets a day off. (YouTube).
"The Reflex" is included on Gali Happy Days released in Israel.
Apr 12 Duran Duran: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA (with The Contractions)
The opening act was poorly received by a rowdy and hysterical crowd. Part of this show was also filmed by a member of the audience: (YouTube).
The Planet Heart bootleg is often labelled as this show, but was actually the 1982 Hammersmith Odeon show
Apr 12 Concert sequences for the movie Arena filmed in Oakland. (Gerry Laffy appears as one of the fans in the audience struck by lightning). (Youtube), (Making Of Arena).
Apr 13? Footage of fans waiting outside Oakland Arena, 2000 free tickets for an afternoon show (Apr 13th?). (YouTube).
Apr 13 Duran Duran: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA
Apr 14 The band on the cover and centre poster of Look In Magazine, week ending 14th April. (Cover Image).
Apr 14? A U.S news report called Fans Gone Wild shows scenes from the U.S. Tour, fans going crazy, and Nick is interviewed wearing a sailors cap. (YouTube).
Apr 15 Duran Duran: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, USA
bootlegged on Save A Prayer, Pretty Boys Of Rock & Roll, Two For The Show and Oakland Live 1984 (Vimeo)
Apr ? John gets 20 stitches in his foot from dancing barefoot on broken vodka bottles
Apr 16 The Reflex” single released in UK, backed with a live recording of “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” - a Cockney Rebel tune written by Steve Harley
Apr 16 Duran Duran: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA (with Trio)
Apr 17? Simon and Nick interviewed beside some boats for a French documentary on the band. They talk about Arena. (YouTube).
Apr 17 Duran Duran: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA. bootlegged on Duranoid
Apr 17 Someone celebrated the end of the tour by hiring a stripper to dance and partially disrobe onstage during the end of the show; Julie Anne was reportedly very unhappy about the way she performed near Nick at the keyboards.
Apr 19 Duran Duran fly back to London.
Apr 19 John and Janine Andrews spotted at the airport. They have just landed from America, and have been held up in customs for two hours. A news story runs the next day. (News).
Apr 21 The Reflex” single released in the United States, backed with “New Religion (live)
Apr 21 The Reflex” peaks at #1 in the US; this is the band's first Number One single in America
Apr 21 John appears on Saturday Picture Show. He discusses his photo from the childhood and answers some questions from the fans. (YouTube).
Apr 22 Simon appears on BBC Good Morning Britain - a UK breakfast television show in London. Simon came back to the UK last Thursday. Gene Pitney is a Duran Duran fan. Talk about British image abroad. Also Arena and Simons Persil detergent as a child. Simons mentions his engagement to a mystery Canadian girl. Simon has dark hair. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Apr 23 Live Cuts: no. 41 broadcast in the USA, featuring a live version of "Girls on Film".
Apr ? John, Andy and Roger on the The Saturday Show UK Kids TV show, with Tommy Boyd. They chat on a Star Wars inspired set, where Roger wears a fake moustache. (YouTube), then an interview - where they are clueless as to what Duran prizes to give away for a quiz. Rogers suggests the US Gold disc for the Rio album. The band mention their mothers were on the show on their previous appearance. (YouTube).
? John and Simon interviewed by Kay on DeeJay TV in Italy. John says they have just finished a long world tour. Simon (with dark hair) says Michael Jackson spends too much money on his music videos. Talk about the New Moon On Monday video. (YouTube - Italian).
Apr 26 The band perform a three song set on RAI Italian TV. Simon says it is Roger's Birthday. Union of the Snake mimmed on Italian TV show Simon wears a stripped jacket. (Union), (Interview).
Apr 26 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of “The Reflex”. (YouTube),(YouTube).
Unless the show was broadcast live (special editions or after a bank holiday Monday), it was always filmed on the day before during this period - so Weds 25th.
Apr 27 Duran tapes performance of “The Reflex” for the German show Flashlights in Munich. (Youtube)
Apr 29 The Reflex” peaks at #1 in UK (for 4 weeks).
Apr 29 Rio album peaks at #88 in the UK in the 2nd run.
Apr 29 Rock Over London: 118 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
Apr 30 Roger and Nick interviewed by a Scottish woman (for kids TV?). Roger is glad to be back home from America. Madison Square Garden mentioned, 25,000 people each night. Roger had a Birthday "last week" (April 26th); he was 24; and gifted a dog. Fans present a cake to Roger (which is in the shape of a Lead Guitar!), and sing Happy Birthday. (YouTube), (YouTube)
Apr 30? Simon and Clare Stansfield begin living together in north-west London; rumors that they have become engaged begin to circulate
Apr 30? Duran is temporarily banned from BBC kids' show Saturday Superstore after Andy is caught on-air telling a cast member of a kid's TV drama Grange Hill to "F*** off fatso!". They return on the 3rd of November. (Note: Grange Hill seems to be on 5.3.83)
? Dale Bozzio gives a rare interview on short-lived American TV show 'Thicke of The Night'. She explains which places the band members came from. (YouTube).
May 2 Simon does a brief interview at Razzmatazz about his favorite songs. (Youtube), (YouTube).
May 2 German TV show Flashlights airs taped performance of “The Reflex”. (Youtube).
May 4? Duran Duran performs a lip-synched version of “The Reflex” on the Dutch TV show Countdown. Simon says making videos can be very boring. (YouTube)
May 4? They receive a Top 40 Number 1 award for Is There Something I Should Know? by Adam Curry on the Dutch TV show Countdown.
May 11 Duran Duran and others: Montreux Pop Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
The band performs “The Reflex”, “The Seventh Stranger”, and “Hungry Like the Wolf”; bootlegged on The Video Archives: Volume III. (Photo), (Photo).
May 12? Band members visit Cannes film festival (runs 11 May to 23 May). They are interviewed by UK TVs movie pundit Barry Norman. Simon talks about his new yacht, and they mention several movies.
May 13 Countdown Australia broadcasts an ident (a link) by Duran Duran for The Reflex. (YouTube).
May 17 Top of the Pops re-airs Duran's lip-synch performance of “The Reflex”. (YouTube),(YouTube).
May 18 Channel 4 in the UK broadcasts a 1982 Duran Duran concert on the Highband TV show
May 20 Rock Over London: 121 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Reflex".
May The Reflex” is released in Italy, backed with “New Moon on Monday” (previously unreleased there)
May ? "The Reflex" is included on the Danceteria: New Wave compilation released in Brazil.
May 25? Duran takes a promotional trip to Rome
May 26? Duran performs “The Reflex” on Italian TV shows Orrechiochio (YouTube), Un milione al secondo, Discoring, and Domenica in
May 27 Rio album peaks at #75 in the UK in the 3nd run.
May 27? Duran does interviews for Deejay Television and Video Music. (Simon and Nick -Italian), (John and Simon -ITA), (John -Italian).
May Tele Montecarlo (TMC) airs a lip-synched performance of “The Reflex”, “Union of the Snake”, “Is There Something I Should Know?”, and “The Seventh Stranger
May 28? The band fly to the UK.
May 29 German TV show Bananas airs a lip-synched performance of “The Reflex(YouTube)
? German TV show "Kultnacht" on channel 2DF airs a lip-synched performance of "The Reflex". (YouTube)
May 29 John interview airs on Euro satalite TV channel Music Box, wearing a string shirt. (YouTube).
? "The Reflex" is included on the mixed compilation album Deejay Time: Summer.
? The promo only New Music Seminar: New York 1984 released in the USA, featuring "The Reflex".
Summer Simon and his brother Jonathan spend two weeks in Mediterranea on a yacht, racing (but not successfully).
Jun early Simon gets blonde highlights added to his hair.
Jun? Duran Duran records a several appearances on British TV game show Pop Quiz (where John is a regular as team captain), and Duran trounces Spandau Ballet). Airs Dec 28th. (Source), (1),(3),(4)
Jun The Tiger! Tiger! (EP) is released in Japan, containing “The Reflex”, “Union of the Snake”, “New Moon on Monday”, “Is There Something I Should Know?”, and “Tiger Tiger
Jun The book Inside Duran Duran written by Robyn Flans published.
Jun 2 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: June 2, 1984 broadcast, featuring "The Reflex" at no.5.
Jun 4 Startrak Profile - Pop Concert: 84-24 broadcast in the USA, featuring Duran Duran.
Jun 4 John Taylor records an appearance on the BBC TV show 8 Days a Week. He is critical of Born in the U.S.A from Bruce Springsteen, released on the same date. (YouTube)
June 8? Simon phones 19-year old model Yasmin Parveneh (whom he'd only seen in magazines) and invites her to a movie premiere; she thinks it's a joke and hangs up on him, but he persists until she agrees to a date.
Jun 9 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: June 9, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Reflex".
Jun 9 John appears again on British TV gameshow Pop Quiz, this time against opposite team captain Roger Taylor, from Queen. Together with Hazel O'Connor. John looses by 1 point. (Source), (YouTube).
June 10? Yasmin is having second thoughts about going on a date with Simon. She didnt date many men at this stage in her career. A model friend Joanne Russell was seeing one the Berrow brothers at that time, hence a connection with the band. A flatmate of hers said "Go on, go on, what harm can it do?" until she relented. (source).
Jun 11 Yasmin expects to go to an ordinary, quiet cinema, but for their first date Simon takes her to the red carpet Royal Charity Premiere of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; also attended by the Prince and Princess of Wales. The place is a noisy seething mass of photographers. (Image Gallery).
Jun 12 Simon breaks off his engagement with Claire Stansfield. Claire said it happened after the first date and before the news story broke on the 13th. (Source).
Jun 12 From Britain With Love - The Continuing British Invasion broadcast in the USA, featuring "Hungry Like The Wolf".
Jun 13 The Sun UK Newspaper prints the story "Duran Star Falls For Top Model Yasmin", about Simon dating Yasmin.
Jun 13 Additional crowd and concert footage for Arena is filmed at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center; the 2,000 free tickets are only available through the newspapers Birmingham Evening Mail and London Standard; numerous fans wind up dehydrated and somewhat crushed during several hours of filming.
Jun 14 More crowd and concert footage for Arena is filmed at the Birmingham NEC
Jun 14 Simon apparently slept with Josie Nethersole, where he'd told her that he'd broken up with Claire a few days before but didn't mention Yasmin... Josie revealed the story in The Sunday Mirror in July 1985. (Cover Image), (Story).
Jun 16 "The Reflex” video aired on American Bandstand
Jun 16 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: June 16, 1984 broadcast, featuring "The Reflex" at no.2.
Jun 18 A live version "Of Crime And Passion" is broadcast during this week in the USA, using the radio show album Live Cuts: no. 48, produced by the DIR Broadcasting Corporation.
Jun 20 John appears on Radio 1's My Top Ten show in the UK
Jun ? Studio footage for "Arena" filmed at Twickenham Studios in West London; a Mulcahy staffer goes into a nearby bar (where crew members from the film 1984 are taking a break) to ask if anyone would be willing to walk barelegged past a live tiger for cash, as none of the hired dancers would do it. (There were no takers.)
? Russell Mulcahy suggests the band make The Wild Boys as a teaser for a full-length feature film of the same name, based on the 1971 novel The Wild Boys: A Book Of The Dead by William S. Burroughs. The full feature film was never made.
? The band work on demos for The Wild Boys.
Jun 23 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: June 23, 1984 broadcast, featuring "The Reflex" at no.1.
Jun 24 BBC Rock Hour - 526 broadcast, featuring Duran Duran.
Jun 24 Simon and Yasmin attend The Thompson Twins LP release party in London. (Image Gallery).
Jun 25? Two weeks after their first date, Simon dumps Yasmin “because she wouldn't have sex with me”.
Jun 25 The Reflex” peaks at #5 in Canada
? The compilation album EMI-Odeon: Promocional Invendavel released in Brazil, featuring "The Reflex".
Jul 1-8? The video for “The Wild Boys” and additional studio footage for Arena filmed on the "007 stage" at Pinewood Studios near London, with veteran actor Milo O'Shea (who played Dr. Durand Durand in the 1967 movieBarbarella) and director Russell Mulcahy.
Jul 4 John celebrates Independence Day with Octopussy Bond Girl Janine Andrews. They are photographed at Michael Caine's party at his restaurant; London's Langans Brasserie, Mayfair, and later at Embassy Nightclub, Mayfair.
Jul 4 While at the Langans Brasserie party, John spots James Bond producer Cubby Broccoli, and drunkenly suggests Duran should do the next Bond theme. "When are you gonna have a F*** decent theme tune again? Its been a while". "Huh? Do you guys wanna do it?" was the response, "Give me a call over the next couple of days." (The Nations Favourite James Bond Song, from 40:55), (Bond Story).
Jul 5 The James Bond producers get in contact with Duran management. John gets a call from Cubby Broccoli, asking him to go down to London to meet with his people. John turns up and convinces the execs at the board meeting that Duran should do the next James Bond theme. John returns to Pinewood to continue filming of The Wild Boys video. (Bond Story).

Note: In some versions of this story, Andy is at the airport ready to leave the band. John convinces Andy to stay on the basis of the James Bond theme.

Jul 6? The big wheel on the set of The Wild Boys video breaks down, just as Simons head is underwater. He is unable to breath for a few moments until they give him a small length of rubber hose to breath through. Simon is hung upside down with the breathing hose for 20 minutes before they manage to release him and get the contraption moving again.
Jul 7? Skaters from Starlight Express are hired to skate around The Wild Boys set.
Jul 7? Initial demo session for A View to a Kill according to Simon. Nick brings a small keyboard into the studio dressing room, and starts to play some chords. Simon knew the movie's title already, and sings the line "Meeting you, with a view to a kill". (Source).
Jul 8 Rio album peaks at #82 in the UK in the 4th run.
Jul 8? Filming of The Wild Boys video completed at Pinewood. Editing takes a couple of weeks.
Jul 14 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: July 14, 1984 broadcast, featuring "The Reflex" at no.5.
Jul 19? The band get together with Nile Rodgers at Maison Rouge Studios, Fulham - which is near Chelsea Football Club. The football supporters clash with Duran fans gathered outside of the studio. (Source).
Jul 20 Band records “The Wild Boys” with producer Nile Rodgers; who had previously remixed the single "The Reflex", at Maison Rouge studios in southwest London. (Image), (Image).
Jul 20 As a favor, Simon and Andy perform backup vocals for the Sister Sledge track “Lost In Music ('84 Remix)” that Nile is recording in the studio next door. (YouTube).
Jul 21 Dick Clark National Music Survey: July 21, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Reflex".
Jul 27 Roger (24) marries dancer Giovanna Cantone (22) in Naples, Italy. Lead singer Simon LeBon was best man. After the English-language ceremony, the couple and their friends and relatives boarded a boat for a tour of the Bay of Naples. Miss Cantone was working in the cloakroom of the Rum Runner Club in Birmingham, England, when she met Roger Taylor four years ago - long before the band found fame. They honeymoon in Egypt, far from the crowds.(Wedding Image), (Image), (Image), (Image), (Image), (Kiss Image).
May 27 Rio album peaks at #63 in the UK in the 4th run.
Jul 29? John gives a special interview for RAI 1 in Italy. He sounds worn out smokes during the interview. They mention recent criticism of the band in Melody Maker magazine, and John replies he doesnt follow the bad press. He jokes about Cary Grant in their next video. Italian Dubbed. (YouTube).
? Japanese Suntory Q Whisky commercials feature "The Reflex"; bootlegged on Tokyo Tapes.(YouTube), (YouTube), (Better), & “Is There Something I Should Know?”. (YouTube). [NB the advertising campaign may well have been later in 1984, as the cover for & article/advert in "Liquor Store" magazine, in the vein of the 2 store posters, didn't appear until the Aug-Sept issue.]
? Simon sees Yasmin's photo in Mike Owen's photography book.
Aug 16 Supercool Belgian TV show airs the band miming to The Reflex. (YouTube).
Aug 18 Nick (22) weds heiress Julie Anne Friedman (25) in a private civil ceremony at Marylebone registry office in London, wearing a pink velvet tuxedo and top hat; his "best man" is good friend Elayne Griffiths
Aug 18? Nick holds a posh wedding reception at the Savoy Hotel in London
Aug-Sep Nick and Julie Anne take a three-week honeymoon cruise in the Greek Islands
Aug 20 Andrew James Taylor (aka "Bear" and “A2”) born to Andy and Tracey
Aug 21? The Band interviewed on Spanish TV show Tocata. Roger is titled Rocky Talyor. (date unknown). (YouTube)
Aug 21 Tocata (Spain) airs Duran Duran's lip-synch performance of “The Reflex”. (YouTube)
Aug ? John vacations in Sicily, gets bored, joins Andy at his pub (Rio in Whitby?)
Smash Hits issues a free flexidisk (with magazine purchase) containing interviews with each of the band members (The Smash Hits Interviews: Duran Duran)
Sep 1 Simon and Clare Stansfield seen at a venue. (Image), (Image).
Sept 5? Simon and Nick take part in an interview in a small boat on a lake, in a segment for the UKs The Tube show, interviewed by Paula Yates. They mention the Arena project which was filmed over the summer, and its escalating costs. Nick is wearing his wedding ring. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Sep 6-13? Simon sails in the Rolex Swan World Cup, Porto Servo, Sardinia, and meets American racing veteran Skip Novak, later to captain Drum in the Fastnet and Whitbread races.
Sept 14 Duran attends the MTV Video Awards; Nick and Simon present an award for Best Female Music Video to Cyndi Lauper for "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"; bootlegged on The Unseen 1984 Collection. (YouTube).
Sept 19 Nick (with black hair) attends Nile Rogers Birthday Party, at the Limelight's VIP Room in NYC, also celebrating the success of The Wild Boys. (Image).
Sept 22 Video Beat with Richard Blade airs another Duran themes show, entitled Duran Duran Day. Featuring Interviews and music videos from Duran Duran. Including, "My Own Way", "Rio", "The Reflex", "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Save a Prayer". (Source).
Oct 'Dancing on the Valentine video EP is released, containing videos for “Union of the Snake”, “The Reflex”, and “New Moon on Monday
? Simon appears as a Knight in shining armour, riding a white medieval horse, on British TV. Simon rides up to a school hall, mustering up all of his acting skills, and carries off a bewildered student in his arms. The clip is followed by what sounds like the first note of The Wild Boys? (YouTube).
Oct 23 Bob Geldof sees a BBC television news story about famine in Ethiopia. (YouTube).
Oct 24 Simon gets a call from his friend Bob Geldof, and promises to sing a charity record, where all the proceeds go to Ethiopia.
Oct 25 Simon interviewed on UK TV's Good Morning Britain show, with host Fern Britton. A clip of the Wild Boys video is shown. (YouTube).
Oct 26 The Wild Boys” single released, backed with “Cracks in the Pavement (live)
Oct 27 Nick and Simon on the cover of No.1 Magazine - with caption 'Wild Boys'. (Image Cover).
Oct 27 BBC TV Late Late Breakfast Show airs a lip-synched performance of “The Wild Boys”. The audience then sings Happy Birthday to Simon. Simon's Father (John) also gets a bottle of Champagne. Simon and Nick wore commissionaires disguises to fool the audience. (Full YouTube)
Oct 28? Simon is invited in to a studio to record a demo of the song Do They Know It's Christmas?. He sings the whole song, and is under the impression he will sing the whole of the finished song, which will be recorded after the band get back from finish mixing Arena in New York in November. (Source).
Oct 29? The band lip-synch The Wild Boys on Swedish TV show. Simon (with long hair) is interviewed. He confirms band are working on the new James Bond song. You dont have to be good looking to have hit records. The host claims the fans have 'mass hysteria', comparing the band to The Beatles. Andy almost tips during the performance, and stops playing at some points. Airs November. (YouTube)
Nov 1 Top of the Pops airs Duran's lip-synch performance of “The Wild Boys”. (YouTube).
Unless the show was broadcast live (special editions or after a bank holiday Monday), it was always filmed on the day before during this period - so Weds 31st.
Nov 2? Duran Duran starts working on "A View to a Kill" (according to Nick) Facebook. The band invite John Barry to John's Knightsbridge house, but they are all drunk when he gets there. John Barry disappears and comes back much later, very drunk. They briefly talk in John's kitchen, then they put him in a taxi.
Nov 3 The Wild Boys” released in the US, and peaks at #2 US
Nov 3 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: November 3, 1984 broadcast, featuring "The Wild Boys".
Sing Blue Silver documentary video and Arena concept/concert film released on VHS, Beta, and laserdisc
Nov 3 Nick and Simon finally allowed back on BBCs Saturday Superstore. They appear with Nick Kershaw and F1 driver Derrick Warwick, answer fan questions, and comment on the latest songs. Nick says The Moody Blues song 'The Voice' sounds like Noah's Ark. (Part 1), (Part 2), (clip).
Nov 4? The band fly to New York to mix the Arena album.
Nov 4 Nick gives an interview for Rock Influence, wearing a colourful shirt, and talking about his unique sense of fashion. (YouTube).
Nov 5? Mixing of the Arena album begins in New York.
Nov 5? John moves to a New York apartment on the Upper West Side (in the apartment next door to Boy George) during the mixing of the Arena album
At the suggestion of the Berrows and Russell Mulcahy, As The Lights Go Down, a one-hour concert video, is created from Arena by trimming out the conceptual and storyline elements (John apparently was not keen on the idea)
Nov ? Sing Blue Silver & As The Lights Go Down shown on MTV. (Intro).
Nov ? Dutch TV show Topop airs a lip-synched performance of “The Wild Boys” (without Andy)
Nov 7 British TV show Razzmatazz airs, with a short interview and a lip-synched performance of “The Wild Boys”. (YouTube).
Nov 11 The Wild Boys” peaks at #2 in UK.
Nov 12 Arena live album released worldwide; it includes studio single “The Wild Boys
Nov ? Our Price music store in the UK advertises Arena and The Wild Boys. (YouTube).
Nov ? Simon and John appear on Entertainment Tonight in the US. They talk about Arena. (YouTube)
Nov 17 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: November 17, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Wild Boys" at no.19.
Nov 18 Arena peaks at #6 in UK
Nov 22? Arena album mixing in New York completed.
Nov 24 Duran tapes a performance of “The Reflex” and “The Wild Boys” for Thommy's Pop Show at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany.
bootlegged on The Crystal Ship. Airs 8th Dec 1984. (Reflex), (Reflex), (WB)
Nov 24? The band fly to London.
Nov 25 Duran participates in Band Aid recording of “Do They Know It's Christmas?” at Trevor Horn's Sarm West Studio in London. When Simon arrives, having demo'd the whole song, he wonders if all the other people there are to help him sing the chorus. Boy George arrives late in the evening, greeted by Simon. (YouTube).
Nov 25 BBC Rock Hour - 548 broadcast, featuring Duran Duran.
Nov 25 Italian TV show Discoring airs a short interview. (YouTube).
Nov 26 Nick releases Interference, an art book of Polaroids mostly from 1984.
Nov ? Nick is interviewed on the Kulture Shock TV show, for Tyne Tees TV, by Paula Yates. They talk about the new book. A clip of the band performing GOF in 1981 is shown. Broadcast by Videomusic, 1984. The show airs March 29th 1985.(YouTube), (YouTube), (YouTube), (GOF - 1981).
Nov 26 Second day of recording of “Do They Know It's Christmas?”. (YouTube).
? John and Jody Watley (who he met at the “Do They Know It's Christmas?” recording session) date briefly.
Nov 27? The band fly to Germany for promotion. (Also possible date for starting AVTAK?.
Nov 28 Duran Duran lip-synchs “The Wild Boys” on German TV show Musikladen in Bremen, Germany; the show also premieres the video of “Do They Know It's Christmas?
Nov 30 Duran (minus Roger) lip-synchs “The Wild Boys” on German TV show WWF Club, while Roger attends the funeral of his grandfather.
bootlegged on Wild
Dec 1 Arena peaks at #4 in US
Dec 1 Neil Gaiman's book Duran Duran: The First Four Years of the Fab Five is published by Proteus Publishing Co.
Dec 1? Duran travels to Spain for promotion
Dec 1? John, Simon and Nick do an interview about their videos on Spanish TV show Disco Visto, broadcast 24th Jan 1985, and tapes a holiday greeting for the Spanish Viva 92 show. John looks bleary eyed, perhaps from jet lag. Nick has a 'Western Bow Tie', which he wears during December. (YouTube), (Xmas Greet).
Dec 1? Duran lip-synchs “The Wild Boys” and “The Reflex” on the Spanish TV show Tocata
Dec 1? Duran lip-synchs "Union of the Snake", “The Wild Boys” and “Is There Something I Should Know?” on the Spanish TV show Tocata. Broadcast on Dec 25th. (YouTube), (YouTube).
Dec 2? Nick, Roger and Simon fly back to the UK, John and Andy fly to New York?
Dec 2 Nick and Simon appear on "Countdown" Australia with an ident (a link) for The Wild Boys. (YouTube).
Dec 3 Do They Know It's Christmas?”, backed with “Feed The World”, released in UK
Dec 3? John spends a day with girlfriend Bebe Buell. They talk about making a song together.
Dec 4? John in New York plans to cut a funky version of T Rex's “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” with girlfriend Bebe Buell and drummer Tony Thompson; Andy comes along for the ride.
Dec 4 Rock Over London: 149 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Wild Boys".
Dec The Wild Boys” single peaks at #2 in Canada
Dec 4? John and Andy guest on a Tony Thompson solo project (?)
Dec 4? Tony introduces John and Andy to Chic bassist Bernard Edwards, now a producer; they cut a demo of Bebe singing "Get It On (Bang a Gong) " just before John and Bebe break up
Dec 5? John and Bebe Buell go their separate ways.
Dec 5? John, Andy, Tony and Mars Williams (Psychedelic Furs saxophonist, previously approached by Duran to join their live band) discuss doing an album with several different singers, and propose calling the project “Big Brother”
Dec 5? Tony Thompson approaches Mick Jagger about singing on the project
Dec 5? John suggests Robert Palmer as a guest vocalist; who they had supported in 1983?. He flys in from his home in Nassau, writing new song lyrics on the aeroplane.
Dec 5? Mars Williams is enthusiastic about the project; he rents studio time for a multitude of friends to come and jam (John, Andy, Tony, Bernard, Mars, Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Tommy Price, Mick Ronson and Robert Palmer, among others)
Dec 5-6? Mars plays club shows around New York City under a variety of names, and many of these friends play live with him; other guests include Tim and Richard Butler, Paul Garristo, and Ian Hunter; during one show at the Limelight, John and Andy play with Mick Ronson
Dec 6? John, Andy and Tony demo “Some Like It Hot" and "Murderess, and they invite Robert Palmer to do the vocals for "Communication". When he hears they've already done "Get It On (Bang a Gong) ”, he asks to have a crack at that one as well, and impresses Bernard enough that he suggests doing the whole album with Robert.
Dec 7? The newly named Power Station begin recording during the first week of December; Bernard Edwards produces.
Dec 7? John and Andy move in to New York's Carlisle Hotel during the recording of the Power Station album, and end up staying for six months, spending nearly half a million dollars.
Dec 7? Capitol/EMI signs Power Station to a contract
Dec 7 Simon and Yasmin attend the London premier of Spielberg's Gremlins. Yasmin wears a red coat over the chequered shirt. Simon gives a brief comment after the screening. (YouTube).
Dec Disco Mix Club: December 84 Mixes released, featuring "The Reflex" and "The Wild Boys".
Dec ? Nick and Simon interviewed in San Tropez. Simon wears a black beret. Nick sounds nasal. They say Arena will have The Wild Boys on it. John and Andy are recording with Bernard Edwards. Simon hopes to start writing the new album soon. (YouTube).
Dec 8? Footage for The Power Station Video EP is recorded during this period in New York. It airs on UK TV The Tube show, April 9th 1985. (YouTube Extended).
Dec 8 Dick Clark National Music Survey: December 8, 1984 broadcast in the USA, featuring "The Wild Boys" at no.2.
Dec 8 Duran Duran on Tommy's Popshow Extra airs on German TV, recorded Nov 29?. (Reflex), (Reflex), (WB), (WB).
Dec 10 The Wild Boys” becomes Duran's first (and only) #1 single in Germany, only to be dethroned by “Do They Know It's Christmas?” three weeks later.
Dec 10 The Source syndicated radio show airs across US, featuring tracks from Arena
Dec 10 The US premiere of “Do They Know It's Christmas?”.
Dec 10? Simon and Nick start working on Arcadia project.
Dec 10 Rona Elliot interviews Simon and Nick from Abbey Road studios in London, with fans' questions being answered, before the US radio premier of Do They Know It's Christmas?. Nick provides sound effects from his Fairlight CMI in a sound box/booth in the studio, and answers a question about it, while Simon tells him to "get back in your box". Simon tells the story about toy soldiers on his window sill to keep away werewolves, and they confirm having started the new Bond song with John Barry. They say Union of the Snake is about Kundalini. (YouTube).
Dec 11? Simon, John and Bob Geldof appear live in New York via satellite from London, one week after the UK release of Do They Know It's Christmas?. John looks worse for wear. (YouTube).
Dec Mid American MTV interviews Simon and Nick. Nick has a black and white hairstyle and looks amazing. (YouTube clip).
Dec 14? The Power Station Video EP ends? (YouTube Extended).
Dec 23? Duran Duran and John Barry working on recording "A View to a Kill", dates around Christmas according to Nick. Simon says the song was already finished by this point. Nick and John Barry famously have a heated argument about the chords to use in the chorus. Nick won the argument, and John Barry's ideas are reduced to a simple backing harmony. The A View To A Kill Demo Sessions later appeared on various bootlegs such as The Medicine. Facebook Video
Dec 25?? The band appear on Spanish TV. Simon wishes everyone a happy Christmas in Spanish. (YouTube).
Dec 25 The band appear on BBC Top of the Pops Christmas Special lip-syncing to both “The Reflex”. (YouTube) & The Wild Boys (YouTube) - as well as Do They Know It's Christmas?, with all of the Band Aid stars. (YouTube).
As a special, there's no logical date for filming.
Dec 26 Sing Blue Silver premieres on British station ITV
Dec 27 As The Lights Go Down premieres on ITV. (Intro).
Dec 27? Nick holds an party for the opening of an exhibition (running through January 9) for Interference at the Hamilton Gallery, London. (Images of the Event).
Dec 28? Julie Anne steals the headlines by wearing a dress that reveals a generous amount of derrière. (Image).
Dec 28 BBC TV airs a special Christmas edition of the game show Pop Quiz; Duran Duran defeats Spandau Ballet. Nicks Western Bow Tie with a white jacket resembles Colonel Sanders. (Source), (Youtube), (1),(3),(4).
Dec 30 BBC sock Hour - 553 broadcast, featuring "The Reflex".
Dec 31 American Top 40 Year-End Countdown 1984 with Casey Kasem broadcast, featuring "New Moon on Monday", "Union of the Snake" and "The Reflex".
Dec 31 The Viva 92 New Year's Eve show features the premiere of "The Wild Boys" video in Spain.
Dec 31 Simon and John join Frankie Goes To Hollywood on stage at the MTV New Year's Eve Rock'n'Roll Ball. John and Simon drunkenly join Frankie on stage during Relax and wish everyone a Happy New Year. (YouTube), (YouTube).
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