Tim Palmer
Background information
Born UK
Occupation Recorded producer, audio engineer, songwriter
Associated acts Robert Plant
The Mission

Tim Palmer is a British record producer], audio engineer and songwriter of rock and alternative music, who worked on Duran Duran's Thank You album.



Palmer worked as an assistant engineer at Utopia Studios in London, England in the early 1980s. During his time at Utopia he worked with musicians such as Mark Knopfler and Dead or Alive.

Later in the 1980s Palmer became a producer for acts such as Robert Plant, The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Mission, Gene Loves Jezebel, and the House of Love, giving them a more pop sound and more radio airplay than the respective bands had previously had. In 1989, Palmer produced Tin Machine's debut LP.


In the 1990s, Palmer turned his attention to mixing and remixing working with bands such as Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, James, Catherine Wheel, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, The Cure, Concrete Blonde, and working on Duran Duran's Thank You album during this period.

Palmer also relocated to Los Angeles, CA, to build his own mixing facility. Palmer mixed several tracks on U2's 2000 album, All That You Can't Leave Behind.

Palmer also produced the albums Dark Light and Venus Doom by HIM as well as Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity.

Palmer also mixed Porcupine Tree's successful album In Absentia in 2002.

Palmer also mixed Julien-K`s debut album - Death To Analogue, which released on March 10, 2009.

As of June 2009, Palmer worked with the Goo Goo Dolls on their ninth studio album, titled Something for the Rest of Us.

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