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Thunder Eyes
At teyes
unofficial compilation album
Country Unknown Question-mark duran duran wikipedia logo discogs collection
Released Unknown
Label Unknown Label
Genre Rock
Length 14 tracks
Format CD
Producer Various
Andy Taylor

Thunder Eyes is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of Andy Taylor related tracks.

About the album[]

The album includes "When The Rain Comes Down", an Andy Taylor solo song released on the Miami Vice 2: Soundtrack.

"She Can Rock It" is also included, the only single released from The Power Station's Living In Fear album.

The track "We Fight For Love" featured in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Commando in 1985.

Track listing[]

  1. "When The Rain Comes Down"
  2. "Wings of Love"
  3. "Rosalie" (1987)
  4. "Beast of Burden" (1987)
  5. "Dead On The Money"
  6. "Winner With You"
  7. "Suffragette City"
  8. "Be Good To Yourself"
  9. "Sleeping With The Past"

With The Power Station:

  1. "She Can Rock It" (Radio Edit)
  2. "Charanga"
  3. "Power Trippin'"
  4. "We Fight For Love"
  5. "Murderess" (Live Aid 1985)