This Lost Weekend
All you need is now duran duran c
song by Duran Duran
Released 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Pop
Length 3:12 minutes
Label Skin Divers, S-Curve Records
Writer(s) Duran Duran
Producer(s) Duran Duran
Matthew Hager
Duran Duran

"This Lost Weekend" is a song by Duran Duran, released on the limited vinyl collectors edition of the album All You Need Is Now in 2011.

About the songEdit

Co-produced by Matthew Hager, Nick Rhodes announced the name of the song during a 2011 Valentine's Day video message. This message was filmed by Gavin Elder and posted on

Rhodes said "This Lost Weekend" is a slow song and sounds like Motown, which is nothing like anything on All You Need Is Now. He also commented that Joshua Blair and himself had just finished mixing the song, along with several others at 3am the night before.


Duran Duran are:



this lost weekend

by the evening I can

smile at the memory

the taint of scandal on my skin, yeah

and it seems that I’ve been manic

so gravelly quite

the joker on a string

so I’m leaving all my trouble to history

but you know how I will pretend, oh

ah ha high high…


show no mercy to this clown please remind me

should I forget this lost weekend, oh oh

why ah ah…

lucky nothing

could have done without the sighing

(should I forget this lost weekend)

you can’t work the humbling

trying to hush it all up now

(should I forget this lost weekend)

don’t blow it all or nothing

don’t watch me now I’m blushing

(should I forget this lost weekend)

don’t bother me or nothing

I, I’m busy working

(should I forget this lost weekend)

I’m working on to something

I ah ah

(should I forget this lost weekend)

<and your testing my all entire meds?>

(should I forget this lost weekend)

(should I forget this lost weekend)

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