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The video archives volume XXXVIII DURAN DURAN A
compilation DVD
Released unknown
Recorded 2005-07
Genre Pop, Interview
Length 11 tracks
Label Blitz Productions Ltd
Producer various
Fashion Rocks 2005
Good Morning America

The Video Archives: Volume XXXVIII 2005-2007 is an unofficial Duran Duran 11-track compilation DVD, released by Blitz Productions Ltd.

About the DVD[]

The DVD is a collection of Duran Duran live performances and media appearances, compiled from TV broadcasts between 2005 and 2007. The compilation begins with singer Gwen Stefani introducing Duran Duran at the Fashion Rocks 2005 Show, a charity fundraising event for the victims of Hurricane Katrina which includes live performances of "Girls on Film" and "Nice".

Also included are performances from Concert for Diana and Live Earth London, two events held at London's Wembley Stadium on two consecutive Saturdays in July 2007.

Track listing[]

01. (UKTV) Fashion Rocks 09/09/05:

02. (UKTV) BBC’s The True Top of the Pops Story 2005:

  • Interview with Simon and Nick

03. Ovation Popular Song: Soundtrack of the Century Modern Pop 2001 (Recorded 5/29/05):

04. IFC presents Crossover (2001) Broadcast Date 05/13/06:

  • Interview with John Taylor discussing crossing over from music to film.

05. VH1’s 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006:

06. Concert For Diana 7/1/07:

07. Live Earth 7/14/07:

08. Entertainment Tonight 09/17/07:

  • Duran Duran perform at the after party for the Emmy Awards. Visuals of the band live at the after party.

09. Eyewitness News 11/09/07:

  • Union Stager personnel go out on strike affecting the Duran Duran on Broadway series of shows. Visual of Simon arriving at the Barrymore Theartre at the night of the strike.

10. Eyewitness News Morning Edition 11/16/07:

11. Good Morning America 11/16/07:

12. The 35th Annual American Music Awards 11/18/07:

13. The Ellen DeGenerous Show 11/21/07:

  • Opening, Ellen discusses DD on the show later, teaser, "Falling Down", plus interview with Simon and "Rio" (live).