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The Video Archives: Volume II
The video archives DURAN DURAN 1
compilation DVD
Released unknown
Recorded 1980s
Genre Pop, interview
Length 33 tracks
Label Blitz Productions Ltd
Producer various
"A View To A Kill" - Wogan
"Anyone Out There" - Off The Record

The Video Archives: Volume II is an unofficial Duran Duran 33-track compilation DVD, released by Blitz Productions Ltd.

About the DVD[]

The DVD is a collection of Duran Duran and band related live performances and media appearances, compiled from TV broadcasts mainly from 1985. The compilation includes the complete 1981 Off The Record show, which was Duran Duran's first ever television in concert performance and tickets were only available through the Fan Club.

Also included is the whole of Timeslip, a pilot for a proposed science-fiction anthology programme which John Taylor made his first film appearance outside of Duran Duran.

Track listing[]

01. MTV Special: Music of the 80’s:

  • Profile and Interview with the band.

02. UK TV The Terry Wogan Show (summer 1985):

03. UK TV (May 1985):

04. VH1’s Pop Up Video (12/96):

05. VH1’s Pop Up Video (8/97):

06. Friday Night Videos (1984):

o7. Cinemax Presents Timeslip (1985):

08. "The Wild Boys" (MTV version)

  • Known as 7” version.

09. "Save A Prayer" (live)

20. Off The Record:

21. Bob Hope Special (05/28/1985):

22. Live At Five (summer 1985):

23. Saturday Night Live (spring 1985):

24. MTV Music News (summer 1985):

25. MTV News: The Week in Rock (July 1985):

  • John (surprise gig).

26. MTV Music News (July 1985):

27. The Top 20 Video Countdown (July 1985):

28. MTV Music News (1985):

29. MTV Music News (1985):

  • Press conference of 'Super Concert I'.

30. The Top 20 Video Countdown (1985):

31. "Election Day" music video (1985):

  • Version I.

32. MTV Commercial (1985):

33. London Calling (December 1985):