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The Underdog Has Landed
The underdog has landed andy taylor album
album by Andy Taylor
Released 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Rock, pop
Length 7 tracks
Label andy-taylor-music.com
Producer Andy Taylor
Rock Nights Ibiza poster
The underdog has landed andy taylor
Andy Taylor

The Underdog Has Landed is an Andy Taylor album, released as a download by andy-taylor-music.com in 2008.

About the Album[]

The album was recorded at Andy Taylor Studios Ibiza in April 2008, and is Taylor's first musical project since his departure from Duran Duran in 2006. The Underdog Has Landed was showcased live at the Rock Nights event held at the Somni Club just outside the Ibiza town of Figueretas on Saturday the 11th July 2008. All tracks were written by Taylor and Fevertree singer Liam Keenan.

Track listing[]

All tracks written by Taylor and Keenan

  1. "Underdog" - NexTronica Mix- Extended vocal
  2. "Underdog" - NexTronica Mix- Radio vocal
  3. "Underdog" - NexTronica Mix- Instrumental
  4. "Underdog" - Tomas Hedberg - Hedtronix Ibiza Dub
  5. "Underdog" - Davina - Darktronix Mix
  6. "Underdog" - Dubtronic Mix
  7. "Underdog" - Live Band Mix


  • Andy Taylor - Guitar and vocal
  • Liam Keenan - Vocals and piano
  • Joe Breban - Drums
  • Miky Dunn - Bass