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The Today Show
NBC Today titles duran duran
Background information
Genre News, talk show, interviews
Presenter(s) Deborah Norville
Kathie Lee Gifford
Channel NBC
Broadcast date 29 December 2010
Broadcast time 6:00am-10:00am
featuring Duran Duran

The Today Show (29 December 2010) is an American morning news and talk show, broadcast by NBC every morning and featured members of Duran Duran on that date.

About the show[]

Broadcast from Studio 1A in the Rockefeller Center, New York, the show features breaking news, interviews, popular-culture stories and the latest weather reports. The show also offers visitors to New York City a chance to observe firsthand the workings of a live television broadcast with its windowed studio on Rockefeller Plaza.

Presented by Deborah Norville and Kathie Lee Gifford, the 29 December 2010 edition featured an interview with Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes. The interview began with a discussion about "Hungry Like The Wolf" and continued with "All You Need Is Now", adding that the band had changed their style but kept true to Duran Duran's original ethics. Answering the question 'Why do you think you guys have lasted 30 years?', Rhodes answered "You have to have the ambition to keep writing songs, then go out and play them". There was also a photo of Princess Diana with the band, taken at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala in 1983.