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The Power Station: Performances
compilation DVD
Released 2005
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 10 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer The Power Station
The Power Station

The Power Station: Performances is an unofficial compilation DVD, featuring a collection of TV recordings by The Power Station.

About the DVD[]

The DVD includes The Power Station's appearance on the Miami Vice: Whatever Works episode, first aired on 4 October 1985. During this episode the band performed "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" in a club scene with singer Michael Des Barres.

The compilation also includes recordings from Live Aid in Philadelphia attended by about 99,000 people, plus a live performance of "She Can Rock It".

Track listing[]

  1. Live Aid
  2. Miami Vice appearance
  3. Saturday Night Live
  4. Power Station comp. ("Some Like It Hot", Miami Vice, "Get It On (Bang a Gong)"
  5. Power Station press conf. (MTV)
  6. MTV Year in Rock '85 (Power Station & Arcadia)
  7. Japan T.V: (Some Like It Hot" and "She Can Rock It" live )
  8. "She Can Rock It" (Top Music '96)
  9. "Communication" video
  10. Live in Chicago - full show


The Power Station are: