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The Power (Is Wot It Is)
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song by Warren Cuccurullo
Released 8 December 2015
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 1 track
Label Download
Producer(s) DoUBLEyOuSEe
Warren Cuccurullo

"The Power (Is Wot It Is)" is a song by Warren Cuccurullo, written during N'Liten Up demo sessions in 2004.

About the song[]

The song became "Is Wot it Is (The SIGNAL)", the first track on the concept album N'Liten Up released in 2015. The album is more of a show that tells a story with different characters.

Warren Cuccurullo wrote and also produced the track under the name of DoUBLEyOuSEe with American musician/producer Simone Sello.

The track has an electronic sound with uptempo drum beats.

Other appearances[]



is wot it is --- wot is love? -- is wot it is
is wot it is --- god is love --- is wot it is
is wot it is --- wot is god? -- is wot it is
is wot it is --- god is love
i'm just back from a meltdown with a different point of view
i write a little melody it hooks me into you
ok we're all connected we should sort each other out
we need to drop the love bomb this is wot it's all about
so let yourself get spiritual, spiritualize
see the world through spiritual, spiritual eyes
i never talked like this when i was in duran duran
you were in duran duran? --- uh huh
(repeat chorus)
(dale calls:...... )
(repeat chorus)