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The Making of Arcadia
Making of arcadia
video by Arcadia
released 1987
Recorded 1985
Genre Pop
Length 56 minutes
Label various-see listings
Producer various-see credits
laser disc cover
Arcadia laser disc edited
Japan dvd edited edited
Arcadia VHS front
Arcadia VHS Japan contents
1986arcadia phonecard

The Making of Arcadia (also known as Arcadia) is a Arcadia video, originally released in 1987.

About the video[]

The video is a film documentary directed by Phil McDonald, that follows Arcadia during the production stage of five of the band's music videos. The video features the complete full length of these videos including "Election Day", with its dark and moody Gothic imagery inspired by Jean Cocteau's 1946 film La Belle et la Bete.

There is also rare location footage included, plus interviews with band members Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes. The third band member Roger Taylor was only involved with the musical side of creating their album So Red the Rose and does not feature in the videos.

Track listing[]

  1. Intro
  2. The making of the "Election Day" video
  3. "Election Day" - Concensus Mix (music video) (8:39)
  4. The making of "The Promise" video
  5. "The Promise" - 7" Mix (music video) (4:45)
  6. The making of the "Goodbye Is Forever" video
  7. "Goodbye Is Forever" - Single Mix (music video) (4:08)
  8. The making of "The Flame" video
  9. "The Flame" - Remix With Over Dubs (music video) (3:59)
  10. The making of the "Missing" video
  11. "Missing" - Album Fade (music video) (3:31)
  12. End Titles


Arcadia are:

Video Directors:

Video Producers:


  • Castle Music Video CMV 1054 (Germany 1987 - VHS)
  • Fan Club O80-1077 29750 (Japan 2003 - DVD)
  • Fan Club 29774 9 (Japan 2007 - DVD)
  • PMI PMI-005-87 (Spain 1987 - VHS)
  • PMI MVP 9911382 (UK 1987 - VHS)
  • Toshiba-EMI TT80-1170FI (Japan 1987 - VHS)
  • Toshiba-EMI LO80-1077 (Japan 1987 - Laser Disc)

Japanese Phonecard Offer[]

As per the image of the Japanese VHS, the sticker on the cellophane states that there's an offer for an Arcadia phonecard with the VHS until the 30th of April 1987.

The image of the sticker isn't great, but I believe that this was a mail in offer using the enclosed form - akin to the scratch-off prize thing from the Arena LD sticker sheet; where the closing date relates to the postmark.