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The Lost Years Vol. 1
Ellis Beggs & Howard - The Lost Years Vol 1 duran duran
album by Ellis Beggs & Howard
Released 1997
Recorded 1989-92
Genre Pop
Length 9 tracks
Label www.nickbeggs.co.uk
Producer Ellis, Beggs & Howard
featuring Warren Cuccurullo

The Lost Years Vol. 1 is an album by Ellis Beggs & Howard, released as a download on Nick Beggs' own website in 1997 and features Warren Cuccurullo..

About the album[]

The album is by Simon Ellis, Nick Beggs and Austin Howard, a band who started in late 1987 by playing a few low-key shows in London and included Kajagoogoo member Nick Beggs. After the failure of their first album Homelands in the UK and despite its success elsewhere in Europe, tensions in the band became overwhelming. Nevertheless, from 1989 they recorded the basic tracks of what was to have been their second album at the Eazee Hire rehearsal complex in London.

The album was not released by a label at the time, apart from "Chocolate Coated Money" which was distributed to clubs in 1991. The album is notable for contributions from Warren Cuccurullo and Robert Fripp.

Track listing[]

  1. "Are You A Believer?"
  2. "Tears of Joy"
  3. "Fears of Love"
  4. "Bomb, Kiss Me (In The Right Place)"
  5. "I Need You"
  6. "Bubbling Over"
  7. "Looking For Daisy"
  8. "Chocolate Coated Money" (12" Mix)
  9. "Chocolate Coated Money" (7" Mix)


Ellis, Beggs & Howard are:

  • Simon Ellis - Keyboards
  • Nick Beggs - Bass, Chapman stick
  • Austin Howard - Vocals


  • Paul Harvey - Guitar
  • Robbie France - Drums
  • Harry Sutcliffe - Keyboards
  • Warren Cuccurullo - Guitar
  • Robert Fripp - Guitar