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The Liberty Sessions
DMD-CD-0102 the liberty sessions duran duran wikipedia discogs
unofficial compilation album
Country Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
Catalogue no. DMD-CD-0102
Label DMD
Format 2xCDr
Length 32 tracks
Released 1999
Recorded 1989-90
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

The Liberty Sessions is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation, released in the Czech Republic by DMD during 1999.

About the album[]

This is a collection of Duran Duran demo tracks recorded for the album Liberty, between 1989 and 1990.

There are various unreleased songs, including "Bottleneck", "In Between Woman", "My Family" (played live 1989), "Money On Your Side", "Worth Waiting For" and "Dream Nation".

An early version of "Sin of the City"

"Ordinary World" / "Gimme Some Truth"
Recorded live during a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, on 28 April 1991. "Ordinary World" was performed for the very first time, more than a year before the song was released. Duran Duran also sang "Do You Believe in Shame?" at this show.

"I Won't Turn My Back For You"
An early version of "First Impression".

"Nuclear War"
An early version of "Yo Bad Azizi"

"Live-In Lover"
An Early version of "Violence Of Summer"

"Water Babies"
An early version of "All Along The Water"

Track listing[]


Disc 1[]

  1. "Hothead" (Version 1 Alternate Vocals)
  2. "Serious" (Instrumental Demo Outtake)
  3. "Bottleneck"
  4. "Money On Your Side"
  5. "Second Alibi"
  6. "My Antarctica" (Alternate Lyrics)
  7. "Dream Nation" (Version 1)
  8. "In Between Woman" (Version 1)
  9. "Worth Waiting For" (Version 1)
  10. "My Family" (Version 1)
  11. "I Won't Turn My Back For You"
  12. "Venice Drowning" (Alternate Lyrics)
  13. "Can You Deal With It?" - John Taylor lead vocals
  14. "Second Alibi"
  15. "Serious" (Alternate Lyrics)
  16. Untitled (Instrumental Demo)
  17. "Ordinary World" (Live 1991)

Disc 2[]

  1. "Violence Of Summer" (Early 12" Mix)
  2. "My Antarctica"
  3. "First Impression" (Instrumental Demo)
  4. "Liberty" (Live Rehearsal)
  5. "Nuclear War"
  6. "Violence Of Summer" (Instrumental Demo)
  7. "Downtown"
  8. "Can You Deal With It?" (Alternative Lyrics)
  9. "My Family" (Instrumental Demo)
  10. "Liberty" (Alternative Lyrics)
  11. "Live-in Lover"
  12. "Hothead" (Demo Version 2)
  13. "Water Babies"
  14. "Venice Drowning" (Instrumental Demo)
  15. "Gimme Some Truth" (Live 1991)


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