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The Latin Rascals
Background information
Occupation Music producers, DJs, remixers
Genres Freestyle, House, Club, Dance
Associated acts Fat Boys
Aretha Franklin
producers / DJ's

The Latin Rascals is a collective name for Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran, who are DJ's, producers and remixers. Their work has included remixing Duran Duran's "Notorious".



The Latin Rascals began their career back in 1981, when Albert Cabrera and his friend Tony Moran, teamed to create a whole new step in the record making process. They helped create the mid-'80s, edit heavy genre of dance music known as freestyle. Working as DJs in the early '80s, the duo realised that after the disco backlash dance music wasn't the most popular of genres. Still, they were working in the U.S. capital of club culture, New York, and after much hustling they were able to score a high profile gig as mix masters on WKTU's popular "lunch time mix" program. It was there that they unleashed their bedroom edits, songs by acts like Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones that had been re-mixed and lengthened. Cabrera and Moran were then tapped by Fever records to produce the Cover Girls and the resulting single, "Show Me," became a club hit. For the next few years the duo had a good little run, releasing their own dance singles, as well as re-mixing many a popular rap, rock, and R&B act. Their success was based largely on re-tooling other artists' hits, though, and eventually the public's interest in this format diminished and the duo parted ways.

Tony Moran[]

Tony Moran credits his freestyle background for the pop sensibility he incorporates into his music, today. "Playing music that generates a feel-good energy is what I love about being a DJ/mix master", explains Tony. He eschews the strict underground house mentality preferred by many of his contemporaries and instead prefers to impart his remixes and productions with a hook laden commercial appeal that is both radio friendly and dance floor ready. Tony measures a successful dance floor with the number of hands in the air, and the number of people dancing and singing along.

Moran currently is considered one of the most well-known DJs in the gay circuit party scene, playing to massive crowds of men at events throughout the country. He continues to produce music and has produced some major hits played in gay dance clubs such as (Put Your Hands Up), (Cafe Con Alegria), and (The Promise).

Duran Duran[]

In 1986 as a first for Duran Duran, their 12" single of "Notorious" was released in two separate editions. The first had a Nile Rodgers produced Extended Mix while the second featured a remix by The Latin Rascals.

A selection of remix credits[]

  • "Freeway Of Love" - Aretha Franklin
  • "Wipe Out" - Fat Boys
  • "My Magic Man" - Rochelle
  • "King Kut" - Word of Mouth
  • "Notorious" - Duran Duran
  • "Party Freak" - Cashflow
  • "You Can Dance" - Madonna