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The Hit Squad
Background information
Members Carlos Berrios
Omar Santana
Occupation Remixing, Editing, Producing
Genres Hardcore, Hard Hop, Breaks, Freestyle
Origin New York, USA
Years active 1980s
Associated acts Duran Duran
T. La Rock
Coati Mundi

The Hit Squad is the collective name for music producers Carlos Berrios and Omar Santana, whose work has included editing Duran Duran's "Meet El Presidente" single in 1987.


Carlos Berrios
Born in Colombia, Carlos moved to New York and started out as a DJ before falling into the editing business in the late 80s. He partnered up with Omar Santana to form The Hit Squad, who were responsible for re-editing many classic hip-hop and freestyle tracks of the time. He also anonymously produced a couple of well-known bootleg 'Mastermix' records in the form of Bits and Pieces 86 and Bits and Pieces 87.

With a growing reputation in the underground as a beat master, Carlos was asked to DJ at the mammoth Queens Arena "Lamour East" in New York. Soon after, Carlos produced his first two records, "Out of Control" by Corina, followed by Jasmin's "On The Loose". Carlos then signed to Profile Records as the artist 'Only In The Dark' and released his first single "Make Noise", which featured first time vocalist Lisette Melendez. Carlos then got Lisette Melendez signed to the RAL/Colombia label and scored his first Top 40 hit with the production of "Together Forever". The record was credited with rejuvenating the pop dance music scene in New York. This led the way for Corina's "Temptation", a single that found it's way into the Top 10. The only Freestyle Record ever to do so.

During the 90s he ran After Dark Records (named for the crew he ran with as a youth in New York) and changed his name to Carlos 'After Dark' Berrios.

He is less active in the music industry these days as his interests now lie more with film acting and directing.

Omar Santana
Born in the borough of Queens in New York, Omar slowly began to make a name for himself by deejaying as part of the Dynamic Rockers Crew. Through this, Omar started linking up with likes of Arthur Baker and Tommy Boy, which led to studio work during the 1980s. This included remixing artists such as Public Enemy, Janet Jackson, Simply Red, Quincy Jones and The Rolling Stones.

Omar began the H2oh Recordings labels, releasing it's own brand of Hardcore tracks. H2oh Recordings built up a strong reputation, which led to a sister label being formed called Tricked Out Recordings. The sister label was brought into operation to concentrate on the Hard Hop/Breaks sounds in the USA.

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