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The Devils Show - Soundcheck
The devils soundchech
live album
Released 2003
Recorded 17 February 2003
Genre Pop
Length 10 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer The Devils
live in Cologne
Ticket duran duran the devils germany
The Devils

The Devils Show - Soundcheck is an unofficial live album by The Devils, recorded at the Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany on 17 February 2003.

About the album[]

The album is a recording of The Devils' performance at the Live Music Hall, a 1,800 capacity venue located at Lichtstraße 30 50825 in Cologne.

This was the second of only two live shows ever performed by The Devils. The first was at the Harvey Nichols department store in London, UK, three months earlier on 19 November 2002.

The event was recorded by Music Planet 2Nite show for Arte TV, and also included Gary Numan.

The show featured eight songs from the Dark Circles album. "Barbarellas" was performed with backing by Sally Boyden, a song that is autobiographical about the duo's first band and the former Birmingham nightclub Barbarella's.

Track listing[]

  1. Instrumental
  2. "Memory Palaces"
  3. "Aztec Moon"
  4. "Signals In Smoke"
  5. "Come Alive"
  6. "Dark Circles"
  7. "Big Store"
  8. "Barbarellas"
  9. "The Tinsel Ritual"
  10. End Instrumental


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