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The Crystal Ship
Duran duran the crystal ship dvd
compilation DVD
Released unknown
Recorded various
Genre Pop
Length 26 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
"The Wild Boys" - Thommy's Pop Show
Duran Duran

The Crystal Ship is an unofficial Duran Duran 26-track compilation DVD.

About the DVD[]

The album is a collection of Duran Duran and band related recordings from the 1980s and 1990s. The compilation begins with "The Wild Boys from Thommy's Pop Show (see video below), recorded at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany and presented by Thomas Gottschalk.

The collection also features John Taylor and Rebecca Blake working on photography for "I Do What I Do", the main single released from the 9½ Weeks soundtrack.

Track listings[]

  1. "The Wild Boys - Thommy's Pop Show Germany TV 1984
  2. John Taylor modelling for Rebecca Blake 1986
  3. Amanda de Cadenet - The Word
  4. Simon Le Bon, Amber and Saffron in London
  5. "Too Much Information" video
  6. Lena Elmano E3
  7. "A View To A Kill" - Latin Music Awards 1992
  8. Yasmin Le Bon fashion show
  9. "A View To A Kill" - Picture Chase
  10. Yasmin Le Bon fashion show
  11. Simon, Nick and John - MTV Tina Turner party 1988
  12. MTV C. Crawford Interview
  13. Duran Duran Japan interview 1984
  14. Duran Duran Suntory Whisky advert
  15. Japan spot 1984
  16. "The Reflex" - MTV Franky Goes To Hollywood & Duran Duran performing together 1984
  17. Simon and Nick - Friday Night Videos 1984
  18. Nick and Simon - Paula Yates interview 1984
  19. Roger & Nick interview + Roger’s Birthday 26.04.1984
  20. "A View To A Kill" - Top of the Pops 1985
  21. "Notorious" - Champs Elysee’e France 1987
  22. Simon and Nick interview - MTV US 1995
  23. "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Hard Rock Cafè 13.08.1995
  24. Duran Duran interview Copenaghen 05.05.1995
  25. "Perfect Day" Live in Denmark 06.05.1995
  26. "Ordinary World" - Denmark 1993